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Central Park

Category: Cruisy park in the Ramble Directions: Located across the street from the Musuem of Natural History.
Submitted: Jun 04 2004 (Edited 03/26/10)
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3.02/5 based on 44 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 58 Reviews

Address: West 77th Street and West Drive
City: Manhattan
State: New York
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 40.797,-73.9581
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Posted Oct 03 2023:
Subject: drones Heads Up!
i would like to leave a comment/question on the drones that are flying high above Central Park at all times. You can spot the drones much easier at night than during the daylight. Some drones even look and sound just like a real helicopter, but in miniature.

Does anyone know if these are NYPD drones or has any type of knowledge on these things? With the capability of HD night vision and thermal or infrared imagery, I would hate to be a horny fuck in 'heat' and pay the consequences if spotted by a drone.

It is my understanding that NYC, Manhattan specifically, is a no-flying zone for drones and you could even go to jail, if caught. I encourage anyone walking in the park on any given night to look up and find these moving/flashing lights and you'd be surprised to realize that the closest ones to you are not airplanes but all types of drones. Sometimes I can even hear the buzzing sound.

Any info on this concern would be much appreciated. If this is not the section for this type of post, my sincerest apologies as I did not mean to waste the time of anybody here but to raise awareness and hopefully obtain the full and legit information. Thank you kindly. :)

Good question, thanks. Hope someone posts a useful and informed response. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/04/23
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 14, 2002

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Posted Sep 02 2023:
Summer of 2023 is winding down. Thankfully, not much has changed, for either better or worse. I keep an eye on the media and double-check word-of-mouth reports, but other than the odd robbery, nothing serious seems to have happened lately, nothing that made the local news anyway.

Once or twice a year a dead person is found floating in one of the many bodies of water in this gigantic park, but there's almost never any followup in the news about what happened.

The police presence is even more discreet than in the past. The other day there was a studly police officer with his K9 "partner" patrolling. A couple of weeks ago, there were two uniformed officers patrolling on bicycles in the dark without their lights on. They ticketed a straight couple that was drinking wine from a bottle in a bag!

I saw one team of officers on horseback, slowly plodding through the Ramble once in August, early in the evening.

Other than that, no spectacular busts or break-ups of group-sex or couples carrying on that I'm aware of.

There is plenty of cruising, and on most warm nights there must be between twenty-five and a hundred guys spread out over several dozen acres of "Ramble", but guys tend to congregate and follow each other around until something does, or doesn't happen.

The Conservancy has been doing a lot of pruning, so areas that used to be active are not as dark as in the past. There are still a fair number of bright lampposts on after dark.

Some online group of "Golden Showers fans" organizes the odd "party" via their social media platform, and every now and then, at least three times that I've seen over the summer, there's an unrelated and impromptu "party" with loud dance-music and a portable lighting-effects device. Somehow these don't attract any police attention and are usually over after an hour. This is not my scene, so I never investigate. Hopefully these boys are cleaning up after themselves.

The Ramble Shed bathrooms are being closed before sunset, so don't count on any extended and relaxed late-day action in the stalls or at the Urinals.

The Delacorte Theater rest-room is only open late when there's a Shakespeare performance, and those are coming to an end. That bathroom is not really laid out for discrete playing anyhow.

An unfortunate "sign of the times" is idiots walking around with their cell-phone flashlights brightly illuminating dark sections and benches where guys would prefer a little relative privacy.

Also, a lot more idiots are riding their electric scooters and bikes willy-nilly and being generally rude in that regard... The Parks Department "rules" suggest dismounting and walking your wheeled device . Then again, I'm sure there are rules against having sex in public in the park as well...

The "Curfew" is still 1 am, but, unlike years past, the NYPD seems to be almost nowhere to be seen, and rarely patrols heavily around 1 with blaring PA telling everyone to leave the park.

The current legal status, to the best my knowledge, is that if you are walking out of the park after 1 am, curfew violation charges won't stick, or be taken seriously by a judge. If cops find you carrying on at 2 or 3 in the morning, I'm sure it's a different story, so I don't stick around past curfew.

Read my FAQ posted in the timeline, still applies to this day.

Thanks so much for the update. I hope to visit the city and stay near the park this Fall. ~ Editor

Edited on 09/03/23
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Posted Jan 28 2023:
Heads Up!
Robberies were reported in the Rambles and investigated by police last summer and fall. Keep your eyes open and take usual precautions when cruising here. Other parks have also seen increased crime.

New York Daily News, September 2022: Police investigating string of robberies in and near Central Park

The Observer, October 2022: Spikes in Crime Threaten Safety of NYC Parks

Edited on 01/29/23


Posted May 27 2021:
Heads Up!
Police are investigating a reported same-sex gang rape here:
The alleged victim told cops he was walking inside the park just before 1 a.m., at West 77th Street and West Drive, when he saw five men sitting on a park bench, police sources said.

The men then got up and followed the alleged victim, he told cops. He said he fell and was sexually assaulted by two of the men.

The alleged victim said the five male suspects, all about 30 years old, ran off after the incident.

Update 5/28/21: Additional reports say the victim was a 19 year old trans man.

WPIX, May 26 2021: Transgender teen raped in Central Park: NYPD

New York Post, May 26 2021: Cops investigate gang-rape claim in Central Park

Edited on 05/28/21


Posted Aug 31 2020:
Heads Up!
Watch out, undercover cops are back.

Edited on 09/01/20
Super Reviewer

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 10 2020:
Summer of 2020 and the "lockdown" is easing. Things are as usual in the park and haven't changed much in the past fifteen years, except that a lot of the long-time "regulars" don't show up anymore, but have been replaced by "newer" regulars.

About half the cruisers are wearing face coverings. Most of them appear, to me at least, to be bottoms who will gladly remove their masks to suck your cock, but I'm just going with my instincts and gaydar in making this assessment. I myself stick to a specific location where I meet up with a long-term regular sex partner who frequents this majestic park way more than I do.
Overall, the number of cruisers seems less than in previous years.

The number of guys who "look like" pickpockets and crack-heads is down too.
There is still the odd but infrequent gay-curious male-female couple looking to get it on with a guy or two.

The police presence is practically non-existent as of this report, though last night was a first for me: Two mounted cops slowly patrolling with their horses. I like that, as they can easily be heard as they approach, but I'm sure they're effective in deterring the thugs and troublemakers.

Please refer to my Rambles FAQ further down in the timeline – it's still about as up-to-date as you need, and all the advice still applies to this day.

Stay safe and clean up your mess!

Edited on 06/11/20


Posted Feb 25 2019:
So the policeman says, "You walk through the park and see a guy leaning against a tree: What crime is being committed there?"

I'm gonna wait until there's warmer weather, but at some point I'll cum up and visit New York again and "lean against a tree."

Edited on 02/26/19


Posted Feb 23 2019:
It's reported that public sex is diminishing in New York City Parks. A Times article mentions Central Park, Fort Tryon Park, Forest Park, and Kissena Park, also reviewing other locations. To document this, it notes:
Officers wrote 432 tickets in 2007 for what is referred to as "sex in park," according to Police Department data. Last year, through late December, they wrote six.

Not only are summonses down, but fewer New Yorkers are calling 311 to lodge complaints about lewd acts in public. In 2013, there were 483 complaints of lewd acts; last year, there were 283, according to the city.

The decline has been so precipitous that it raises obvious questions: Are the police telling frisky parkgoers simply to move along, or have New Yorkers lost some of their lust? Is it the Police Department that has changed, or is it us?

The answer may be a combination of both: City parks are more crowded, with visitors traipsing through even some out-of-the-way spaces; and police officers are also increasingly looking to solve neighborhood problems without resorting to handcuffs or tickets.

The police still target the most active locations and make arrests, yet those related to sex in public have also been on the downswing. The department recorded slightly more than 470 misdemeanor public lewdness arrests last year, down from nearly 700 in 2010. (Reported rapes have increased, but those in parks are rare.)

...The areas with zero park-sex tickets recorded over 10 years were some with little to no park space to speak of — Midtown Manhattan; Jackson Heights in Queens; Canarsie in Brooklyn — and others like the central Bronx neighborhoods of East Tremont and Belmont, where there are parks but, apparently, no sex seen by officers.

The act — considered a violation of park rules that currently carries a $100 fine — has to be witnessed by an officer for any action to be taken.

"You walk through the park and see a guy leaning against a tree: What crime is being committed there?" said Officer Bryan Polster, whose assignment includes Fort Tryon Park. "Just to be meeting someone in the park is not a crime. And I think that's why the complaints are nonexistent."

The New York Times, Feb 22, 2019: Sex in New York City Parks? It’s Less of a Thing Than It Used to Be: A decade ago, New York City police officers handed out hundreds of tickets for "sex in park." Last year, they wrote six.

Edited on 02/25/19


Posted Sep 16 2018:
Came down here after checking out the Fort Tryon where there was not a soul to be found last week. Definitely more action at the Ramble.

Ran into a tall Black dude on the way in. Within a minute had a fuckin' 11" cock deep in my throat til it swelled beyond my throat. Got the freakiest fuck of my life!

Ran into several others before 1 am. Left with a super wet brief and cummy hole.

Edited on 09/18/18


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 29 2017:
So let's say I'm a straight chick, cissexual, who likes to watch guys get it on. I am not interested in participating, just watching.

Other than some bitching by some of the guys, will I have any problems? I'm thinking of taking a whistle and pepper spray in case a mugger or rapist tries anything.

Also, I assume that watching in a public location is legal and that one can't be arrested for it. True?

Anyway, I love this site. It's hot just to read it.

Glad you're a fan. If you enjoy the Sex Listings Reviews, check out the Dirty Stories: Instant Jackoff Material section on the Message Board. There's a ton of reading material there going back years and years! ~ Editor

Edited on 04/05/17


Posted Aug 28 2016:
Haven't been here in years. I stopped by here while visiting last week around 9 pm. It seems to still have some horny guys out for outdoor quickies.

I watched two black guys banging on this tall ethnic (Puerto Rican?) dude with camouflage pants and a cap in the wooded area. I took my turn and got all this 10" thick BBC deep in that hole. So fucking hot, nutted twice.

Definitely looking to check it out again when I visit next in September.

Edited on 09/08/16


Posted Jun 20 2015:
I went walking through the Ramble one afternoon this week and the portable spotlights are gone now. One of my fellow cruisers tells me he went in the night time recently and confirmed, no lights and it is quieter, but maybe they have moved on to more important crimes.

Edited on 06/25/15


Posted Jun 08 2015:
Heads Up!
I was in the park last night, Sunday. It was quiet but there were some men. At some point, maybe around 11 pm, huge portable floodlights on generators cranked up and lit the place up. I continued to think that was all and continued to walk and cruise.

There were lots of questionable guys with backpacks. Undercover cops? Finally I heard movement in a wooded area and went to investigate. I was followed by a cute guy who I was feeling up when a flashlight came on 15 feet away in the bushes and someone said, "Don't move." I ran outta there.

So the Ramble is off limits now at night. Be careful and move it out of there for now.

Edited on 06/16/15

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Posted May 23 2015:
Heads Up!
Went to the Ramble tonight,May 22, 2015. Lots of guys were there. Also, the cops were there undercover, wearing plain clothes. I was sitting on one bench and the guy on the next bench over reached over and grabbed a cop's dick. Immediately the flashlights went on and the guy was arrested.

The "cute" cop (before the arrest) kept coming up to me but not saying anything. I then overheard him talking to the other UC's about where they should try next. Someone earlier said to never make the first move. This is good advice. Ask the guy if he'd like to come back to your place. If he agrees and you start walking with him, and him ALONE, you know he's safe.

Edited on 05/29/15
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Apr 26 2015:
Heads Up!
A tear comes to my eye thinking of the good old days. This place was hot back in the 80s with hundreds of guys fucking all night till the sun rose. Gone are the days I would come home with a hole full of cum.

However, it's not all lost. I went there last week on a Tuesday night after a while of being absentee and was surprised to see action still going on. I walked into the gazebo near the Rambles and as soon as I sat down a guy stood in front of me with a nice uncut cock and shoved it in my mouth. Another guy walking a dog saw us and he followed me till we reached a bridge. Then he pulled out his cock and grabbed my shoulders to suck him off, hot!

I went to walk out and decided to walk up to the castle. On the way three guys followed me. When I stopped to examine the situation I saw a silhouette of someone in the nearby woods, just standing in between the trees. The guys who were following me didn't do anything, just stared. I got bored and walked towards the silhouette in the woods and the other guys walked away.

As I reached this person behold, he had a huge fat 11-inch cock! I dropped to my knees so fast and hard, it caused a 3.0 temblor. I couldn't get this fat dick all the way in my mouth, so I got up, bent my white bubble butt over, and he fucked me deep and raw, hot, hot, hot! It was close to closing time, so pulled my pants up and ran out of there.

Warning: I have been ticketed in the park twice for being there after closing. Once a cop actually followed me into the subway and ticketed me. That ticket read I was in the park at 1:02 am, two minutes after closing. Both times I had to go to court downtown, was treated like crap by the NYC court system, and both times the charges dropped. The inconvenience experienced was not worth being there after closing.

Further, I know of someone who was caught having sex in there. This was on a Friday and the person he was fucking had no ID, so they both went to jail for around five days till a judge heard their case. Jail wasn't a party. He had to shit in front of a bunch of rowdy guys, eat sandwiches with questionable mayo, drink horrid sweet juice, etc.

Advice: First, the park is still cruisy however, not what it was, so take precautions. If not certain, ask the guy if he is a cop and never make the first move. Even if they touch their cock, wait for them to show it to you and have them make the first move.

Second, be discreet. The park has areas extremely secluded. Look for them, don't just get on your knees and expect to be safe. Cops are asses and are there to mess up your life.

Third, closing time. It's best to be out of the park five minutes before closing. Don't risk it.

Last, crime. I have been mugged here before. I've heard of these cases, some worse, but very rarely a heinous crime can occur. If the guy you are with can't get a hard-on and you feel cornered, or he is threatening, yell for help and yell your location. You will be surprised at the response from our fellow cruisers.

Thank you so much for your detailed review of what's happening recently in the park, and especially the warnings and advice. I'll just re-emphasize that even if you ask someone if they are law enforcement they may lie or may reply in a way that misleads you (e.g. "Do you think a cop would be out here with a hard-on like this...?") Trust your instincts and common sense and keep thinking with "both your heads," as they say. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/04/15
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Aug 23 2014:
I spent the afternoon with friends in Sheep's Meadow and slipped away and headed to the Ramble at sunset. It was a bit disorienting at first because it is such a large area. Didn't see too many guys near the Boathouse but lots walking around to the north and west, almost to the top of the Rambles.

Came across a nice beefy Staten Islander and found a secluded place to play. He dropped his pants and I dropped to my knees. He got nervous when other gays stumbled across us and we had to find a new spot. Second try and I had him down my throat. Sucked him off, got a nice mouthful, and headed home close to midnight. Surprising how many were still walking around that night. Mostly Latin.

Edited on 08/28/14


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 03 2014:
There is basically no cruising in the park. You may see gays there, but families with children are there all day and into the early parts of the night. There are fences with various shrubs and flowering plants around the wooded areas and if the cops or parks department catch you there you can be ticketed or arrested.

Cruising in Central Park is dead, do not be fooled by a bunch of geezers living in the 80s or 90s even.

Edited on 08/08/14
Super Reviewer

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 15 2014:
I wrote this "FAQ" in 2007 and almost nothing has changed since then. The only thing I can add is that the park closes at 1:00 am. If the cops see you in the park after that time, they have the discretion to ticket you for violating the curfew. If you don't have proper ID and/or are on any kind of "warrant" database, you may be detained or arrested. Otherwise, a summons and subsequent court-apppearance are the typical response after 1:00 am. Being caught "In Flagranto ..." is almost guaranteed to lead to your arrest and could lead to some serious legal problems, not limited to winding up on a sex-offender database.

The Ramble FAQ

Q: Where is this 'Ramble' where guys meet up & have sex?
A: The Ramble is a very, very large area of the park bounded by the East and West Drives, the 79th/81st Streets transverse, and "The Boat Lake" to the south.

Q: When's a good time to go for cruising?
A: Guys are cruising almost anytime the park is open, but during the daytime there is basically no place that's secluded enough to play without being seen by non-cruisers, families, children, etc. There are only three public restrooms within The Ramble, and they are heavily patrolled by park employees, and/or not laid-out very safely for playing.

Q: When is the best time for sexual activity, then?
A: Anytime after the sun goes down and before the 1 am park-closing curfew begins.

Q: What kind of guys go there?
A: All kinds, types, ages and races. There are a lot of Hispanics and blacks, but plenty of other skin-colors and types, including college age hotties, older veteran sex-hounds, hustlers, drunken horny yuppies, clueless gay tourists, sometimes walking around butt-naked, and almost anything else, including the occasional straggling chick-with-dick.

Q: How safe is it?
A: There is always the risk of getting stopped, questioned, searched, ticketed, arrested, robbed, assaulted, or pick-pocketed.

Q: How often do busts occur and why?
A: The NYPD periodically and unpredictably cracks down on public sex in the park, usually as a result of robbery/assault incidents, or complaints from straights (or bitter, fun-hating homos) who have witnessed public sex taking place.

Q: Tell me more.
A: Police crackdowns are cyclical. When the police presence is low, the muggers and pickpockets get bolder. When there are too many robberies, or public-sex complaints, the police start patrolling in their scooters more often, and/or doing undercover patrolling. This can scare away the muggers for awhile, and scare away the cruisers, too. Eventually, the police shift their manpower to other priorities, and the sex-play resumes, and eventually the muggers and pickpockets get bold again, and the cycle repeats all over after a few robberies/complaints.

Q: What can I do to avoid getting arrested or ticketed?
A: Do your playing when the sky is less cloudy, since the clouds reflect the bright city lighting and make it much brighter at night, and harder to play discreetly. Also, be aware of your surroundings, check out the behavior and body-language of the guys around you, and know that the NYPD uses undercover detectives working in teams to look for guys getting it on or breaking other park regulations, like drinking alcohol or doing drugs, or urinating.

Q: So where does the action take place?
A: Most of the heavy cruising takes place near 'The Boathouse,' or on 'The Peninsula,' and in various sections further west, including the area around 'The Pit.'

Q: Our fearless Cruisemaster says 'The Pit' is heaven-on-earth. Is that correct?
A: With all due respect to the Cruisemaster, losing touch with your surroundings and not paying close attention to the comings and goings around you (i.e. letting your guard down) is a great way to get busted for public indecency or at least disorderly conduct. If you're going to play in 'The Pit,' do so when it's a dark cloudless night, and pause whenever one or more new guys comes into the immediate area. Most undercover cops work in pairs with extras lurking nearby for backup, so you need to keep and eye on other guys' actions and body-language and follow your instincts. Better to be safe than sorry.

Q: Exactly where is 'The Pit'?
A: There are several (four to five) different active locations that meet the Cruisemaster's description, but he's probably talking about the location in the very heart of The Ramble at the center of a very large rock outcropping, and the entrance is near that small stream and brook with the short wooden bridge. The other entrance is north of said rocks, on higher elevation.

Q: Is 'The Pit' all that?
A: Any group activity poses the highest risk for getting caught, but ironically, due to strength-in-numbers, the lowest risk for getting robbed. Of course, getting your wallet lifted can happen at any time, so bring the barest minimum of government-issue picture ID, and enough money to make a mugger or hustler happy.

Q: How do guys connect other than in the group scenes?
A: Guys sit on benches, walk around, follow each-other, make eye contact, similar to cruising at any indoor sex party or business, minus the cubicles and stalls of course.

Q: What about the mosquitoes and raccoons?
A: Use mosquito repellent in the summer or you'll get eaten alive. The raccoons are plentiful and not afraid of humans, but they will boldly go after any food, and it's not a good idea to feed them unless you want to risk getting some nasty scratches...they have incredibly sharp claws and teeth.

Q: Any other areas near The Ramble where action takes place?
A: A lot of cruising and activity takes place just west of The Ramble, in the area between the 81st Street transverse and Central Park West.

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: Ever since Rudy Giuliani was mayor, the Parks Department, Central Park Conservancy, and the NYPD have been slowly and inexorably cracking down on sex and cruising in this great park. More and more hetero couples, groups and families are staying later and later in The Ramble, and this summer I have never seen so many straight couples boldly walking through The Ramble at night. Park employees have been doing a lot of landscaping, with the advice of the NYPD (and those pesky, omnipresent, self-hating, anti-sex homos), and making it harder and harder to carry on, by removing shrubbery and pruning trees. Leaving trash, like used condoms, wrappers, tissues, etc., only makes it worse for all of us cruisers, so please clean up after yourself and take trash to a proper receptacle. Show some respect for this amazingly beautiful park and please don't litter!

Note that the Cruisemaster Keith passed away in 2012 and information he published based on his own experiences or that of his friends may be out of date. I appreciate your update and I encourage other cruisers to continue to provide new information. Thanks!. ~ Editor

Edited on 06/23/14

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Posted Jun 04 2014:
Heads Up!
Central Park is not safe, even though it seems that way. Cops definitely comb the area secretly, and they take the offense very seriously.

Edited on 06/09/14


Posted Nov 12 2013:
Heads Up!
I totally agree with @masterboy but the same goes for every public space where this happens. The only reason there is any police presence is because people are tired of seeing used condoms, tissues, condom wrappers, cigar wrappers etc. Begin cleaning up after yourself and maybe things will change!

Edited on 11/18/13


Posted Sep 13 2013:
While the Ramble isn't what it used to be, it can still be a safe place to cruise. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open. And don't be stupid. Biggest drawback is that a lot of the hot meat that used to hang there has been driven away by the hustler boys.

Edited on 09/18/13


Posted Jul 16 2013:
Heads Up!
I also noticed an increase in very aggressive police activity, They will seek people out in the darkest corner. But I think we have to take something into consideration. The cops would not care if it wasn't for the mess that's left behind by everyone for daytime people, kids, and park people to see and clean up. I'm sure the Central Park Conservancy has made the cops do these patrols.

Come on guys, start take your used condoms and tissues etc. with you to the garbage at the entrance. The reason there aren't many garbage cans is the smell and the raccoons. If I can clean up after I'm done then everyone can. Maybe if they start to see it clean they will lay off. Anyway, no one to blame by ourselves.

Edited on 07/25/13


Posted May 29 2013:
Heads Up!
Bloomberg and his cops have ruined this much-needed sexual outlet. What is the point of stopping men from having sex in a secluded area of Central Park? I got arrested here last year. I had to go to that horrible court downtown and ended up getting a plea bargain for disorderly conduct or some nonsense. All for having sex in the dark where no one could possibly see us without a flashlight. The cops were the ones who committed a crime by placing handcuffs on us and abducting us. And I think the Mexican guy I was having sex with got deported. For what? Nothing!

In Berlin's Tiergarten you can be completely naked and easily have sex in hidden places. Is this wrong? No, it's good and healthy. There is no where else in New York City that is good for cruising. The city needs to take into consideration that this kind of activity is natural and beneficial to society as it provides a release for male sexual aggression. I've been all around the world and cruising happens everywhere. It has always gone on and is necessary, good, and healthy. Wake up New York government: You are the one committing the crime!

Edited on 06/05/13


Posted Nov 12 2012:
Heads Up!
Watch out in the Ramble. The storm damage was intense there. As of Saturday night it was closed. I went in anyway and was stopped by plain clothes cop and escorted out. Then later was walking towards the castle over 79th street and heard something in the woods there, stepped over the fence took a few steps and two cops stood up (I thought they were having sex!) and pointed a flashlight in my face and I was walked over to their car and given a summons for being in a fenced off area! So watch out.

Edited on 11/19/12


Posted Jun 15 2012:
Was here on a cool Thursday night from 9:30 to midnight. The peninsula is no longer busy, but other areas of The Ramble are hopping. Yes, there is police action these days. Nevertheless, this didn't stop guys from hooking up, but it seems with much more caution, and hesitancy to show first. More JO, less full on action than in the past.

Edited on 06/21/12


Posted May 14 2012:
Heads Up!
Last night I was in the Ramble and noticed police cars parked around the outside of the area, plus there was a cop on a Cushman with the lights flashing, driving around the trails. Someone told me that three guys had been arrested.

Edited on 05/15/12


Posted Mar 26 2012:
Heads Up!
Watch out for the undercover, plain clothes cops around the boathouse area at night. There's a pair that acts like they're cruising you, then watch and arrest those that they see in action. One is white, 6 ft. tall, with Asian koi shin/calf tats. He has a shorter Asian partner. There's also a brand new Central Park Precinct building facility they take you to by patrol car in handcuffs for processing and holding now on the 86th Street transverse. Don't ask how I know.

Edited on 03/29/12


Posted Dec 06 2011:
The Ramble is awesome! It was full of guys of all ethnicities and ages, having their fun, up until the park closing. I saw a couple of cops vehicles speed through a few times, but I never saw them stop or talk to anyone and there are lots of places to hide when they come through. This spot comes highly recommended.

Edited on 12/12/11

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Posted Jun 30 2011:
Subject: undercover police Heads Up!
There were a few incidents last week of undercover police chasing guys around 9 to 11 pm.

Edited on 07/04/11

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Posted Mar 09 2011:
Heads Up!
I go a lot here, but lately there has been a lot of cop activity. They walk out onto the peninsula and sit in their buggies east of the bathroom overlooking the Sycamore tree area.

Edited on 03/21/11


Posted Feb 09 2011:
Even in this icy winter this place rocks. Even better because although you could be visible, because of snow there are no cops and lot's of places to get into action.

Edited on 02/13/11


Posted Apr 04 2010:
I stopped in around 9 pm and hooked up with about eight guys Friday night. I sucked most of them and was fucked by five of them. Two black dudes tag team fucked me bent over a log and I was worn out when that was over. HOT!

Edited on 04/07/10


Posted Mar 23 2009:
I was just there Saturday night and the NYPD were on bicycles riding around as well as in unmarked vehicles. One was a black Impala and the other was a tan Toyota Camry with limousine tinted windows. This was around 8 pm.


Posted Feb 02 2009:
It's still happening, even in the midst of winter. Yeah, it's a bit more discreet during this time of year (lack of foliage) but it's still going on. Mostly (at the time of this writing) Latino, black, blatino and a pretty fair amount of old trolls. The same trolls who trolled years ago troll today. Can't avoid 'em. (If you've been coming here for a few years then you know who I am writing about.) There are some white guys, usually between thirty and forty years old. Not very many Asians at all. Just a general observation on all of that and not a rule. It's not the same as it once was (eight or nine years ago or so) but it is still one of the best places to get off in the outdoors in the middle of NYC. This time of year it's usually best in the mid afternoon (2 to 4 pm) or just after sunset (6 to 8 pm). Again, it depends upon the day and the winter weather. If you're into a little 'risky biz' then maybe being in the Ramble during winter is your gig. I've always enjoyed being here. Weekdays are best throughout the year (i.e. less tourists and bird watching people) and for the simple fact that those of us who want to do this gig are more inclined to the weekdays anyway. The Ramble in Central Park: still horny after all these years!


Posted Aug 11 2008:
There is still action, but mostly cock-hungry queens (like me). Very few tops. One weeknight I got fucked by a tall white guy with a big hard dick. Later I figured he must have been a homeless guy -- shabby and overdressed for summer with a knit cap. Then I got a Latino to fuck me. He was a little paranoid and had trouble keeping it hard. One late Saturday night there were only a few tired old queens or guys who couldn't get hard and were wanting to be sucked off. I was told that there is a 1:30 am curfew and the cops will take you to jail if they catch you. Apparently they do go swooping through at times, but there is enough brush that if you are careful, you can vanish into the brush and stay still. Central Park has changed from a few years ago. Straight couples go walking through it late in the evenings now. And there are no cute hot young men anymore. I think Manhattan has gentrified to where the there is no longer enough lower socio-economic population to provide hot young men needing to get their rocks off in the bushes.


Posted Aug 11 2008:
Sure, there are fenced off areas and construction, but it still is the Rambles, for Christ's sake. Two weeks ago I ventured there around nightfall. Boy was it fun. Black and Latino cock; heavy action; very satisfying. I stayed until 11 pm and left due to sex exhaustion. Woo hoo!


Posted Aug 02 2008:
The Rambles is a shambles as a great deal of the wooded areas have been fenced off. I walked through last night and it was spooky with little action and mostly questionable characters milling about.


Posted Jul 03 2008:
In the last two weeks, the Parks workers have started fencing off one of the cruising areas near the Boathouse. They've started adding tall chain-link fencing and pretty soon one of the best sections at the eastern border of The Ramble will be closed for renovation/landscaping. There have also been some arrests, as usual, but nothing worth a 'Heads Up' since there is always(!) a certain amount of careless carrying-on that catches the attention of undercover detectives, and there is always a certain amount of robbing and mugging that also causes an increase in police activity.


Posted Jun 21 2008:
Summer is here and all is well in the Ramble. Now (early summer) is the time to go, before the mosquito season goes into overdrive. For an executive summary of everything you need to know, see the Ramble FAQ in the Message Board archives. As of this writing, there is substantially more foliage in many of the long-time cruising areas that there has been in recent years, something that may change if the Central Park Conservancy and/or NYPD decide there's too much activity going on. On the other hand, across-the-board budget cuts due to the souring economy means us cruisers might get a break from such a waste of taxpayer money. Remember that arrests and muggings can occur on irregular and unpredictable cycles, so play in the darker areas and be totally aware of your surroundings at all times.


Posted Jan 16 2008:
Still getting action in the Ramble. It's just not for the shy, as there's no place to hide. Sucked and got sucked right out in the open at night several times recently. Good times.


Posted Nov 04 2007:
More and more this place is becoming hit-or-miss. With most of the best cruising spots now fenced off and most of the bushes cut back it is just a pale reminder of its once glorious past.


Posted Oct 20 2007:
The Rambles is undergoing reconstruction but it's not deterring the boys. I was there on an extremely warm night in October and hot action abounded! I found it to have quite a United Nations feel the night I was there. I had great sex with a hot Russian, Brazilian, Chinese, and a South African guy. I finished by having hot African-American guy swallow my dick for thirty minutes and draining my last drops of jizz -- what a perfect ending for an Indian Summer! Cops did breeze through on their police cart but they stayed on the pathways and did not venture into the bushes. Without fail, throughout the year, there is always a hotbed of mansex to be had in the Rambles!


Posted Oct 15 2007:
Wooded area with winding paths for cruising. Action is speculative due to the park's fences and removal of brush but lots of hot guys to look at and maybe meet. Some even chat. Heads up for undercover cops and hustlers, druggies and homeless. Alas, we are in New York City!


Posted Oct 02 2007:
The Rambles is still hot and very cruisy this time of year. Lighted paths at night are 'safe' routes. Still, keep a watch out for workers on golf carts and bicycling and scooter patrols. I'm on a motorized wheelchair and have no problem negotiating trails during the day. Lots of potholes so beware at traveling at night.


Posted Sep 14 2007:
I was in New York for a week last month and wandered through The Ramble. I had two really good blowjobs and got fucked on separate days. Really hot guys. Didn't find out it was being heavily patrolled until I got home. Ignorance is bliss? Amazing park though with some hot cock! Thanks, guys!


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Posted Aug 06 2007:
Central Park is enormous. You have to stick to The Ramble and where there is action and cruising every night of the week, weather permitting, between sundown and midnight. Read The Ramble FAQ on the Message Board...and don't wander the whole park.


Posted Aug 01 2007:
I went to Central Park at night on Saturday and wandered all areas and nobody was around. Maybe specific days and hours are best.


Posted Apr 05 2007:
The Ramble is still happening, but lately it has been lousy with cops. Also, much of the vegetation has been cut back, eliminating many formerly good spots.


Posted Jan 13 2007:
NYPD is hot and heavy here, uniformed and plain clothes as well.


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Posted Nov 10 2006:
Despite recurring 'Head's Up' warnings in this section, The Rambles have always been and hopefully always will be the premier location for quick sex in the great outdoors in Manhattan. There are some rules to follow of course. Do not engage in activity in the daytime. Be aware of your surroundings. Those two cute Chelsea Boys or homo-thugs watching you brazenly worship someone's dick might just be undercover cops, so use your common sense and pay attention to who's around you, who can see you, and who's sneaking up on you. Obviously, if there's no foliage, it won't be very easy to carry on discreetly. And the number of cruisers does drop in the cold months, but there's still action nonetheless. Do not get caught in Central Park after 1 am. There is a curfew, it is enforced, and the cops will process you and arrest you if you don't have valid ID, or if you're caught doing drugs. Also, don't get caught drinking or carrying an open container of alcohol...this is post-Giuliani NYC, not Berlin or pre-Katrina New Orleans. Do not make a mess after you play. Place your used rubbers, packaging, tissues, empty poppers bottles and other litter in the proper receptacles. The area where the most action occurs is between the East Drive and Central Park West, right below the 81st Street/79th Street transverse. That's a lot of territory, so go in the daytime and familiarize yourself with the pathways and areas in The Ramble. Play safe, stay alert, and leave your valuables behind.


Posted Jun 14 2006:
Cops patrolling the most isolated areas specifically to arrest, cite, or at least intimidate gay men. They are in areas that no one could access accidentally and the police presence is not random or casual. Like all other formerly gay areas, seems this one is now going to be 'cleaned up' and reserved for heterosexuals and their baby strollers.


Posted May 31 2006:
Heads Up!
On Thursday the 25th there were at least four plain clothes cops running into the bushes with flashlights and arresting people about an hour after dark.


Posted Dec 14 2005:
Heads Up!
A few weeks ago I was sitting in the park and I saw three undercover cops arresting two men for having sex in the park in broad day light. While the cops were escorting the men to the wagon, the two men had their pants down. Just to let you know that if you are going to cruise in the rambles, don't let your guard down.


Posted Sep 26 2005:
The Rambles is like a free night at an iffy club. It's hit-or-miss. You can strike gold. This past weekend I met three fellow Caribbean guys who were attractive, clean, and two were packing! The first guy I blew on the peninsula. He fed me his hard, smooth, uncut dick and he slammed it down my throat. My lips fucked his dick until he came. I was so proud. Then I had a threesome in a dark open area near the lake. This cute young guy blew me and another guy as we kissed. I finished one guy with my mouth. Afterward, he told the young guy to taste my cum and he sucked me until he did! We blew and fingered the young guy. We exchanged numbers. Conversations made action more intimate. Go with a positive mind (I wear my dick down my leg to attract prospects). Don't mind the trolls who follow you. They serve to remind us of how pathetic our sex lives really are.


Posted Aug 14 2005:
It sometimes smells like ass here.


Posted Jul 30 2005:
This place certainly has its history. I started going there two years ago when I turned twenty-one years old, and there is always something for everyone. I recently went there last week, and I hooked up with two young Mexican guys and they each took turns fucking me. They both did me bareback. I kept blowing one and then switching and doing the other. I felt like their toy. You do have a lot of people passing by who stop or keep going. Of course, the usual trolls who try to cop feels, but usually if you tell them to get lost they mostly leave. Funny enough, one of the guys got a call from his girlfriend while he was fucking me. I knew because he told the other in Spanish who was calling while he was doing me. Although, I don't see the cops all that much, I do think you should use common sense at all times and be alert. It is a public place. If you are looking for action, this is almost a sure bet every time.


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Posted Jul 02 2005:
Nothing really changes here, thankfully. Here's the essence of what you REALLY need to know. The rambles attracts all types, all with their own set of expectations, habits, and appetites. Everything from ultra-hot foreign visitors running around in g-strings to horrible trolls. There are also young South Americans looking to give or get head and there are uptight 'pillars of the community' type who want to get on their knees and service as many cocks as possible. Most of the guys are average and it is pretty dark. Most of the action is fleeting. If you meet somebody interesting you might want to carry on in the bushes or behind some rock. There's group action and threeways. The action can erupt without warning and break up just as fast. There are guys who recklesslyput on a show for all to see, and there are furtive sex-hounds who are
secretive and discreet. Some nights it's dead, others it's super-busy. The action starts after sundown, and the park starts emptying out by midnight. When it's cloudy, the rambles aren't too dark. When the sky is cloudless, it can be very, very dark unless the moon is out. When the police presence is light for too long, the muggers and scavengers become emboldened and start 'cruising' for victims, then someone gets robbed or mugged or worse. These parasites seem to come out in numbers, as if there was a word-of-mouth grapevine that it's open season on queers. When a rash of muggings and complaints occurs, the police increase their presence and more guys get caught with, er, their pants down. You do not want to get arrested or ticketed for anything illegal in the park!
I've been cruising here for fifteen years and have seen plenty of arrests. I've had many close calls myself. Be aware of your surroundings. Lleave your credit cards, weapons, drugs and valuables at home. Carry good ID, bring a flashlight, your cell phone, DEET style insect spray for the mosquitoes, minimal keys and some cash. If someone points a gun or knife at you, act appropriately to this situation. Use common sense, and don't assume that cute yuppy couples or muscular thugs aren't actually undercover cops with a quota to make during a periodic crackdown. Be sure and be out of the park by 1:00 am sharp or you risk an ID check and summons/ticket for violating the curfew. Do not carry open containers of alcoholic anything. Please don't leave condoms and trash all over the place, bring your trash out of the bushes and dispose of it properly. And by all means, if you or someone needs help, call 911 or blow a whistle. Memorize your landmarks and don't stray too far from where the cruising is. You could wind up in some really desolate areas closer to the west side but actually very isolated and risky. The cruising is widely spread out, but bounded by the Boathouse/lake area, Central Park West, the 79th Street transverse, and 5th Avenue. The action drops off to almost nil when the temperature starts dropping in the fall. Have fun, play safe, and stay safe.


Posted Jun 16 2005:
Heads Up!
Dozens of guys being arrested daily -- not just tickets but arrested.

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