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Baños Finisterre


Category: Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Open 6 am - 9 pm; Sun: 6 am - 4 pm Directions: Take the Metro to San Cosme station. Exit the station to the street, Cosme, and look for the highway bridge crossing the street. The baths are in that direction so walk towards the bridge. Turn left on Contreras and the sauna is just down the street on the right side, middle of the block.
Submitted: Jul 15 2001 (Edited 12/22/20)
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2.57/5 based on 14 votes. The median rating is 2.
Read & Write Reviews: 26 Reviews

Address: Manuel María Contreras 11, San Rafael, 06470
City: Mexico City
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: Mexico
Phone Number: 52 55 5535 3543

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 19.4421,-99.1641
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Posted Jun 09 2024:
Dirty and super unsafe. Non-functioning toilets, one small towel and if you want another you pay. Place should be closed down.

Edited on 06/09/24


Posted Aug 23 2023:
A must go in Mexico City. Before or after explore the men for hire around the neighborhood. Cheap dicks. Fat uncut tasty, sometimes smelly.

Edited on 08/27/23

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Posted Apr 24 2022:
I've been coming to Mexico City CDMX about fifteen years and a friend introduced me to Finisterre. I try to go each time I visit CDMX. It has changed a bit over the years.

As one reviewer mentioned below they opened up an area by rather crudely knocking a hole in the wall. The new area has about ten spaces and each has a different play out of benches, small steam room, and private area or shower. There is also a new VIP area with three smallish (fits maybe four people) hot tubs, which you have to pay extra for (I think about 30 pesos). There are generally a couple of hot guys to suit several different tastes.

This is a quick fifteen minute walk to the friend’s apartment I'm staying at so very convenient. Just be careful after dark as I have had two different hook ups robbed and one was punched in the mouthe and has stitches. Don’t carry valuables, keep a small amount of cash as a token to hand over if accosted. And don’t be walking staring at your cell phone. Mine was snatched in another area and the kid ran away with it. Keep alert and walk with purpose. Ubers are inexpensive and may be the safest way to get around.

Edited on 04/25/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 19, 2021

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Posted Sep 19 2021:
Banos Finisterre is once again open as of May 2021. Upon entering, your temperature is taken and you are given hand sanitizer. You must give your name. General admission is 140 pesos.

There are no longer massages or pedicures.

Part of the facilities is off limits, but they have expanded cruising possibilities by opening up the formerly private steam rooms.

The crowds may be smaller, but the action is still hot!

The rate of vaccination for COVID-19 is relatively high and hopefully, visitors are being responsible in regards to COVID.

Edited on 09/19/21
CockSucker Polanco


Posted Dec 23 2020:
The Baños Finesterre baths are open. Just be careful. A few of the tenants in my building used to be frequent users of them. All have died of COVID, 17 guys total. Mostly in their 40's - 50's.

I'm not saying they all got infected at the bathhouse but it's so odd they all used to go two or three times a week. Got fucked like sluts, usually bareback.

Since the pandemic I have not gone to baths, cabinas, gloryholes nor porn cinemas of CDMX. Thanks to God I am alive.

Thanks Mr. Editor for all your COVID warnings.

You're welcome. Thanks also to the guys in each city, like the ones in El Paso and you in CDMX, who share what's happening. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/24/20


Posted Dec 21 2020:
Has Finisterre reopened, or is it still closed due to COVID?

Edited on 12/22/20

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 07, 2018

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 07 2018:
A couple of comments about the bathhouse and a special comment for Americans:

Definitely not closed, probably will never close because it is a Mexico City legend. A traditional bathhouse for decades. It turned 100% gay at least 20 years ago; gay/bi is a better description.

The comments from others below are accurate. Action is available, although it comes and goes — not an open orgy. Sex needs a protagonist to get something started, and most will just watch except in the tiny room, that's a full go when guys are inside. The private rooms are more sex-friendly than the sauna areas.

No sex in the main shower/massage area, but lots of body display and you can meet others there if you speak Spanish. Great massages, too, and cheap.

Not all the men go for on-site sex. Some men really do go just to get clean after work and watch other guys; some go to meet and go elsewhere. Still, it is entirely gay/bi.

Mostly working men, probably a lot of married men, too. No attitude, no aggression, some discretion.

Best time is from 2 to 6 pm, from lunch to when work gets out. It starts to empty out after 7 pm and is closed by 8:30 pm. Best days are Friday and Saturday afternoon; Sunday is dead, Monday through Wednesday is slow.

The surrounding neighborhood is a safe area during the day, with lots of traffic and commerce. Nothing interesting there at night.

There is a hotel next door, and a few more nearby, that rent rooms cheap for short stays, a couple of hours. In fact any hotel in CDMX where the "Garage" sign is bigger than the hotel name sign, is a short stay hotel, hotel de paso, and all accept gay guests, it's the law.

Now the comment for Americans: Two blocks from the bathhouse is the most unique site an American will ever see in Mexico City, and nobody knows about it!

Nothing to do with sex, but it is so close, so please visit because of its interest and also it will make a great story for friends when you get back to the States.

When the USA invaded Mexico in 1847 — hey, the Marine Corps hymn says "From the Halls of Moctuzema to the…" — that's the assault on Chapultepec Castle they are singing about, Mexico was forced to cede a small strip of land to the USA where the U.S. military could bury its 750+ deceased soldiers. American territory, right in the middle of Mexico City!

Super easy to get to: Walk to the main avenue and turn left, walking towards the overpass/bridge. Walk one block along the avenue and you will see an old chapel just ahead that's British, not American. Turn left on that street, Virginia Fábregas, and walk one block south to the San Rafael theater; it has a big street sign.

Right across the street is the U.S. National Cemetery, an official American military cemetery and monument. It is open to the public, so step inside and you are on American soil! It's a beautiful little U.S. monument, guarded by U.S. Marines. There is visitor info and you can ask questions of the attendant. You are free to walk around respectfully and might even catch an honor ceremony by the Marines if you are lucky. Open until 5 pm.

Hope you visit both the bathhouse and the Monument. Both are great experiences.

Edited on 07/09/18


Posted Mar 24 2017:
Baños Finisterre is open. I've gone four times since I've been in Mexico City. It closes at 9 pm M-F and at 4 PM on Sunday.

129 peso entry. 100 peso massage. 40 peso beers.

It's good time. Crowd varies.

I'm grateful to you for the update (or correction). Thanks!

I rely on cruisers like you to tell CFS when places close, and I do try to verify it when possible. Sometimes they never closed, closed and reopened, or there's some other explantion. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/30/17


Posted Feb 18 2015:
Place is closed! :(

I will add this to our list for possible future deletion. I did see a review for it on another site that was posted as recently as October, 2014. ~ Editor

Edited on 02/24/15

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 18 2013:
I went to Banos Finisterre last Thursday afternoon at the behest of the lawyer who'd picked me up the night before and didn't let me sleep. He said the steam would rejuvenate me. After paying my 100 pesos and going upstairs to the rooms, I got naked. I'm in pretty good shape, a grown man at 47 years old, full head of hair, bushy black mustache and brown eyes, fair skin. I'm Mexican, but not born here. I fit in if I don't talk!

This place was packed and it was 1:30 in the afternoon! Lots of young guys and middle-aged guys like me. Lots of nice body types, masculine type guys. As soon as I went into the big steam room a young Mexican guy sat next to me and showed me his big, long cock. I didn't need another invitation. I got down on my knees and started sucking him off.

And when he left, I started sucking off the husky guy next to him. Then another bear guy, fair skin, hairy legs and chest, clean shaven, offered his fat uncut cock for me to service. He was really hung! I choked on the size of it but he was so sexy and totally enjoying what I was doing, I only stopped after it got too hot for him. And then when he left, the handsome dark young man who'd been watching, showed me his erection, and soon had me going down on him.

And that was just the first 30 minutes!

I got fucked -- I took a condom -- in the little steamroom by one the first guys I'd sucked off. That was hot.

Then I got bold and took another cock inside the bigger steamroom. My top was a smooth bearish guy with a handsome face. He had me doggie style and men started to gather around and egg us on. Soon the hairy stud shoved his hard dick down my throat. And then another handsome stud took his place. I was in heaven! The guys that day were masculine, good looking, and ready to play.

I left at 4 pm only because I had made an appointment. I could've stayed longer. I got fucked two times, and sucked off about ten guys total. This was a sexual highlight for me. I will go back when I can but I don't know if it will ever be this good again.

Edited on 11/21/13

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Joined: Jan 14, 2005

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 27 2013:
I went with some friends 1/4/2013. I had been 20 years ago and found it boring and non-sexual at the time. Now that club Sodome has opened and renewed guys interest in saunas, Finesterre has picked up too.

It was a Friday afternoon and the place was packed. Mostly cruising with little action except in one small steam room. The large steam room was full but not much happening. After an hour or so, I got tired of all the heat and steam, but there is nowhere cool to rest. So, more steam and more cruising.

Entrance is 100 pesos. You can get a 45-minute massage for 100 pesos more. For a shower and sauna it is fine. For sex, I prefer the sexclubs and private parties.

Edited on 02/04/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 01, 2011

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Total Reviews: 3


Posted Nov 01 2011:
I love this place. I get to Mexico City, DF fairly often and make certain to make Finisterre one of my first stops. The hours are now different from noted in some reviews. I think the shorter hours were required by the city because of concern over the city's water supply and drought. The hours are now 7 am to 8 pm Monday - Saturday and I believe 7 am to 3 pm on Sunday but it could be until 4 pm. They have drinks at a reasonable price and will run a tab for you. I have never been cheated in many years of visiting this place.

All types of men go, many are masculine and it is strange in that there are as many or more tops than bottoms, which is rare these days. Weekdays are better in my opinion because the guys just don't have time to play games as many seem to do on the weekend. 90 pesos for a general. Buy your ticket, put any valuables in the free locked boxes by the register, pocket your key, head down the long hall, give your ticket to the attendant, order a drink if you want and it will be delivered to you, go upstairs, get a room and start fucking and/or sucking. Highly recommended!

Edited on 11/02/11

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Joined: Nov 22, 2010

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Posted Nov 22 2010:
This place is great. In my opinion it is one of the very best places for sex with masculine men in Mexico City. When I go there I go upstairs and get one of the rooms. All of the staff is straight or at least not openly gay and they are not there for sex, but there are a steady supply of horny men from mid-morning until late evening. I have been there when they open at 6 am and was getting fucked shortly thereafter but normally very early is slow.

Edited on 11/25/10


Posted Sep 25 2008:
All kinds of men attend. It's a great place to check out guys, play, and for all-around fun! There is a shower zone, two saunas (tiles, no wood), and one steamroom. Nobody seems to mention the small steamroom at the upper left corner of the shower area. It is the de facto orgy room. So, not all action takes place at the individual rooms. The orgy room, however, is full of guys and though there isn't always action it's hot when it happens. Bring your flip-flops, lube and condoms. I used to lure guys into my room or visit theirs, but now I wait for cute guys to fill the orgy room (capacity is six), then get in and get the party started. Mexican guys seem to favor fair-skinned, foreign-looking guys, and a healthy physique is preferable. Only peeve: some Mexican guys, especially the older ones, seem to not know bathhouse etiquette. Since there is no dark place in the whole premises, facial expression is critical. Smile if you like the one(s) you are seeing! Unless of course you look amazingly gorgeous and are in your twenties.


Posted Feb 23 2008:
I went yesterday. It's nice if a little small. I went on a Friday late afternoon. Most action seemed to be in the 'resting' rooms. It's pretty obviously a gay place for gay sex. The guy I met up with had condoms, so not all sex in D.F. is unsafe.


Posted Nov 22 2006:
The action is very open and very hot. There is hot sex in the dressing rooms, in the steamroom and dry sauna and in the small steamroom, which basically serves as an orgy room. I have been to this place for each of the last three days and there is sex all over the place. The straight guys will even bring you gay porn mags to jackoff with in you need it. One thing, there are some muscle guys here but not many. Most of the guys here are average looking but there are a lot of large, uncut cocks and a lot of tops. This is one of the very best places in Mexico City without question.


Posted Aug 23 2006:
Covert action? The action in this place is very open and sex is very easy. The staff is very helpful and do not get in your way. This is, without question, one of the best places in Mexico City. When you enter ask for "General" (hen-ner-al). It will be about 65 pesos. Go down the long hall and I recommend continuing upstairs. The room cruising there is much better. The staff is straight but very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place.


Posted Jun 09 2006:
It is a sauna and there are certainly straight men attending, but the place has its own small orgy room! I had my balls dried off from a thin Venezuelan cutie in the orgy room. Then we both went to my private room where I fucked him from behind, with his legs strapped around my shoulders. He was a great ass wiggler! He asked to fuck me in return, but I was in a hurry. This place is a must whenever I go to Mexico City.


Posted May 26 2006:
There is almost no overt sex inside the common area, but plenty of it goes on in the private rooms (which everyone gets with admission). Of all the bathhouses in Mexico City this one seems to have the best-looking, fittest guys. There is some attitude too but if you are looking for muscle this is one of the few places you will find it.


Posted Apr 03 2005:
This is the best sauna in Mexico City, with zero attitude from the employees. All the general areas are good for cruising, except the showers. Last time, I got sucked twice, fucked a blonde guy, and got fucked by another guy in his mid forties.


Posted Jan 04 2005:
I have been to several of the banos in Mexico City and this one is, without question, my favorite. There is not as much open action as at Mina, but most of the guys here are better looking, more masculine and seem to be a more educated, professional group. Most of the action here is in the rooms, but there is some in the steam areas. Lots of looking and posing in the showers.


Posted Nov 27 2004:
Last Friday I blew and was blown by two guys: a Mexican and an American. Then I fucked a cute young fellow. Great place. Although announced as a sauna with covert action, there's cocksucking action in the sauna. Most cruising takes place on the second floor and there are most types of men on evening weekdays and throughout all weekend days.


Posted Nov 01 2003:
These baths are probably the best-known all over the city. Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons tend to be the best time. Expect all kinds of guys--muscular, daddies, regulars, older, and few young boys and blue-collar.


Posted Oct 21 2002:
Out of all the bathhouses I visited this was the cleanest and most friendly. The staff is all gay and the clientele is mostly gay. Lots of action in the steamrooms and you can take a partner back to your room with no problem.


Posted Jun 29 2002:
All types of guys here and while the private rooms are very cruisy it is rarely so the sauna. A clean place and it's full on the weekends in the afternoons.


Posted Jun 20 2002:
This sauna is clean and recently repaired. Sunday morning from 11 am to 4 pm is the best time to find fit and muscular men (some are surely ‘straight'). Friday and Saturday evenings aren't bad. All ages, all social status here. I've seen two or up to four men go into a room for fun. No problem. No body complains. There is a parking lot available.

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