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Adult Airport Video

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: From I-5 exit at 128th Street and go west, a left turn if northbound and right turn if southbound. 128th Street crosses Route 99 and becomes Airport Road. The entrance is on the first street on the left side, after a truck dealership. Private parking is first right after that left turn.
Submitted: Jan 27 2009 (Edited 12/21/16)
3.95/5 based on 61 votes. The median rating is 5.
Reviews: 53 reviews

Address: 11732 Airport Road
City: Everett
State: Washington
ZIP/Postal Code: 98204
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 425-290-7555
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Posted Sep 23 2017:
Went in June 2017. Cruised the arcade, lots of gloryholes, but clearly built by short people, I am tall, so it is awkward.

Last time I went the aggressive Asian did me within five minutes. Disappointing, as I went to suck. This time, I hung out for a few minutes and got a nice cock through the hole. I was enjoying it, even though I had to stoop low to get it, but guys kept walking by and stopping to watch over the batwing doors. Dude freaked out and left.

I went to the theatre and Wow! I walked in, and of the twenty or so guys, all of ten had their cocks out. A guy was sitting in the back row, center seat, and the dude bent over blowing him was being brutally fucked. I took a seat and enjoyed the show.

Within four minutes of my sitting down, four guys dove face-first into their neighbors' crotches to resume the blowjobs I had interrupted. I wanted to join the fun, but am shy. Since that day, I have fantasized non-stop about boldly blowing them all. Maybe next time...

Edited on 09/27/17


Posted Jun 06 2017:
Stopped by tonight and within thirty minutes was able to swallow three loads of very tasty cum! Two in the gloryhole arcade and one in the theatre. All very nice!

Edited on 06/07/17


Posted Apr 25 2017:
Went to APV today, Tuesday Apr 25. They were showing gay videos. There were two screens both showing guys fucking. I dropped my pants and started stroking.

Eventually one guy sat beside me and started playing with my cock and I reciprocated. Pretty soon there were three guys having sex together in a daisy chain. I got naked and came, way too fast. Pretty hot.

Edited on 04/26/17
Loving Bi Sex


Posted Apr 02 2017:
I am new to bi sex and am loving it. The first few times I visited Airport Adult Video I was happy to be suck and even got to fuck a guy in the ass. I was there last night and wanted to try something new.

I had to wait a little while as guys came and went without playing. Finally I heard high heels coming my way and a lovely crossdresser entered the booth next to mine. Very passable and dressed all in black leather. She asked for my cock and I happily obliged. She sucked me for several minutes until I was about to cum. I pulled back and asked for her big clit. I sucked that little beauty for a couple of minutes until she came in my mouth.

I hoped she would give me her ass but she cleaned up and left, I guess to the theater. After just a few minutes a guy entered the adjacent booth. He was older but had a fat, six inch, bullet-shaped cock. He sucked me for a minute or two then fed me his dick. He got nice and hard.

Wanting something new, I flipped around to offer him my ass. This was just the third time I've tried to bottom. After a couple of tries, he found my hole. The fat cock hurt a little but after a bit the pain was not a problem. He pounded into me and groaned loudly as he fucked me. I guess it lasted about three or four minutes until he came in me. For being an older gent, he came quite a lot.

I waited another ten minutes hoping to offer someone sloppy seconds but had no takers.

This place can be very active but sometimes a bit slow. But when it is on, it is a great place to explore your bi side.

Edited on 04/10/17


Posted Mar 21 2017:
I visited on a Tuesday around 5 pm. As a versatile top I hoped to suck some cock and fuck some ass or at least beat myself to cumming while sucking. Today, I sucked one guy who came into my mouth and waited a long time for a new partner.

Just as I was ready to leave, a new guy entered the gloryhole booth. I beckoned to him and he complied. His large, soft cock grew into a monster, I think it was eight inches but with the wall between us, it was hard to tell.

I sucked him for a long time and he was about to cum and pulled away. He wanted to suck me while he cooled down. His mouth was warm and welcoming. He sucked me for a bit and I was ready to cum but not ready to cum in his mouth. I pulled back and asked for his cock.

I sucked on it a few minutes and then turned around try to take it in my ass. I had some lube but no condoms, so took him bare. He was hard but gentle.

This was the biggest dick I've ever taken. He let me set the pace. At first he wouldn't fit, he was so huge. I took a couple hits of poppers and relaxed and suddenly he popped in. No pain. He let me set the pace at first and then began to pound my ass. He fucked me for almost 10 minutes before he cum in my ass. It wasn't a huge load but was satisfying.

Airport Video is not always so satisfying but is a great place to get sucked, and to sometimes get fucked. I will be back.

Edited on 03/29/17
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Posted Dec 15 2016:
Subject: My Story At The Adult Theater
I went inside the theatre, looked around, and saw men sucking and fucking each other. So I pulled off my pants and looked around for someone to let me fuck them and let them fuck me also.

I looked to the right of me and saw a huge black cock staring me right in my face. He said do you like it, I said you bet I do. He then said suck it. It was huge. I started sucking it.

He said can I fuck you, and I said yes. I rolled a condom on his cock and started to suck him again. I got a little bit of extra condom up and started to bite a hole in it. when I succeeded I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass with no lube so it would be a tight fit.

He stuck it in my asshole with a little spit and started to fuck my asshole. He fucked me for about ten minutes, then the condom finally broke. He told me it broke. I was in to much ecstasy, I told him to keep on fucking me.

He said where do you want me to come. I told him to come anywhere he wanted to so he blew a huge load right in my asshole, it was so much it was running down my leg. He got up and left right after he was done fucking me.

I looked right next to us and a guy said that was hot as hell. He asked if he could fuck me also. I said of course, the more the merrier. Then I noticed there was a line down the row to fuck my asshole.

After the first five guys I was dripping with cum out of my hole so I brought a small cup to push all the come out. So I did that and told everybody I was going to drink about a half a cup of cum I'd pushed out of my asshole.

They said that was great, hope to see you here again. That was my first experience with cock and I had much much more.

Edited on 12/21/16


Posted Sep 22 2016:
I went to Adult Airport Video a couple times. I bought a theatre ticket one time, went in there, and there was a whole bunch of men and women having sex in there. I pulled out my cock started to massage it and it became erect.

The person next to me said nice cock. I said thank you. He wanted to suck it right there, and I said that was fine. He was naked, of course. He got me so hard and then he stopped and said would I please fuck him in his asshole. I said sure.

He gave me a condom. I put it on and started to fuck him hard, pounding it like a pussy. After about twenty minutes or so the condom broke. I told him that it broke, and he said to keep going. He was screaming in orgasms.

I told him I was about to come and asked him where he wanted me to come. He said in his asshole. So I did, then he got up, put on his pants, and left.

That was so hot.

Another time I saw a man stroking a nine-inch cock, nice and fat. I asked him if I could suck him. He said sure. I started to suck him and he started to push my head down all the way down on his cock. I started to gag and he said take it bitch. I stopped and said I will.

He then he told me to pull down my pants, which I did of course. He bent me over. He said he put a condom on so I believed him. He started to fuck my ass long and hard for a long time. He said he was about to come and ask me if I wanted him to come in my mouth or my asshole. I said my asshole, not knowing he never put on a condom, so he came in my asshole.

When he was done I got off my knees, turned around, and saw he did not have a condom on. He said he was clean and had no diseases, so I believed him. That was one year ago and I'm still HIV-free. So I had a real good experience there.

I will go back soon for some more good times. Hope they stay open forever.

It's great that you're HIV-free. You sound like you're very trusting and mean well.

FYI, I combined the two consecutive — and very hot — Reviews with a similar writing style but different events on this place. They were submitted about twenty minutes apart seem to be from the same guest user.

Since you bring it up, if you haven't already done it already when you get tested next time you might consider asking about risk management.

I don't tell guys what choices they should make. I do want them to be informed and to make their own very best choices. ~ Editor

Edited on 09/29/16


Posted Sep 07 2016:
I had some time on my hands and stopped by on a weekday afternoon. The parking lot was full, so I knew it would be a good time. I had a younger Latin twink follow me into the theatre. He was sitting down as I was pulling my cock out.

Without saying a word, he bent over and took me into his mouth, and what a mouth it was. After a few minutes, I told him I wanted to suck his cock, and was rewarded with a nice uncut rod, dripping with pre-cum. He went back to sucking me, and by know there was a group of gents, cocks out stroking at the show.

I motioned for an older guy with a beer can sized cock to feed me while I was being pleasured. Within minutes I was rewarded with his thick hot seed, and released mine as I was swallowing. I love public sex, as you can tell.

Edited on 09/19/16


Posted Dec 16 2015:
Went there after work on a Monday around 5 pm. I ended up blowing a guy who looked like a fucking logger. Big belly, big beard. He came in my mouth and was amazing and he called me a good boy for swallowing.

Within ten minutes another guy in his 30s entered, pulled out a nice 7-inch cock, and fucked my mouth till he shot on the floor.

Will go back often!

Edited on 12/22/15


Posted Dec 04 2015:
I love this place, the gloryholes are the best! I lube up my ass with cum from the guys I suck off, then I push my ass tight up against the hole in the wall and let guys pound my tight ass.

I receive multiple loads of hot cum until it's it's pouring out my ass down my leg and my ass can't take anymore.

Edited on 12/10/15


Posted Oct 06 2015:
Stopped by here tonight just to buy a new bottle of poppers but decided to check out the arcade. I went into a booth with a guy in the next one and looked through the hole. I was very excited when I saw a really hot guy about 22 or 23 in the next booth, so I put some money in just hoping I could get him to play.

He immediately put his dick through the hole, and OMG, it was one of the hardest and most beautiful cocks I have ever seen! It had to have been at least nine inches and was topped with a real beautiful head. As I said it was rock hard, and he knew how to use his hot dick!

I took several good hits of poppers and swallowed his dick to the base. He would fuck my mouth hard, all the way down the throat and then pull out and tease my mouth with just the head, then all the way down again. etc.

I kept taking hit of poppers and begging for him to give me his hot cum, which after about 15 minutes of fucking my face, he did! He shot a huge load of hot cum into my eager mouth, and I did not lose a drop.

As he left, I watched him and I was not wrong, he was a total hot stud! Made my month!

Edited on 10/12/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 16 2015:
I have been bringing my girl in here for fun. She loves it as long as the men in the gloryhole are not rough on her. So guys, go slow and she will give more and more. She may even swap info if she likes you.

Edited on 07/24/15


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted May 28 2015:
I arrived here about 12:30 am on Wednesday night, went into the arcade, and entered a booth next to an occupied one. I looked through the gloryhole and saw a good looking guy about 30 stroking a nice hard cock. I put money in the booth and the guy indicated he wanted me to put my cock through, which I did. He sucked me for a while, then I got on my knees and sucked his nice hard cock. We switched back and forth sucking each other, until he shot a nice thick load of hot cum down my throat and left! Very hot!

Nothing else was happening in the arcade, so I bought a ticket for the theatre. Nothing was happening in there either, so I just sat around for a while and checked back and forth between the theatre and the arcade.

At about 2:15 am the theatre was empty and I got up planning on leaving as nothing was happening. When I got out to the counter there was a very, very hot guy in probably his early thirties buying a ticket for the theatre. I turned around and went back into the theatre, hoping I would have a chance.

A few other guys came into the theatre before the hot guy, and I thought damn, he might choose one of them. Not sure where these guys even came from because the place was empty. Finally the hot guy came in, sat by me and pulled out his dick, which I grabbed immediately.

I got down on my knees and swallowed his dick which he loved. I sucked his cock and nipples hard while two other guys came over and tried to join in. But neither of us were interested in them, so they just watched the two of us go at it.

The hot guy stood up and asked if he could shoot his load in my mouth, to which I said yes! He shot a big, hot load into my mouth and on my face. I shot a big load of my own at the same time. The two guys watching both gave me a high five for taking his load so well. We both then left with smiles on our faces. A very, very hot time!

Edited on 06/03/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 12, 2015

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 18 2015:
Sunday afternoon was the first time I checked the place out. In 30 minutes, I managed to swallow three loads in the arcade.

Edited on 05/26/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 24 2015:
I visited last Satuday night at 11 pm. In the next three hours I managed to take three loads in my ass and five down my throat. One guy fucked me so well I came twice.

I'll be going back tonight to see if if I can get a repeat.

Edited on 04/30/15
That halfy


Posted Mar 14 2015:
So I wish there was a way to set up meets with females.

You might post on our Personals section for Seattle. You do not have to register there and can stay anonymous. The Personals are available for most sorts of hookups, including with men and women. In your ad, mention that this is the place where you want to meet. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/19/15


Posted Jan 09 2015:
Arrived around midnight on Sunday night. Nothing going on in the arcade, so I purchased a ticket for the theatre and went in. Nothing really happening here either, but after a few minutes a hot guy about 30 came in and sat in the back row. I moved back to his row and sat next to him.

He didn't move so I pulled out my dick and started jacking. He still didn't leave, so I put my hand on his leg. He then pulled his dick out and I have to say it was one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. It was rock hard, thick, and about 9 inches. I grabbed it and he didn't move away, so I got down on my knees, took a hit of poppers and swallowed his cock. He also had poppers and took a hit.

I sucked that hot dick like a mad man. After a few minutes, some more people came in and sat by us, and he zipped up and left. I then left and followed him into the arcade. He went into a booth with a gloryhole with another guy in it. I watched him feed his dick to this guy, but he didn't stay long. Back to the theatre and I followed.

He fed me his gorgeous dick again and really fucked my mouth. I could tell he was getting close and he grabbed my head and held it down over his cock while he shot a huge load into my mouth. -- unnecessary as I would have happily swallowed. Anyway, it was hot, hot, hot and very tasty.

Right after he left, another hot guy came in and sat by me, pulled his pants down and I got his cock right in my mouth. He lifted his legs in the air, and I started eating his hot ass while doing poppers. I shot my load eating his hot ass and then left. A very hot time.

Edited on 01/15/15
roy akins


Posted Dec 23 2014:
Bi sex gloryholes, great place! I will visit again.

Edited on 12/30/14


Posted Nov 27 2014:
Sorry for the incorrect placement. My review is, my plans went off without a hitch. That is how predictably awesome this establishment is. Yes, they still harass people for not putting money in the machines. They have a business to run and you're already getting to cum in my throat or ass so drop a 5!

Tonight was even better than last week actually as there's been a guy going there recently who has the most amazing cock I've ever had in my mouth before! I'm learning to deep throat thanks to this wondrous member. :-o

Edited on 12/03/14


Posted Oct 26 2014:
Plans: I'm headed to Airport Adult theater tonight at about 10:30. I will be putting $30 in the second gloryhole booth. I promise to stay in my booth until I get at least four loads of cum shot down my hungry cumslut throat. If I'm really lucky and I see that big black cock I love so much again, I will let him fuck me until I get my first load of cum up my ass in years! The last couple of times I've been sucking cock people opened the door to watch me. I really like that and I hope to get someone to jack off until they can shoot their cum onto the cock I'm sucking so I can lick it off.

What I really wish for is a setup like used to be in Kenmore. where they had two booths with gloryholes on both sides. The second to last booth was my favorite because it had a hole large enough for a guy to grab me by the hips and really fuck me hard! I was only about 19 the first time I went there. I was a little drunk and I ended up staying all night while I sucked at least a dozen cocks.

Then someone told me to go to the second to last booth. They had waiting for me, my first black cock! It was so big and hard that I choked on it over and over before finally deciding I needed MORE! So I turned around, pulled my jeans all the way off, and bent over while he lubed my ass up. I must have sucked five more cocks while he fucked me silly. The door was wide open and guys were cheering me on and taking turns jacking off and cumming on me.

I can't even imagine what I must've looked like walking out of there as the sun was coming up. When I got home I had cum dried all over my clothes. It was still sticky in my hair and caked all over my face. I think a couple guys came on my ass so that it dropped down and helped lube the cock inside me and his cum was gurgling out of me as I walked to my apartment. I saw a girl in the hall who actually gasped a couple steps after walking past me, when she realized just exactly what she'd just seen! She never spoke to me again.

Thanks for your post and the hot memories. About your hook-up plans, this page is meant for reviews and questions and is NOT the page for hook-up requests because there is always a delay between reviews submitted here and their being editing and placed online. To arrange a hook-up, please post instead on our Personals (NO registration needed) or on our Message Board (for CFS Members). Both sections have your posts go online IMMEDIATELY so that you can announce your plans and make arrangements the same day. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/30/14


Posted Jun 24 2014:
It seems like the best time to go is during the week around noon. I was in the theatre a few days ago and lots of guys were in there jacking and sucking. I have seen anal sex and naked male/female couples fucking in there.

I was sitting there with my pants to my ankles and my shirt lifted up so I felt almost naked while I was stroking my cock. A guy sat next to me and sucked me off then I sucked his cock for a while. I came twice that day. I like to go there.

Edited on 07/01/14


Posted Oct 13 2013:
What is the best time to go?

Edited on 10/18/13

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Total Reviews: 3


Posted Jul 07 2013:
Went here a few weeks ago mid-day on a weekend and it was busy but as the same time kind of boring. The aggressive Asian guy that's mentioned in a earlier post was there. I can see it being a hot place but not the day I was there. I'll try it again.

Edited on 07/15/13


Posted Jul 06 2013:
Wondering is this place CD/TV friendly?

Edited on 07/12/13


Posted May 27 2013:
Visited there twice last week, once in the afternoon and once late night. Both times I swallowed three hot loads, six loads in two days. On the late night visit all three of the loads were from hot young guys. All the loads were in the arcade. The action in the theatre is only so so.

Edited on 06/03/13

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Posted May 23 2013:
Went there a few nights ago and man, is this place the best. There are all kinds of guys and you should be able to find what you are looking for. Every time I have been there the theatre is hopping and there are lots of guys wanting to be sucked or wanting to suck. Yes, there are some aggressive trolls but you just have to be forceful with them and tell them no.

There was a guy in a wheelchair that was very nice and had the nicest touch while caressing my cock. When the theatre died down he sucked me off. It was great. Hope to see him there again. It was the best blowjob I have had in ages.

Edited on 05/29/13


Posted May 21 2013:
I stopped in APV last night and had a great time. I was at the rest area near there earlier in my big empty van and met a hot fucking dude who walked right up to me and grabbed my cock in the parking lot, then we climbed in the back of the van and fucked around, made out and told each other our fantasies. He wanted me to be his younger brother partner in fuck who cruises around looking for other men for our fuck family. I told him that I wanted to be ordered around and to take big dick in my ass, especially black dick. We fucked around in the van for about an hour, then he said he was going to APV. I told him that I'd head over there soon.

He left and I went into the bathroom to clean up and lube my hole a little more. There was a hot younger guy in one of the stalls jerking his hard as fuck cock, so I stood there and lubed and played with my hole outside his stall door, telling him how badly I wanted to lick up his pre-cum, feel his hard cock smacking against my face, in my throat and up my horny, hairy, pussy. He just listened and teased me while I finger-banged my hole through my ass-torn-out jockeys. The rest area got a little busy, so I went back out to the van and decided smoke a fattie. I got high and then decided to head over to APV to see if my brother fucker had made it over there.

It was about midnight. I went in and the twinkie all night clerk took my money and acted like he wanted me to throw him on the counter and fuck his brains out. :) I went back to the theatre with my sweat shorts hanging super low, showing off the huge hole in my jockeys. There was a tense looking black dude looking at the rentals when I walked through the back room like that. He noticed me so I stopped where he could see my ass and took out my poppers taking a huge hit before I went into the theatre. He looked a little mean and maybe a little scared, a younger guy, but looked like he was really packing some meat so I smiled at him and ran my hand over my hairy ass as I walked into the theatre.

I was glad that I had taken that hit of poppers before I entered because the first thing I noticed was a guy on his knees sucking my naked "big brother's" fat fucking cock. I walked right up to them taking off my shirt as I did and then my shorts, throwing them on a chair and started to make out with my bro while rubbing my hard fucking bulge on the back of the head of the drunk middle aged construction dude who was on his knees servicing him. The drunk guy pulled my cock out and immediately reached under my legs and started to stroke my ass. I started chewing on my hot, handsome, bro's big nips, while he talked all kinds of nasty shit into my ear.

The drunk dude realized that I was all lubed up and immediately shoved two fingers up my hungry pussy while he deep-throated my cock. I finally had to shove his head over to my bro's dick to keep from coming and he just turned and quickly swallowed my buddy's fat fucker while, without skipping a beat, added a third finger to my wet hole. My pimp buddy, rearranged us quickly getting me seated and sucking his cock with the drunk dude in front of me lining up his long cock with my ass. I don't even remember how that happened, but I was SO cool with it. I took out my poppers and took a hit while still holding that fat dick in my mouth, then handed them to the drunk dude who took a hit as his cock sunk all the way into my hole. I sucked my shit talking bro while this crazy eyed, drunk construction dude pounded my hole twisted my nips and occasionally spit on me. He pulled out and shot all over my stomach and chest and was gone.

It was just me and my rest area buddy there now. I took his leaking cock out of my mouth and stood up. We talked and kissed and he fingered my open hole for about ten minutes. Then the black guy I had seen before came in. My buddy immediately started saying shit in my ear like, "This one's for you brother. I wanna see you get fucked by some black cock tonight. This one's gonna get that in that ass. Go on, offer yourself to him, brother"

I got on my knees and started to suck my bro's cock watching the black guy who sat near us. He was grabbing his stuffed crotch and my buddy started talking to him. "Hey man, how you doing? Horny? Wanna get some of this? My little brother here sucks cock like a champ man. Take your cock out, bro, shove it down his slut throat." I was watching the black guy. He was all tight and muscular and I was a little afraid of him, but he was pulling on his saggy jeans and watching us, nodding to my buddy as he talked to him about how we were brothers out on the prowl. So I just kept sucking and waited to see what would happen. I moved so he could see the ripped hole in my shorts and he finally spoke. "He really is a fucking whore isn't he?" He sounded pissed off.

"Yep" my buddy responded with a big smile. With that the black guy pulled out his huge fucking, hard as a steel rod, his meat. I was amazed at how fucking hard the dude was. I thought he was just gonna shoot right there, he wasn't even stroking it. He just popped it out and sat there listening to my bro spew his incest shit. "My brother wants some black cock. He loves sucking it and getting fucked by it," shit like that. The black guy leaned forward and ran his finger down the crack of my hairy ass. His finger hit my hole and slipped in. He had long skinny fingers and he pushed that middle finger in deep. "Shit man" he said to my bud, "That's a fucking pussy, man. Wet, wide open fucking hairy snatch."

He sounded like he was hypnotized. Like all the hot talking that my "bro" was doing had put him in some kind of trance. He had added a second long finger and was grinding my hole, not really finger fucking it, but just grinding in and twisting in and out an inch or so. It felt so fucking hot. My brother pushed me off of his cock and told me it was time to suck some black dick. The black dude didn't seem to care that we were objectifying his cock. He just ripped his fingers out of my ass, sat back and pulled his jeans all the way down. He reached over, grabbed my head and rammed it down on his huge steel cock. He face fucked me with some help from my bro's big, beefy hands pushing my head down on his meat, for the next five minutes or so. My buddy kept on talking, super hot, how he could talk nasty nonstop.

I was right about the black guy, he was a mean little fucker. He enjoyed forcing his cock deeper that I could take it. I've taken some huge cocks in my throat, some bigger that this kid's, but the thickness and amazing hardness of his black pole eluded me. I couldn't get it all the way to the balls. But we kept trying. My brother had made it his mission. He was saying things like "I wanna see your lips on that pelvis, you fucking whore. Work that black cock." In the end I took his cock all the way a couple of times bruising my throat in the process, but it was worth it.

He then fucked me like an animal for ten minutes or so while others came in and watched and started messing around too. The condom on the black guy broke and it took him a while to notice, but when he did, he pulled out and freaked out a little and left. I was sorry to see him go, but didn't know how much more of his hard, mean fuck I could take anyway. I sat jerking and making out with my buddy occasionally sharing a hot mouth or two for the next half hour until the younger guy I had seen in the toilet at the rest area came in and the three of us fucked for another hour before the two of them shot their loads. After they left a hot young guy in a Target work shirt came in and he plumbed the depths of my throat with his really long skinny meat until I came. He was pissed that I came before I finished him off, but them's the breaks sometimes. I was wore the fuck out.

I've been to APV a quite a few times over the years and it can range from hot and nasty to boring and frustrating, but last night was a perfect fucking storm. I love this place.

Edited on 05/28/13
Super Reviewer

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Posted Apr 06 2013:
Still think this is one of the top two or three suck palaces in the Northwest. Watch out for a short Asian guy who would knife his own mother to get at a cock before you. Other than that, enjoy whatever brings you bliss. There are always a good balance of oral tops and their willing cocksuckers!

Edited on 04/11/13

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Posted Apr 04 2013:
I've gone back weekly this past month. And there is always at least one guy with a massive cock to service at the gloryholes.

Have decided to stop paying the $10 for the theatre and just be patient in the booths. Been very handsomely rewarded. And so convenient to home! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Edited on 04/09/13

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Posted Mar 11 2013:
First time there two weeks ago, awesome. It's not the fanciest, it's not the cleanest and not everyone is a GQ model. Get over it. Sure, there were a few trolls, but then this amazing, skinny guy with okay dick came to the theatre. A few of us got to suck him off.

Last week, same thing. Tried the booths, gloryholes are open and I was able to take a couple of nice loads. Hit the theatre and sure enough, a few trolls but three hotties were having a blast in one of the rows. Finished myself off because I couldn't hold back.

Going tomorrow afternoon and hoping I time it right to suck on some blue collar Boeing cock. Mmmmm, can hardly wait. Hoping to bottom for a group, too.

Edited on 03/15/13


Posted Feb 21 2013:
So I have been bi-curious for awhile and went there a few days back and sucked a guy to completion. Loved it! Two days later some Asian guy swallowed my load but was too grabby when I left and harassed me for my info. Went yesterday and no action. Leaving now hopefully to get my cock swallowed!

Edited on 02/26/13
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Feb 12 2013:
Myutopia, if you want to get fucked in that theatre you can. Just drop your pants and stand between the rows.

This place is always wild and hot. Occasionally couples pop in and the place goes wild.

Edited on 02/18/13
young lady


Posted Dec 17 2012:
uncut guy, I was hoping to offer a blow job in the glory holes for some naughty fun but I am sad to hear they are closed up. Maybe we can hit the theatre together?

Edited on 12/26/12


Posted Dec 06 2012:
Went to the booths in the back tonight for the first time in a few months for a blow and go, but the gloryholes are all blocked up! The theatre was full of older aggressive guys pawing at my dick. I was the youngest for sure (21) but I refused them all. It was my first time there.

A guy was getting fucked right behind me and at least five others getting sucked off with guys kneeling between their legs. I just wanted a quick anonymous blow job but looks like that won't be happening anymore. Might go try the theatre again. Hopefully next time some younger guys will be there that can help me out. Finished myself off and shot my load on the floor. Wish I had a warm mouth to unload in instead.

Edited on 12/11/12
Tom Cruiser


Posted Dec 03 2012:
Went here and loved it. Gloryholes were open and active but the theatre was full of action. I sucked off several dudes, had one guy sit on my cock and I blew a load into the mouth of an older dude. I went there three times in two days. I love to suck cock and this place has a continual rotation of customers.

Edited on 12/07/12


Posted Dec 01 2012:
Went Friday night 11-30-12 and all the gloryholes are closed. What a drag.

Edited on 12/07/12

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Posted Sep 28 2012:
Went recently and there were some very aggressive guys there. Very hard to get in a booth at times. Theatre was skanky, but hey, I got a couple of good blowjobs and fucked a nice ass.

Edited on 10/05/12

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Posted Aug 22 2012:
I went there on Thursday August 16th and had a great time. I went into a video booth and two seconds later a guy came in next door and put his cock through the gloryhole. I sucked him off and he unloaded in my mouth. Loved it! Then I went into the movie theatre and watched three guys fuck each other. It was great. Next time I'm joining in.

Edited on 08/28/12

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Posted Aug 17 2012:
Went there yesterday and it was pretty cool. I walked into the video cubes first, sat down, and a guy came in next door almost immediately. He pushed his cock through the glory hole and I sucked his cock to completion, very nice. Then I went into the movie area, and watched four guys playing at the back. They were sucking and fucking for ages. Next time I go I'm joining in. I just jacked off watching, but it was a cool show. Definitely going back.

Edited on 08/23/12

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Posted Aug 12 2012:
Went there a couple of times over the last few years. I am nervous to do what I want to do. I mostly go there to jack off, though sometimes I let someone suck me off. I want to suck cock and eat cum, and also maybe get a chance to get fucked and fuck some guy. So hard to let go, though I want to so badly.

Edited on 08/20/12


Posted Jun 21 2012:
Went there last night and had 2 guys suck on my cock in the theatre. One good looking guy started on me, then another very hunky guy finished me off. A couple of other older guys were getting head in the theatre, as well. The only complaint is they were showing straight porn, not a big turn on for me.

Edited on 06/24/12

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Posted Mar 12 2012:
I have gone there a few times hoping to ride a cock or two. All that's ever happened is getting my cock sucked. I'm shy and very sub. Seems the other bottoms are more forward and are the ones making advances on me. The tops just wait for the bottoms to come to them. I've thought about writing "Fuck me" just above my cock and see if that's what gets me results.

Edited on 03/18/12


Posted Jan 30 2012:
I was just there and the theatre was jumping at 3 pm. There was a mix of trolls, but also some hunky hung guys. I was not there 5 minutes, before it got jumping. I sucked off a lot of fat dicks, got my cock ridden, and received one of the best blowjobs ever.

Edited on 02/05/12


Posted Jan 24 2012:
As of today, the gloryholes are open and it's as busy as it ever was.

Edited on 01/27/12


Posted Dec 16 2011:
Best place in town for randoms, but they closed the gloryholes. Not sure if its permanent, but it sucks for now.

Edited on 12/27/11


Posted Jun 03 2011:
Can always find a cock or a hot mouth here. Always.

Edited on 06/07/11


Posted Aug 14 2010:
Gloryhole booths had some action, and I think I might have seen the same Asian guy the other reviewer saw. Definitely nice looking, pretty much sitting fully naked and seemed to enjoy me watching him play with himself through the hole, but didn't seem to respond when I stuck my fingers through to offer him a nice suck. It was still a nice show as I watched til he jizzed all over his leg.

Edited on 08/20/10

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Posted Aug 01 2010:
Went there very late last night to very early this morning. I saw a real cute Asian in one of the gloryhole booths fully naked and playing with himself -- super hot! He didn't seem interested in anything else other than being watched which was too bad since I wanted to fuck that cute little ass so bad!

Edited on 08/04/10

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Posted Mar 04 2010:
In general a good place to cruise, particularly in the theatre. It can be hit or miss, but usually you can find someone to play with. Age ranges from young to old.


Posted Nov 22 2009:
A great place with a big selection of porn. I am not too sold on the movie theatre, but the gloryhole is always hopping. I always leave there with a smile on my face.


Posted Feb 16 2009:
It's cash-only and the time limit is four hours. There is one guy who likes to suck guys off and older chicks are with him. I believe the gals are pros so be careful. All they do is watch him suck cock and the guys can play with their tits. I got thrown out because I went over the four-hour time limit.


Posted Feb 16 2009:
The theatre was pretty busy on Valentine's Day, a lot of group sucking. The gloryhole was not busy probably due to so much going on in the theatre.


Posted Jan 27 2009:
Adult video store with seventy-eight channel arcade, two gloryhole booths, and in the theatre Tuesday is gay movie day.

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