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Category: Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Open Mon - Thu: 12 pm - 9 am; Continously open Weekends from Fri 12 pm - Mon 9 am Directions: Located on the corner of North Saint Mary's and Elmira Street, about fifteen blocks northeast of downtown.
Submitted: Apr 21 2001 (Edited 04/06/16)
3.52/5 based on 52 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 37 reviews

Address: 827 East Elmira Street
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
ZIP/Postal Code: 78212
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 210-223-2177

The club has no web site, but recent reviews and other web sites provide the following: ACI is a 'private club' with a maze, theme orgy rooms, gloryholes, a bunk room, and a large 'entertainment bed.' Also an outdoor sundeck, outdoor covered patio, TV lounges, and secure parking lot.
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Posted Oct 02 2016:
Most of us agree that ACI is gross, always smells funky, the floors are always covered in cum or urine, sometimes even feces. Most of the patrons are trolls, some of whom will touch you and get confrontational if you pull away. The few hot guys that go seem to be bi-curious guys too nervous to do anything.

Why then do we keep going? Because it is all San Antonio has to offer. We don't even have the option of Midtowne Spa in Austin anymore since they abruptly closed a couple of months ago. Our next nearest bathhouse is Houston but I dare say not many of us will make that trip very often.

Knowing they have no competition, ACI has no incentive to improve the place so it remains a hovel for old trolls or skinny 19 year olds on crack or meth that haven't slept for days. If you decide go on that slight chance you might find the needle in the haystack, please for the love of God, wear something on your feet.

Edited on 10/10/16
Oswalt R.


Posted Sep 05 2016:
Subject: aci
The front desk clerks are occasionally testy. But when they're rude, they might not think it matters since there's only one bathhouse left in San Antonio and the ACI would be that bathhouse.

The previous poster shouldn't be mad at the man with the oxygen tank. As long as he's not forcing himself on anyone he can be there too.

There's no maze anymore.

Edited on 09/15/16
Elrick DB


Posted Sep 05 2016:
If you're a chubby chaser you will love this place. Chubby guys all the time! Bug furry chubby middle aged guys. Polar Bear heaven!

Edited on 09/15/16
Super Reviewer

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Posted Mar 31 2016:
This is by far one of the most memorable place that I've visited. The elderly gentleman was very friendly and it happened on a Tuesday afternoon with $10 locker special as well as $5 membership fee.

The place has rooms, maze, Internet, dark rooms, several theme orgy rooms, gloryholes, men of various of ages, size, sexual interest, and a big entertainment bed for a seven to ten men orgy in the big room which happened with most married men.

I blew four loads and guzzled seven on the way out in three hours. Truly amazing!

I was trying to update ACI's information and was surprised they had no web site or official social media presence. I found information on Yelp and GayCities, including some that conflicts with what others have said. A recent Yelp reviewer said the steam room had re-opened but was rather negative.

I'd be grateful if someone could provide additional information including not just "locker special" pricing, since ACI doesn't have this online. The hours shown come from Google. It's a pity that I live near Houston but can't drive over right now and check for myself! ;-) ~ Editor

Edited on 04/06/16


Posted Dec 09 2015:
This place may have been really good at one time but not now. For one thing, there is no sauna, steam room, or hot tub. For another, there is constantly cum all over the floor.

I went a few nights ago and most of the men were either 60+ and/or severely overweight. One guy even had a walker and was on oxygen. Gross.

Edited on 12/16/15
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