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Hollywood Erotic Boutique

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 6 am - 5 am daily Directions: Take Lake City Way to Lake City. The theater is near QFC and Value Village, south of Fred Meyer, same side of the street.
Submitted: Sep 16 2004 (Edited 02/19/22)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.74/5 based on 57 votes. The median rating is 5.
Read & Write Reviews: 67 Reviews

Address: 12706 Lake City Way N.E.
City: Seattle
State: Washington
ZIP/Postal Code: 98125
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 206-363-0056

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 47.7213,-122.294
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 26, 2024

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jun 26 2024:
Heads Up!
In the last few months I have gone there on different days of the week and at different times to see if I have the luck that some who have written posts here had. But nothing at all. Whether on weekdays or weekends, three or four creepy creepers.

Last Friday, early evening, I went there, once again. It was almost 7 pm. Empty place, except for three 5-star creepers in the movie theaters. It was about 8:50 pm and nobody else had appeared. I went to Chipotle, across the street, to eat and allow time to see if someone else appeared. One burrito later, just as I was leaving Chipotle, I saw from a distance four men walking across the Ace and Grocery Outlet parking lot towards Lake City Way; they crossed the street towards Hollywood Boutique. They were apparently young, although I couldn't tell for sure because of the distance and because two were wearing hoodies. They were evidently walking together and it struck me that they were walking fast. Then I thought about hurrying too, but I had just swallowed a burrito, and I thought that four people together in a place like that, could only go to buy some of the merchandise sold in the store. Not more.

Fortunately I didn't hurry to go. In a few seconds, two police cars passed in front of me, coming from the north. At the same time, on Lake City Way, from the south, a third car, and a fourth one appeared later on 127th Street. All four cars stopped in front of the Hollywood Boutique and raided the place. I stood motionless in front of Chipotle's windows. The height above the street allows good visibility, although there wasn't much I could see beyond red and blue lights, and stopped traffic on Lake City Way. If anything was going on it was inside.

Soon, I was part of a small crowd trying to guess what happened. After a while, several people were pulled out. In between the police cars, I saw more than four. It looked to me like five or six men were taken away in handcuffs. After the entire show passed, I went to my car, parked a block and a half away, and left.

I can't say what happened in the short time I was eating inside Chipotle. On my way home, I drove by and the store seemed to be closed.

Later in the weekend I told the story to a good friend of mine who lives very close to the place. He told me that lately the police have made several raids there. Apparently for drug dealing issues or something like that. When I told him that I had been there several times in the last few months and hadn't seen anything, he told me that I had been lucky. He recommended to refrain from visiting there, at least for now.

Just in case, I do not go back for now. Better be careful. It isn't worth the risk.

Edited on 06/27/24
Patient guy


Posted Apr 15 2024:
Sunday night 10 pm only four or five guys. What do you expect. But a couple hours later a hot young guy showed up and he was worth waiting for. Nice face, beautiful body, and big cock. And into older guys. Great oral talents, too. Hard to believe. Very hard.

Edited on 04/19/24


Posted Jan 08 2024:
Stopped by Friday night around 10 pm. Decent crowd. I was there about ninety minutes and was able to suck seven cocks, took four loads down my throat and two up my ass. I then ending up shooting my load into a hot ass. Hot fucking night. Definitely recommend this place if you want to be a cum slut like I am.

Edited on 01/10/24
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 23 2022:
Had a great time here last night. I arrived about 10:30 pm and as I was entering I made eye contact with a very hot guy about 30 that was leaving. I went back to the gay room and this guy immediately came in after me. He grabbed me and we started making out like crazy, shoving our tongues down each other's throats. We were both hitting on poppers and started sucking each other fingers, nipples etc.

I dropped to my knees, undid his shorts and took his hot cock down my throat. I sucked him for a few minutes then we both got totally naked and got down on the floor in a hot sixty-nine with a few other guys watching us. We kept hitting on poppers and sucking each other until he whispered in my ear that he really wanted to fuck me. I got up on my hands and knees, took a deep hit and he shoved his cock into my ass. It felt so great!

As he was fucking my ass, he told the guys that were watching us that they should be fucking my mouth. One by one three of the five guys watching took turns fucking my face. Two of the guys shot their loads down my throat before the hot guy fucking me shot his load up my hole. He pulled out and told me to fuck his mouth till I shoot. It didn't take me long to fill his mouth with my load.

We left together and went to his place where we spent the rest of the night making out, sucking and fucking. We are going to get together again tomorrow night and plan on going back to Hollywood to see what kind of fun we can have.

Edited on 09/24/22


Posted Mar 01 2022:
Hot three-way late Saturday night. Had to wait a while but worth it.

Edited on 03/01/22


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 18 2022:
Been here many times, it is the best I've found. I almost always have a good time. My particular turn on is well tolerated. I'm a masculine man but like to wear panties, stockings and bra when I play with men. Sometimes I wear women's leggings. Some guys will smirk at me, not interested, but other men it really turns on.

I decline the men that want at my dick. I'm not there for that, I play with men that are into my sexy smooth ass and will ignore my little clit and leave it in my panties. Oh, sometimes they give it a hard squeeze and chuckle but otherwise leave it alone. They enjoy groping, spanking, fingering and fucking my hole.

I like it slow and steady in the corner of the big back room but sometimes the guy wants others to see what he is doing to me and blatantly pounds me out in the open where everybody can see.

Never had trouble with anyone except one big dicked regular that slipped the condom off and shot his big load up in me. Turned me on and pissed me off at the same time. I gave him a hard push and even though he could beat my ass, he left. I pulled up my panties and pantyhose, I was very wet, felt that cum on and in my ass for hours. I must have jerked my little dick off five times I was so turned on.

Next time I saw him I was instantly hard but he won't play with a condom so I decline. Those are couple of great experiences over the years.

Edited on 02/19/22


Posted Aug 13 2021:
Always some action Saturday night. They painted and cleaned up the place during pandemic.

Edited on 08/14/21
Young buck


Posted Aug 04 2021:
First time visiting today and it was well worth it. I stopped by this afternoon and was worried I'd miss the lunchtime rush, but nope! Had four cocks in my hand and one in my mouth between 2 and 4 pm. One guy in his 20-30s, and five or so others throughout the time there in their 50-60s.

I'm in my 20s and plan to return to suck more cock ASAP. Appreciated the gentleman who put on a rubber before I blew him. I plan to bring several for next time. ;)

Edited on 08/05/21


Posted Jul 13 2019:
Went there Thursday July 11 in the afternoon. $10/day discounts days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. There were nine or ten guys downstairs in the four different rooms theater style with pretty uncomfortable folding chairs. Seven or eight guys were overweight and older than 65.

Saw one slim guy, mid-30's, in basketball shorts and a t-shirt. After awhile he was being jacked by a fat Hispanic guy. I made my move, stood in front of them, and pulled out my white 8" cut cock and started to jack it.

The Hispanic guy and BBall shorts guy wanted to suck my cock. Got naked as I pinched his nipples hard he gave me best blowjob of the year.

Edited on 07/16/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 15, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Oct 15 2017:
I had not been to Hollywood Boutique or the Seattle area in over six years, went back a month ago to check if still there, and yep!

The clerk was very nice, took my $12 for the theater and pointed me in the right direction. I went downstairs.

I was pleasantly surprised in the first theater to see one guy with pants all the way down to his ankles, looking for action. I went back to check other theaters, two guys in back of the straight theater with pants down to their ankles as well. Wow!

There were only four guys there total however including me!

I checked all rooms, and some porn for a while, then decided to try some action.

One of the guys had moved to the gay theater, pants still down to ankles, I got on my knees and sucked him immediately! Nice cock! But after a short time I chickened out I guess and left that room. Nobody else arrived. This was on a Thursday evening about 9:30 pm.

I guess I had arrived not knowing what to do, not having a plan. Next time, soon, when I go to Hollywood here are my priorities:

#1 Suck penis, hopefully get some cum.
#2 Watch other guys jack off or have sex.
#3 Enjoy the porn.

Hollywood same as before, nobody bothers you at all downstairs in the theater, no check ups.

I plan to follow my priorities in that order!


Edited on 10/20/17


Posted Mar 23 2016:
I made a bee-line to this place after getting into town, interest piqued by the earlier reviews. First, parking is officially horrible — very few spots in the back, so I ended up parking on the street — but felt comfortable with the brief walk to the store. Second, the staff were friendly and rang me up without breaking their conversation. It's usually $12, but apparently they occasionally have a $10 special. They did stop briefly to indicate how to navigate down to the basement where the action is, which is the most important part of these reviews of course.

So how was it? I went on a Tuesday around 10:30 pm, and surprisingly the place had a decent crowd, maybe ten men, including a tipsy tranny who sashayed in) The porn was good, with the gay theatre in the very back surprisingly empty, maybe because the film was somewhat old — or was it just not bareback, or just a little boring? The room one first walks into was playing a good straight flick. Off to the left, there was a nice trans movie playing, and hooking around the corner, a spacious room playing a straight selection with the pants of several patrons down to mid-thigh, visibly beating their meat.

I played around a bit, getting sucked by a troll and a twink. I played with the tranny but she seemed too drunk to give her hole up. I sucked off a silver daddy but really was craving anal in any form.

No one seemed interested in topping, so I zeroed in on a quiet-but-clearly-tweaking junkie on the swing. Neither shy nor with his consent, I proceeded to lube his ass with a few minutes of oral ministration, assessing my work with a quick, sloppy fingering. Armed with the requisite slickness, I got on my knees and guided my cock into his ass, nice, warm and surprisingly tight.

Despite "no smoking" signs to the contrary, he torched up when I got close to breeding him, and his new high sent me over that blissful edge. My brazen hole-rape apparently prompted some of the other guys into active oral work. As I withdrew, I was happy to see my load languidly drip from the junkie's ass. He seemed happy.

That made my night. The only thing I like to top more than a man's ass is when I unload into someone's girlfriend's raw pussy. As I left I quickly washed up in the sink upstairs, in that weird supply hallway leading to the theatre. Towels were lacking, but there was a functioning hand dryer.

Overall I'd echo an earlier review that this was more fun than the video store in Everett — the vibe is so much better with the smaller sub-theatres. If you're on the north side, I think this is a suitably fun place to spend a few hours in the company of like-minded gents.

Edited on 03/31/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 23, 2015

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 23 2015:
I was just in town on business and went to Hollywood Boutique about 8 pm. I've been there before. It wasn't very busy, maybe a half dozen men.

I sat down in the straight theatre and a guy came and stood in front of me. He had on sheer biking shorts and you could see his red panties underneath. You could also see a red bra under his T-shirt. He kept turning his ass toward me so that I could get a good look.

Something about him made my cock as hard as a rock. So I moved into the gay theater and sat down. He followed me in and stood in front of me again. I pulled down his bike shorts and ate his ass through his red panties. I reached around and was surprised by the size of his cock which was wet with pre-cum.

After awhile I couldn't take it any more and I stood up and shoved my cock inside his sweet asshole. I fucked him slow and steady. not wanting to cum too soon. Eventually I blew my load inside him.

I love this place and visit every time I'm in town.

Edited on 07/30/15
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 08, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 28


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 31 2014:
This place is hit or miss. It's probably more often a hit, but when it's a miss, it's REALLY a miss. On bad days there is absolutely nothing going on and it tends to stay that way. On good days there might be a lot of guys around.

The staff are cool and stay upstairs. It's a pretty public place to play, although the room in the back (showing gay movies usually) is pretty quiet and semi-private. Nobody cares if you're nude or fucking here. Everyone is there for the same reason.

Edited on 01/06/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 22, 2006

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 23 2014:
Got off quickly tonight. Can't wait to go back.

Edited on 12/29/14
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 25, 2003

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 37


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 01 2014:
When this place is humming it's fun, but you take your chances. It's a gross place with awful parking but it hits the spot when the urge arises.

Edited on 01/08/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 21, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 07 2013:
Got kind of addicted to this place for a few weeks. I was going all the time and trying to find the best time to go etc.

The place is nasty but as someone in an earlier post mentioned aptly, hey it's a porno place what do you expect?

The first few times I went it was great. The crowd during the weekdays is never too big but it only really takes one guy to make it worth it.

Weekend nights seem to bring out more people but for whatever reason I've had more fun during the day on a week day. Lots of wedding rings which is super hot.

Edited on 07/15/13


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 28 2013:
I've been here several times over the last few months. It does seem to be a pleasant carnival of sleaze with all types of guys. Mostly older, average and of course your trolls. Occasionally some super hot guys are here. I saw one major stud in army fatigues get sucked off by six or seven guys. One was a cute Asian boy and the rest were fat, balding trolls. I don't say that to offend, I am just describing what I saw. I have sucked off several trolls with hot cocks, so I'm not disrespecting ugly guys. At 42, I probably fall in the very attractive to average category. These days, I'll suck off almost anyone since Seattle seems to be a very bottomish cum hungry town.

Anyway, it can be fun here. However, if you are a cum hungry oral sub it is hit or miss. I ate only five loads in like five months since I have been going there. Some guys will let you suck their cock but are not looking to cum. If you are looking for a cum hungry cocksucker and you have big load to drop, you can have your pick of the litter. They do all seem to be looking for big cocks to suck off. I'm sort of lucky in that I will suck off any size cock as long as they're hard and looking to shoot in a hungry throat. I'd recommend this place anyway. You never know if you will be picked to drain off the next hard cock that comes in.

Edited on 04/02/13
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 13, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Feb 13 2013:
The only way you won't get off here is if no one else is there! Actually no, the porn is good enough so you'll cum anyway but just wait they'll come in hot and hard.


Posted Feb 02 2013:
The theatre is in the basement. You wouldn't know it by just hanging around the store. You pay $12 to the cashier who gives you a ticket good for 12 hours of in/out. You go all the way to the back to what looks like storage and bathroom, then take a left and out the door. Go downstairs and in through the basement door.

Dim light, there are four rooms with porn playing in each. One is sort of the all gay porn and has the most action at times. The rest are hetero porn and you may or may not hook up. It really depends as every one is checking each other like they are cops or something. Fearful to whip out their dicks and jack off, most just play pocket pool. Occasionally someone may sit next to you and give you the look of "It's ok, let's do this."

I have witnessed an orgy in the main room once. Must of been 10 dudes going at it with each other. That was awesome!

Edited on 02/08/13
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 25, 2003

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 37


Posted Oct 30 2012:
This should be much better than it is but it has the potential to be sleazy fun. Four connecting rooms with chairs playing a range of porno. I have enjoyed some really intense scenes there doing what I love to do, sucking. Guys have blown their loads for me and there is always someone willing to suck you off if you're ready.

Edited on 11/07/12


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 01 2012:
I decided to finally check this place out Thanksgiving eve night around midnight. About 12 people were there, and most were average looking older guys from 35 to 55. There were a few people in each of the 4 rooms. One weird guy sat a chair, just looking me, so I changed rooms a few time with him following and finally he got the hint.

After 30 minutes or so I was getting ready to leave when a young guy comes in and makes his way next to my seat. He is around my age so I feel a little more comfortable. We made eye contact and then started watching the lousy porn while I rubbed my bulge. He then rubbed my legs and I told him to chill. I started getting pretty horny seeing him rub his bulge so I whipped out my dick to show him. I asked to see his and he whipped out his big thick dick.

After awhile of show and tell, he asked to suck my dick, but by now we have a small circle of onlookers and I am the shy type. I asked him if we could do it in my car. He quickly agrees, and once there I light a joint and he takes my cock out and buries his face to the hilt! He only came up for air and to hit the joint. He gagged and choked on my dick multiple times. He moved down to my balls and started slurping up the excess spit on my cock and balls. Eventually, and without taking my dick out of his mouth, he says he wants to swallow my load. I took that as my cue so I grab the back of his head and thrust until I shoot a huge wad down his throat. This was one of the hottest blowjobs ever. I'll go back when I get really horny again.

Edited on 01/02/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 01, 2011

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Posted Dec 18 2011:
This place is gross. First you pay $12 and then you walk through a stockroom and walk outside, down a set of stairs. Than you walk into a basement that looks like a hobo camp with television's in four different rooms. The night I stopped was a Saturday and there were maybe 12 guys plus one gal trying to sell herself. She made it clear she charged for her services. She was nasty and even the guys were not clean looking. Not a place I would return too. Not that hard up!

Edited on 01/02/12


Posted Jul 01 2011:
A mixed crowd and you have to be willing to spend a little time. Some of the patrons can be a little pushy, but a firm no usually does the trick. Plenty of places to mix it up, but expect an audience. Late night can be great and it seems always a hot hung stud needs some attention.

Edited on 07/04/11


3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 12 2011:
I went here Saturday morning at 10 am, the first time I have been to any place like this. I was nervous and scared but found the basement. There were I think 4 people total there, and I went to the darkest of the rooms as the front 3 let in light from outside. The smaller gay room in back was kind of dark enough so I figured nobody would see me. I was shy and didn't know what to do, but saw a guy with his hands in his crotch. He left and I watched the movie.

A couple minutes later a guy walked in, sat down one seat over from me. Then I saw his cock was out and it was so big I could not help but look at it. I tried to be discrete but I guess he saw because he moved next to me and started rubbing my back. I just kind of froze but he kept putting pressure on my back to bend me over so my mouth would move near his crotch. I decided to try jacking him off instead. I was jacking him, but he kept pushing my head until my mouth was close to his cock. As if that wasn't enough, he then started rubbing his hand under my shorts in back over my briefs. Then he pushed my mouth onto his cock and kept going at the back of my shorts, pulling them down. Eventually I had the head on my lips then in my mouth and was sucking him.

Eventually someone else must have walked in because what had been one hand on my head and one on my ass turned into two on my ass, pulling down my shorts and one on my head. Then my underwear was pulled down and the guy behind me kind of fucked me, pulled me back on him for a second until I jumped off while the other guy was holding my head down. The guy with the big cock said he wanted to fuck me so he pushed me over the chair and tried to fuck me with my head hitting up against the wall. I asked him to stop and then I resumed sucking first one and then both of them until they both shot loads and left.

A part of me found this totally humiliating, but if you are into aggressive guys who know how to get you over your shyness you will hook up here.

Edited on 06/18/11

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2011

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 20 2011:
Sucked my first black cock here, and it was awesome sucking something that big while others were looking.

Edited on 05/24/11


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 21 2011:
I visited for the first time in February at about 11 pm, just in town on business and wanted some action. There were probably about a dozen guys altogether, not a bad mix of older and younger. After keeping my distance and trying not to make eye contact for a half an hour or so, I finally pulled out my cock and started stroking it. I was in the back corner of the transgender theatre and pretty quickly had two silver haired foxes surrounding me. I made out pretty heavy with both of them and they forced me to my knees and took turns fucking my mouth. The more passive of the two shot his load in my mouth and all over my face before he zipped up and left. The more forceful one led me into the gay theatre, stripped me completely naked (which had me a little uncomfortable), put me over his knee and spanked my ass hard. He then positioned me over one of the chairs, spread my ass, and ate me while a small group of guys watched and stroked themselves. Then he dropped his pants to his ankles, sat back down, stood me up, and lowered me onto his hard cock. I was so over-the-top aroused, I didn't even think about his lack of condom. It didn't take him more than 5 minutes or so, while gently biting my back and slapping my ass, for him to shoot his load deep inside me. He spun me around and must've seen the look on my face because he said, "Don't worry boy, I'm clean" and then he slipped his finger back in my dripping wet hole while he sucked me to completion. I only lasted 30 seconds at that point and filled his mouth with a lot of cum. He zipped up and left and I sat there naked and still in a bit of erotic shock. Before I had a chance to get dressed, two other guys more or less fucked my mouth and jerked off on my chin and chest. I was dripping cum and smelled like a cum pig by the time I got back to my hotel.

Edited on 03/27/11


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 09 2011:
Subject: Worth a try
I went here a couple of weeks ago, twice within three days. The second visit was OK but not thrilling, with one guy whom I really had to work to get him to blow his load, and everyone else milling around without engaging. The first visit will keep me coming back from time to time. I found a young guy who whipped out one of the biggest cocks I've seen: long and thick, and hard as a rock. A stroked and sucked and before long, he came rewardingly. That's one that I'll dream about for a long time to come. So, a bit hit or miss, but worth the roll of the dice.

Edited on 02/13/11


Posted Jan 15 2011:
This place is great. I was there on a Tuesday afternoon and swallowed 4 very hot loads of cum. The guys were all young and hot. I made out with a couple of them and ate some hot ass, but swallowing those four hot loads was the best!

Edited on 01/22/11


Posted Oct 25 2010:
Not sure what this last post was referring to. I was there twice in the past week and all four rooms were open and action was as abundant as ever. As for the price, it has been $12 for as long as I can remember.

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 18, 2009

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Posted Oct 13 2010:
Two of the rooms are now closed. Not much happening as a result and the price has gone up to $12.

Edited on 10/19/10


Posted Jun 25 2010:
Interesting space. Go through the store to the back, take a left, go through a door and then down a stair that is open to the air. At the landing, enter through the door into a basement space. The main theatre is where individuals enter, and off to the left is a small room leading into a much larger room where most of the straight action takes place. Proceeed straight ahead through the main area and then to the left to get to the gay room. The space has cinder block walls, concrete floors, and white plastic garden chairs. It's definitely a seedy space, but I can see how that would be hot. There were about 15 to 20 guys there. Two were OK and I played with one. I can also see how there could be good action there.

Edited on 07/04/10
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 09, 2010

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Total Reviews: 19


Posted Jun 09 2010:
I've been to Hollywood a dozen or so times and have yet to leave disappointed. This last weekend was no exception. I was in Seattle for work and went down Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. By far Friday night was the most productive night of all. I sucked seven guys, let four cum in my mouth, then got sucked off by three in just under three hours and let one fuck me in return for an amazing rimjob. I did get really lucky and wound up meeting a friend from down in Olympia that I've been doing for about a year now and we put on a show in the gay theatre, barebacking each other for the rest of the guys to beat off to. He came back to my hotel room for the night.

Edited on 06/15/10
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2009

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Total Reviews: 73


Posted Jun 01 2010:
Nice place to stop in if you're already in the area, or take the express bus from downtown. Enter from the main entrance but after you pay for the theatre, you'll walk to the back and outside down the steps. The crowd is not so diverse. You have in and out privileges, even out of the main entrance to smoke. But be careful when speaking of the pipes sold in the store that you don't get asked to leave.

Edited on 06/06/10


Posted Apr 30 2010:
Hot place. Twice in the past week I have gone late night and both times got into some hot oral action with some very hot, built men. Got into some heavy making out and ass eating on Tuesday night before swallowing his hot load, and then Thursday night sucked the biggest hardest cock I have seen in a long time. He shot a very tasty load down my throat.

Edited on 05/02/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 10, 2009

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Mar 01 2010:
I read the good reviews here and checked it out for myself. An outstanding place for action. All types including some creeps and older gents, and a couple of very pushy watchers, but even with them, I am definitely going back again. It was the first time I got my cock sucked by 2 guys at the same time. Then I had a hot black dude blow me with another hung dude at the same time. Staff are friendly and they leave you alone.

Edited on 03/01/10


Posted Feb 01 2010:
I went there yesterday about noon and there were about 12 people cruising the theatre. As soon as I sat down a buff black guy sat beside me and gave me an awesome blowjob while an older Mexican daddy watched. It was hot. I will definately go back.

Edited on 02/02/10


Posted Sep 29 2009:
If you like seedy sex in public with a bunch of hot guys, then this is the place! But you have to time it right. Lunch time, you get the blue collar guys in for a quick blow. The other is at night after 11 or 12 am. For the most part if you come in at the right time you can always get some good action. As for the ones who comment about the place looking dirty and run down, what the hell are you expecting? It is a XXX theatre!


Posted Sep 24 2009:
Fantastic place. I am into couples and I often find them there. Today I arrived at 11 and by midnight I was eating the pussy of a very cute 25 year old blond. God was it good. As I was eating her some guy was sucking her black boyfriend. I highly recommend this spot. There is something for everyone.


Posted Jul 11 2009:
Took part in a total orgy in the gay porn room. Probably 8 or 10 guys including a black guy with the biggest dick I'd seen in a long time. I had my cock up asses one after the other. If you like orgies this place rocks!


Posted May 29 2009:
For about a year I've looked at the posting for this place. I drove two hours to find it, paid my ten bucks and walked to the back of the store then down into the basement. It's very dark at first, the atmosphere is very cheap and sleazy. There were about seven guys just standing or sitting around. Yes, there are four rooms. The main one right off the door which features straight sex, the first passage to the right leads to two other rooms, the first of which shows shemale porn, the next room beyond, straight. All of the rooms have plastic chairs of some form except for the room with gay porn. This room is past the room with shemale porn. It is the darkest of all the rooms and is lined with upholstered chairs.

I walked all of the rooms then finally sat down in the gay one. A scene was just ending and the five guys in the room were all openly jerking so I dropped to my knees and started on the guy to my left, then invited others over to my mouth. I sucked two beautiful cocks and went home with one of the best cocksuckers I've ever encountered. His wife was also a nice little cocksucker!


Posted May 25 2009:
Worth the trip. Four large rooms in the basement showing straight, bi, and gay porn. $10 entry fee.


Posted Jan 21 2009:
Last Saturday morning I dropped in and within just a few minutes hooked up with a hot Latin guy with a nice dick. I sucked him off, he zipped up and watched the video for a few more minutes while still rubbing himself. He let me suck him again and came twice! The bathroom is a health hazard but you can get and see some wild sex there.


Posted Aug 22 2008:
True, it's somewhat seedy but hey, when you're looking for anonymous sex and don't want to pay a lot what do you have the right to expect? No, I'm not management but I do kind of enjoy the place. I'm a bit of a voyeur and exhibitionist so I don't mind the lack of privacy and have actually had some pretty hot times there. Once a young, good-looking couple came in and he let guys suck him while he jacked his girlfriend. When he was sufficiently turned on he pushed her up against a wall and fucked her while a whole bunch of guys fingered her cunt as well. Very hot and a first for me. Another time a hot Latino with at least a ten-inch cock let a few of us tag team him (safely). He let me cum on his face, something I love to do. So don't rule it out. It's not the Ritz but for grungy man-sex it's pretty cool.


Posted Apr 06 2008:
One Friday afternoon I was in the gay section sucking this guy off and noticed an older troll watching intently. After I got done he says: 'I saw you sucking that guy. That was hot. Would you come to my hotel room and suck me?' I said, 'only if you reciprocate.' He proceeded to tell me didn't suck, he was mostly into watching. I told him he didn't know what he was missing. He kept following me around as I cruised the four rooms. Just as I was getting ready to cum and leave a tall tranny in a mini-skirt walked into the back theatre. I immediately sat down next and began fondling her. Soon she stood up and bent over so I could get to her ass. Once I got my cock in her ass I lifted up the front of her mini so my friend and another old troll could see this beautiful trannie's junk. His eyes widened like saucers when he saw that beautiful fat cock flop out. After I came and was zipping up, to my surprise, he came over and dropped to his knees. It made me feel good to have helped widen that old bastard's horizons!


Posted Feb 27 2008:
The problem with this place is that it's pretty much always the same. Most of the guys are either really old, or they look like junkies. The constant shifting from one of four main areas by the regular trolls gets tiring along with their lack of acknowledging when you're not interested in them. The few acceptable guys that go here don't stay long. Reading some of the other posts about this place, it sounds like the management is trying to boost sales and get people in the door (most likely due to the less than ideal location and very limited parking). It's either that or the other posters are going somewhere much nicer than this tiny little hole in the wall. Entrance to the theater is $10 -- far overpriced for what you're getting at this place.


Posted Jan 07 2008:
Hit-or-miss but today a hot guy in short-shorts and a hoodie asked me to fuck him. After making out a bit I put on the condom and did him. A little weird though -- as soon as word got out the room was full of onlookers. Not much privacy.


Posted Dec 24 2007:
It's dirty and there's not a lot of privacy. Weird entrance via stairs outside of the building. Strange place but I got a nice blowjob.


Posted Nov 12 2007:
They've remodeled and the place is not as seedy. There are four theaters showing a variety of porn. You can almost always can get off, sucking or being sucked and sometimes fucked. Today a couple showed up (their first time) and instantly they were surrounded by very horny guys. She was very hot, submissive, took on all of us. I left after cumming. She may have started fucking the guys. During that time we were trading dicks with each other. About the hottest time I've had.


Posted Sep 12 2007:
This place was gross. I went there on a trip to Seattle and it was the most disgusting place I've ever gone to with thoughts of having sex. It is three rooms in the basement with a few chairs scattered around. There is no privacy, it reeks, and there were about a dozen guys in there, none of whom I would have even thought of touching. My advice to everyone is skip this place. I've had sex in some pretty unsavory places, but this one was way over my limit.


Posted Sep 11 2007:
Disgusting. I went here at lunch in my suit. I didn't want to sit down because I had just dry cleaned it and the place was filthy. This place has never been cleaned from my estimation. Also, most of the guys were dirty, homeless, or high. Only one guy was worth feeling up but his dick was about three inches when hard. Sad. I am not sure how it would be on a Friday or Saturday night but lunchtime on a Monday is pathetic. Ended up at North Acres Park jacking off with a guy. Married, closeted, clean professionals need a lunchtime play space. Please, someone come up with something.


Posted Sep 09 2007:
These reviews must be plugs by management. This place is seriously nasty. A bunch of fold-out chairs in a basement with holes in the drywall, smells of poppers and is full of unattractive and/or elderly men. I'm a very horny guy and this is literally downstairs but I'd still rather jackoff.


Posted Aug 29 2007:
Basement theater is being remodeled but I went there tonight. Sometimes it's hit-or-miss but tonight was a hit. In the smaller room a hot older guy in nylon shorts came in and stared at me while stroking himself. Soon he walked over and pulled out his dick. Wow! At least eight inches, almost couldn't take it all. He was shaved smooth and well oiled all over. He laid down on the chairs and let me suck his dick. Then he got up and walked across the room to another guy and started sucking him. I followed and while he was sucking the guy I was jacking him and he let me finger fuck him too. The other guy got off and left. Then I rested a few minutes. Another big black guy came in and he went over to him, naked, and started humping his leg. I followed and while he was humping the black guy I was jacking him off. He stopped, reached for his shorts, pulled out a rubber and put it on me. He bent over to the black guy and started groping his dick and told me to fuck him. I did. Tried to hold it in for a bit but by then was ready to explode. This place is hot!


Posted Aug 12 2007:
This place gets five stars. The theater is downstairs. There is a straight and a gay theater. I get sucked off every time I go there. One time I barebacked a transvestite with great tits. If you live on the north side of Seattle, I highly recommend it. Oddly enough, most of the action is in the straight theater.


Posted Jun 24 2007:
This is an amazing place! When I got there on a recent Thursday evening it looked slow until I went to the backroom where a cute Asian guy started caressing my bare thigh (I was wearing shorts). He found what he was lookin' for and I found his, too. A little mutual playfulness then it was on to the big blowjob. Several guys dropped by to check us out. Then we decided to go to the room with multiple TVs. Saw a hot fuck going on and we decided to help them out with chest rubs, etc. Watched as they completed the job. Mr. Asian left and the fucker was still hungry. I've never had such a tongue massage with my cock deep in his throat! Don't miss this place. Not always this exciting but you never know. It's much better than Airport Video In Everett.


Posted Jun 01 2007:
This place is so hit-or-miss. Every once in a while there will be hot guys but mostly it's just trolly guys who are over forty and look like they're nine months pregnant. Some of them look mentally ill and some look like they're homeless. And of course there's always that one relentless guy who is all up in everyone's business and can't take a hint. And they all walk around so creepy like just waiting for a cock to come through the door to swallow. And when one does they commence on him like flies on shit, which usually creeps the guy out and he leaves. But! If you're patient and tolerant a hot straight guy will come in and let you blow him. Out of all the places I've been to I've never seen more straight and married guys getting blown. But some will just jackoff and let you watch. Just today I went and this hot fucking guy came in and as usual the trolls followed him around from room to room until he finally sat by me and pulled his huge beautiful cock out. I watched him and said 'nice cock'. He just rolled his eyes to me, nodded his head and gave a very sexy straight boy cocky smirk. Then I asked him if I could suck it. He smirked again but this time instead of a nod he shook his head. He sat there and stroked hot cock till he blew a load. I think with some more coaxing I could have had that dick in my mouth eventually. He definitely loved the attention and loved being watched. Fucking hot!


Posted May 25 2007:
Star sightings. Porn Star Dred Scott goes here to play. Also, I saw a totally ripped, steroid dream ex-Seahawk player getting worked on by three guys. This place is excellent.


Posted Jan 18 2007:
All kinds of action on a Saturday night. There were several jackers with pants all the way down. Three different rooms, one with several screens. I saw two threesomes and sucked a couple before some guy took me.


Posted Nov 11 2006:
Great spot! Great variety of guys -- some young with attitude, some old with troll tendencies -- but usually enough interesting and willing dicks and mouths to satisfy most needs. I was there three afternoons in a row and always managed to satisfy myself! Cordial, non-judgmental clerk. Reasonably clean, considering the kind of action going on! It's a voyeurs paradise -- when some guy is giving a spectacular blowjob there's a circle of other guys just watching, rubbing chests, etc. Hot!


Posted Oct 25 2006:
This place is hot! I was is in Seattle for three months and went there almost every day. I got beat off, sucked, eaten or sometimes fucked almost every time. Paradise for voyeurs and curious straight men. It's busier on weekends. If you like 'real' bi, gay or straight men shooting their nasty urges and watching porn then don't wait. Go there. Be prepared to bring cum rags. The restroom seldom offers tissue paper. Don't expect pig sex though. It's mostly jacking off, sucking or sometimes fucking. Highly recommended.


Posted Sep 06 2006:
Good action today, especially since it was a Thursday afternoon. I had fun with four guys, all different types: one a construction worker, one a young student type, one a straight guy with a huge hard cock and a very sweet married bear. I liked the atmosphere; getting to go downstairs to the basement level to watch porn was fun, like going over to your buddy's family room. It was my first time but most people I talked to said it was safe and there was not much hassle from the clerks. I especially liked the room with individual TV sets showing porn with moveable chairs. It resembled a kinky art installation.


Posted Jul 26 2006:
This place looks small on the outside from the street but the movie theaters are big and rock! The staff is very cool. Lots of sperm flying!


Posted Jun 10 2006:
This place is always busy. I have stopped by at all hours of the day and night and always hooked up. Anything goes. I have been sucked off many times in the back room showing gay porn.


Posted Jan 26 2006:
Theatre has an admission. No standing in theatres; plenty of jacking going on.


Posted Nov 01 2005:
I have been here twice--once on the weekend, and once during the week. Both times were awful. The facilities are great, it should be a major hot spot, but it's simply not. Only a handful of trolls seem to go there. Like much of Seattle, if you don't make it to this place you are not missing much.


Posted Oct 16 2005:
An incredible spot. No problems making contact. Lots of dick play and jacking and occasional good oral and once in a great while some good fucking to watch! A paradise for the voyeur. All ages, some younger with attitude but some younger who are willing and eager.


Posted Jul 11 2005:
Not very busy during the times I've gone, but the guys that have been here have been fun. Not many twinks, but there's a nice selection of bears and these guys aren't nearly as shy as the ones at Airport Video - let's just say you might want to bring condoms, because you'll probably have the opportunity to use them. I've been here four times now and twice the gay movie room has been playing those crappy two guys and one girl movies. Were I going to watch a movie, I'd be disappointed.


Posted Jul 05 2005:
This place is starting to get popular. Still a mix of the old, the young and the married. A young kid sitting next to me jumped up and sucked the cum out of my cock when I shot!

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