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Tokyo Valentino


Category: Adult store with arcade, Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours / Fee varies, see web site Submitted: Nov 16 2001 (Edited 04/24/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.61/5 based on 56 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 87 Reviews

Address: 1739 Cheshire Bridge Road NE
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
ZIP/Postal Code: 30324
Country: United States of America

Formerly Inserection at this location.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 33.8075,-84.3652
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Tokyo Valentino

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Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
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Posted May 03 2024:
Heads Up!
After complaints by neighbors about seeing people having sex in the parking lot, a "cease-and-desist" order was issued which could lead to the store closing. The matter has been appealed, lost, and may be appealed further. The store manager confirms they remain open.

WAGA, April 15 2024: Tokyo Valentino accused of operating illegally, permitting sex on premises

Edited on 05/07/24

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 26, 2009

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Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jan 26 2024:
The second and fourth Wednesday of each month, Tokyo Valentino hosts Cumunion. Usually a lot of guys on the third floor in the dark room. Good mixtures of men. The parking is a little tight, but other than that, have a great time.

Edited on 01/28/24
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0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 05 2023:
Do not waste your time and the (ever-increasing amount of) money to go to this place if you want hot, gay sex, which used to be reliably found at Tokyo. I stop by when I pass through Atlanta a couple times a year and have been really disappointed at the changes in what was a hot stop for sucking, fucking, gloryhole action and men.

First, they have gotten rid of most of the gloryhole booths that used to dominate the first floor. Half the space downstairs has been replaced by the sort of cheesy pool with an absurd pseudo-classical statue that I have only seen in photos of straight sex clubs in the 1970s, the Plato's Retreat era.

There is a row of gloryhole booths on two levels, so the person in the lower booth can stand upright and suck cock when someone on the upper level pushes it through. But no side-to-side holes for fucking or ground-level sucking or even peeping.

Hidden away on the side, almost invisible, is a small corridor of run-down traditional gloryhole booths.

All of that would be navigable if it wasn't for the total about-face in the crowd.

As a local (one of my regular fucks when I'm in town, and someone I've had some hot Tokyo Valentino scenes with, sharing him with other tops and getting double fun from him and another bottom) clued me in that "Tokyo is a straight club now" after I complained that I found almost nothing worth my time when I visited in December.

The whole crowd, with the exception of one hot twink with a perfect, round, smooth ass who lured me into the dark area and gave me his raw hole to unload in, is straight people and some random trans and drag sluts prowling for whatever they're prowling for.

It was really just dreary and overpriced.

My regular told me his husband is now a part-owner. The husband styles himself as bisexual and doesn't like that my regular is a total cockwhore who would regularly get gang-banged at Tokyo. Not sure if that has anything to do with the change or if it's his own taste for female pussy or a strictly business move – though it seemed less crowded on a weekend night than when it was packed with horny men.

The advice I got was that gay men now go to Southern Nights, which I found to be true. It's less expensive by at least 50% and you don't have to thread through a bunch of overly aggressive skanky women in lingerie, or their trannie compatriots, much less the straight men who are openly hostile to the gay men who still go there and have the attitude that – no matter what they look like – they are the object of unwanted gay attention.

So, if you want a hot, man-to-man encounter, by no means should you jockey for parking then pay the outrageous entry fee for this trashtastic dive.

Edited on 02/06/23
Bonnie Butts


Posted Jul 05 2022:
Love this place. Like to get dressed super slutty in drag and go inside. Love to have all the Meaty Bones follow me around. I will be in there next week too, only pass through Atlanta every couple months and always like to go.

There is lots of hung meat and also love all the ladies cumming too. On weekends there are tons of couples. Many gang bangs going on all over the place and in every floor.

The last post bringing his wife, I will be hosting just down the street next week and would love for y'all to cum by and visit before we all go over to Tokyo. Great place.

Edited on 07/05/22
Joe Mama


Posted Jan 07 2022:
I found it funny that so many people are bitching about the women there. Granted when I go there I'm looking for dick but now I want to go with the women there 'cause something about a woman looking at me and with a dick in my mouth turns me on.

My wife has agreed to come down there and take some dick so I'm looking for ideas on the best time where to get her fucked. Should I get a room and invite people in? Or let them take turns one at a time, let her get a train? Somebody help me.

Edited on 01/09/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
Total Reviews: 285


Posted Sep 03 2021:
After closing of the East Cobb location of Tokyo Valentino and continued legal troubles, there is speculation about whether the owner will stay in business at his remaining locations.

East Cobb News, July 19 2021: East Cobb Tokyo Valentino store ordered closed by judge

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 1 2021: OPINION: End of the line for metro Atlanta sex shop mogul?

Edited on 09/05/21


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 11 2021:
What the fuck happened to this place? I go through Atlanta a few times a year and try to stop by Tokyo Valentino and get off, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes late night. Last time I was there, pre-COVID, was December 2019 and I had one of the hottest fucks I ever had at a place like this – and I have had lots. So I was hoping, now that people are vaxxed and ready, that it would be worth a visit.

I went at 11 pm on a Saturday. A decent number of guys, a lot in masks (including me most of the time). No one who made my cock throb, but I figured it was a little early.

That said, the price has been raised to thirty dollars which I think is ridiculous. This doesn't help the quality of the crowd since younger guys will be put off by that fee.

So the first floor of this club is gloryhole booths. Even though the entrance fee is high, they expect you to feed bills into the machines if you actually want to watch porn. The second seems to have been set up with a DJ booth and some chairs in addition to the private rooms like a bathhouse. The third has a sort of "nightclub" area with banquettes, where usually there are guys sleeping, a sort of bondage area with a cage, and some showers.

Most of the crowd was blah looking, 45+, mainly black.

Then at around midnight the invasion started. Literally dozens of women. Fat, loud, dressed like hookers. First they went to the second floor and seemed to be "exotic dancers," but looked like they were the rejects from the half dozen or so straight strip clubs within a half mile of Tokyo. There were signs up that they have female dancers on Mondays, but this was not Monday.

And then more and more and even more of these broads kept coming in for the next two hours, until there were literally more women there than men, and they took over the third floor and finally started hanging out on the first and sitting in the booths. I couldn't tell if they were hookers, strippers, or just annoying. A few were clearly garden variety fag hags, like the three obese college girls who got dressed up like 'hos to get the thrills they are otherwise denied.

It completely killed any kind of gay vibe the place usually has.

Seriously, can there not be an actual gay space, reserved for the kind of excitement Cruising for Sex fans enjoy? Fag hags and "bachelorettes" have also taken over Swinging Richards, the supposedly gay strip club (per their website) and now this?

I ended up getting a couple of mediocre gloryhole blowjobs before these cows were just too much, shrieking and giggling in the booths, leaning against the walls in way too little clothing stretched over way too much flab, like low rent streetwalkers, wallowing all over the banquettes on the third floor. One even parked herself on the seat in the locker room area and proceeded to rearrange the contents of a purse the size of a suitcase.

Oh, and when I left around 2 am, the entrance fee had gone up to thirty-five dollars!

If this is what Tokyo Valentino has become, an overpriced den of dreary over-the-hill, frumpy guys and a herd of fat slutty women, then I will stick to online hookup sites. It's just sad that the management – which is probably straight guys to start with – have so little respect for the gay men who have kept them in business and supported what is apparently a legal battle to even exist.

Edited on 07/11/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 09, 2021

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Posted Jul 09 2021:
This place used to be great. Now, it is just too much.

I love the freedom but the faggots are thirsty as hell! Especially in the dark room, they will literally take the dick out of your mouth. Another thing is the guys will pull their dick out of whoever/wherever and stick it in your mouth or ass without even washing it off! Also, the guys walk around like there is gold in their pants, and they are all 10's. This place is full of 6's and 7's at best who think they are 10's and are looking for 11's.

Lastly, there are too many women and drag queens in there now. They walk around all loud and half naked it really kills the vibe. It's really not worth the twenty-three dollars weekdays and thirty dollars on the weekend.

Edited on 07/10/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
Total Reviews: 285


Posted Nov 07 2020:
"The stimulus money was spent on rubber dicks." From a profile of the owner, his stores, and his continual legal battles with the City of Atlanta and other jurisdictions:
I toured four of Morrison's six stores with him. They're all pretty upscale for adult stores. His East Cobb shop is located near a Whole Foods, which is intentional. "We like to be by organic grocery stores," he says. That means the shoppers in the area have "expendable income" and are "liberal and more educated."

At Tokyo Valentino, he peacocks through the aisles in tight yellow pants and white Asics, biceps popping out of his shirtsleeves. It's 1 p.m., and the store is mostly empty of people—just a handful of couples browsing the dildos and lube. He's clearly proud of the store, which is clean, well-lit, and full of hundreds of boxed vibrators, perfectly lined up next to each other as if this were an erotic supermarket—which it kind of is.

Everything in his stores is calibrated perfectly. They have to be 10 times as clean and inviting as a Macy's, he says, because customers might feel shame in a "dirty bookstore," and the last thing you want is for the store to be actually dirty. In the Midtown Atlanta store, Morrison noticed a tiny scrap of paper errantly leaning against a shelf of dildos, frowned, and fastidiously pocketed it.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Morrison hires fire eaters, stilt walkers, and bondage enthusiasts to walk the aisles of Tokyo Valentino, entertaining guests. "You can buy our goods cheaper elsewhere, we won't deny that," he tells me. "You're coming for the experience."

Not all experiences are welcome, however. As we walk by a sex doll reclining on a $1,795.95 red bondage platform in garters, a bra, and crotchless underwear, he tells me that a homeless man once dragged her into a back room and had sex with her. Morrison called the police, who arrested the interloper.

The store is maze-like, with room after room arranged by genre. In one, the centerpiece is a display of imitation women's body parts packaged with slogans like "ribbed canal for extra stimulation."

Morrison tells me sales have increased since the pandemic. ("The stimulus money was spent on rubber dicks," he jokes.) His bestsellers are Jack Rabbit vibrators, although he says that "the B&D stuff has done really well" thanks to the influence of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Reason, December 2020: The Atlanta Sex Toy Magnate Who Can't Stop Picking Fights: Michael Morrison used to be a boxer. Now he brawls with zoning boards and tax collectors.

Edited on 11/10/20

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
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Posted Nov 26 2019:
The legal battle continues as the City of Atlanta filed in Federal court asking it "to issue a permanent injunction against the adult superstore — which would shut it down — and put an end to a 20-year legal saga." The City and the store will continue to argue before the judge while the store remains in business.

ProjectQ Atlanta, November 12 2019: Atlanta renews effort to shut down Tokyo Valentino

Edited on 11/27/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
Total Reviews: 285


Posted Nov 07 2019:
Local TV news goes "deep undercover" at this Tokyo Valentino location including obscured dark video and audio — the reporter "politely declined" a man's advances. Also, some words from the owner.

WGCL, October 31, 2019: Suburban Secrets: The big business of sex shops

Edited on 11/08/19


Posted Nov 06 2019:
Are the booth seats open again?

Edited on 11/07/19


Posted Jun 21 2019:
The City of Atlanta has tried another way to target Tokyo Valentino. In the latest salvo, the fire marshals inspected the store and forced them to temporarily close down the video booths. The retail store itself was allowed to remain open.

The store's attorneys contacted a former City Councilman who connected them with Fire Department officials. Per owner Michael Morrison the captain "said, 'I want you to tear up the citation immediately. That’s not what was supposed to happen.' ...We’re back open because the attorneys got involved. We only got to that level because of [the former Councilman]. He’s been very supportive of the gay community."

After being told by the Fire Department he needed to "do something with my building permit or business license," Morrison said "How am I supposed to go down and get something that says adult entertainment when this is an issue we've been trying to decide in the courts for years now?"

A later letter from the Fire Department said "Please accept this correspondence as official notice that the above referenced June 20, 2019 order to cease operations is rescinded and is without legal force or effect."

We assume the booths are re-opened.

ProjectQ Atlanta, June 20 2019 Atlanta fire marshal shuts down Tokyo Valentino video booths

Edited on 06/21/19


Posted Jun 14 2019:
The City of Atlanta has lost its fight against Tokyo Valentino at the Federal Appeals Court. The City has also fired the anti-gay lawyer it had hired for the matter. The store is seeking a settlement with the City and repayment of its legal fees. It will remain open.

Project Q Atlanta, June 10 2019: Atlanta loses Tokyo Valentino appeal, drops anti-gay attorney

Edited on 06/17/19


Posted Jun 04 2019:
In the legal fight between the City of Atlanta and Tokyo Valentino, the city has hired a notorious anti-gay right-wing lawyer instead of using its own legal staff.

Project Q Atlanta, April 30 2019: City of Atlanta hires anti-gay attorney to fight Tokyo Valentino

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 22 2019: Torpy at Large: Left-wing Atlanta, right-wing lawyer — a sex shop story

Edited on 06/06/19


Posted May 11 2019:
The long legal battle between the City of Atlanta and Tokyo Valentino finally reached the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, where a three-judge panel heard the case. It is unclear when the court will issue a decision.

Project Q Atlanta, May 2 2019: Tokyo Valentino fights 'fatally defective' case in federal court

Courthouse News Service, May 1 2019: Atlanta Adult Shop Fights to Stay Open in 11th Circuit

Edited on 05/14/19


Posted Aug 24 2018:
In January a Federal court ruling found the store in violation of the city adult entertainment ordinance. There is a pending Federal appeal and the store remains open.

In late August a group of about 40 appeared before the Atlanta City Council supporting Tokyo Valentino. Per the store's owner,
...the spa area of the business will not close regardless of the court case, but it would be "a different rendition."

"With the store, we may have to reduce the adult license to 20 percent instead of a full adult license..."

Project Q Atlanta, Aug 23 2018: Tokyo Valentino appeals to federal court, public to avoid closure

Edited on 08/24/18


Posted Apr 15 2018:
Pretty nice place with lots of varied areas for whatever you want. But it is twenty dollars. Half Black guys and half other. As other reviews said, hit or miss.

Still, one of the hotter places in Atlanta. Managed to suck two BBCs. But had to wait around for quite a while. Didn't see any drug dealing or thugs really. Overall clean and can be fun.

Edited on 04/16/18

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Apr 22 2017:
Like most sex clubs, this place can be crowded and hot, or empty and boring. The CFS-relevant area is accessed through the parking lot in the back. There are three levels, to upper level labeled as "clothing optional." CFS shows this location as a bathhouse, which I suppose technically it is because it has a shower and lockers. But those facilities are on the bottom level, where the booths with gloryholes and a dark room are located. I never see anyone without clothing on the lower level.

TV went through a period before the name change when it was regularly nasty and not worth the money. With so many guys in there fucking and sucking, it's tough for the cum-mopper to stay ahead of things. But the cleanliness is improved.

My favorite area is the upper level. There are lockers, lots of apparatus, and a large area with banquette style seating. If you like to watch or be watched, this is the place.

My big problem with TV right now is that the price has gone up to $25 on Saturdays, still $20 on Friday and Sunday. That is way too high for a facility that is not a traditional bathhouse.

Still, on other nights the booths/gloryholes can be lots of fun.

Thanks for the detailed Review! I'd used the "bathhouse" catgeory in addition to "adult store with video arcade" because of the unusual facilities. Sounds unique. Their web site has changed since I last looked at it. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/24/17


Posted Jan 03 2016:
They raised the weekend rate to $20. Definitely not worth it. They don't maintain the place and there are a lot of drug buyers and sellers here. Pretty sketchy, with a lot of thugs and old guys.

Edited on 01/11/16
GenX Traveler


Posted Oct 17 2015:
Yeah, not going to waste the cash coming here again. $16 on a Saturday night just to walk into a bookstore where you still have to put money in the booths, I need to dodge all the guys doing drugs, and every brotha is looking for a BBD.

Kinda sketchy in here. If that's your thing, you should enjoy. I've been to better bookstores and if they want that much for a cover charge I'll just go to a bathhouse instead.

Edited on 10/21/15


Posted Aug 23 2015:
The entrance to the video booths, showers, and dark rooms is located in back of the building. Park in the lower parking lot. This section has three levels when management decides to open the newer third level.

This place, especially the dark rooms can be fun.

Edited on 08/31/15


Posted Jul 11 2015:
This place is no longer Inserection. It has been given the new and inexplicable name "Tokyo Valentino." Unless there is a well-hidden secret doorway, there is nothing here but retail: Lingerie, stripper clothes, sex toys, a few videos. Another Inserection location is totally closed down. There are tons of straight strip clubs and sex businesses, so it's not like Atlanta got cleaned up. I guess just this company folded.

They now have a few signs up warning not to park next door where the slimebag with the car boot does his extortion, but no need to even bother, unless you need a nightgown for a hooker.

The original Tokyo Valentino has been a Miami sexclub with a retail and arcade component for some time. Apparently they now have taken over some of the Inserection locations.

According to the Tokyo Valentino web site, the Cheshire Bridge location does have not only has the retail section but another section (scroll down their page) with twenty video booths, private and open playspaces, private bedrooms, lockers, showers, etc. That sounds like either a sexclub or a bathhouse to me. I'd welcome clarification form our intrepid cruisers.

I will also review the Tokyo Valentino site for their additional locations. If you (or anyone) can post a review on the page for the Inserection location that closed, I'd appreciate it so that I can update the Sex Listings. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 07/17/15
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 14, 2014

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 17


Posted Jul 06 2015:
I went on a Friday after work and it was busy. The guys were more white than black but there were plenty of options.

The upstairs is pretty dark and I didn't do much there. The booths and large open area are downstairs. There were plenty of guys hanging around the booths.

In the end, me and a redneck guy shared a booth with the door open, going back and forth and also with another guy through a gloryhole, sucking and getting sucked.

A good place for quickie anonymous gay sex.

Edited on 07/10/15
Dave Lopes


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 20 2015:
I was in Atlanta this MLK Weekend 2015 and visited this place. Parking was fine as long as you park on the property. Even on a busy night I found a spot.

You pay an entrance fee, can't remember the exact amount but it was less than $15. You get a ticket which allows re-entry for the next 6 hours or so.

The place is big with peep shows, booths, large open rooms, bathrooms and a second floor with more rooms and mattresses.

Mixed racial crowd of all ages.

Did not find anything black, dark, and in shape so I played around with a light skinned black for a few minutes and left.

Edited on 01/26/15


Posted Jan 05 2015:
Do not go here. First off, there seems to be nothing there. It looks like Macy's inside with nothing but stripper lingerie and dildos in crayon colors. Second, I wish I had read the warning from another cruiser. A guy claiming to be connected to the police (he uses his fingers to hide most of his I.D.) booted my car when I parked in front of the closed furniture store next door and demanded immediate payment of $75 to remove it. I had been inside for no more than 2 minutes. He did the same to two women parked next to me. I can't imagine that this is legal. Either By Design, the furniture store, or this asshole is basically extorting money. So, $75 for two minutes spent walking around the store looking in vain for anything hot, not at all like the closed location elsewhere.

Edited on 01/12/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 26, 2008

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Posted Sep 04 2014:
Don't park next door at the By Design store. They will put a boot on your vehicle and it will cost $75 to get it off. Not sure how this is legal after hours but HEADS UP! There are no signs stating "No Parking After Hours".

Edited on 09/08/14


Posted Jul 10 2014:
Worst sex booths I have ever been to. This place is nothing but a bathhouse, I don't even think they have a license to be all that. Beds on the second floor for people to fuck on dirty, nasty sheets. and no telling what diseases are in the place even though I did see someone cleaning at times. This place has got to be against the law. Can't even watch a video for a person peeping at you through the holes in the walls. Also two people had got their cars broken in to in the parking lot. DISCUSTING.

Edited on 07/15/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 10, 2009

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Posted Jun 05 2014:
I've been to this place hundreds of times. It is hit and miss. I don't know that there is a predictable hot or busy time. But when it's hot, it's well worth the money. I don't like it that there is a key necessary for the upstairs rooms. No extra charge, just an extra step to get a key. The two dark areas are pitch dark, no light in there at all. I like watching and being watched, so this place has been great for that.

As for the staff, this ain't the Ritz, guys. The attendants at the front desk are probably paid minimum wage. None of them has ever been rude to me.

I do think it's overpriced, and stupidly priced. $11? But at least now it is relatively clean. That was not always the case. It's my go-to place for cock.

Edited on 06/11/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 23, 2012

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Posted Mar 15 2014:
Best busiest action, worth the entry fee.

Edited on 03/21/14


Posted Mar 10 2014:
This place has become totally ridiculous! They're stealing money from customers now by charging tax on their admission prices. The place is horrible and the staff is extremely rude. One clerk is very disrespectful and rude, seems to always appear unhappy, and does not offer any friendly service at the entrance. I would not recommend this place. It's a waste of your money. Try the Buford Highway Twin Cinemas instead, it's much better service.

Edited on 03/18/14


Posted Nov 07 2013:
Subject: So sweet
Went here today and met the most wonderful young man. He fucked the hell out of me, I could not believe the amount of cum that was in the condom when he pulled it out of me. That was so hot, thank you so much sweetie for the wonderful cock you gave me. I got your number and I will be calling you to meet there again. I can hardly wait.

Edited on 11/12/13


Posted Oct 31 2013:
I've been going here for years, usually at least once a week. I never leave disappointed. It is well worth the $11. If you love cock you can't miss this place. Sometimes it's only a couple cocks and sometimes I can get in as many as ten, depending on how much time I have. But I always have a good time. This is church for cock-worshipers.

Edited on 11/06/13


Posted Oct 27 2013:
Sunday night October 27 2013. Sucked off a hot cock man then went into the blackout room and got blown by a hot hot white guy. Then he backed up on me and I fucked him and pumped a bare load in his ass. He said it was number #7. Hottest ass I have had in years. Worth the $15 because they keep the place spotless. Always cleaning, literally washing down the walls all the time.

Edited on 11/04/13


Posted Jul 04 2013:
I've been three or four times. I'm 47, in pretty good shape. Haven't failed yet to wind up in the dark group-play area with my pants around my ankles, shirt off, pretty much naked with a small group working me over. One or two guys will be playin' with my ass, another standing behind me workin' my nips, one playing with my balls, and one sucking my cock while maybe another one or two looked on. Never been harassed by the staff. There are showers open to viewing by anyone, but I've never seen anyone use them. Place is clean. Worth the admission fee in my estimation.

Edited on 07/11/13


Posted Apr 28 2013:
I remember when this place was free and the action took place upstairs next to the video racks. Then, they moved it downstairs and started charging $3. Over the years the place has been remodeled nicely, but the price has skyrocketed to $15. I'm willing to pay to go and have a hot time, but I have a limit. And by the fact that this place was pretty empty the couple of times I have gone, most guys feel the same way.

There are plenty of other less expensive spots in town to spend your time and money. The owners need to realize that cruising guys have a lot more options nowadays and don't have to depend on adult arcades to get their rocks off. Bad move!

Edited on 05/02/13
Super Reviewer

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Posted Feb 25 2013:
I went by there on Sunday night. I can not belive how much it cost on the weekends. $15 on the weekends and $11 for the week. Not sure what it looks like in the inside but for that cost, it better be that every little thing works and they have gotten rid of the hustlers.

Edited on 03/01/13

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Posted Feb 19 2013:
Have been milking cocks in here for years. It's hit and miss. Set a record 19 cocks one night. Other times nothing. Most times very good.

Edited on 02/25/13


Posted Jan 07 2013:
Went here last Thursday for the first time around 6:30 pm. Paid $11 to get in and found a booth in minutes. Right away I had my cock out and fed it through the gloryhole and got the best blowjob I've ever had, cumdump swallowed it all. I'll be back!

Edited on 01/14/13

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Apr 01 2012:
I went here Thursday night, March 29, and met a very nice black guy. He took me into one of the private rooms upstairs. We tried and tried but he was just too big.

Edited on 04/03/12


Posted Feb 11 2012:
There is no way in hell people are going to pay $15 to continue going to this place. The owner is getting really greedy and this area is surrounded with better options for less. The Den is only between $5-$10 and it is GUARANTEED action 100% of the time. This place is worth what it always has been worth, $8. Period.

Edited on 02/20/12


Posted Jan 20 2012:
I was here last Friday night, about four and a half hours. With the price back up to $15, there were only about 8 guys there the entire evening, and 6 of them spent their time on their cellphones. A real waste of time on the weekend, especially for 15 dollars.

Edited on 01/25/12


Posted Oct 24 2011:
The price is back up to $15 on weekends. Hardly anybody there on Saturday night except some DL guys who look like they escaped the clubs down the street to look for some action. This place has gone down and the price has gone up. I have had some fun times there but won't be going back.


Posted Oct 07 2011:
I don't know what was going on but it was really busy when I was there Wednesday afternoon. It was a great time. I swallowed 7 loads. I took another 14 bareback and 3 guys topped me with protection. It was great. Lots of guys cruising and it seemed like there was always someone on the other end of my gloryhole. I love this place and I always go here whenever I visit Atlanta.

Edited on 10/12/11


Posted May 07 2011:
The price is back down to $10 and not once did the mop Nazi nor anyone else bang on my door to tell me to put money in and they did not stop me from cruising. When I asked the clerk why it was back down to $10, he said they lost tons of business at $15 a head. The place is just as much fun as before!

Edited on 05/12/11

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 21, 2004

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Mar 23 2011:
Always has been a fun place, but they increased the cover charge to $15 and added additional play space upstairs. Alas, there are less men after the price increase.

Edited on 03/28/11

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Posted Mar 17 2011:
I hate this place. Since the renovation, the white cum-mopper walks around with a flashlight like the gestapo. If you are in one of the rooms trying to cruise and waiting for cock, he runs and gets a black intimidator to come and interrogate. If he isn't cum-mopping, the Mexican man or worse yet the Mexicana is always around, which makes the cruising atmosphere deplorable. Save your $10.

Edited on 03/27/11

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Posted Dec 09 2010:
I've been looking for this place for a while and just happened to run into it the other day. It was a rainy day and lots of construction going on, but I got in there and started walking around and within 10 minutes I was in a booth getting my cock sucked by a beautiful Latin boy. It was the best load blown in a while.

Edited on 12/14/10

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Posted Sep 06 2010:
I just left Inserection after spending all day yesterday and today (Labor) there. This place is hot. I love to suck cocks and have my ass fucked here. I was able to service a wide range of guys, young, old, smooth, hairy, cut, uncut, and the best, they all came in my mouth or ass.

Edited on 09/13/10

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Posted Jul 28 2010:
Love this place. I always blow my load here, plus it is a very clean place.

Edited on 07/29/10


Posted Jul 27 2010:
Went there for the first time this past Saturday night and it was incredible. So many black cocks to suck, I think every white guy in there was waiting or sucking. Not the cleanest place in town but still, men go there to suck or get sucked and not read the paper.

Edited on 07/29/10


Posted Apr 18 2010:
Okay, so it is being renovated guys, don't wet yourselves. This place set the standard for hot gloryhole action and they are working to refurbish the place. You cannot beat this place for the sheer volume of guys. For you boys wanting the Westin Coco Chanel atmophere, check back in a few months or go to the place at Sidney Marcus. That location is very clean with no one using it.

Edited on 04/19/10


Posted Mar 18 2010:
This place has great potential, but is badly in need of a make-over. The bathroom looks like it is being renovated, but is often closed. A clerk told the guys over the loud speaker to 'let it rip' out in the parking lot, not a great idea given the police patrol of the area. The parking lot is well lit, but is usually packed with cars from the bar next door, not from arcade customers. For example, I found one parking spot open the other night, went inside and there were only three guys downstairs. This location could be a gold mine but it appears to be mis-managed.

Edited on 03/20/10


Posted Mar 01 2010:
Always lots of cars parked at this place. You enter from the bottom of the hill, behind the building, to reach the arcade. They also have a very good (maybe the best in town) selection of DVDs, poppers, etc and to reach this, you can park out front and enter from the front door. Nice clerks, too.

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Posted Feb 20 2010:
Went there last night and it was totally filthy. The bathroom was closed and the place reaked of urine. The two sofas in the 'common area' were torn apart and springs showing. Come on guys! Milking the place dry is one thing, but not even putting a few cents back into the place is pathetic.

Edited on 02/22/10


Posted Dec 20 2009:
Yesterday I got my big white cock sucked by a hot black guy and then I got fucked by another big black cock. Hot!


Posted Sep 10 2009:
I went back recently and sucked a monstrous black cock through a gloryhole. Just as soon as we were to hook up in the booth, another black guy burst into my booth. He started feeling me up and turned me on so much I let him fuck my light skinned bottom. This place is 4 for 4 by me.


Posted Jul 26 2009:
This place is more like a private bathhouse than bookstore. You can do alot of cruising and have a lot of privacy. The typical guy is white and regular looking. I love black cock and come in here because I'm black but light skinned. Every black guy in here is looking to have a white guy suck him off --except me. I want black and after 3 times in here, each time I had a very hot session. Today I got fucked royally with a Magnum wearing brother.


Posted Mar 23 2009:
Great place to go to. I am constantly there finding dudes to suck me off. They have a dark room and I fucked some dude in the ass there.


Posted Mar 03 2009:
I usually go on the second Friday of each month around noon. These guys just don't want to get drained. Parking can sometimes be a problem too.


Posted Nov 26 2008:
Rude staff and high prices. I went there the other day. The stupid turnstile did not take the card, as is often true, the guy gave me another card off of which he scratched off another set of initials to put mine on. When I came back five hours later the card did not work again. The woman at the counter said it had expired! It's supposed to be for eight hours. She would not believe when I said I'd been in earlier and she wanted me to pay another fare, saying they could not have possibly made a mistake. The cards are only good for eight hours now (down from all day, and up on the price). Make them note the exact time of first entry or pay again!


Posted Oct 24 2008:
This place has gotten to be way too much! I went the other day and was asked for ID. They looked at my name and wrote my initials on the barcode entry pass they give you. I like my spots to be as discreet as possible and that plus the signs saying 'being monitored by camera' all over the place just ruined it for me. I won't be back.


Posted Sep 23 2008:
It's a good place to go. There are lots of women with goatees and sandals but be patient and some men come in to get sucked off.


Posted Aug 15 2008:
I haven't been there in a while but used to have so much fun. I was rimmed while getting head once. Another time I joined three guys in a booth, sucked one while another topped me while the third looked on and jacked off. I even took my girlfriend there once and she loved watching me trade blowjobs with guys.


Posted May 10 2008:
The price caught me off guard as it was expensive. As soon as I came in there was a mixture of hot middle-aged guys, mostly white. I met a hot Hispanic. He sucked my dick so well and his tasted sweet. It's a hot spot!


Posted Apr 06 2008:
They have almost doubled the prices and added more booths but there are no gloryholes in the new ones. The owner tried to improve things but I think he is overdoing it. Still very busy.


Posted Sep 14 2007:
Usually find good black cock whenever I go here. Went in last week and sucked a big thick black cock for quite a while and then he slid it in my ass.


Posted Jul 27 2007:
The best place in Atlanta for hot guys in their thirties and forties. It's mostly white guys.
Great on Tuesday nights and also on weekend nights.


Posted Apr 14 2007:
This place is small and has a cover charge to get in. Tons of Hispanics, lots of cocksuckers. I was there forty-five minutes and had my cock sucked two times and fucked one hot little Hispanic guy.


Posted Feb 18 2007:
This place used to be hot when the booths were upstairs and free of charge. Since, they've moved downstairs and now you have to pay and they don't even give vouchers for booths. Also, it's mostly a white crowd. If you are a homeboy like myself, you will be better off at Peek-a-Boo across the street where there are way more black folks and they at least give you vouchers for booths.


Posted Jan 20 2007:
Very dirty -- the place is filthy. There are lots of gloryholes. Most videos do not work. Most guys are there looking to suck. No chairs in the rooms just little stools.


Posted Aug 07 2006:
Nearly all white clientele. A bunch of average looking guys standing around waiting for something to happen. They charge a cover just to go in but at least they don't bother you to keep inserting dollars in the video machines. Many booths have no seat.


Posted May 27 2006:
This place used to be fun when they cleaned it. The short round clerk at the front door has an attitude and is rude. They have cleaned this place once in the past six months. If you decide to go, better bring some medication.


Posted Mar 08 2006:
I went to this bookstore this evening. It was my first time there and I will probably go back again. It was around 8:30 pm on a Wednesday night. I went in and paid the cover charge to walk into the booth area. It was pretty slow but there was one other guy there at the time. He had a big ole wedding ring on and a nice body. The face could have been better but heck, what do you expect at the bookstore!? I wound up sucking on him and then he started the fucking motion through the gloryhole. I'm usually leery about this in bookstores, especially with another gloryhole on the other side but it was dead so I backed my ass up to his medium sized dick. It was awesome! It had been about a year since I'd been fucked. He was the perfect size and stroke! After he left I waited maybe ten minutes and a nicer looking cub type guy came in. I sucked on him a few minutes then he went down on me. Didn't take me long to blow a really hot load! It wasn't the nicest place but there aren't many bookstores out there that are.


Posted Jan 31 2006:
This place is extremely nasty. They never clean up the place. Most of the videos don't work anymore. I'm surprised it is allowed to remain open as nasty as the floors are. Queens will just sit in a room for very long periods of time and no one can get into the rooms. Management is oblivious.


Posted Jan 27 2006:
Went there a few days ago and the setup has improved. Lots of booths with gloryholes. However, the cocksuckers outnumbered the cocks to be sucked 5 to 1. Good place if you want a blowjob.


Posted Jan 14 2006:
Went by the other day, and the video booths are closed.


Posted Nov 29 2005:
I went there the other afternoon and got a great blowjob from two cute guys. However, there are some nasties that go there.


Posted Nov 08 2005:
If it's queer dick you're lookin' for, this is the place. However, if queer dick leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you're looking for some straight meat, you're better off cruising elsewhere.


Posted May 08 2004:
This is a good place for a no-hassle blowjob. I've been twice in last couple of months and got some great black and white cock.


Posted Jun 15 2003:
IÕve been twice this week, and blew my load twice each time. You pay to get in, but you can come back later with the pass that they give you. ThereÕs lots of dick and great blowjobs!


Posted Apr 23 2003:
I was there today at lunchtime and got one hell of a blowjob. The booths are big enough for two guys to suck or fuck and they are putting in showers now. There didn't seem to be any hassles and lots of guys were shooting their loads.


Posted Mar 22 2003:
I could not disagree more. True there are only two booths, but you pay your five bucks and you are in. Besides, gloryhole sex is all about waiting for spontaneous sex abd not something that is guaranteed.


Posted Feb 22 2003:
I went on a Saturday night to the new booths downstairs and it was a complete waste of money. Only two booths have gloryholes and the clientele has greatly diminished in numbers. I left without once getting my dick hard.


Posted Jan 30 2003:
The booths are gone from upstairs, but go to back lot for parking. Below the stairs is a door marked 'video booths'. A guy sitting at the door charges you to get in and says you can go and come back on the same day.


Posted Sep 28 2002:
This place is hot and cold. Sometimes there is nothing and most guys act scared of their own shadows but when it's hot, it can be very hot. I've gotten some nice blowjobs by nice looking twenty-ish and thirty-ish guys. Most guys seem to be looking to suck. It doesn't pay to be shy here.


Posted Nov 16 2001:
Friday and Saturday nights from 10 pm to 2 am.

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