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Cinema Ali Baba (aka The Kursar) Closed

Category: Theatre showing non-porn Directions: Located near the Italian consulate. The closest metro station is called Nasser. From the station you can see the Italian consulate (a red building). Keep on going on the same street and the theatre is on the same side of the consulate except on a streetcorner. The name in Arabic is Il Kursar.
Submitted: Nov 15 2008 (Edited 10/04/23)
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Address: 26th of July Corridor 70, 11211
City: Cairo
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: Egypt

Closed, deletion pending

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 30.0541,31.2377
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Posted Oct 03 2023:
This cinema was demolished in 2017. It no longer exists.

Edited on 10/04/23
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Posted Jul 05 2015:
The map is still wrong. I live in Cairo and have been here many times. The street is correct, but on the map it shows that it's on Zamalek Island. You need to head south east along this 26 July Road and cross the bridge over the Nile to where it says 15 May bridge. In fact it's not really a bridge but an elevated road/highway that goes over 26th of July Street.

Once you have crossed the Nile and you are down on 26th of July again (walking under 15 May Highway) it's about 100 metres on your right. It's on the corner of a street.

Not porn, just Egyptian movies. A man with a torch comes around often to stop any action. If you give him 10 Egyptian pounds he is likely to leave you alone, BUT this still means you have to do things very discretely. If he sees you doing something, even with the 10 pounds he will throw you out.

Thanks for the thorough directions! With your directions and another geolocation tool I found the map coordinates and will update accordingly. It also helped when I verified the location of the Italian Consulate and the Nasser metro station. I'm very grateful for people like you who help improve this web site. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/09/15


Posted Jan 29 2015:
OK, I was in the taxi for one hour and did not find this place. The place on the map is totally wrong compared to the directions on the website. Just forget the map n get to the Nasser metro station and find the consulate on the left and good luck finding the cinema there because I walked like 100 meters and all I could see was falafel shops. Frustrating!

Sorry that you had such problems finding the place. Many of our directions and maps in foreign countries are based on partial or confusing information. I searched on Google and found a more complete address and map on another web site: I have updated our information accordingly. ~ Editor

Edited on 02/03/15


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 14 2012:
This place was wild. When you arrive, play it calm and easy and take in the goings on. Make sure to tip the attendant 5 pounds. He may interfere with you later and just give him another 5. He is harmless as long as you behave. Watch the rhythm of people going to the toilet. Then join in. (Upstairs closed). I was fucked several times here. Bring your own condoms. Last fuck, I had guys both 10 inches, both ends going at it while two others watched, including the attendant. It's not clean and not glamorous. But it certainly is hot.

Edited on 11/21/12
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 11, 2011

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Posted Oct 20 2012:
Don't worry, the staff are assholes to tourist and to Egyptian gays alike. We all have to pay tipping, the more you visit the more they expect.

And be careful, I've heard many personal stories of not so happy encounters, like gay bashing, robbery and guys beeing hit and kicked out by the staff.

Edited on 10/26/12


Posted Jun 11 2012:
This place is great. Yes, the workers want a tip from tourists but there were so many good looking guys there! There were young, old, modern and conservative, but the one thing they have in common is they are all horny. You could have sex in the seats or in the bathroom. No one cares as long as you tip staff. By the way, it is closed each day from 3:30 to 5 pm.

Edited on 06/14/12
comrad tak


Posted Mar 06 2012:
I went in the morning, paying the ticket amount, 12 LE, and the absolutely obligatory tip, another 3-4 LE for the guide. There were quite a few people, maybe 10 max, watching the movie. Ages were from 20 to 60. I was skeptical about Egyptian dick, but I see I was wrong. They're thick and long, and a cause of some envy! By the way, the famous balcony was closed.

Edited on 03/15/12

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Joined: Feb 18, 2009

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Posted Jun 22 2011:
The downstairs remains open, though the upstairs has been shut down.

Edited on 06/27/11

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 18, 2009

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Total Reviews: 4


Posted Mar 14 2011:
They have closed both the upstairs and downstairs and the toilet is being closely monitored by an usher with a flashlight.

Edited on 03/24/11
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 11, 2010

Total Listings: 3
Total Reviews: 9


Posted Sep 11 2010:
This cinema is extremely run down, but there is lots of action on the top floor. In summer it is very hot and in winter very cold. If the doorman sees you having sex he will throw you out. He is extremely rude. Still, there is lots of action here.

I myself sucked 32 dicks and got fucked by 21 guys in one day! The best time is from 4 to 7 at night. There you will see many lower class people and many men with long beards with the typical Egyptian dress. Very few will ask for money. By the way, Arabs do not like condoms so it is BB paradise.

Edited on 09/14/10


Posted Aug 17 2009:
I visited here in April this year and was not allowed in. I am a 34 year old, white professional male. No amount of trying to get in budged the guy at all. He was very adamant that tourists were not allowed, only Egyptian citizens.


Posted May 17 2009:
I went there twice a few months ago and the first time I tried to go in, the manager almost didn't let me in because I am not Egyptian. The second Friday of this month when I went there last, the man who escorts movie goers to their seat said only the first floor is open. I was told the upper section where most of the action occurs was closed. I notice most people go to the restroom to do things. I can still see a lot of people trying to show hints that they want to play around in the theatre. Just don't be obvious that you are playing around. There are one or two employees who sit behind the theatre watching people walking around.


Posted Mar 12 2009:
When I went the manager would not let me in. I am old, not good-looking, and appear European.


Posted Nov 15 2008:
The ticket costs 7 Egyptian Pounds (1 Euro at current exchange rates). This is not an officially gay cinema. There are two floors. The ground floor is for people who do not wish to have sex but are only willing to either watch the film or meet other men and go somewhere else. The toilet is on this floor on the right side of the screen. The toilet is rundown and dirty like most things in this cinema, and like all public toilets in Cairo. The top floor is extremely rundown but it is where action takes place. No women will go there, not even prostitutes. It's only men. Some will ask for money, but there are so many people looking for sex that there is no need at all to pay! If someone asks for money just walk away. Be very careful, especially if you are a foreigner because they always think that foreigners are rich (which compared to them it may be true). So take only the money that you will need. I myself never had problems with thieves in Cairo. Don't take anyone to your hotel or home. It is extremely dangerous. The administration knows that sex takes place on the top floor, but as with everything in this country you must make believe that all is under control, though people know that it is not. The man that takes you to your seat will expect at least 3 Egyptian Pounds from you, especially if you are a foreigner. So, the cost will actually be 10 EGP (Egyptians give one Pound). He is not nice at all! Actually, he is extremely rude. I have seen him hit one Egyptian (though not very hard) because he caught him doing oral sex. If you are a foreigner, most likely you will not get hit but he will put you out with no manners at all. Not only oral sex goes on, but also anal sex. Sometimes the administrator will come to the ground and top floor to 'check' if someone is doing it. And sometimes from the ground floor he will flash his light towards the top floor to see if all is Ok. So, keep an eye on the entrance and if you see the beam of his flash light just immediately stop what you are doing and make believe that you are watching the film. Also, make sure that both hands are visible so the administrator will see them. In case you are too involved in what you are doing, people will warn you. In a certain way they help each other! The chairs are broken and you can see tissue everywhere. Sometimes people are too lazy to go down to the toilet, so they may urinate in an angle. Most people in this cinema are tops and low class. The ones that are walking around are usually bottoms. The tops sit and wait for you to 'serve' him. Usually the bottoms are from the upper class and the tops from the lower class or from the very low class. Some Egyptians will sit still even if they want you to 'help'. Don't be afraid. Sit next to him and slowly rub your leg on his. If he does not take away his leg, then it means he wants it. Some don't even open their zippers. You have to do it. Take your own condoms (Egyptians hate condoms), though they will decline to use it. It is up to you to risk it or not. Being circumcised, you will notice that most people are clean. They even wash their penises after they urinate. Before coming to Egypt make sure you are vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. These diseases are very common here and in a cinema like Ali Baba, you are most likely to get it if you are not vaccinated. Talk to your doctor and ask to be vaccinated for all possible diseases. I did it. Some foreigners have been excluded from entering this cinema because the administration is afraid that you will have a problem and then go to the police, but I am a foreigner and I always go there. Don't expect people to speak Arabic, especially the tops that go to this cinema because they are, as I said before, from the lower class. The upper class may speak English. Many people will ask for your phone number. Egyptians are very nice to foreigners and always want to become friends with you. During the summer this cinema is an oven. It is extremely hot -- no air conditioner at all. From middle November to middle April it is Ok. Have fun!

From place description/comments:
Closed, deletion pending

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