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Studio 69 Cabinas & Sex Shop (Henequen)

Category: Adult store with arcade, Sex shop with cabins, Gloryhole, Mixed gay, straight, bi Hours / Entry Fee: Noon - 9 pm Directions: Next to parking lot of Soriana Henequen.
Submitted: Mar 17 2020 (Edited 10/30/20)
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Address: Calle Porfirio Diaz 10165 sur Fraccionamiento Las Dunas
City: Ciudad Juarez
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: Mexico

Porn shop and arcade with dark room and orgy room. Entrance fee is $50 Mexican Pesos.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 31.6496,-106.389
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Posted Feb 13 2023:
Plenty of action all day long. I prefer after 5 pm. Lots of raw sex. Noticed anal is by far the rule than oral.

Edited on 02/14/23


Posted Jul 25 2022:
Mostly married men looking to get serviced and young men play, take hot cock down their throat. No questions asked.

Sometimes couples go for face fucking hot loads.

Edited on 07/25/22


Posted Apr 21 2022:
Looking for the older man who sucked me here this past Monday around 6 pm. Had your contact number but lost. Send me a message if you see this.

Hope you gave him your number since there's no way for him to contact you here unless you register as a CFS Member so you can have a Profile page. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/21/22


Posted Apr 19 2022:
I want to hook up with the hung crossdresser that was there this morning. Too bad I could not take you dick due to lack of lube. You're so clean, smooth - smooth - and with that colossal dick. I'd like to get a group going or something.

This place can be slow but when you leave the door open and let all in it's a lot of fun.

Edited on 04/20/22
Thank You Buddy


Posted Oct 06 2021:
Well, I did get an amazing BJ by a hot young guy with a very talented mouth. All he wanted was cum.

Edited on 10/06/21


Posted Oct 04 2021:
Last Saturday was hotter than hell at the Cabinas. Never witnessed so many willing, some reasonably attractive guys, taking it hard and rough. Perhaps that's why they transmit the syphillis because most sex is bareback/raw.

Loved those long starved and hungry guys getting primal, thanks to long COVID-19 restrictions.

I went back to Cabinas first time after the restrictions has been lifted and discovered most guys utilizing their time and money and getting down into action without wasting any time walking around. They will try to push their dicks up your ass no matter how. Just be careful.

Edited on 10/05/21


Posted Aug 31 2021:
Pinchis putos con la sifilis. No se expongan a coger sin condon.

Fucking whores with syphilis. Don't expose yourself to fucking without a condom.

Edited on 09/01/21


Posted Aug 03 2021:
Gloryholes now in all rooms. If hung be careful, they're not that big.

Edited on 08/04/21
From El Paso TX


Posted Jul 25 2021:
I took my personal cock sucker to the Cabinas about 5:30 pm yesterday. While I was stroking my cock I watched him suck and swallow a few others. Then we all came all over his face for everyone to see. Was hot.

Edited on 07/26/21


Posted Jul 07 2021:
Soldier. If you're ever in the Zaragoza area try the VFW Pavillion. We would like to please you soldiers. Thank you for your service.

Edited on 07/08/21
Married Soldier


Posted Jul 06 2021:
A group of us went there and it's far from the border, a thirty minute drive. The place itself is a blast. We all fucked asses, got rimmed, and we rimmed few asses.

I will suggest you use the Zaragoza International Bridge rather than the downtown bridge or the Cordova bridge.

The place is basically a sex club. All ages from late teens to men in their 60's. They even have a shower.

The issue was the return back, 3-1/2 hours at the border to cross into the US. It's up to you but not worth the trip for that reason.

Edited on 07/07/21
La Golotza


Posted May 29 2021:
Frank, I think Jose was one of the duds. She is so picky.

Edited on 05/29/21
Frank P


Posted May 28 2021:
Agree, Punto Rojo is much better. There were a few guys at Henequen last night that were duds, they didn't want to do anything, turned down others and myself – what's the point of going?

I decided to go to Punto Rojo on my way to El Paso and once there the ball got rolling. Guys just walked up and put their cocks in my face. It would've been nice to get rimmed and fucked as I was bent over the couch in the hall but I'm not complaining. It was a good time with all the cocksucking I did.

Edited on 05/28/21


Posted May 27 2021:
Amiga. Las cabinas de Henequen son una chulada. Llegas y estas chupando verga hasta saciarte. Punto Rojo es mas tranquilon.

Girfriend. Henequen is very busy. You can be sucking dicks all day long. Punto Rojo is calmer.

Edited on 05/28/21


Posted May 26 2021:
I would love to be on my knees on a COVID-19 mat and suck all those dick at Henequen but I rather go to Punto Rojo. Looks like Jose is real picky with the dicks she sucks.

Edited on 05/27/21


Posted May 25 2021:
Jose probably works in a factory or maquiladora and is used to the COVID-19 disinfectant floor mats used in factories.

Safety floor mats are the foundation of many of the workplaces deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mexico is being hit hard by corona. From government and healthcare, to grocery stores, to food processing and distribution centers, workers across these essential industries may be spending more time on their feet than usual. They use anti fatigue safety floor mats to create healthier workspaces. They reinforce new COVID-19 safety policies with those floor mats and use disinfectant mats to help clean and sanitize shoes and decrease the opportunity for cross-contamination.

I've never seen them in in a place you go to suck dick. Neither in the US nor Mexico. Honest to God.

Edited on 05/25/21

Attached Files:
(236 KB, 361 downloads)


Posted May 24 2021:
Jose had the total opposite experience of what I had had there. When I go the guy in charge is very friendly. Gives me sanitizing gel and there was sanitizing spray at the counter. Not sure what Jose means for an anti-COVID mat.

Of course it's a place to give or get head or to give or get a nice fat dick up your ass. What to expect, a "masked" dick or an N-95 shield to protect his ass?

Finally I won't mind if the guy in the front tries "to touch me." He is real hot.

The great part of CFS is that the Editor always had respected the different point of views of all of us including malignant comments. Good for you Mr. Editor.

Much appreciated, thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 05/24/21


Posted May 23 2021:
Mucha gente. El lugar mal cuidado, ninguna precaución COVID como tapete, temperatura, gel... Las personas que atienden muy amable exepto uno que creo que es el dueño. Intento tocarme y creo que hace mal por meterse con los clientes.

Many people. The place is poorly maintained, no COVID precautions such as mats [masks?], temperature, gel... The people there are very friendly except one that I think is the owner. I just touch myself and I think it's bad to mess with the [other] customers.

Edited on 05/23/21


Posted May 15 2021:
Real friendly. Stay limited to two hours. Plenty of gel, spray, and cleaning supplies. Nice crowd around 1 pm - 3 pm. Mostly suit and tie guys from nearby banks, etc.

Edited on 05/15/21
US From El Paso


Posted Aug 06 2020:
Place open for business. Let me clarify the issue of the borders. They never actually stop Americans from going in and out of Mexico. The problem is the Mexicans, they can't get into to US.

All gloryholes are open at Cabinas Henequen. Mexico does not require all the bullshit of the US, masks etc.

Free to do what ever you want with your dick, mouth, or ass. Beside the arcade – cabinas – there is a dark room and an orgy room.

Best time is after 6 pm. If you're paranoid about corona stay home, because the action at Cabinas is intense and real wild.

Edited on 08/06/20

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Glory holes.jpg
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From place description/comments:
Porn shop and arcade with dark room and orgy room. Entrance fee is $50 Mexican Pesos.

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