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Scenic overlook

Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods Directions: Located near exit 19.
Submitted: Sep 14 2004 (Edited 08/06/10)
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2.86/5 based on 42 votes. The median rating is 3.
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Address: on I-80
City: Allamuchy
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code: 07840
Country: United States of America

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 40.9207,-74.8
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Posted Feb 29 2024:
Heads Up!
That white construction type van with blacked out windows sits at the I-80 west picnic area every day! Every afternoon. It has to be a cop or have a camera inside. Whatever it is, it is not good.

Edited on 03/03/24


Posted Nov 09 2023:
Heads Up!
Cops continue to bust guys along the I-80 rest/scenic areas. The afternoons at the last one heading west a white van sits there looking shady every afternoon. Either cops or a serial killer.

Edited on 11/09/23
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Posted Jun 25 2023:
This is too bad. These two rest areas used to be one of the hottest places to hook up. I've had many trucker cocks down my throat and in my ass. Once I had a tag team over the picnic table. Haven't been back since they've installed cameras.

Wish I knew of other cruisy rest areas or truck stops in NJ/PA. Love trucker cock.

Edited on 06/25/23


Posted Aug 02 2022:
Heads Up!
The cops are all over here. Cameras in the woods and entrapment operations. They continue to bust guys. They seem determined to end cruising at the scenic overviews East and West. The police seem to know all of the tricks gays use to hookup. There are safer spots in PA or NJ.

Edited on 08/03/22


Posted Jul 10 2022:
Heads Up!
Ongoing police entrapment and many arrests since early spring including use of undercover "bait." Legally you are not allowed in the woods, and if your car is empty the cops will have it towed. None of these scenic overlooks are safe right now.

Edited on 07/11/22


Posted Mar 08 2022:
Heads Up!
Eastbound looked like a sting going down with bait on lower level, state trooper on upper level. Be careful here. Too many guys act creepy and obvious here.

Edited on 03/09/22

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Joined: Jun 27, 2018

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Posted Oct 07 2018:
Westbound side, I got sucked off real quick and left. Perfect.

Edited on 10/08/18


Posted Mar 16 2018:
I was here on Tuesday and watched a couple of guys play in the parking lot. It was nasty but hot so I stayed and watched.

There was this old guy in a black car parked near a grey one. The guy in they grey one was in his 50s. The first guy asked the other guy what he liked. They were not shy to talk out loud.

The second guy said he liked to eat dirty ass. The first stuck a finger in his ass and the other guy sucked the shit off his finger. Then the second guy stuck his finger up his own ass and pulled out some shit and he licked finger clean.

This obviously turned the other guy on and he asked the second guy to shit and eat it. I can’t believe it, but the guy shit on the ground and ate it.

There were three guys watching. I took video. This overlook is hot. I will be back.

Edited on 03/19/18


Posted Sep 26 2017:
Heads Up!
Stopped here to change music on my iPhone. When I was making the loop to leave I noticed — couldn't miss — a security firm with about five workers carrying cameras into the woods. I would suspect an operation is about to begin.

Edited on 10/02/17


Posted Aug 15 2016:
The rest area on I-80 East can be hot, but it's hit or miss. I'm here right now and there's two truckers fucking on the side of their truck. Sometimes the older trolls can ruin a hookup, but many truckers need to unload. Just don't be too obvious or they may call the cops.

I've sucked more cock here than I can list, also been fucked. Once I had two guys fucking me over the picnic table when the lights were out. Fucking hot!

There is a hot trucker who pulls in on Wednesdays and Sundays around 1:15 am who loves to suck cock and is amazing. He usually gets out of his truck and walks around. Definitely worth a stop. Night is best. The picnic area right before this, less than a half mile west, is good during the day.

I'm guessing this is really for the Truckers rest area a little bit east on I-80.

I don't know why that page was originally set up only for the westbound side. I'm changing it to include both sides and cross-posting your Review there. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/22/16


Posted Aug 05 2013:
There is also a picnic area right after the overlook on I-80 eastbound. Used to be great, lots of truckers looking for head and more. Throughout the years, I've been fucked multiple times over the picnic benches, sucked cock, had three ways. But lately it seems to be full of aggressive unattractive cocksuckers who are ruining it for everyone. It can still get hot but is often interrupted by the trolls. I would still recommend it and hope that you get a hot trucker who needs to unload. Some suck dick as well. Keep your eyes open because the cops do drive through every now and then.

Edited on 08/13/13


Posted Aug 01 2012:
Good place but watch out for the cops, they come when least expected. Mix of ages and races. I got to suck an uncut Latin guy's 9" manhood in the woods and take it in my ass. Best times are hours during the day and early evenings. Had an Indian guy about 30 who fucked my mouth with dark meat in the evening.

Edited on 08/06/12


Posted Jul 01 2011:
Total waste of time these days. No action whatsoever.

Edited on 07/04/11


Posted Sep 29 2009:
Heads Up!
Wooded areas are now posted for 'No Trespassing'. Troopers drive through regularly and go into the woods if there cars with too few people in the open. If they do not catch you in the act, they issue a summons for trespassing.


Posted Sep 23 2008:
This used to be a terrific spot, day and night, but now it is a waste of time unless you are looking for an old dude and have a place to take him. It's clearly posted as 'no trespassing' and frequently has drive-thru troopers. Oh well, I remember when.


Posted Aug 30 2007:
Heads Up!
Caution! Police are active
again at this overlook area. If you're not sure of the person trying to make contact then leave the area. Police were there today, August 30th.


Posted Jun 10 2007:
Plenty of fishermen, but no dick or cruising.


Posted Apr 09 2007:
This place used to be great! My first time there, in about two hours of the early afternoon on a weekday, I casually followed four different guys up the trail into the woods. When we got up in there I just gave them 'the look' and they took their cocks right out. I got on my knees and sucked each one to completion, including a very well-hung, uncut, Hispanic guy! Another time, I was blowing a guy just off the trail when another guy happened along. He got his cock out and joined us! They made out and touched each other while I moved my mouth back and forth between them until I had sucked them both off. That was great! I never left that place without the taste of cum in my mouth! But...on my last visit I met a guy in the woods, older and real coy. Wouldn't do or say anything but touch his crotch. I got suspicious right away when I gave him the look and he wouldn't take it out. I casually left. I'm sure that was an undercover cop. I never went back and I don't think you should either. Be warned!


Posted Apr 06 2007:
Eastbound and westbound have great scenic overlooks -- awesome view. There's also rest stops on the east and westbound sides to meet after dusk. But be really discreet for known reasons.


Posted Nov 10 2006:
Be careful, guys. This place is closely monitored by the state police and there are now 'no trespassing' signs on the trails.


Posted Nov 29 2005:
I went to check this out while returning from a day trip. I didn't really know at the time that it was cruisy until I saw the few guys walk around and up into the woods. The trail is a little tricky at this time of year, but worth it if you find the right guy. Saw a straight guy who didn't want to be touched, but liked seeing others in action. He blew a huge load on a rock that amazed me!


Posted May 12 2005:
This place is so cruisy. I saw two guys having sex in the woods on top of the hill. I never knew New Jersey could be so much fun. The guys were all straight looking, which is a big plus. I did see a police car drive through though, but he didn't come and check. When I returned the next day, I sucked off a hot guy.


Posted May 03 2005:
Heads Up!
The police are ticketing people caught cruising here.


Posted May 03 2005:
Heads Up!
There have been hidden cameras installed at all of these rest areas. The police monitor them, and come in to harass anyone who is seen there.


Posted Nov 12 2004:
This place is being heavily watched and patrolled by State Troopers. They have now taken to entering from the other side so they can see the top of the hill. Be careful guys, very careful. With our re-elected president, they feel empowered to continue harassing us.

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