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El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Jun 03 2018 by Matt
Only one john was covered with plywood panels, the one at the back of the lake facing Loop 375/Mexico. Yesterday the two at the front plus the one at the lake and the one at the golf course were open. No action but promising.

If y'all start reporting action here I'll consider removing the warning and deletion notice. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
New York : Angelica : Jones Pond Campground and RV Park : Review: Jun 03 2018
From SFGN, Jones Pond was awarded "three number one wins in the Best Gay Campgrounds of North America by Category Poll. Respondents rated Jones Pond as having the best Fun, the best Staff, and the best Food." See the complete review at the link.

South Florida Gay News, April 2018 Gay Camping 2018: Jones Pond Campground & RV Park Delivers The Best Fun And Food By The Best Staff
Published or Edited on 06/30/18
Tennessee : Pigeon Forge : Patriot Park : Review: Jun 03 2018 by Mountain Man
Also here on vacation and would be interested in hooking up.

You can register as a CFS Member and then contact the last posters here through their CFS Profile pages. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
California : Modesto : Tuolumne River Regional Park : Review: Jun 03 2018 by Mikeh
I suck lots of cock here and been fucked many times. This place is great.
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
San Francisco Metro : San Mateo : Secrets Boutique : Review: Jun 02 2018 by Joe
Went here last weekend for the first time in a long while. Totally dead, probably because it was early afternoon, but seems to have potential. Doors have windows, which is kind of a bummer, but someone standing in front of it could easily block people from looking in.

Clerk was chill and left me alone. Too bad no one else showed up at all. I will probably try again at night some time, because it seems like it could be an okay spot.
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
Pennsylvania : Kutztown : Cupid's Arcade : Review: Jun 02 2018 by Noah
I have never been here and I want to go. When is the best time to go and will I get a lot of action as a bottom?
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
Saint Louis Metro : Saint Louis : Edward Jones Family YMCA : Review: Jun 02 2018 by George
The mens' locker room showers and steam room are cruisy with the before-work crowd. I bust a nut a couple mornings a week in the steam room.
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
Orlando Metro : Kissimmee : Club 3018 : Review: Jun 02 2018 by Pdpinb
I tried the link to their website and it's not there. Tried to Google it and can't find it. Is it still there?

Although Google and Bing both still have broken links to the club's web site, neither shows it as a place either open or closed. I'm going to assume it's closed and add it to my list. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
New Jersey : Atlantic City : Borgata Hotel and Casino : Review: Jun 01 2018 by TreasureTrailHunter
Spa is still good but hit or miss with hot guys, but I guess that's the case all over.
Published or Edited on 06/04/18
Tennessee : Pigeon Forge : Patriot Park : Review: Jun 01 2018 by Hornychris30
I'm here on vacation. Would love to go and find some guys here.
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
New Jersey : Cherry Hill : Cooper River Park : Review: Jun 01 2018 by Mrbiggz
Good spot. I've gotten some awesome head a few times here. Nice spot if you're interested in BBC.
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
South Africa : Cape Town : Stadium On Main Centre : Review: Jun 01 2018 by cruisingsucker
Great place for getting your rocks off. Go to Cavendish Square on Main Rd. Claremont. Exit across Main Rd. Claremont to Stadium Centre.

Pay toilets on sub ground floor have full size gloryhole between toilets three and four.
Published or Edited on 06/05/18
Houston Metro : Houston : Blast Fitness - North Shepherd : Review: Jun 01 2018 by smokerbare
Out of business. Closed permanently.

Thanks for the update. It's now a Blast Fitness. I'm keeping the page but changing the name and details, although the Yelp reviews aren't promising. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Longwood Galleria : Review: Jun 01 2018
This location isn't as cruisy as it seems. Maybe a few years back it was great. Now it's so much traffic going on.

The restroom is located by the food court on the side next to Dunkin' Donuts and Subway. It starts as a long passageway to get to the bathroom. Double doors to get inside. Two urinals, four toilet stalls, one handicap toilet stall. But hardly any action going on.
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Maine : Kittery : Amazing Intimate Essentials : Review: Jun 01 2018
Heads Up! The store's "viewing booth license" was renewed following a November, 2017 booth-related ordinance violation.
On Nov. 9, 2017, Police Chief James Soucy issued citations for indecent conduct to two males who occupied the same viewing booth at Amazing Intimate Essentials. At the time, Soucy reported the two men were "engaging in indecent conduct together."

Under town ordinance, Amazing Intimate Essentials is permitted to operate booths in the shop, but "no more than one individual is allowed to occupy a viewing booth at any one time."

SeacoastOnline, May 30: Kittery store gets OK for viewing booth license
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Oakland Park : LA Fitness : Review: May 31 2018 by Big Jim
Was really worked up and wanting to play, so I went to the gym yesterday around 3 pm. I worked out for a short while in a pair of tight shorts and no underwear. I was showing as much as I could get away with and definitely hit a few stares.

Then I went to the sauna and removed my towel just enough to show my hard on. A guy with a cock ring walked in and sat next to me with his towel open. He began stroking me right out in the open. I returned the favor.

Then a guy in shorts walked in, sat down, and pulled his cock out from under one of the legs in his shorts. He had an average cock but the largest set of balls I had ever seen. The guy with the cock ring leaned over and started blowing him. Then someone walked in and everyone covered up. This went on a couple of times before the guys gave up and left.

A few minutes later another guy walked in with his towel partially opened. He also had a cock ring. I had replaced my towel at this point and could not tell if he was up for play...
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Davie : Leisure Time Cinema : Review: May 31 2018 by Big Jim
Gets busy at lunch time. Saw three BJs up close, had my ass grabbed four times (I love having someone stick their hands down my pants), fucked two guys, then gave an amazing blow job to a well hung older gentleman.

Ended up getting a BJ from a guy who was getting his ass pounded in the back row. Shot a huge wad all over his face and he continued to blow me for a couple of minutes after. Crowd tends to be older, but the occasional stud or daddy walks in looking for action.
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Iowa : Ames : Romantix : Review: May 31 2018 by pondcat
This place was legendary in the 90's when it was known as the Pleasure Palace II. I sucked my first cock here.

I'd heard Romantix had boarded up all their gloryholes after some sort of police intimidation, not just here, but everywhere. After reading the gloryholes were back in another market, I decided to make my first stop here in years, and we're good to go!

You purchase a card for a minimum of six dollars from the cashier. That gives you 24 minutes of time — $.25/min, pretty much the industry standard. You can put more on the card if you want or you can refill on the fly in the booth, there's dollar machines. Slip the card in the brightly lit yellow slot. If it sticks, check to see if somebody else left an expired card in the slot. The card reader can be fussy, so if your time disappears, just jiggle it. You can pull the card out and move to another booth and your time will carry with you.

The booths are single-occupancy with lockable doors and fixe...
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Virginia : Richmond : Short Pump Town Center : Review: May 31 2018 by Understalljock
I have definitely gotten action three separate times at the restroom near Nordstrom. There's a well hung security guard there that goes to the second or third stall for his break.

The second stall also can cast a great shadow and wide cracks in the front of the stalls. Lots of notice from the out of sight squeaky door.
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: May 31 2018 by TedW
They got busted for allowing open sex in plain view of front door of the business. They built a little "theater" area in the front that had a curtain covering the entrance. The pervert employee kept the curtain pulled open so he could see in from the front counter.

LVMPD undercover walks through these places occasionally and busted them allowing open sex. I know because I was in one of the back video booths when they got busted. Trust me, they are gone forever.

Thanks for the details. The store's web site is now gone and Google also now shows them closed. It's on my list for deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : The Zone LA : Review: May 30 2018 by David
Every time I've been here I've gotten expert incredible head from the best cocksuckers around. The gloryholes are plentiful. Love this place.
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Boston Metro : Braintree : South Shore Plaza : Review: May 30 2018
Nope. Not cruisy. Maybe back then it was but now, not even.
Published or Edited on 06/01/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Prudential Center : Review: May 30 2018
Well this should be called Copley Mall in general. It has always been cruisy. However you have to be smart to know how to cruise and don't be too extra about it. It's all about Being secretive and discrete.

I would say once you find that one or few you wanted, lead them to the Sheraton hotel to their restrooms, you have better luck to play over there privately.

Other than that enjoy the urinal action, but be aware you're gonna get unwanted attention, which is why you should take the guy you wanted with you to another spot. Unless you or that person seems to be an attention getter only rather stay where all the action is.

But trust if you do that, you'll never be satisfied because of the random interruptions of the flow. Take them to another or more private restroom, you'll be happier.

[i]Google shows the Prudential Center and Copley Place Mall as separate places across the street from each other. The Franklin Covey that had been mentioned in the page...
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Czech Republic : Prague : Letna Park - Letenské sady : Review: May 30 2018 by jounii
Apparently cruising is still active here. Common places are below Kramarova vila, Chotkovy sady by the pond, and the Metronom.
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Fontana : Liberty Books : Review: May 30 2018 by 760cocksucker
Still active. Can be dead at times, but you can hear when someone comes in for tokens. I have blown and gotten blown here. Also, str8's come in to JO, and the way it is set up, you can see them.
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Macy's : Review: May 30 2018
Three words. Don't do it.

Things aren't what they used to be here. You're asking to get caught. The most others are only doing is peeking through the stalls, watching you at the urinal from their toilet seat.

Traffic is seriously heavy here daily. And it's always being monitored. Only older men continue to stay here and hog the toilet stalls all day. Not much to cruise. Kinda impossible to freely peek and stroke.
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Ashmont Station : Review: May 30 2018
Ashmont Station has since been remodeled for quite a few years now. So I don't think there's any action over there. Its always monitored.

There's a 4-star rating from just a few months ago. Maybe there's something going on. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Fenway Victory Gardens : Review: May 30 2018
Heads Up! This place is not a good idea to cruise anymore. Gone are the days where public parks was fun to meet and skeet. The patrols have continued to watch the area. People who stroll are in many cases dangerous and some have mental issues. Many homeless individuals lurk around and like to argue with others.

You're better off finding another spot along the park than be here in this particular area. Find a new spot where no traffic is going or lurking. The park is big enough.

I think it's time to find a new bush of weeds to be spontaneous. But not here, it's too hot as in everyone is on to that spot. You're more likely to get caught or get a summons being here. Be careful.
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
Boston Metro : Quincy : South Shore YMCA : Review: May 30 2018
This location may have been renovated over the years. The last review was in 2010 so a lot has changed since then.

I'm not quite sure what the experience could have been in the men's locker room before. But now, to be honest, there is no action at all. How can it be? I mean the locker room is huge and depending on the time of day you may have a peek.

The showers are way to the back. I'm sure you may get a peek. but nothing goes on here. Too much traffic in and out and the space is too open.

The last review talked about saunas but the catch is, the steam room and saunas are outside the locker room near the pool and it's also unisex. no privacy. So to put it in simple brief words, not cruisy.

FWIW, there's a 5-star vote as recently as 2015 but that was still some time back. I will add this place to my list to come back and consider possible deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/31/18
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Hazard Center - Office Building : Review: May 29 2018 by intooug
This place closes and you can't get up into the elevators. Probably around 4 to 5 pm is when they lock this building up. Only the employees and staff can access after that.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Canal Place : Review: May 29 2018 by Tally2
I had a great time here on Memorial Day afternoon. This bathroom is hardly used for regulars. Pretty dark and an angled and out of view door entry.

I jerked off two fit white guys in their 40s at the same time and they both jerked me and sucked me.

I came back about an hour later and a younger muscle guy was in there and I let him fuck me raw against the back wall.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
Seattle Metro : Auburn : Green River College : Review: May 29 2018 by luv4$kin
I am a student here and I have yet to experience some action. It's dead.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
Virginia : Richmond : William Byrd Park : Review: May 29 2018
This place has really picked up since the demise of CL. In the last few weeks I've been cruised by guys young and old in the park from the carillon to the boat lake. Sat in a few cars, one with a fit closeted college sub and a few just standing in the dark. There are also some quiet trails behind the playground.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
North Carolina : Kill Devil Hills : Kill Devil Hills Bath House and Life Guard Station : Review: May 29 2018 by Jsnmrgn13
I’m in town starting Wednesday May 30 in the evening. Plan on spending some time on the beach there most evenings from then until June 5. Hoping to meet a few nice hotel visitors. I’ve had pretty good luck here in the past.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
Memphis Metro : Memphis : Fantasy Zone : Review: May 28 2018 by reesie87
I stopped mid-day when driving through Memphis. I was hoping to find lots of Black men to go down on. I went to the movie theater instead of the booths where a decent looking white guy was sucking a cock. It was hot to watch. The guy got off, got up, and left quickly.

The other guy seemed pissed and sat down with his cock out. I went to him and went down on him. Great cock for a white guy and he soon shot his load in my mouth. He made a motion to my cock but I was there to suck dick so he left.

A 20 to 25 year old white guy walked to a booth and pulled out a big cock. I watched for a second and he pointed to his dick. I went down on his rock-hard cock and he took forever to cum — OK by me.

The place was pretty empty so I went to a booth and watched a video with Black men. I got off and left. I will return but will plan my drive for a weekend evening as the pleasant Black clerk — who I would have loved to blow — told me the best time to suck a lot of Bl...
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : The Retreat Apartments : Review: May 28 2018 by Sgt Always Horny
Careful with this post. Very careful.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
Iowa : Waukee : Rest area off I-80, east and westbound : Review: May 28 2018 by Anynomous
The rest areas on both sides were closed and demolished a couple of years ago to make way for a new exit.
Published or Edited on 05/30/18
Texas : Winona : Picnic area I-20 West : Review: May 28 2018 by Mike
I have been here a few times and only watched before. I drove up and saw a hot young Hispanic. He went down and pissed and when he came back I could see his hard cock through his jeans and it was big.

We chatted and he said he was "straight" and went to a secluded area and I blew him while another white guy watched from a distance away. He sucked me and we both came a lot. Lots of action.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Bloomingdale's : Review: May 28 2018 by Montj233
The lower level bathroom is still cruisy. More quiet. Got my dick sucked by an employee there too. It was a little messy but nothing bad.

Bathroom stall doors go from floor to ceiling, so you could have some privacy for two.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
Connecticut : Enfield : Connecticut River : Review: May 27 2018 by VN’sBoi
Heads Up! Be wary of this place, there has been a lot of activity lately and I don’t mean the cruising kind. There have been some complaints so proceed with caution. I’m definitely taking this one off my list.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
Brazil : Sao Paulo : Termas Le Rouge 80 : Review: May 27 2018 by horndawg72
Visited today, Sunday, and it was packed. Definitely an older crowd but a mix of body types along with a few chasers.

It's very reasonably priced at about R$55 from what I can tell. Definitely had the best time of the places I've visited in Sao Paulo, but don't expect the spa at the Ritz!
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Star Market : Review: May 27 2018
This place is now Star Market, no longer Shaw's supermarket, but has the same set up. The bathroom is to back of store on the upper level where the alcohol and wines are.

Honestly there is no action here whatsoever. There is only one urinal and one toilet stall here. Not enough room and time to play. Travel is very frequent. Good luck, it's very lonely here.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : The Retreat Apartments : Review: May 27 2018 by Chiwas
Heads Up! Mr. Editor I read the post and I was there last night, well this morning, around 2:30 am.

Number 1, it's a private property. Way too risky. I went and parked and there was no such "intense action" or even a so-called guy in a truck.

But what I was exposed to was an El Paso Police car that came. And as I was leaving it flashed my face with a bright light. Not worse.

Very close by is the sex arcade at Sunland Park. Plenty of men to suck you. Wondering if the poster is the guy in the truck looking to frame us.

Good question! There's a few "five-star" ratings here, but that does not mean they might not be from the guy who posted this. If there's more negative Reviews, especially with police involved, I'll probably delete this. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: May 27 2018 by Chiwas
After wasting two dollars at Ascarate Park I went to Eros. A cute lady was in attendance and told me straightforward no one was inside. I left.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Blackie Chesher Park : Review: May 27 2018 by Chiwas
Nice tip. The best action is at the toilet. At 2 am a car parked and two guys went in. After five minutes, I said this is it. One asked me to fuck his ass, the other gave me head. Nice!
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: May 27 2018 by Chiwas
Yesterday noted some of the toilets' entrances were covered with plywood panels. Wasted two dollars on entrance fee.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Walgreens : Review: May 27 2018 by BePlainandSimple
Basement bathroom downstairs. Two urinals and two toilet stalls. This spot is at most times neglected from outside traffic, so you might have a chance to play. But keep a lookout and listen good with your ears to see if anyone is coming.

My advice is that this is a great spot to bring someone for a good mutual jerk session or probably some oral action, granted if no one is there. You won't often find anyone just hanging there.

It's best not to hang and loiter in the bathroom for a long period of time. Security does make their rounds as well as employees.

But however, if you choose to make eye contact outside around downtown and you feel like getting a nut out, bring them here. Less traffic, less problems with the flow of your play.

Just don't get caught, remember no hanging around. Bust your nut and go, simple. loitering will get you questioned.
Published or Edited on 05/29/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Huntington Avenue YMCA : Review: May 27 2018
The men's locker room is not to be mistaken for the family or boys locker room. This room is more of a peek show and that's about it. Not much action going on, but it can be possible, being that the showers towards the back are facing each other.

The crowd is all types and college students. However the cruise levels here are slim to none. You might just only get a flirtatious gesture. But the gratifying actions here rarely go down.

Sorry gentlemen, this location does have a steam room and sauna. But however, it's unisex and located out of the locker room in the pool area. This makes it hard for any action.
Published or Edited on 05/28/18
Boston Metro : Boston : Oak Square YMCA : Review: May 27 2018 by explorer
This locker room is quite crowded most times. When you first enter there is a steam room right near the door. It relatively very small, enough to fit five to seven people. The indoor light always remains on as the guys keep turning the switch on outside the steam room door before entering. Thus this makes it almost impossible to stay dark inside.

The locker room as has open showers in the back where you can get a peek or two. There are seven open shower spouts. It's pretty much the hungry older crowd: mostly Whites and Asians who are there. You might get one or two younger dudes. or possibly a five percent chance of other ethnicity.

The most you can do here in the steam room is peek. You might get a jerk once in awhile, but its very hard to cruise in this spot. Just be alert, not everyone there cruises. so take your time to feel someone out first.
Published or Edited on 05/28/18
Pennsylvania : Drums : Adult Playtime Boutique : Review: May 26 2018 by MrDick
This store is a little weird being in the first floor of an old split level home. When I visited not a creature was stirring in the about one dozen booths. The signs of heavy action were around though. This store may be better at night.
Published or Edited on 05/28/18

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