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Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues

Category: Street cruising near Texas and E. Mills Avenues Directions: Located in the warehouse area. Cruising has been reported in the area from Piedras down Texas and Mills to Eucalyptus. Action is typically in the alleys.
Submitted: Jul 30 2005 (Edited 12/21/16)
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City: El Paso
State: Texas
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America

Heads Up, multiple reports December, 2016. Patrols are reported frequently in Reviews. This area can be considered AYOR, "At Your Own Risk."

Action here moved over the years from Piedras Street more recently down to Eucalyptus Street.
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GI Joe Sgt


Posted Nov 07 2017:
At 5:30 pm it's already dark. Did some cruising yesterday and today. If the guy with the fat dick you're talking about parks at the rail tracks, he also has a tight ass. But it's true his dick is fat and really uncut tight.

Action two days in a row is at 6 pm or so when the trains run through that area. Takes almost a half hour for the train to go by. Just be aware of your surroundings but action is real good. The smell of his uncut dick turned me on to keep pounding his shit hole.

Edited on 11/10/17


Posted Oct 27 2017:
I just started working at the bakery so around 2 am when I go home I cruise the area around the rail tracks on Mills. There is a guy in a car who gets out and JO's totally naked as you cruise back and forth.

He is Latino and has an impressive fat uncut tool. He shaves his pubic hair, so looks even bigger. Nice balls but real up. One day I stopped and sucked on it but I left. I think it's very risky.

Edited on 11/03/17
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Frank P


Posted Mar 24 2017:
Heads Up!
Just an update on the cruising there. The new movement is dark-colored cars with no license plates or temporary fake plates parking on Eucalyptus and at the end of the alleys. They're also on the streets close by leading to the rail tracks.

No idea what could happen if you follow those guys but Wednesday, March 22 a guy in a bike was cruising around and eventually cornering the guys following him where those cars were park.

Just be careful. He was wearing tiny shorts showing an impressive manhood. He'd stop, pull it out, and go back to his ride. I think is all a set up.

Edited on 03/30/17


Posted Dec 13 2016:
Heads Up!
Careful. Looks like the cops moved their headquarters to Texas St. You are parked and they flash the bright lights directly to your face.

Edited on 12/21/16


Posted Dec 08 2016:
Heads Up!
I think a BIG BIG ALERT should be placed. Cops, undercovers, and possible arrests are happening. It's not in the 6 o'clock news but it's the operation to clean the area.

The main complainers are the different religious organizations with churches around Texas St. They closed the two adult cinemas and they eventually cleaned the zone. Bad for us the cocksuckers but the action was very obvious. Guys cruising twenty, thirty, forty times around the same block, sex in cars and in the dark alleys, the train tracks and behind the warehouses.

I saw a guy getting pounded in the back of his car totally naked around 11 pm! There are many adult places to go. Come on...

I could find nothing just quickly Googling, but we have seen so many Heads Up alerts here over time. This area is AYOR, "At Your Own Risk." ~ Editor

Edited on 12/16/16
Panadero Mejicano


Posted Dec 08 2016:
Heads Up!
Tonight just after 7 pm police were all over the area. First undercovers, cute young guys, were rounding and eventually the EPPD began stopping all cruisers.

I was asked the reason why I was there. I told them I work at the bread factory. They let me go but were flashing lights at me until I got to work. They were asking for documents mostly to the cars cruising like maniacs.

The undercovers were on cars with TX, NM, and CO license plates. They also went all over the alleys with big lights flashing and looking.

I think it's time to look for some other place. Between the cops and the thugs the place has too much of a bad reputation.

Edited on 12/15/16
I learn my lesson.


Posted Dec 07 2016:
Heads Up!
Not worth your life for a dick. Tonight I went and saw a nice Mexican rubbing his dick at Eucalyptus. In his 30's and all dressed in black. Yes I know. Even the Editor will call me an idiot but it's true and I deserve it.

When I was ready to suck his dick two cars came and blocked the alley, both dark pickup trucks, old models with temporary license plates, impossible to read. Instead of sucking the dick I ended loosing my wallet, my watch, and my wedding ring. I deserve it.

Happy Holidays, hope this place receives more police patrolling or enough light so idiots like me stop looking for dick here. As far as the Uber drivers they now moved to Dallas Street.

I won't call you an idiot, just someone who had "a teachable moment." Stay safe.

Dallas Street looks like just a couple blocks away. It's a movable feast. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/15/16
Panadero Mejicano


Posted Nov 24 2016:
Mixed emotions. If you want a blow job the perfect place is here. I go to work at 9 pm at a bread factory in that area. The cruising is intense at East Mills Ave. between South Dallas St and Poplar St. Better after midnight until about 3 am, then all cruisers go home.

The most action I've seen is behind the warehouses of the newspaper EL Diario. Also if an 18-wheeler truck has door open, it means a dick is waiting for you. I just gave nice head to a trucker in his 50's.

Be safe, so just cruise the new cars and trucks and the 18-wheelers. Plenty of them. Do not follow the guys on bicycles or just walking around. Could means trouble.

Edited on 12/05/16


Posted Nov 20 2016:
Hope is relevant, but last week I had the late shift at work. I work nearby.

Around 11 to 11:30 pm there are few nice men in nice fancy trucks looking for action. I followed one to the warehouses on Williams St. between Bassett and McGoffin. He did not give oral but has a nice ass.

Edited on 12/02/16


Posted Nov 06 2016:
Went here to fill my curiosity. After dark I did some cruising.

It's true about Uber drivers. They park at Eucalyptus and Texas. After I parked next to one with an SUV the driver came to my window and grabbed my crotch. He said follow me.

I got scared and left. The cruising is quite extensive after dark.

Edited on 11/16/16


Posted Oct 21 2016:
Weekdays after 9 pm. Uber drivers use the spot to relax. At Eucalyptus Street, I mean.

I fucked one this week, but car fun. Those alleys look dangerous and the guys cruise way too strange, even with those big fat Mexican uncut dicks.

You're the second in a row to mention Uber drivers. There ought to be an App to get picked up for a ride and also picked up for cock or ass. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/26/16


Posted Oct 20 2016:
Heads Up!
Not to be repetitive, but there's many hustlers around Eucalyptus. They usually do the universal cock-sucking signal or they grab their crotch.

I seen one pulls his pants down to show his ass and his minimum 9-inch dick with a cock ring. But they all expect some monetary compensation.

Be extremely careful. Few of the Uber drivers hang around here but they just go to j/o while watching the parade of hustlers.

Thanks for reemphasizing the need for caution. I'd wondered if the guy who asked questions on Oct 16 had really understood the two previous Reviews, much less the "Older Reviews." There's a permanent Heads Up on this area for a reason. You might have some fun. Or you might be robbed, arrested, or worse. It's AYOR - At Your Own Risk - as we said years ago.

Thanks again, and for all your Reviews. You'd be very welcome to join CFS. You'll be in control of what information you share, including contact info. As a trucker, you must get around a lot and you also know the history and background of many places. Would love to have more Reviews from you. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/25/16


Posted Oct 16 2016:
What days are best? How do you all avoid the police?

Edited on 10/20/16
Call Me JJ


Posted Oct 07 2016:
Heads Up!
I think it's important to alert you guys of this. Three weeks ago on a Tuesday around 9 pm I was cruising Eucalyptus St. and a guy came to my window and asked me to follow him to the alley to give me a blow job. The alley ends at the rail tracks.

I pulled out my dick and he said let's go to the end. The train was crossing so the alley was blocked. All of a sudden three other guys came and the next thing I remember I was at the ICU of a local hospital with a cerebral concussion.

They stole my car with my wallet and laptop inside but I am alive. Be extra careful. That area is not what used to be.

Thanks for the Heads Up, and I'm glad you're alive.

I did a quick search for news reports, including the El Paso Times and one TV station, but found nothing.

Perhaps under the circumstances you did not file a police report, although both ending up in ICU and the stolen car would both tend to attract attention in El Paso, a city claiming an overall low crime rate. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/11/16
el vergudo


Posted Jul 24 2016:
Action is now at Eucalyptus Street. I went during the week and parked on the back street so my car wouldn't be seen.

I followed a guy was 100% naked to the alley. Nice ass. He reciprocated an oral after I sucked him and fucked his ass. He fucked me.

Going back to my car I saw like ten guys sucking at different spots. Quiet as hell. Mostly local neighbors.

I've come back and updated this page with a more general description and revised the directions and map coordinates. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/04/16


Posted Jan 29 2015:
Heads Up!
Must say be careful! The new scene is guys go 100% naked parked on the alleys and j/o after dark. Of course cops are patrolling the place almost constantly!

Edited on 02/03/15


Posted Sep 10 2013:
Heads Up!
Be extra careful. I was there last week. Managed to get a nice bj. Shortly after I got my bj and got in my car cops were checking the place out.

Edited on 09/17/13


Posted Jul 29 2013:
This place is dead. Too bad, this was a great place to play!

Edited on 08/07/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 02, 2004

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Posted Jul 14 2013:
Good place to swing by for a quick blow and go. Any night of the week is good, never seen this place dead. Seems the busiest times are after 9 pm. Never left without having my dick sucked.

Edited on 07/24/13


Posted Oct 03 2012:
Heads Up!
Careful, guys. After they closed the Venus bookstore there's way too many cops. The place died.

Edited on 10/09/12


Posted Mar 07 2007:
Drive up Texas Avenue and you'll figure out the route soon enough. It's no different than any other drag. Locals all say cops are rare. If you have the patience, you could be rewarded!


Posted Jul 30 2005:
Lots of cruising in these streets after 9 pm and even more action is usually seen Friday and Saturday. Cruise along Piedras Street to Texas Street. Continue on Texas Street to Mills Street. Directly behind the Eva theatre one can find hot action. Lots of cars crusing. Have seen guys fucking in the alleys. Guys getting sucked under Piedras overpass.

From place description/comments:
Heads Up, multiple reports December, 2016. Patrols are reported frequently in Reviews. This area can be considered AYOR, "At Your Own Risk."

Action here moved over the years from Piedras Street more recently down to Eucalyptus Street.

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