WSN Codes take the place of functions normally performed by HTML. You may use these codes to add formating to your messages. These are the WSN Codes available for your use:

WSN Code HTML Equivilant Description
[b]your text[/b] <b>your text</b> Put text in bold.
[i]your text[/i] <em>your text</em> Put text in italics.
[u]your text[/u] <u>your text</u> Underline text
[quote=parameter]your text[/quote] <div class...your text</div> Quote text written by someone.
[quote]your text[/quote] <div class...your text</div> Quote without attribution.
[url=parameter]your text[/url] <a target=...your text</a> Link text to a URL.
[url]your text[/url] <a target=...your text</a> Link a URL.
[img]your text[/img] <img src=" text" border="... Display an image from a URL.
[code]your text[/code] <div class...your text</div> Type code such as HTML, PHP, C++, etc.
[color=parameter]your text[/color] <span styl...your text</span> Places text in specified color.
[size=parameter]your text[/size] <font size...your text</font> Set the size of text.
[list]your text[/list] <ul>your text</ul> List of bullet points.
[*]your text <li>your text Bullet point inside a list.
[numbered]your text[/numbered] <ol>your text</ol> Numbered list.
[font=parameter]your text[/font] <span styl...your text</span> Put text in the specified font.
[hr]your text <hr style=...your text Horizontal rule.
[center]your text[/center] <div style...your text</div> Center text.
[right]your text[/right] <div style...your text</div> Align text to right.
[indent=parameter]your text[/indent] <div style...your text</div> Indent by specified number of pixels.
[highlight=parameter]your text[/highlight] <span styl...your text</span> Set background color for text.
[email]your text[/email] <a href="m...your text</a> Clickable email address.
[strike]your text[/strike] <strike>your text</strike> Cross out text.
[youtube]your text[/youtube] <object wi...your text" type="ap... Embeds a YouTube video.
[sub]your text[/sub] <sub>your text</sub> Subscript.
[sup]your text[/sup] <sup>your text</sup> Superscript.
[fullfont parameter]your text[/fullfont] <font {PAR...your text</font> Set a font face, size or family.
[urlself=parameter]your text[/urlself] <a target=...your text</a> Link text to URL in same window.
[mdash]your text —your text Em Dash, long dash.
[ndash]your text –your text En Dash, short dash;