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Baños Roma

Category: Sauna with covert action Hours / Entry Fee: Open daily 9 am - 9 pm Directions: Located on Calle Ignacio Mejía between Calle Anahuac and Justo Sierra.
Submitted: Aug 31 2002 (Edited 02/21/22)
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3.4/5 based on 10 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 68 Reviews

Address: Ignacio Mejía 869, Partido Romero
City: Ciudad Juarez
ZIP/Postal Code: 32030
Country: Mexico
Phone Number: +52 656 612 2705

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 31.7413,-106.475
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First timer


Posted Jun 23 2024:
My review posted March 24 was no fantasy. It happened exactly as written. Other reviews already described the condition of the place. It is old and gritty like Juarez itself. If you are a clean freak, stay away. If you want to maybe have a good time, bring your own sandals and towel and a good attitude. Don't drive across the border or expect to return at peak times. Walk the bridge and take an Uber.

Edited on 06/27/24


Posted May 08 2024:
Agree it's a filthy, dirty, dump place. If you're into trash, rats, and roaches it's the place to go.

Edited on 05/12/24


Posted Apr 24 2024:
Last post is pure fantasy. Don't waste a day and three hours of lines coming back for nothing. Trust me, the place is a dump.

Edited on 04/26/24
First timer


Posted Mar 24 2024:
A goldmine if you like Latinos. You don't need ID. There is no security in the changing area. Leave phone and valuables at the front desk. Anybody can enter your room when you are not there. Manager at front desk speaks English. Cost was 150 pesos. Bring sandals, floor is rough in spots. Men of all shapes and ages.

Steam room has long benches on either side. Temperature was just right, you can relax a long time without getting roasted. A short young guy with a stubble beard and thick mustache sat down about two feet away from me. He opened his towel and rubbed the top of his erection which nearly reached his chest. He didn't look at me.

After a while he got up and went through a door covered with a curtain. After several minutes I followed. It was a semi-dark room. One guy was sitting in the left corner watching two guys who were standing facing the left wall getting blown. It was dim, but you could see. When the sitting guy left, I took his spot. Now I saw it was the short big dicked guy giving the blowjobs.

I went back out to the steam room. A tall late 20s guy with a ball cap and a fit body sat next to me. He made eye contact a few times. When the steam cranked up so you couldn't see, he reached over to check me out. Then he indicated I should follow. He went out the steam room door, passed the massage room, then entered a room with a heavy curtain. It was pitch black. I couldn't see anything. He grabbed my hand and led me to the back wall. He bent down and kissed me.

When another guy showed up and reached for my dick, baseball guy quickly crouched down and started to blow me. Two other guys showed up and hands and mouths were going anywhere I didn't stop them. Baseball guy sucked me and another guy, while another guy was heavily into slow kissing. This went on for about fifteen minutes. Then baseball guy and two others wandered off. That left me with kissing guy.

By now I could see a little in the dark. He had a neatly trimmed beard along his jawline and big dark eyes, handsome face, and a bit of a gut. I had noticed him in the steam room. About age 35. He was a great kisser, but he knelt down and began sucking my dick, too. Then he turned and rubbed his butt against my erection. He handed me a condom, but I said no fucking. He was okay with that and continued rubbing his butt against me and bending my dick down between his legs. He began to jerk off and, with a lot of heavy breathing, shot his load against the wall. We kissed for several minutes more, then parted.

Back in the steam room, one of the guys was softly singing to himself. It was oddly relaxing. Meanwhile short big dicked guy sat near me again, a little closer. He didn't make eye contact. Finally I shifted my towel so the head of my dick peeked out. He couldn't stop looking. I followed him into the semi-dark room off the steam room.

He was a really good cocksucker. I cupped his face in my hands, and his sharp stubble rubbing my palms as his head bobbed up and down was a huge turn on. I reached down and stroked his big cock. I couldn't hold back anymore and shot a huge orgasm.

If this place is like this all the time, I may have to retire to El Paso.

Edited on 04/03/24
First Timer


Posted Oct 26 2023:
Do I need to show ID? Are the lockers secure? What do I do with my wallet? Is it safe to walk to a nearby restaurant? Thanks for any info.

Edited on 10/30/23


Posted Aug 05 2023:
Ayer visite el Vapor Roma y esta chidisimo. Mame, me la mamaron, culie y me culiaron. Poco sucio pero hay un chingo de verga.

Yesterday I visited Vapor Roma and it's super cool. I sucked, they sucked me off, I fucked and they fucked me. A little dirty but there's loads of dick.

Edited on 08/05/23

Attached Files:
(29 KB, 242 downloads)
Older Reviews : Show/Hide


Posted May 30 2023:
First time in Roma. The tip of bringing poppers really worked for me. All men (agree, mostly elderly) wanted to fuck my cunt ass. Got fucked real hard. Totally worth it.

Edited on 05/31/23


Posted May 29 2023:
Place is rundown and dirty. Very shady crowd. There is no ventilation and it reeks of cigarettes and urine. Management and staff is very friendly. Lots of elderly men and male prostitutes but they are very dirty and stinky. Won't be back to this place.

Edited on 05/29/23
Soldiers Mouth R The Best


Posted Apr 15 2023:
Only cruising spot you need to visit in this city. I had the best sex. All kinds of horny men. I was sucking guys when one after other fucked me. Don't be shy, show what you have and they will join.

Place is dirty, but it's there. Best time to visit weekend afternoons. Weekdays action is more evenings but it's busy all the time to be honest. Morning crowd is more mature men.

Don't confuse Roma with Estambul. Estambul is a tourist trap.

Edited on 04/25/23
Frank - Francisco


Posted Apr 13 2023:
Early evenings are the best time to go. Within an hour someone is sucking my cock or getting fucked by any cock.

The place is a dump but that is what makes it a fantasy place. Most sex is raw but you can always insist on a condom. I am an old lifelong faggot and love this place. It's the place for the well-used holes.

Edited on 04/24/23


Posted Apr 12 2023:
This place is my favorite cruising place ever, I can't wait to be back. Friday night was really busy and so much fun. I have never seen so many people having open fun like that.

A guy sucked me off meanwhile I was doing JO with two guys by my side, the hottest thing I have ever done in public. All ages but those married guys know how to please.

Edited on 04/24/23


Posted Apr 06 2023:
Guys yesterday evening was "open door pump and go" at the little rooms. Three guys ass up face down ready for any dick. Real hot but gross. All raw.

Edited on 04/06/23
Long Fat Cut


Posted Mar 28 2023:
I was the only gringo there. It's been described elsewhere as very dirty. I thought the steamroom and showers were adequate. Some of the other parts of the facility are not particularly clean. This is a Mexican place in Mexico. If anyone is a clean freak, it won't be for them. Also, I did not see the use of condoms, for anyone interested.

With all of the recent reports of violence in Mexico, be aware this neighborhood is not safe to drive. Easiest is to cross the bridge and then get an Uber or a taxi cap. Also, they do not have secure boxes or storage for your wallet and cell phone when visiting.

It was dead in the early afternoon. No one else there. Ended up just relaxing in the steamroom and hit the showers. Then around 5 pm it was packed.

Edited on 03/29/23


Posted Jul 21 2022:
I have been to a lot of these kind of places all around Mexico and have to say that Roma is probably one of the best and the employees don't harass you like they do at other places. Most men go there for sex and not to get hired. Just like all these type places in Mexico it's uncut meat, usually older men, fat, smelly, and mostly cheesy. I hope you check it out.

Edited on 07/21/22


Posted Jul 19 2022:
Too bad this place is in Juarez and not in El Paso. I sucked off five guys who were in the sauna this past Sunday. It started with one, then the others came to watch then participate. I was completely naked sucking all five guys at once. It ended with all of them jerking off on my face. They all left and I was the only one in the place. I just sat there for 10 minutes letting the cum on my face dry.

The masseur walked into the sauna and told me one of the guys I sucked off told him what happened. He asked if I could wait around to suck his cock. I said yes and I did an hour later when he finished with a client. Fun night.

I'll be passing through Juarez tomorrow but won't be coming there unfortunately. My one visit was great. Wish there could be a second.

Edited on 07/19/22


Posted Jul 15 2022:
My well hung Mexican daddy is looking for horny bottoms to fuck and cum in on a Saturday morning so I can lick it out in a fabulous three-way. Please don't invite us to Estambul.

Edited on 07/15/22
SafeSex vs Bareback


Posted Jul 07 2022:
I want to be there sucking and fucking too! But the part that scares me is that most sex there is bareback, meaning you can merely be in the same room and smell the shit it in. Mexicans love to fuck you and finish inside you. Ugh!

Edited on 07/07/22
Edentulous Cocksucker


Posted Jul 05 2022:
I'm definitely going to be there this week at some point. I went there over a month ago for the first time and had a blast on a Friday evening.

Edited on 07/06/22


Posted Jun 28 2022:
Staying in a hotel close to this place. Safe NSA fun. Love younger and uncut. Love getting sucked! Secret fantasy: to be fucked by a college guy with a fat uncut tasty smelly dick. I am in my 50's.

Edited on 06/29/22


Posted Jun 27 2022:
Looking to arrange a small group of cock suckers. Serious. Ideally men with some belly and fat dicks, uncut. Love dirty filthy uncut.

Edited on 06/28/22


Posted Jun 21 2022:
I'm getting horny to go soon, love cocks. Best time to suck young men. Ideally fat and uncut, smelly and tasty cheesy dicks.

Just read in some other site that is the best for ass play, barebacking, exhibitionism, voyeurs, fucking, jerk off, nudism, nipple play, rimming, sucking, three-ways and groups.

Edited on 06/21/22


Posted Jun 18 2022:
Looks like that 18 y/o bubblebutt bottom that goes every day around 6 to 7 pm to get worked over is wide open. He loves fist fucking. I'm guessing he'll be there tonight. Likes it at both ends at once. Check the sauna or an open crowded room and fuck his pussy ass.

Edited on 06/18/22


Posted May 24 2022:
Thanks to the two guys I just played with in the sauna! I enjoyed licking those holes, and got one of the best BJs in a long time! Flooded that throat with a 3-day load!

Edited on 05/25/22


Posted May 12 2022:
Will be trying Juarez for a few days. I am from the East Coast. Staying in El Paso but will be crossing on daily basis.

I'm looking for a traditional Mexican bathhouse with steam room, sauna, and that offers good deep tissue massages. Of course I read Roma is good for hardcore play, but people watching is good for me.

Looking also for a place I can enjoy without having to wear a swimsuit, prefer to be in the nude. A g-string or small thong acceptable? Any other tip or recommendations for Roma. Is bareback common?

Edited on 05/12/22
Looking for Older Men


Posted May 11 2022:
Visiting from Chicago here. How is the crowd at this location? Looking to meet and play with older (60+). Nogales is a waste of time and Estambul is definitely a younger crowd just interested in posing their brand underwear. Curious on the best time to go as well.

Edited on 05/12/22


Posted May 09 2022:
Thanks a lot for the tip. First time to Roma. I stopped by around 2 pm yesterday. Place was busy for a Sunday afternoon. Most rooms were occupied so got one in the back, dropped my pants, and left the door unlocked.

Someone entered the booth next to mine and joined an older guy and got on his knees. And a young Hispanic guy joined me. We played with each other's cocks and I went down on him.

I started sucking that young guy, but after a couple minutes he took control and rammed his cock into my throat. After he finished he sucked me a bit. Then I suited up and fucked him. The guy next door got an eyeful and ended JO and shooting his load on the floor.

The rest was a full afternoon of JO, BJ and lots of beer. Yes they sell beer.

Edited on 05/09/22


Posted May 06 2022:
The staff here is super nice. They don't really give you a hard time. I've never seen them come into the sauna or the rooms. The facilities themselves suck though. I hate how deteriorated this place is but there hasn't been a visit I have not had a great time.

Edited on 05/07/22


Posted May 01 2022:
I was there, yes! Those guys know how to fuck. Their dicks look very clean to be so uncut, but they get so nice and aggressive at the sauna. Most sex is bareback.

I was blowing at the same time I was getting head and getting my ass fingered at the sauna. After swallowing a load I went to cruise the little rooms ending with a big guy with a cockring and went all over him and ended mounting his fat dick. Shortly after, others joined in.

One was a short guy, really good, fucked me too. He came, then left and the group looked like it got a little bigger. I hope to get that kind of orgy again.

Edited on 05/02/22
La Golotza


Posted Apr 28 2022:
Both bears and married men. But the best big fat uncut dicks. Delicious.

Edited on 04/29/22
Ernest SantaTeresa NM


Posted Apr 26 2022:
Does this place attract a lot of bears and married men?

Edited on 04/26/22


Posted Apr 24 2022:
Here now, Sunday April 24. There's over twenty naked walking around exposing their uncut dicks holes waiting for cocksuckers. It's a total fest.

Edited on 04/25/22


Posted Apr 23 2022:
Attention all bubble butt lovers! I noticed a nice group of young married men going to the Banos Roma between 5 pm - 7 pm.

If you wanna experience juicy bouncy young ass please make an appearance so you can drain your hot cocks. I had excellent sex three days this past week.

Edited on 04/24/22


Posted Apr 19 2022:
Good idea. They have some construction going on near by so men go to get showers after a long day of work. I was in shock with those fat uncut awesome men. That will definitely warm you with today's cold weather.

Edited on 04/20/22
Pedro El Mamador


Posted Apr 17 2022:
The best place to find a dick.

Edited on 04/19/22


Posted Feb 22 2022:
If you're looking for hung tops it's the place to go. Older mature truckers, van drivers, workmen, married men, you name it.

Edited on 02/23/22


Posted Feb 20 2022:
First time at Roma and certainly haven't seen so many men walking around totally naked many with full erections. Some were wearing just underwear or just cockrings. I very, very seldom go to Juarez and I'm not a crazy cocksucker but I had a great time. Looks like men there threw away the COVID masks a very long time ago.

I'm sorry but I could not resist those fat uncut men, especially the older mature chubby guys. I was in heaven because young don't interest me sexually. It's no different than guys saying they're not into skinny guys, guys that are too short or too tall, guys of a certain race, guys who aren't hung, guys who are too hairy or to smooth, guys who are too masculine or too femme, etc.

I finally found a place, it's so personal for me. There' were a lot of guys out there looking for cocksuckers like me. They really make me feel I was a great cocksucker. Too bad I am impotent so I could not fuck all the ones who offered me their ass.

Edited on 02/21/22
La Golotza


Posted Dec 30 2021:
To all the hot men who fed me their cocks and cum today, I thank you. You made this cum guzzler very happy.

Edited on 12/31/21
Puto de Delicias


Posted Dec 22 2021:
Stopped by at 2:30 pm yesterday. Fairly busy, a few guys cruising. I hit the sauna and sucked few nice sized cocks. Ended by playing with balls, dicks, and asses and letting few pump my throat. I got a good blow job in the booths. Was fucked by a guy in his 60's with a beer can thick monster cock.

Edited on 12/23/21


Posted Dec 12 2021:
Place is as filthy as it's always been.

Edited on 12/12/21

Attached Files:
(503 KB, 387 downloads)
Gringo Gordo


Posted Dec 11 2021:
Will you regulars tell me honestly if I am welcome here? I haven't been in a bathhouse in Juarez in about fifteen years, but I had many good times at the old Jordan, the Nogales and at Roma.

Now I'm 64, 270 pounds, HIV neg, DDF and vaxxed. I like to worship cock and be a bottomboy for hours. Will I find any takers? Will I be snubbed. Please tell me honestly.

Edited on 12/12/21


Posted May 17 2021:
Damm, last time I was at Romas was like three years ago. I need to go back.

Edited on 05/18/21


Posted May 15 2021:
Photos this past week.

Edited on 05/17/21

Attached Files:
vapor roma (2).png
(624 KB, 472 downloads)
roma (2).jpg
(13 KB, 627 downloads)
roma (3).jpg
(165 KB, 580 downloads)
roma (1).jpg
(30 KB, 641 downloads)


Posted May 15 2021:
Still open. Cheap and friendly. Crowd is mostly fat older Mexicans and their young followers. So always nice to relax there. Beer is so cheap and the masseur is excellent. Opens very early and closes very late so anytime you go you find action. Last visit for me was this past Thursday.

Edited on 05/15/21
4Ever Army


Posted Jan 13 2021:
Still a nice place to go and fuck.

Edited on 01/14/21


Posted Dec 05 2020:
Amazing place to get male sex. Mostly raw but guys worth it.

Edited on 12/07/20
4evr Army


Posted Nov 05 2020:
Place is so cheap and sex is the best in town. Nice place to get a nice fat uncut smelly and tasty Mexican cock. Just cross the downtown bridge and get an Uber. Same on your way back. Lines to cross from Juarez to El Paso are between six to nine hours.

Edited on 11/05/20
Chupo Verga y Mamo Culos


Posted Apr 14 2020:
Open. Business as usual.

Edited on 04/16/20

Attached Files:
04-14-2020 pict 4.jpg
(61 KB, 499 downloads)
Poncho El Vergon


Posted Apr 02 2020:
I remember the Roma in 1995 was the place to fuck ass.

Edited on 04/03/20

Attached Files:
roma 1995.jpg
(11 KB, 690 downloads)
Frank P


Posted Mar 30 2020:
Real busy yesterday.

Edited on 03/31/20

Attached Files:
(373 KB, 793 downloads)
(61 KB, 727 downloads)
Army Dick 4 U


Posted Mar 12 2020:
The place is a dump but the sex is intense.

Edited on 03/12/20


Posted May 11 2019:
Was here yesterday. The entrance is 100 pesos ($5 USD).

The place is a dump but action is great. I had sex at both of the steam baths. Noticed all men were using underwear but all stared at my 8-inch dick. I was hard almost all the time.

A few will just stay at the little rooms with door open for sex.

They sell beer and soda pop. Had a good time but not a place to go frequently.

Edited on 05/13/19
From El Paso TX


Posted Jul 14 2018:
A must see. It's a real dump but lots of sex. Agree best action is after 5 pm. Mostly older men. Way too much bareback sex.

Edited on 07/16/18
Nice Cut Dick


Posted Apr 15 2018:
The place is a dump but I had a great time yesterday. Most action is after 5 pm. Lots of bareback and very horny Mexican men. If your dick is cut they will jump all over you.

Had a fantastic time.

Tip: Park in front and not side streets. Place is across from the Bishop of Ciudad Juarez's home.

Edited on 04/16/18


Posted Oct 26 2016:
I hope the editor considers my opinion. This place used to be the jewel of the crown in Juarez, Mexico in the 80's and 90's. Now it is in ruins. The crowd is mostly elderly men, some very ill looking.

I was there recently and is sad to see us at that age looking for dick. But the show must go on.

There are two steam rooms. One is totally dark but totally covered by a plastic acting as a door. The other is an old door full of mold and is the opposite, totally bright, and you may find a nicely toned Mexican waiting for a blow job and whispering to your ear they let you do it for $200 pesos — roughly 10 bucks.

A must see if you in the region.

Of course I'll consider your opinion, Fred. In fact, I welcome it! You've written some great reviews on CFS. And a wide variety of opinions appear in these Reviews, sometimes people disagreeing with each other.

Keith, the late founder of CFS, taught me to edit Reviews for readability, to screen out personal information (it belongs in Member Profiles), and to delete certain types of posts that truly aren't Reviews. For example, often unregistered Guests of the site post are looking for a hook-up and — not reading the instructions, etc. — they assume their words, abbreviations, whatever will appear immediately. Those are the sorts of things most often deleted when I see them days later. The same applies to repeat reviews.

Your review is more than helpful and actually provides better information than Caleb's, submitted Oct 24 and published here Oct 28. I don't publish Reviews on weekends, thus a little delay with yours. But it sounds like you've described Baños Roma quite well. If I ever get over to the far side of Texas from Houston, I should at least cross the bridge and see for myself.

Thanks for the Review! ~ Editor

Edited on 11/02/16


Posted Oct 24 2016:
The place is in ruins. Mostly old men, but real old. Average age 70.

It's real dirty.

Alert people not to waste their money unless you looking for a fungal infection.

Edited on 10/28/16


Posted Apr 25 2014:
Hot, simply hot action.

Edited on 04/30/14


Posted Dec 24 2012:
Last week I visited this bathhouse. One of the best source of cocks I ever been. Close to 40 guys all sucking, fucking, etc. in the showers, large sauna, steam rook, halls and little rooms. Plenty for all. Uncut dick paradise!

Edited on 01/02/13


Posted Jun 24 2012:
If you are brave and willing to cross the border, this place rocks. Uncut cock paradise, and from average to anacondas.

Edited on 06/26/12


Posted Jul 31 2009:
I have been to Banos Roma several times and although Juarez Is a mostly dangerous city, I have never had trouble there. It used to be a risky place in the past but police look over it now (I don't know exactly why). The place is ideal to meet younger guys looking for older men. I advise you to go there Friday to Sunday since weekdays are not as busy. Carry your own condoms and be prepared for action. Some guys will try to take advantage of you but you can tell who they are right away.


Posted Jun 26 2008:
Heads Up!
I was there this past week. A Mexican police officer came inside, walked around and there were a few guys totally naked to whom he said to use a towel. I left the placed immediately. A lady police officer was outside. I was asked to show an ID. Not worth the hazard for any cock.


Posted Aug 11 2007:
Heads Up!
This place was raid by the local police and everyone ended in jail. Apparently they were selling alcohol without a license and selling 'toys'. It's re-opened but been told is dead now.


Posted Feb 06 2007:
Heads Up!
Spent an afternoon at Roma. Some really nice Latino men. Be very careful as it's covert sexual activity only. Talked to a number of the patrons and the police raided this place about three weeks ago and arrested two guys in a room together having sex and also arrested all the other patrons in rooms near the two having sex. Be very careful about public displays of affection and sex between men.


Posted Apr 12 2006:
Juarez can be very dangerous and you will need your passport to return to the USA.


Posted Jun 01 2005:
I was there today and I never realize the massages are so inexpensive and the guys are real good. I had a hearty portion of sex in a short time so I decided to have a massage.


Posted Jun 27 2004:
The place is very good for any action. There is very little protection available, so bring all the necessary tools.


Posted Dec 22 2003:
This is a hot place with real men including some nice straight trade. I had three uncut Mexicans fuck my throat here. You can also buy beer here!


Posted Nov 23 2002:
This is a public bath and not a gay bathhouse. For those who like nice and clean places this is not for you. Lots of hot uncut blue collar workers in here though. This is the place for those into masculine guys. Also, you must speak some Spanish. Not much English is spoken here. Bring your own condoms too.


Posted Aug 31 2002:
Best place to find hot action in Ciudad Juarez. This place is not very clean so wear sandals. Most of the action takes place in the dark sauna room and private booths. Good massage too!

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