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Fantasy Unlimited Theater

Category: Theatre showing porn Directions: Downtown Seattle on Westlake Avenue, a block north of the MacDonald's and the Westin Hotel.
Submitted: May 17 2002 (Edited 01/13/10)
3.41/5 based on 34 votes. The median rating is .
Reviews: 48 reviews

Address: 2027 Westlake Avenue
City: Seattle
State: Washington
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
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Joined: Sep 20, 2010

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Posted Sep 30 2015:
I used to come to this place years ago when it was simply a theatre. I've since moved away from Seattle but recently stopped by twice on a weekend to check out the newer layout and vibe.

I arrived late Saturday afternoon. The place was fairly empty with a couple older guys here and there minding their own business in the smaller curtained off rooms. In the main theatre sat a fairly ugly Asian tranny who I noticed would pounce on every guy that entered the place. She had no inhibitions and would literally grab a guy, walk him out somewhere and return a few minutes later, alone. I honestly think she was storing men in a broom closet or something. Actually, I think she scared them off or was asking for tips. It was definitely a buzz kill to have her around, as it would have been impossible to hook up with anyone discretely while she was there.

I came back a few hours later - you can in-n-out with your ticket stub - only to find that there was an even more horrid tranny who had taken over. But this one seemed to mind her own business so I stuck around.

Slowly, a parade of all kinds of men made their way in. It was by now 2 am. Some would do their thing behind a curtain, others would watch porn alone in a daze, and a couple others seemed high on something'.

Finally at about 3 am, just before I was about to give up and leave disappointed, a gorgeous tall married man came in, nervously looked around, and invited me to join him in one of the private rooms. BOOM! Well worth the wait.

As a side note, the movies are good and the place is clean and well managed, even though the clerks come in way too often for a walk around, to change a movie, or in the daytime clerk's case, to fool around with a customer. I certainly will come back.

Edited on 10/06/15
Visit in august


Posted Sep 06 2015:
Don't let these reviews fool you. I was there one Thursday afternoon from 4:00 until 7:00. It was a little boring at first, but soon picked up.

First, I watched a gay couple fuck two feet away from me. It was a hot live sex show! Then, I found a hot bearded guy stroking his cock standing against the wall. I took care of his needs. I played with two additional guys after that.

Yes, it was a fun day!

Edited on 09/11/15

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Joined: Jul 20, 2003

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Posted Feb 10 2015:
Two Fridays ago in January I went to Fantasy. There were not too many there, and the ones there did not want sex. With other men they would just jack off. I found the men to be quite unfriendly. I will not be going back, a waste of $12 dollars.

Edited on 02/16/15
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Posted Dec 31 2014:
Once in a while, this place can be like striking gold. In the olden days like five years ago, it was one big theatre, quite dark, with an audible warning before anyone entered when the clerk remotely unlocked the door. There was frequent action in the back of the theatre most times of the day.

About 2011 they remodeled the place. The "lingerie models" are gone. About 1/2 the video booths don't work, and none have gloryholes, and they strictly enforce one person per booth. But the theatre completely changed. It's now broken up into many different rooms, each showing a different movie.

3 SMALL THEATERS - 5 chairs against the back walls. There is a curtain in the doorway. HDTV
2 MEDIUM THEATERS - 3-4 chairs and a small sofa. One has a curtain. HDTV
1 LARGE THEATER - 6 small sofas and 3-4 small chairs. Large projection screen. One regular door on hinges and one open doorway with no curtain.

I drew a not-to-scale floor plan which is attached here.

The place is a good design and once in awhile there is some hot action. There are often very old men (often creepy and not clean) and homeless people (also sometimes creepy and very not clean). There is probably some drug use going on here but I've not personally seen it. Admission is $12 so homeless people can hangout pretty cheaply all day.

Let's hope the place gets better.

Edited on 01/06/15

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