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Adult Toy Boxxx

Category: Adult store with arcade Directions: From I-68 take the Sabraton exit and turn right. At the fourth stop light make a right and travel approximately a half mile on Hartman Run Road (the airport road). The store is located on the left, with a flashing sign out front by the road.
Submitted: Feb 09 2003 (Edited 05/06/12)
3.9/5 based on 29 votes. The median rating is 4.
Reviews: 36 reviews

Address: Hartman Run Road
City: Morgantown
State: West Virginia
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 304-296-3428

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Posted Feb 04 2015:
Nice big gloryholes here. It's been awhile since I've been here but had a good time even though it's small. Went here first time with my brother-in-law, my wife's brother, and just looked around, went in back and just laughed about the holes. Stopped with him after a bar and a couple beers after that and went straight in back. He went in booth beside me and we talked about movies between the hole.

After a couple minutes he put his face at the hole and said, "Let me play with your dick." I just looked at him and laughed, thought he was kidding, but he said, "No shit, man, let me play with your dick. Stick it through. I won't bite." He looked up at me through the hole and said, "C'mon I'll jack you off."

I just looked at him for awhile then started to feel a tingle in my balls and I thought. "Why not?" I whipped it out and stood up near the hole. He grabbed it and jacked with one hand while he cupped my balls with the other. He was getting me hard and pulled me farther into the hole. I started to feel pretty weird about it, a 50 year old guy with his hard dick through the wall and his brother-in-law playing with my dick.

Then I felt his tongue on my balls and pulled back. What the hell, I thought. But he just kept his face at the hole but opened his mouth wide and wagged his tongue at me. I hardly thought about it and dropped my balls back onto his tongue. He licked until my balls were wet then I felt his tongue going up the underside of my dick toward the head. He did that several times before I felt the head of my dick slide down his throat. He had me.

I pulled back to push my underwear out of the way then shoved my hard dick back down his that. I fed him a big load baby batter that gagged him. First time a guy sucked my dick for real but not the last. Get sucked off pretty often now especially when I find an adult bookstore.

Edited on 02/09/15


Posted Dec 08 2014:
Wasn't expecting much. Paid for my play money and entered a booth. Within a minute a guy enters and begins feeding me cock through the hole. Then he pulls out and instructs me to turn around. I press my spread ass against the large gloryhole and he thrusts right in. Hard fucking. Finishes in my mouth.

He leaves, another guy with a bigger cock enters almost immediately and after a few seconds of having him in my mouth he says let me come over. I unlock the door and he comes in.

Down on my knees, I swallow his cock. He tells me to lick his balls. Yes sir. Tells me to lick his asshole. Yes sir! After five minutes of rimming he turns around and cums in my mouth pulling my head toward his gut so I gag a little. Heavy load. I wish he had fucked me, but it was pretty intense.

Great place. Good quality video and run-time for your buck too.

Edited on 12/15/14

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Joined: Aug 06, 2014

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Posted Aug 06 2014:
Hey guys, looking to go here tonight and suck some. Do guys normally show up or is it hit or miss?

Edited on 08/13/14


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Posted Jul 20 2014:
Not sure about this. Anyone have a similar experience?

A couple older guys were here when I went in back. One was sucking the other through the gloryhole. He left his door open so anyone could see him sucking cock through the hole.

I watched for awhile till he ate the guy's cum, then went in the booth and let him suck me till I got hard. His phone rang, then he left, leaving me with a hard-on. I heard him leave and I never heard anyone else enter the store. A little later I heard someone walking heavy-footed into the arcade. I assume it was the surly young clerk, the one with little personality and a sneer on his face.

I zipped up and folded my arms as I heard him enter the booth on the other side of the hole. I pretended not to look through the hole when I heard a zipper and then a gruff voice say, "Suck my dick." I glanced at the hole and a huge, fat, angry cock slid through. I debated for a few seconds then slid my mouth over the swollen head.

From the other side, I heard, "Eat me." He pushed his veiny cock in and out of my mouth, gagging me. It didn't take long. I heard a loud groan and felt his dickhead swell even bigger as I felt the underside of his cock pulsing his hot redneck cum down my battered throat, gagging me yet again.

He grabbed his cock and wiped it off on my face and chin, then stuck it back into his pants. I was hoping someone would come in the store for a distraction, but no one did. So I walked out and got the same unfriendly sneer that I got coming in, except his face and neck flushed deep red when we made eye contact. I nodded and rushed out. Still not sure if it was the clerk I sucked off, but pretty sure.

Edited on 07/23/14


Posted Jun 21 2014:
Some young guys kill me. Young doesn't make a man hot or not. I'm 28 and I've met a ton of young and old assholes regardless of their outward appearance. In my limited experience more of us (young guys) are pigs with their sexual habits.

My most memorable experiences have been with guys in their 40s and 50s, better hygiene and real men. Admittedly some older guys are slow to get hard or don't really get hard, but I've been with many young guys, 20s and 30s, with the same issue.

I meet a married 55 year old father several times a month to eat his cock. I've sucked him off going on six years and his cum load is the biggest and tastiest I've ever had. There are days his cock isn't rock hard but it's always thick, juicy and meaty, manly and musky from his day's work. And 7 to 8 inches. This man also carries a man-size set of balls that barely fit in one hand.

Met some other hot older and a few younger guys here. My preference though, give me a settled, mature, married man 40 to 60. But on the other hand I'll judge everybody individually and suck a nice guy my age if he's doesn't consider himself God's gift.

Edited on 06/26/14
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