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Burn Lake

Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi Directions: Exit NM 292 North (Motel Road) from I-10 West in Las Cruces NM. Head north. Then turn right to West Amador onto Burn Lake Rd. Turn right. the park is at the end of the road to the left.
Submitted: Dec 26 2016 (Edited 09/05/23)
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2.83/5 based on 12 votes. The median rating is 2.
Read & Write Reviews: 63 Reviews

Address: 1855 W. Amador Avenue on Burn Lake Road
City: Las Cruces
State: New Mexico
ZIP/Postal Code: 88005
Country: United States of America

AYOR for arrests, cameras, etc.

Burn Lake is a small man-made lake cruisy all day long. Very famous in the region. I go every time I visit Las Cruces and always get a nice blow job. Usually in my truck but some action at the men's room or at the end on the picnic tables. If you're into real masculine men it's the place to go. The best guys are real friendly and very open to suck and swallow.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 32.2971,-106.8
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Posted Jun 16 2024:
Really just the same older guys that circle each other and never stop. Guy in red truck will stalk you to no end. Also get the same bottoms that have had every wiener out there. Not a great place to cruise anymore.

Edited on 06/20/24


Posted Oct 30 2023:
Heads Up!
I love it. The more AYOR alerts the more the fags like to go. This morning the cops took a nice college fag and a homeless.

Edited on 10/31/23


Posted Sep 08 2023:
Ramona, I agree. I remember my first arrest was also in 2009 and I posted it on CFS. I was getting head and an undercover caught us. And that had not stopped me from going. It's addictive. But thanks for the reminder.

Edited on 09/09/23
La Ramona


Posted Sep 07 2023:
The warnings about arrests go back to 2009 so it's up to you bitches.

Edited on 09/07/23
Please Read This Carefully


Posted Sep 04 2023:
Heads Up!
More than AYOR the place is dangerous. I was arrested by two undercover cops on the 29th shortly after dark. Took my family 72 hours to get me out of jail on a bond. Not sure how much will be my legal cots but not worth the dicks I sucked.

Edited on 09/05/23
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Posted Jun 29 2021:
Sis, let them all go to jail. The Editor had posted multiple warnings and they keep going to get dick!

The AYORs and Heads Up come from cruisers like you, and I appreciate everyone who provides them. It amazes me that some guys keep going back to the same places without letting things cool off and then – looking at SW Florida – getting arrested more than once. ~ Editor

Edited on 06/30/21


Posted Jun 28 2021:
Heads Up!
Bitches, lots of undercover agents. I know that your asses are in heat after a year of pandemic but Burn Lake is definitely AYOR!

Edited on 06/29/21


Posted Jun 24 2021:
Heads Up!
No good answer. Burn Lake is AYOR. Read the local news. Multiple arrests due to multiple complaints.

Edited on 06/25/21
BI-MM In Need of Cock


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 22 2021:
Now that there are so many cameras at Burn Lake, no dicks at NMSU, and Eros is just a place for men with erectile dysfunction, any tips where to find a cock? I also tried the airport and it's dead. Please help this bi-MM in need of cock.

Edited on 06/23/21


Posted Jun 20 2021:
Post availability and wants on Craigslist community. Meet in paved parking area. Agree to meat up somewhere else.

Edited on 06/21/21


Posted Jun 11 2021:
It is not illegal to meet and visit. Sex and nudity in public is illegal. Still can meet there and agree to go to Eros, or the nearby hotel, or private homes, or some secluded spot.

Edited on 06/13/21
Chupa Penes


Posted Jun 11 2021:
Bitches. The Burn Lake is monitored from Central Police Station on every corner. So be careful. Let's start looking for dick somewhere else.

Edited on 06/13/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 09, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Jun 10 2021:
With the new camera system and reduced access, it's hard to see how Burn is worth the risk anymore.

Edited on 06/11/21


Posted Jun 09 2021:
Heads Up!
They just completed a very sophisticated high resolution multiple day night camera system that monitors the entire park, especially the back areas.

Edited on 06/10/21


Posted Jun 08 2021:
And stay away from the mens room.

Edited on 06/09/21


Posted Jun 07 2021:
To ccruiserr and others: Roll down your car window. Drive slowly. Look for other cars with the window down. Look directly at other drivers. See if there's a connection. Park somewhere where others can drive by. Make eye contact. Look for opportunities to chat with others. Have your cock out easy to be seen.

Guys are always cruising virtually all day, even with soccer events on Saturdays. Best to cruise or park at the further out picnic tables.

Edited on 06/08/21


Posted Jun 01 2021:
Agree with the previous gal. Stay away from that cocksucker.

Edited on 06/02/21


Posted May 31 2021:
Alert, Hispanic guy at Burn Lake who does BJs in the men's room is a very pushy and tries to take over action when you are doing a BJ. He is a very unlikable individual. Stay away. He drives a small white high-end vehicle. Not a good person!

Edited on 06/01/21


Posted May 22 2021:
What do I do when I get there? I think I wanna try this spot but i wouldn't know what to do.

Edited on 05/23/21


Posted May 18 2021:
All day long pal. Never so late since I am married, at 11 pm is bedtime for us. This morning I got there at 8 am before going to work. There was some cruising including the toilets.

Had a wank with this guy in my car at the far end and gave a BJ to this older guy in his truck. Hopefully it keeps going like this.

You should try daytime. For me it's never dead. Never.

Edited on 05/19/21


Posted May 18 2021:
When is the best day and time to visit? Totally dead on Saturday night at around 11 pm.

Edited on 05/18/21


Posted May 17 2021:
LCLingerie just say when. Thanks for your honest opinion.

Edited on 05/18/21


Posted May 16 2021:
To the previous poster, I've never had the guts to get out and walk around in my lingerie at Burn, but I've managed to attract some fun while staying (mostly) in my car wearing a few sexy things. I'd love to find you out there sometime!

Edited on 05/17/21


Posted May 15 2021:
What is this place like? Can I walk around dressed only in lingerie or are there cameras all over beside the rest rooms? Anyone want to play?

I was told is the place for men with no attitude. Old CD here. Ex-Marine. Tight pussy ass and a nice fat cut dick.

Edited on 05/15/21


Posted May 13 2021:
Oh Fuck, I can't tell you gentlemen how excited I am that the Burn Lake in Las Cruces is open. Las Cruces men give 100% of what they got with no attitude.

Edited on 05/13/21
La Golotza


Posted May 12 2021:
If you avoid the john you always have a good time. Too bad Cruces is so far from El Paso. Men are friendly. Dicks are plenty and the ambiance is comfortable. My mouth always receives special treatment. My ass the same. Glad it's open again.

Edited on 05/13/21


Posted May 11 2021:
Hot holes are seeking tops for cock fucking our asses. For the hungry men who work hard all day and need those dicks. Wild fun. We wanna get used, maybe hear spinning ass for top men. Eight or nine inches up our holes.

Better after dark. We all got the vaccine and we all on PrEP.

Edited on 05/12/21


Posted Apr 19 2021:
Today was great at Burn Lake in LC. I did three BJs in about an hour and got fucked. Fantastic day.

Edited on 04/22/21


Posted Mar 17 2021:
Darling it makes no sense the fact that you got the "Aggravated Indecent Exposure" and the guy giving you head got the "Indecent Exposure" charges.

It should be the opposite to the worse. If that is the case do fight it in court. Aggravated indecent exposure is exposing genitals in public with the intent to threaten and intimate someone.

According to the New Mexico Statutes of 2011 Chapter 30: Criminal Offenses Article 9: Sexual Offenses, 30-9-1 through 30-9-20, Section 30-9-14.3: Aggravated indecent exposure; you had committed a fourth degree felony that could lead to an eighteen month prison term.

It looks to me like he enjoyed sucking your dick rather than a threat or intimidation on your behalf.

If that is the case, the case should be treated based on the 2006 New Mexico Statutes that still valid under certain circumstances defining the indecent exposure of your penis with intention so you may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

In addition to any punishment provided pursuant to the provisions of this section, the court shall order a person convicted for committing indecent exposure to participate in and complete a program of professional counseling at his own expense for just exposing his primary genital.

The cocksucker if smart should claim indecent dancing or waitering if he was just giving you head – also a petty misdemeanor punishable up to $500 in fines.

Get a good lawyer, sister.

Although CFS members and guests may describe laws and legal issues, the words of the Editor and those who post here do not constitute specific legal advice. Do find a lawyer to work with you on your case and these issues. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/18/21


Posted Mar 12 2021:
Heads Up!
Careful with the new camera system monitoring the john. I was caught last night getting head and a citation was issued by an undercover cop with the charges of "aggravated indecent exposure" in lieu of an arrest. The guy was sucking my cock was also given a citation but just for indecent exposure.

According to the lawyer I had retained in New Mexico "indecent exposure" is a misdemeanor that carries a punishment of six months to one year in jail, fines, participation in mandatory counseling, or probation. Aggravated indecent exposure is exposing genitals in public with the intent to threaten and intimate someone. So not fun!

Edited on 03/15/21
NMSU Mature Teacher


Posted Mar 11 2021:
To the shaven head guy in the red pickup truck with out of area license plates who fucked my throat and fed me his load last night about 8:30 pm, wow loved it mate! Hopefully see you again if you're on here in Las Cruces.

Edited on 03/12/21

Attached Files:
(62 KB, 607 downloads)
Love cocks


Posted Mar 10 2021:
Burns is open again! I've been checking it out and it seems like all daytime action is dead. You'll see the occasional car checking things out but not much going on at daytime. But as soon as the sun sets, you'll get guys rolling in. In my experience, things tend to die back down around 1 am.

Be careful around the restrooms. It looks like they put in a camera nearby, there in the grassy soccer field area by the chain link fence. Still plenty of spots to pick to stay away from that camera.

Edited on 03/11/21


Posted Feb 05 2021:
Is this a good place again? It's been closed for months!

Edited on 02/05/21


Posted Feb 02 2021:
I really like Burn Lake in LC, NM, have been very lucky when cruising. I am very into sucking and bottoming. Only a few bottom occasions but lots of sucking by me.

Have tried along the river, just a little luck. Try to get out there two to three times a week. Am in a pickup.

Edited on 02/04/21


Posted Jun 27 2020:
Careful guys. So many cases of coronavirus made Governor Lujan-Grisham close most of the city. Even fast food placed are closed. Stay home. Be safe. Soon there will be no cocks available in Cruces.

Edited on 06/29/20
NMSU Teacher


Posted Jun 26 2020:
Burn Lake is closed.

Edited on 06/26/20
NMSU Teacher


Posted Jun 22 2020:
So sad about the guy with the tattoos. He was the best cocksucker in Cruces.

Edited on 06/23/20
Frank P


Posted Jun 21 2020:
The park is open. The action is back. Car sex and toilet sex. Sorry to mention that the elderly guy with many tattoos and piercings that I think sucked all of us passed away to COVID-19. He had given me head for over twenty years.

Edited on 06/22/20

Attached Files:
(325 KB, 405 downloads)
Madeleine Ortiz AKA Madam M


Posted May 05 2020:
Don't waste your time heading to Cruces, Burn Lake, and Eros.

Edited on 05/06/20


Posted Sep 11 2019:
What day and time is good to come out 'cause I've been out here every day without much luck. Anyone coming out soon?

Edited on 09/12/19


Posted Aug 26 2019:
It's better at the picnic tables, far end. Men are so friendly.

Edited on 08/28/19
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 24, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Aug 24 2019:
This was this first public place I cruised. Just go into the bathroom and if someone follows you in it's on.

Edited on 08/26/19
Mexican Bareback Fucker


Posted Jul 02 2019:
I think I have done the guy with the massive cock ring. Your dick is lovely but I wish you'd be there daily.

Edited on 07/04/19
Thick Unicorn


Posted Jun 06 2019:
I grew up in Las Cruces and I've been going there since I was in my 20s. Usually I go to masturbate in public. I have a big cut 9 inch dick. I like to shave my balls, and then go down there, take off all my clothes in my car, huge cock ring on. Then I get out of my automobile and start stroking my huge cock. Sometimes I bring my Fleshlight and just fuck it buck naked with the wind on my ass.

I get out of my automobile when I'm alone mostly. But if you want to sit down next to me or something and join me that's cool but keep distance. I want to jerk off maybe fuck you if you're cool or suck your dick or just help each other cum.

A group is OK. Maybe you can all stand over me and cover me with cum from you big throbbing dicks? I'll be pointing straight up like a unicorn.

Edited on 06/07/19
Raul Solitario


Posted May 22 2019:
Very well said. Most cocks here are men over 50. Some are so delicious you get addicted to them. I go early in the morning before going to work, then on my way home. Most guys I suck are the same. My favorite spot is at the back to the right facing the highway.

Edited on 05/22/19


Posted May 18 2019:
Numbers fluctuate but there's constant activity. Some morning action between 6 and 8, some lunchtime action, most action seems to be from 4 to 6 most days, heavier traffic Fridays and Saturdays.

For awhile I was finding guys on Craigslist and setting to meet at Burn. But now I suspect that CL crowd has dwindled to just a few regulars.

There seem to be as many guys wanting blowjobs as there are guys who want to suck. Rare to see a guy under 50, but younger ones come and go.

Just got to keep looking, and approach carefully any that may interest you. Remember only 90% are there for casual sex. Beware the other 10%. ;-)

Edited on 05/21/19


Posted May 11 2019:
Very simple rules:

1. If you like the guy follow him to the john. I love to get blow jobs with guys on their knees.

2. If you like the guy in a car just park next to him. If he is interested the flow continues.

3. I must say I have an almost perfect score.

Good luck.

Tip: TX license plates are always there for sex. If you have any apps just turn them on and you will fine the guys a few feet away.

Edited on 05/13/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 09, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted May 10 2019:
I'm new in Las Cruces and have been checking out Burn Lake, but I haven't really figured it out yet. I've only been there mid-day around noon) and had hoped to find some horny guys on their lunch break.

One day, there seemed to be quite a few, with what seemed like a pretty steady stream of guys walking into the bathroom and several others sitting in their cars. But since then, I’ve only seen a few guys there.

One guy was hanging around totally naked outside his car once but no action. Have seen a few other guys sitting in their cars doing what I can only imagine. But with so few guys there, it's hard to figure out if guys are there to play or just watch. Hope to find some willing to play soon.

Edited on 05/10/19
Roman From ABQ


Posted Apr 29 2019:
Saturday was extremely busy. During the day plenty of cars cruising. I was jumping from car to car. Few just to talk, or touch, but mostly to give hand or head. I swallowed so much cum I was exhausted. Did an ass but I was the top. Cute young guy from NMSU.

The men's room was open but totally nationalized by a fat college type Black guy that used it as his sucking headquarters. Finally he left around 6 pm and a few guys had their party.

After dark was terrific. Guys outside their cars offering their merchandise. So many married men in their pickup trucks. Love those smelly Mexican dicks. A Black guy was the star of the night. He was a true niner, 9 inches, and uncut. So many Texas license plates.

I had a terrific time. Too bad I was in Cruces just for the weekend. The cops showed once during whole day and the guy behaved during their stay.

Last time I was there was like ten years ago.

Edited on 05/01/19


Posted Feb 20 2019:
I suck at least two or three dicks a day. Not picky here but most are big and cut and there is a terrific guy with a PA who fills my throat with cum.

Like some said, cars with Texas license plates should be your first choices. If you're into older white retired military guys your day is done.

Edited on 02/21/19
Adrian Smith


Posted Feb 19 2019:
I now make connections on Craigslist Missed Connections and then meet at Burn Lake. Either go out to picnic tables or go to more private place.

Edited on 02/20/19


Posted Jan 25 2019:
The comment of "Geriatric Park" is not totally true. I go to Burn quite often and I see all ages, races, gay and straight. The day crowd is mostly retired senior citizens but late afternoon and evening is NMSU students and married men who enjoy to get head at their pickup trucks. The Texas license plates, a 100% they are for the sex and not enjoy the sights.

Truckers like me find that place perfect for a nice quick blow job.

Beside car sex, action is in the public restroom and goes from J/O to B/J, anal, etc. Last time I licked a terrific young ass.

Edited on 01/25/19
La Jota Metiche


Posted Dec 13 2018:
Well, well, well. Burn Lake is now "Geriatric Park." Average age now is 80 to 90 years old. Tiny little soft dicks. The rest room is closed and now the replaced it with two portables.

Time to move on. I was told the Airport is picking up on nice dicks. Action at the parking lot.

Edited on 12/13/18

Attached Files:
restroom burn lake.jpg
(249 KB, 471 downloads)
La Jota Metiche


Posted Nov 20 2018:
I am so glad someone mentioned STD's. My best friend got a penicillin-resistant gonorrhea in his mouth sucking an old homeless guy at Burn Lake.

Be sure to choose who you suck at that place. Many homeless and immigrants coming from the caravan through Mexico are using the park as a rescue mission.

I hope the Editor considers this an alert. Thanks. La Jota Metiche.

Generally CFS doesn't put Heads Up alerts for STD's, since they are pervasive. The alert is more for places that have undercover sting actions, arrests, bashings, assaults, etc.

However, if there's an outbreak of a new or medication-resistant STD in an area, we do want to hear about it. I always urge cruisers to stay informed about health issues, assess risks, and decide what precautions are appropriate for themselves. Thanks! ~ Editor.

Edited on 11/20/18
Adrian Smith


Posted Nov 18 2018:
Guaranteed sex almost any day or night. Very very active 4:30 to dark as workers stop by on their way home.

Mostly older men, rare to see anyone under 44. Too bad, older guys appreciate the stiff cocks and the loads younger guys have. A lot of limp dick guys past their prime. Choose carefully, STD's are on the rise that are harder and harder to treat.

Best reliable action in the back area near the corner.

Again: STD's are bad news. Advise avoiding some choices. Lot of choices there.

The most reliable hookup place in Las Cruces, choose carefully. Tell your younger friends they are wanted here! ;-)

Edited on 11/19/18


Posted Nov 09 2018:
A lot of older men, too few younger. Need more college age.

Action is best in the back lot and the farthest picnic tables.

I have sucked good cocks in those places and at sunset in the mens' room. Prefer the picnic tables after sunset. There are at least a few older men available almost all the time.

Edited on 11/12/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 24, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Oct 15 2018:
I just saw the recent posts from the last week and it sounds great!

I'm in town for a few weeks and drove around the lake one afternoon around 5:30 and there were several cars parked towards the back but I wasn't sure if I should stop. I might try the bathrooms, sounds like fun!

Edited on 10/16/18
NMSU Teacher


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Oct 13 2018:
Totally agree. Action is non-stop. The best: guys don't go to pose or take pictures. They go to get fucked and give great head. That rest room is so busy. But just as busy is the car sex or sex at the picnic tables.

Edited on 10/15/18

Attached Files:
Burn Lake.jpg
(114 KB, 511 downloads)


Posted Oct 10 2018:
This is the place to get your dick sucked without hassle. I stop by here couple times a week and within minutes a cocksucker is working on my dick. I've been coming here for about three months and have never left disappointed.

Edited on 10/11/18
Angel NMSU


Posted Jun 03 2018:
The best thing about this spot is the guys are so open to sex. Saturday was extremely busy between 10 am to 2 pm. I just watched. Ended with JO with a Mexican at the john.

Would say it's mostly an older crowd and lots of blue collars that escape for a quick BJ in their service pickup trucks. If you see TX or AZ license plates don't waste any time, they are there to be serviced.

Edited on 06/04/18
NMSU Freshman Fucker


Posted Apr 17 2018:
Agree with Danny and Lucas. Same: I found about this place reading the walls at NMSU Student Center.

Cruise around the parking spots after dark for definite action and if a van has the doors open is an invitation to fuck him. Most action is in the cars. Some outside around the picnic tables and very little at the john.

Same here, love to fuck mature men. Attitude is the best specially among white men. Mexes are sometime less obvious and not as decisive as should be. More black asses would be fabulous. Seen few Native Americans but just giving head.

Edited on 04/17/18
Danny and Lucas


Posted Jan 13 2018:
We found about this place at NMSU. Action is constant all day long. Just drive around and park next to someone you may like.

We're both into older mature gentlemen. Lucky us, we did three today. Horny asses looking for nice young cock. All car fun. We did follow one to the restroom but he ended sucking my partner. He said I was way too big and thick (not true). It was fun.

As we left many more were coming. Looks like the best action is after dark but it's way too cold now.

Tip: check if the door of their truck is open, great sign.

Edited on 01/17/18
Pepe El Chingon


Posted Dec 31 2016:
Great tip. Just got the last blow job of the year. The guy sucked and swallowed as he masturbated. He was in his car I was standing outside. Chingon el lugar. (Fuckin' awesome place.)

Edited on 01/04/17

From place description/comments:
AYOR for arrests, cameras, etc.

Burn Lake is a small man-made lake cruisy all day long. Very famous in the region. I go every time I visit Las Cruces and always get a nice blow job. Usually in my truck but some action at the men's room or at the end on the picnic tables. If you're into real masculine men it's the place to go. The best guys are real friendly and very open to suck and swallow.

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