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Pleasures Adult Entertainment

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours daily Directions: Located four blocks west of Federal Avenue on Colfax Avenue.
Submitted: May 12 2003 (Edited 06/16/16)
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3.03/5 based on 29 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 32 Reviews

Address: 3490 West Colfax Avenue
City: Denver
State: Colorado
ZIP/Postal Code: 80204
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 303-825-6505

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 39.7402,-105.033
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Posted May 30 2024:
Heads Up!
So here's the deal with all the new doors and signs that funguysd referred to. The local police do perform occasional stings; there was one about six months ago and three people were arrested. About a month ago the police came to visit, and informed Pleasures that anyone they saw exposing himself or performing a sex act in any of the public areas was subject to arrest, but that they would consider any activity behind a closed door to be none of their business.

I should've asked the clerk (who told me all of this) about the gloryholes, but I'm guessing/hoping that using them isn't something the police are interested in, as long as both doors are closed and (I'm guessing here) you don't stick it through the hole without invitation.

Anyway there's some genuine risk involved with some of our favorite activities. Myself, I always liked being watched getting head at the suck ramp. Oh well.

Edited on 06/04/24
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 06, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 9


Posted May 26 2024:
This place is like a seedy Meow Wolf. It's a bit of a maze, a map would cum in handy because you aren't sure where you're going if you've never been.

My first visit was on a Thursday afternoon in April. In two hours, five different cocks found their way into my mouth. That's a win. My first stop was the gay theater, where I sat down to watch a blow job in action on the bench in front of me. A third guy walked in and came directly to me like I was wearing a "I suck dick" shirt and unzipped his pants. I knew we were off to a good start.

I would guess two dozen guys came and went during the time I was there. About six were trolls. Another six had standards so high they weren't going to do anything. The rest were fair game. I ended up giving head in the theater, in two different gloryholes, and twice in the larger video booth with the wooden bench. One nutted in my mouth. I finished the day by letting guys watch me masturbate on the suck ramp.

My tip would be not to skip the straight theater. It seemed to have more action than the gay one.

Edited on 05/27/24


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 24 2024:
One of my favorite ABS in Denver although they are making some changes that may kill some of the business. Went earlier this month and now they have put doors on all the "open" booths (suck ramp/old theater ticket window, etc) so it's harder now to put on/see some a live show and be an exhibitionist. New metal park-like benches are in all the theaters now.

Still a lot of stand & model and chatty cathys. Also signs everywhere stating no nudity or indecent exposure is allowed.

Edited on 02/26/24


Posted Oct 20 2023:
Have to let them scan your ID to enter the arcade! Now they won't let you in if you are wearing a hoodie?

Edited on 10/24/23
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Posted Dec 14 2022:
If you're young and you want younger, try this place at around noon on Mondays. The older gents are there but you can either take it private in a big booth or give a little show. I've gone two Mondays now at noon and scored with guys my age or younger. The place is always busy but younger guys are home with their apps.

I'm 27 and I met a cool bud with a Colorado State shirt and we sucked each other right in the hallway. I thought people were going to clap when we shot. There is a booth just when you come in that has a hole on the left wall. I got to watch a college couple fuck and suck each other in the bigger booth.

On this past Monday there was such a hot young dude in the back back booth where some older dude was sucking his cock in the little maze area. This place is great. The app route is getting tiring.

Edited on 12/14/22
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 10, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Aug 28 2022:
Visiting from out of town and dropped by for a visit to Denver's best ABS. Twelve dollar entry and many booths, mazes, gloryholes and two theaters. It was Sunday late morning and it wasn't packed but there were plenty of men.

I wandered into a maze like booth with a gloryhole and a large cock dropped through for me to suck. He thrust and pushed his big hard cock down my throat and finally let out a hearty moan and filled my mouth with his tasty cum.

I roamed around and walked into another gloryhole booth where an eager mouth was waiting for me so I dropped my shorts and fed him for a few minutes before backing off and leaving so that I could enjoy some more fun.

Soon I found myself in a kind of open area with a flatscreen and a bench. I stood waiting for someone to come into the alcove and did not wait long before a man came in and promptly started undressing me. Soon another man came and he took my shirt off and rubbed my body while the other guy sucked me slowly. Other men started to congregate and watched and another guy started to lightly choke me. It was so hot to be fully naked and used while putting on a show and soon I shot a huge load down the cocksuckers mouth.

I'll be back the next time I'm in town.

Edited on 08/29/22


Posted Aug 04 2022:
I am from out of town. I was able to sneak away for about an hour today. After researching all the ABS in town I decided this was the place to try out.

The entry is off a major thoroughfare so everyone driving by can see you walking in. Being from out of town and being blinded for my desire for cock I didn't really care. The parking lot was quite full and when I got there it looked very promising.

After showing my ID and signing the receipt, which I found weird, I went in the arcade and theater area. It was very dark but the layout was fantastic. It was set up like the arcades I used to frequent in the 80's and 90's. Dingy and dark but set up as a maze. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings straight.

There are a lot of gloryholes and very interesting open video areas. It was early evening around 6 pm and I was hoping for a nice after work crowd. I was disappointed. There were quite a few dudes I would suck or let them suck me. I tried three different gloryhole booths and each time the people on the other side were hesitant to engage in action.

After an hour I finally found a guy to blow me but after a few second he quit and left. I am no Adonis but my cock is 7 inches, cut and always hard. Since I like receiving almost more than giving head I never have a problem getting off.

Maybe I just hit it at a bad time and had bad luck. I love the layout so might try again when I get a chance.

Edited on 08/04/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 04, 2005

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted May 16 2022:
Great place to play. Was in town for business and went two days in a row. Lots of men roaming, some willing to play and others still looking for their unicorn. Swallowed four loads each day. The areas where you can play in the open (stand up or seated) are my favorites.

Will definitely hit this place again when in town.

Edited on 05/16/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 25, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Oct 16 2021:
Lots and lots and lots of cocksuckers, not much cock. Lots of guys, all shapes and sizes just roaming around. Trolls like to camp out in the gloryhole booths and won't move on. Finally found something but took a lot of patience.

Edited on 10/17/21


Posted Oct 14 2021:
Visited yesterday, October 13, from 10 am until 2 pm. It was slow at the beginning, but still enough cock there to satisfy this cocksucker. I almost immediately had a mature, hairy man with a nice thick cock follow me into a booth. He took out his cock and I started sucking. In just a few minutes one of the sexiest larger men I have ever seen joined us.I was working on them both while they made out. Finally I got both loads, one at a time down my throat.

The middle of my time had plenty as well. I sucked so many I can't even remember! Some in the theaters, some through gloryholes. Near the end of my time the crowd picked up and there were several big dicked, sexy black men there. One had a dick of at least 9" and very thick, but his buddy, who was about 7.5 and hard as steel had the body – tight and muscular. I sucked him for a while then he sucked me and took my load. I was exhausted, but will be back soon!

Edited on 10/14/21


Posted Jun 17 2021:
Was there June 15 2021 around 11 am until 2 that afternoon. It was amazing. Plenty of men of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

I went into a theater and immediately got a nice one placed in front of my face and I sucked him dry. Two other guys came in while I was sucking and watched.

When I finished with the first guy, I got two more. One older, tall and handsome with a huge, thick uncut cock. We played off and on my entire visit.

I've never been to a place like this before. It was well worth the ten dollars and had great staff who knew what we were there for and did not interfere. I'll be back soon!

Edited on 06/18/21
Occ. Visitor


Posted Jun 05 2021:
Four theaters comfortable and clean. Lots of cubicles and gloryholes in the dark area. All kinds of people. Clerk announced he was coming in to check receipts and then did. There is a four hour time limit. Good place with lots of options.

Edited on 06/05/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 08, 2021

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted May 19 2021:
Visited yesterday May 18, lights off, gloryholes open, theaters open! Back to normal and it was awesome! I sucked several uncut cocks, older, but they were happy. Took three loads! Hot dude took my load after edging for three hours!

Edited on 05/20/21
Denver Dick


Posted Apr 11 2021:
On a recent visit to Denver, I visited this place. Lots of booths. Entrance includes ability to watch porn movies, however, the controls do not always work well. Bottom line is that guys are there to have sex so it may not be all that important.

Ticket is limited to two hours but that was not enforced. In fact there was zero interference from staff.

Was there on a weekday late morning and afternoon and it was busier than I expected. I got some nice head and got to suck some very nice dicks.

The only thing bad is that there are no gloryholes. I visited another place but was happier with this one. If I ever get back to Denver I hope I will have more time to spend here.

Edited on 04/12/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 12, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 13 2016:
I was here last week, and this place is hopping. I found a cute transgirl in the TS theater, and she sucked me off until I got her lubed up and then she bent over the seats for some real action. She was so hot I didn't last long. I will be back for more soon.

Edited on 06/22/16


Posted Jun 08 2016:
Met a hot Transgurl here yesterday and got some great head, and then some quick sex in the theatre showing Transexual Porn. She said she was staying for more action, and would be there often. She really sucks cock well.

Edited on 06/16/16


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 06 2016:
This place is great now. They bought the Dove Theatre next door and installed four theaters, and many cubbies and booths with gloryholes. Lots of action every time I have been here.

We have the Dove listed on this site as Act I & II Cinema. I will make a note to take a look at both that page and this one on the site and revise as needed. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/13/16


Posted Mar 20 2015:
There was an armed robbery here in the early morning hours on Saturday March 14. Police are investigating and asking for tips through Denver Crime Stoppers with a possible reward. Note that police came in response to the robbery, not as part of a crackdown.

Edited on 03/24/15
horny boo


Posted Dec 08 2011:
Was just there this week and I really like the gloryholes and especially the open arcade room with benches. I had tons of fun!

Edited on 12/14/11


Posted Sep 12 2008:
I had a great time there last Saturday. Sucked and got sucked, several times.


Posted Oct 19 2007:
Go here if you like being recorded in booths with the gloryholes. Go into the northwest booth and look up at the camera looking down at the gloryhole. Same hidden cameras in all the gloryhole booths. Find somewhere else to go unless you want your activities public and probably on the Internet.


Posted Aug 14 2007:
I went there last Monday night. Including myself, there were six guys. I was able to have a good time. There are three gloryholes. The one in the very back by the bathroom is kind of low but I guess short guys need their dicks sucked too. The entry fee is good at any Pleasures until the next time midnight rolls around.


Posted Jul 09 2007:
Business is a lot better. There are three gloryholes and one larger booth to share with a buddy. Between 3 and 9 pm seems to be busy during the work week and the weekends are pretty steady. It's hard to judge the crowd inside by the cars in the parking lot since there's the adult theater thing next door but it's a good bet that if you see cars in the lot (parked on the side or across the street in their marked lot) you're going to get some dick inside. The staff is just there -- they're not super-friendly but they're not assholes. And they don't harass you. It's a fun place.


Posted Sep 08 2006:
Don't bother. No one goes here anymore since the gloryholes are covered. You can find a parking spot now though.


Posted Apr 17 2006:
As of last night, all the gloryholes have been covered. This means having to do a little one-on-one in a booth together. The crowd was almost nonexistent.


Posted Apr 08 2006:
This is one of the best places for action in Denver. The clerks are friendly and alert when cops come in. Last weekend I sucked off six big cocks and then got fucked by a hot married guy with a huge, thick Italian cock. Highly recommended.


Posted Nov 27 2005:
Dropped in here a few weeks ago to look around. They covered up the big hole, but there are still three holes left. Have always found some good action.


Posted Jul 21 2005:
Always found great mix of men. Can be some hustlers but easy to spot. Staff ignores most activity.


Posted Nov 09 2004:
I never leave this place without sucking at least two or three of the hottest guys you could ask for.


Posted Jan 13 2004:
There is now only one gloryhole. The staff is rude and will bang on your door the moment your light goes out, telling you to ‘use your credits'.


Posted Nov 14 2003:
There's a young punk girl who works there that loves to hassle visitors. She likes to go in the arcade and yell at people.


Posted Aug 28 2003:
This one is not as nice as other Pleasures locations. The booths are small and the video quality is very poor. There are three or four gloryholes and lots of posing.

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