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Estambul Spa


Category: Bathhouse with full facilities, Younger crowd, Mostly gay Hours / Entry Fee: 3 pm - 11 pm daily (Temp. Sat - Sun 10 am - 11 pm per web site Nov 2016) / See web site for prices in Mexican Pesos Submitted: Oct 27 2016 (Edited 11/25/16)
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Address: Calle Anahuac #550, Colonia Cuauhtémoc
City: Ciudad Juarez
ZIP/Postal Code: 32010
Country: Mexico
Phone Number: +52 1 656 338 4677 or +52 656

Bathhouse with hot tub, gym and showers. lounge, jacuzzi, and lockers. Clean and very safe.

Also on Facebook.

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Frank P


Posted Dec 10 2017:
The place rocks. Prices are very reasonable $140 pesos ($7 USD) for a locker and $200 pesos ($10 USD) for a room. Mondays you get a free pass for another day. Great action at the darkroom, the dry and wet sauna, and almost anywhere in the place. Best action 5 pm to 8 pm.

Friendly staff and nice young crowd.

Tip: Just cross the bridge and ask for an Uber on the Mexican side. Avoid driving.

Edited on 12/11/17
El Verga Gruesa


Posted Nov 19 2017:
Mr. Editor, we are all entitled to opinions. Carlos had a bad experience we must respect. I go every week, usually Thursday my day off from work. Always enjoy my stay. The guys in the front are always nice to me.

Not sure about that incident but the place has enough illumination at least for me to show my hard dick. There is labyrinth in the back where most guys go to fuck and it is quite dark but that is the purpose of it. I always get head or fuck ass at the dry and wet saunas. The showers are a paradise. The VIP area is for kink, especially the fist fucking slings. I've done few asses to my elbow.

I hope he is not one of those that are wondering and cruising and despite the fact we tell them no they keep insisting. This past Thursday there was a guy with a foot-long dick. By his accent he was either Cuban, Dominican, or Puerto Rican. I rarely bottom but I wanted had that one badly. I tried once, he said no. so I stopped at that point. Attitude is important as well as respect. If someone says no, it's no.

Lastly the jacuzzi is always pristine clear and clean. Perhaps they sometimes use too much chlorine. Hope the Editor posts my opinion.

Happy to post opinions, good and bad, and thanks for the Review. I hope to hear more from you. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/22/17


Posted Mar 06 2017:
I am sorry to say that staff is not friendly at all. The person behind the desk is more interested in using his Facebook than serving costumers.

The jacuzzi was filthy. Even worse, to save electricity the corridors are dark and I witnessed an accident with a lot of blood included. The man behind the desk didn't show sympathy.

A place to avoid.

Edited on 03/13/17


Posted Nov 12 2016:
Correction on Hours of Operations: Monday - Saturday is from 3 PM - 11 PM. Sunday is from 10 am and 6 pm.

Entry Fee: $120 pesos for lockers and $160 pesos. The rate of exchange is like 19 pesos per US Dollar. So roughly $6 US for a locker and $8 US for a room.

Please make a note the little rooms are just to relax. Visitors are not allowed. So not worth the extra 40 pesos if you cannot take any one to fuck at the room. The rule is very enforced and cameras are in all halls. I must say the rooms are very clean but I did use it just to leave my clothes there.

Nice bar, beer and wine only. Try the michelada drink. A michelada is a Mexican drink made with beer, clamato, tomato, and oyster juice, lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. For security they used large plastic cups. You can order food if your are hungry, Try the chicken wings in hot sauce. Two nice masseurs. Instant boner as they rub your body. Owner very friendly. One of the attendants will tour the facility if it's your first time. Credit and debit cards accepted.

Jacuzzi. Dry heat sauna. Wet dry sauna. But the best is a new steam area with a labyrinth design at the area where rooms area.

The shower area is very relaxing with all complimentary liquid soap, shampoo, conditioners, etc. Extra showers located at the labyrinth sauna.

TV area and two computers for your use. Free WiFi.

A must is the sling room. Perfect for the leather guys like me. The masseur noticed my impressive boner and took me there to use my hands in a guy. Gloves and Crisco are available. My favorite, a rosebud Mexican bear.

The best action began around 6 pm and I left around 10 am.

I got head both at both smaller saunas and joined a group of five guys at the labyrinth. Had no time for the Jacuzzi but had the true bathhouse experience at the sling room.

A must place to go.

P.S. They are in the process of building a swimming pool that will be ready by next summer, 2017, and there is a parking area. You must ask the front attendant to open it for you.

The staff is extremely friendly.

Thanks for the corrections and such a descriptive review! You sound like you'd be fun to travel with!

Their web site is very pretty, but I didn't realize that the Horarios (Schedule, or we would say Hours) were hidden under Conocenos (more or less, Get To Know Us). (Of course, I should be the very last person to critique someone's web design, LOL) Anyhow, the site says there are Temporary Hours Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 11 pm and their Facebook page (though not Google) agrees.

After I started handling these Listings, I seldom put the prices on the main part of the page for bathhouses and saunas because they often vary by day of the week, term, special discounts, events, and so on. For example, I saw Cuarto (Room) for $180 pesos except Tuesdays' special $160 pesos. And of course, sometimes web sites are out of date, too, as I know too well. :-) ~ Editor

Edited on 11/25/16

From place description/comments:
Bathhouse with hot tub, gym and showers. lounge, jacuzzi, and lockers. Clean and very safe.

Also on Facebook.

Map is imprecise due to limitations of our software; see a better map on Google.

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