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Deportivo Los Nogales

Category: Bathhouse with limited facilities, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , sports complex Hours / Entry Fee: Sun: 7 am - 5 pm; Mon - Sat: 7 am - 10 pm / $160 Mexican pesos Directions: Take Ave. López Mateos south, then right when you get to Plan de Ayala. Take a left on the next street, S von Weber. You should see a garage-door like entrance; that is the entrance to the parking area, just go in there and park.
Submitted: Feb 19 2019 (Edited 03/08/23)
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3.33/5 based on 3 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 42 Reviews

Address: 966 S. Von Weber, Colonia Anzurez, 32350
City: Ciudad Juarez
ZIP/Postal Code: CP32350
Country: Mexico
Phone Number: +52 656 616 6650

Reported no longer cruisy, deletion pending

Informado ya no cruisy, eliminación pendiente

This is a nice bathhouse which is actually part of a Racket Ball Center, so there's lots of bi-curious married guys here and lots of regular gay guys also. You pay 160 pesos for general admission. You must leave all your valuables at the front desk but it's pretty much safe and you pay on your way out. This is a clean place and in a good neighborhood so its pretty safe.

Best action is mid-afternoon. One small steam room is nice to cruise if you're into showing your hard dick. There is another larger sauna and guys give head or fuck asses. Action is hot.

You get an exfoliating pad, small Dove soap, towel and a little private area.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 31.7278,-106.452
See larger zoomable map from Google
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Posted May 30 2023:
Recuerden tiempo máximo son 2 horas si se pasan al salir se les cobrará el boleto extra.

Ademas esto no es para venir a chupar vergas. Se acabo el joterismo.

Remember the maximum time is two hours, if you go longer, you will be charged for an extra ticket.

Also this is not a place to suck dicks. Gay action is over.

Edited on 05/31/23


Posted May 29 2023:
En un tiempo los Nogales eran lo maximo, actualmente son una porqueria.

At one time Los Nogales was the best, now they are crap.

Edited on 05/29/23
Frank P


Posted Apr 20 2023:
Wow. Just heard about Nogales. I guess nothing does last forever. I remember a time just before COVID if you needed to get off, you had diversity! Nogales, Roma, the Jordan Bath house, Cinema Dorado just to mention few. Doubt we will ever see places like those again! May it rest in peace Deportivo Nogales.

Edited on 04/26/23
Frank - Francisco


Posted Apr 13 2023:
Yeah, it sucks, very anti cruising, not worth stopping there unless you're into relaxing at the sauna. Otherwise this place is whack. The workers make it impossible to do anything.

Edited on 04/24/23


Posted Apr 12 2023:
Heads Up!
Without a doubt the fun could be ending here soon. New administration are even calling the police if you are having fun in the parking lot. Police were there yesterday evening. Straight guys are complaining of the cocksuckers on premises, also about the butt fucking so they are trying to stop the cruising.

Edited on 04/24/23


Posted Mar 30 2023:
Heads Up!
Si les gusta la mierda y no pasar un momento agradable vayan a Baños Roma donde la joteria está a su máxima expresión ahí. La nueva administracion esta corrienda atodo joto que este mamndo verga. Tambien a los que usan poppers.

If you like shit and not having a good time, go to Baños Roma where joteria [blow jobs? fags?] are at the best. The new administration is running all over the place fags that are sucking dick. Also those who use poppers.

Edited on 03/31/23
Hombre Casado


Posted Mar 07 2023:
Heads Up!
Personas normales siempre seran bienvenidas y si eres gei también si lo que quieres es un baño y Vapor o turco, pero si eres gei y buscas sexo aquí no. yo voy a relajarme y a sacar el estres.

Normal people will always be welcome and if you are gay also if what you want is a bath and Steam or Turkish. But if you are gay and you are looking for sex, not here. I'm going to relax and get rid of stress.

Edited on 03/08/23


Posted Feb 23 2023:
Por otro lado cada quien exhibe la educación que ha recibido como mejor le convenga, pero si exijo respeto para el personal que labora en Nogales y para la comunidad gay evitando poner adjetivos que denigren su integridad. Algunos vamos a pasarla bien y si aparece una verga la aprovechamos.

On the other hand, everyone exhibits the education they have received as it suits them best, but I do demand respect for the staff who work in Nogales and for the gay community avoiding adjectives that denigrate their integrity. Some of us are going to have a good time and if a cock appears we take advantage of it.

Edited on 02/23/23


Posted Feb 21 2023:
Heads Up!
A toda persona gay que sea sorprendida teniendo sexo en el vapor general será denunciada a las autoridades correspondientes segun informo la gerencia. Nogales es un baño familiar.

Any gay person caught having sex in the general steam area will be reported to the appropriate authorities, according to management. Nogales is a family bath.

Edited on 02/23/23


Posted Feb 16 2023:
Heads Up!
Señores no veo porque tanta polémica para todos hay sitios que de malo hay en que Deportivo Nogales apoye los buenos principios, si eres gay bienvenido siempre y cuando respetes las bases morales de la sociedad.

Es Importante que entiendas que nunca se vio con buenos ojos la relación entre homosexuales por eso se despidió a parte del personal que promovía esos actos y se corren a los que practican sexo en el lugar.

Deportivo Nogales es un baño 100% Familiar, con servicio de masajes y bebidas no un burdel.

Gentlemen, I don't see why so much controversy for everyone there are places that are bad. Deportico Nogales supports good principles, if you are gay you are welcome as long as you respect the moral foundations of society.

It is important that you understand that the relationship between homosexuals was never seen with good eyes, that is why part of the personnel who promoted these acts were fired and those who practice sex in the place are fired.

Deportivo Nogales is a 100% family bath, with massage and beverage service, not a brothel.

Edited on 02/17/23


Posted Feb 13 2023:
Heads Up!
Amigos para que tengan cuidado de los Baños Deportiv Nogales.

Lamento comunicarles que ya no es un lugar Gay Friendly ayudenme a compartir y que nadie se vaya a meter en un problema si es que vas a buscar verga.

Ayer sacaron varios plebes que estaban mamando a gusto y a uno lo sacaron mientras se culeaba un senor maduro.

Friends, be careful of the Baños Deportivo Nogales.

I'm sorry to inform you that it is no longer a gay friendly place. Help me share that so nobody is going to get into trouble if you are looking for a dick.

Yesterday they took out several guys who were enjoying sucking and one was taken out while an older man was getting fucking.

Edited on 02/14/23
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Posted Sep 11 2022:
Love looking at what goes on 'over the lockers.' Would love to be able to go there and see all the great arse and balls before sucking on a cock. I just love cock and the feel of the spunk leaving the guy's shaft and into my mouth. Wish I was having fun with all those guys. Enjoy the cock. Nogales is good. Too bad way top many straights.

Edited on 09/12/22


Posted Sep 07 2022:
Mini orgy around 7 pm. This guy fucked me raw and then made me suck his dick. Damn!

Edited on 09/07/22


Posted Aug 24 2022:
Started slow today. The parking lot was empty. Another guy and me today around 1 pm but daddy Big Bear fed me his load while he held my head down. Went out to the bar and came back with two beers and another older guy that showed a hard one to me. He stroked me and got me excited for something, wound up jerking off and shut.

Edited on 08/25/22

Attached Files:
nogales (1).jpg
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nogales (2).jpg
(243 KB, 163 downloads)
nogales (3).jpg
(338 KB, 153 downloads)
Looking for Older Men


Posted May 11 2022:
If you Looking for real men, big dicks, big loads and sex go to Roma.

Edited on 05/12/22
Puto de Delicias


Posted Dec 22 2021:
Again, not a good place for a group action thing and everyone swarming around when you have hot young guys who are willing to service your verga.

Edited on 12/23/21
Married Bi Bottom


Posted Dec 21 2021:
Good to see some horny guys still around despite the cold weather. I am an expert cocksucker for long and slow sessions at Nogales. I always tell my men I am a virgin to fulfill the fantasy of men who believe it.

Edited on 12/22/21


Posted Dec 20 2021:
Thanks to the guy who fucked me on Friday evening. We hooked up at the showers but he wanted a lot more than my ass. I recommended Nogales. It's mostly married men but I was very satisfied. Then he asked me to fuck his ass. He said I was his first. I never would imagine I would do a virgin ass ever.

Edited on 12/21/21


Posted Dec 12 2021:
Nogales is back in business!

Edited on 12/12/21

Attached Files:
(296 KB, 164 downloads)
Gringo Gordo


Posted Dec 11 2021:
Will you regulars tell me honestly if I am welcome here? I haven't been in about fifteen years, but I had many good times.

Now I'm 64, 270 pounds, HIV neg, DDF and vaxxed. I like to worship cock and be a bottomboy for hours. Will I find any takers? Will I be snubbed? Please tell me honestly.

Edited on 12/12/21


Posted Oct 04 2021:
Hot fucking place. Anyone know when it's going to open again? Saturday was closed. Was told due to Corona.

Edited on 10/05/21


Posted Aug 02 2021:
Not bad for a Monday.

Edited on 08/03/21

Attached Files:
nogales (1).jpeg
(25 KB, 333 downloads)
nogales (2).jpeg
(43 KB, 376 downloads)
nogales (2).jpg
(37 KB, 348 downloads)
nogales (1).jpg
(288 KB, 392 downloads)


Posted Jul 28 2021:
This place is open again. The place is not packed but guys of all ages, all body types, mostly married men go when they in need to suck a cock. Did not spot any foreigners when I visited, but it could be a result of the pandemic with less tourists. Most Mexicans have no access to vaccines.

Just make eye contact with a guy you like. The guys who want to suck mostly will look at your dick, most will go down, some will just play with your dick. When they look away when you try to make eye contact, they may be not interested in you.

Some guys seem shy towards a foreigner or just not interested. If you dick is big, fat, and cut it's a plus. They will all jump on you. If you're uncut almost no desire.

Edited on 07/28/21


Posted May 17 2021:
Yes, they are open since this past May 11; May 10 it was closed because the city was wild with the Mother's Day celebration. I was there this past Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Some young and hung had masks and wanted blowjobs. I did a few. Evenings during the week several people were there, Saturday daytime was fairly busy.

I definitely got what I was looking for, twice. once up in front of few guys JO as my ass was pounded and once at the sauna, felt so good. A little sore today but well worth it. Yes I prefer anal to giving head.

Edited on 05/18/21


Posted May 15 2021:
We cannot go out and do things now like we used to do before, especially in Juarez. As far as I am concerned most people can go and get infected but the pain and suffering for the loved ones really scares me about crossing the border.

Most people have not received the COVID vaccine, have been talked out, or have bad information. The main thing is to get the business open so it can survive.

I see another person saying it's open, also these images about it being closed. Hope all will be well, in due time. Take care of yourselves. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/15/21

Attached Files:
122432293_3653489911369898_7105113389126236698_n (2).jpg
(71 KB, 285 downloads)
Screenshot (341).png
(105 KB, 226 downloads)


Posted May 15 2021:
Back in business. Same crowd. Horny married men looking for dick. Rarely they will suck a dick.

Edited on 05/15/21


Posted May 13 2021:
Too bad it's also closed due to Coronavirus. It's a great place for the anonymous average married bisexual cocksucker to go and please dick. It's all that matters to them, to you, and to me.

Edited on 05/13/21


Posted May 10 2021:
Temporarily closed, Coronavirus.

Edited on 05/12/21

Attached Files:
(169 KB, 231 downloads)


Posted Apr 12 2021:
Had a great time Saturday around 4:30 PM. This guy made me cum sucking me while fingering my ass. Thank you that was amazing. Wanted me to pee in his mouth but I couldn’t pee. Tall white guy with a long uncut dick great skin but not even a hand job let me give him. Noticed he did as many cocks as he could then masturbate and left. The truth is I needed to be fucked and take multiple cocks in my Ass but they all wanted raw.

Was told is fun around noon during weekdays. Also be aware no Covid restrictions.

Edited on 04/13/21

Attached Files:
(393 KB, 293 downloads)
Trucker From Montana


Posted Jan 15 2021:
All looking for hard dick in the hallway around 6 pm - 8 pm. Go showing dick. Mex love to touch it. If you want to play they will give you a condom as they lube their ass.

Edited on 01/15/21
4Ever Army


Posted Jan 13 2021:
Had a great time yesterday. No mask required. Most men walk naked with their dick hard as a rock. If you're cut you get head in few minutes upon arrival.

Plenty of action. Just use common sense with the guy you fuck. Many look sick, HIV.

Be aware lines to return to the US could take four to six hours. So get an Uber and walk to the bridge. Park on the US side.

Edited on 01/13/21

Attached Files:
(415 KB, 286 downloads)
(459 KB, 285 downloads)
4evr Army


Posted Nov 05 2020:
If you're looking to fuck a nice married Mexican this is the place.

Edited on 11/05/20


Posted Oct 28 2020:
The issue is more complex than that. The Mexicans need US citizens to support the economy. The bridge is open as usual. Lines are up to nine hours to come back but the border will not deny the US citizens entry into Mexico.

Just check the Estambul Spa Facebook or web page. Look at the pictures, it's always packed.

Be safe.

Edited on 10/29/20


Posted Oct 27 2020:
Because of the pandemic, the mayor of Juarez asked the Mexican government to consider banning the entry of US citizens crossing the border. He also urgently requests additional medical supplies as COVID case counts and deaths continue rising.

El Paso Times, October 26 2020: Juárez mayor asks Mexico to ban entry by US citizens as deaths hit 1,100 in border city

Edited on 10/28/20


Posted Oct 24 2020:
Now lines can be up to nine hours to come back to El Paso.

Edited on 10/26/20
MX Fag Here


Posted Aug 12 2019:
James: If you're willing to spend five hours in a line to come back to El Paso go to Estambul or Baños Roma. Deportivo Nogales is not what people think it is. Sorry but I've been there and it's where the closet married guys go and they expect to suck your dick with a rubber.

Edited on 08/14/19


Posted Jun 25 2019:
I see multiple mentions of Deportivo Los Nogales on gay chats. Some mention that it is a straight bathhouse that is also popular with gays. says: Nudity / Policy: Yes with discretion, this is a Straight Bathhouse, you can fool around in the cabins as long as you are discreet.

With that in mind, is it a great place for bi guys who might want to go both ways?

Also, their Facebook page mentions massage services are available. Does anybody have any info on that? Is it masseurs? Is it masseuses? Prices?

What are the best times to see the most people there on a weekend? Friday night? Saturday by day/afternoon? Saturday night? Sunday morning?

I'm hoping to go for my first time this weekend.

Thanks, James

Edited on 06/26/19


Posted Feb 25 2019:
Thursday around 7 pm +/- was the day I saw trans guy.

Edited on 02/26/19


Posted Feb 25 2019:
Yesterday between 2 and 5 pm Deportivo Nogales was wild. Whoever added this place deserves the Oscar. Thanks Mr. Editor for adding the great places of Ciudad Juarez so El Pasoans can find great dick.

You're welcome! All these places come from cruisers like you in the two border cities. ¡Disfruten! ~ Editor

Edited on 02/26/19
Frank P


Posted Feb 22 2019:
Pal, what day and time did you play with the transsexual guy with a vagina? I am a fan of Buck Angel (Jake Miller) and have all his films.

Usually in Mexico they go same days and time. Totally forgot about Deportivo Los Nogales. Once I met a transsexual guy with a vagina at Fiesta but he just gave me head and let me finger his pussy. I think I gave him oral, not positive. This was like ten years ago.

But I remember he told me no when I tried to fuck his pussy. He said I was way too big and thick but the took a bigger thicker Black guy with all watching. I guess he just wanted him. Always will remember his intense hairy face and his hairy chest and belly. Damn!

Edited on 02/25/19


Posted Feb 22 2019:
Yesterday went to check this place out. First time I saw a 100% female to male transsexual. No dick, just a bush vagina. Hairy body all over. A few played with him. I had to JO watching.

Edited on 02/22/19


Posted Feb 19 2019:
I am into mature men so it's perfect for me although many consider the place geriatric city. I usually do oral to few hot daddies and then fuck them or get fucked. Most speak no English. A few times I hooked up with the daddy then went to their places or a cheap motel. It is a fun place to have sex and because it not consider a gay bath like Estambul or as filthy as Roma it is more of a rush.

If you're into bareback it's a place to go, but be sure you bring large condoms if you like to use them. Men are in the hung side. Lube will help.

Edited on 02/20/19

From place description/comments:
Reported no longer cruisy, deletion pending

Informado ya no cruisy, eliminación pendiente

This is a nice bathhouse which is actually part of a Racket Ball Center, so there's lots of bi-curious married guys here and lots of regular gay guys also. You pay 160 pesos for general admission. You must leave all your valuables at the front desk but it's pretty much safe and you pay on your way out. This is a clean place and in a good neighborhood so its pretty safe.

Best action is mid-afternoon. One small steam room is nice to cruise if you're into showing your hard dick. There is another larger sauna and guys give head or fuck asses. Action is hot.

You get an exfoliating pad, small Dove soap, towel and a little private area.

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