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New York : Lake George : Rest area : Review: Mar 05 2018
Heads Up! There was an arrest here Feb 21 2018 after 'complaints of "lewd" behavior,' leading to a man charged with misdemeanor public lewdness for exposing himself. His name, age, hometown, and photo were publicized in local media

Post-Star: Man arrested after 'lewdness' at Northway rest area

WRGB: State Police: Queensbury man arrested on public lewdness charge

Daily Gazette: Man charged with public lewdness at Lake George rest area

Published or Edited on 03/07/18
Pennsylvania : Lancaster : Long's Park : Review: Mar 05 2018
Heads Up! In mid-February 2018 three men were arrested by mounted officers of the Lancaster City Police. "The suspects arrested were observed engaging in the activity in public and open spaces within the park, police say. These activities would have been reasonably apparent to other park users, according to police." Names, ages, hometowns, and photos were published in local media.

[i]WPMT: 3 men charged with open lewdness at Long’s Park in Lancaster County

LancasterOnline: 3 men charged with open lewdness after police conduct detail to target sexual offenses at Long's Park [url=]3 men charged with open lewdness at Lancaste...
Published or Edited on 03/07/18
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Gateway Park : Review: Mar 05 2018
Heads Up! In January 2018 seven men were arrested in an undercover operation over several days targeting sexual activity at the park. Charges included indecent exposure, although individuals also had previous arrests for protitution or for public lewdness. Names, ages, and mugshot photos including "LKA" (last known address) were published in local media

"Undercover police operations have been conducted at Gateway Park for years. Police have said the park has had a reputation for male sexual activity and public lewdness."

[i]January 2018: Star-Telegram Four accused of indecent exposure after undercover operation at Fort Worth park

January 2018: Star-Telegram: Three more arrested in operation targeting sexual activity at Fort Worth park

February 2018: Fort Worth Weekly: [url=https:...
Published or Edited on 03/09/18
Tampa Bay Metro : Dover : Sydney Dover Trails : Review: Mar 05 2018
Heads Up! On February 19 two men were arrested here for lewd acts in separate incidents. Their names, ages, and photos were publicized in local media.

According to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, "undercover detectives check for this type of behavior periodically at parks throughout the county. He says this kind of behavior is not uncommon. 'Not only in county parks, city parks but even in public restrooms in shopping malls, airports, bus stations... It's important for parents to monitor their children in places like a public restroom. Since September, 2017, deputies have responded to Sydney Dover Trails 4 times for sex related crimes."

WFTS: 2 men arrested for lewd acts at Hillsborough County park
Published or Edited on 03/09/18
Maryland : Greenbelt : Greenbelt Park : Review: Mar 05 2018 by Near By
Hey, new to the area. Tell me more about where the fun is. I've been there, hung out in the bathroom at the first picnic area and it's been quiet. Love playing in public/outside.
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
New Orleans Metro : Elmwood : Mr. Binky's Superstore : Review: Mar 04 2018 by 2holes2use2day
I'll be there tonight March 4 2018 after 3 pm taking dick in both ends. Come by and invite your hung buddies.
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
West Virginia : Mineralwells : Lion's Den Adult Superstore : Review: Mar 03 2018 by Ohio Breeder
I stopped by to get off and played around with a couple of guys that were nice, but wanted to save my load for a grand finale. A "straight" couple came in and they took over one of the gloryhole booths. They were both hot.

He was wide and very tall, she was petite with beautiful long hair, both in their late 20's. Right away a straight guy, regular, came in and went for it. I could see though the slit on the couple's door he put his cock through and the girl went for it right away. He pushed her head while he fucked her, and she was moaning like crazy. After a little bit she stopped, grabbed her boyfriend by the head, and pushed him to suck the cock until the booth shook as the guy blew his load in the guy's mouth. HOT!

I was right behind him as soon as the guy walked out. I opened my jeans up, started jerking off, and handed him my cock to go at it. I got to eat his ass while she sucked him, then he came back for my cock. I blew the biggest load in the longes...
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Center : Review: Mar 03 2018 by Justsomedude
I came here to clarify some things. Yes the booths are back down to one dollar. The guy "watching over you" in the back is strictly there just to make sure you’re putting money in the machine because a lot of people don't like to pay.

The booths are cleaned regularly, multiple times a day, and thoroughly cleaned with bleach at night to make sure your shoes aren’t sticking to the ground.

There's a tip jar next to the guy sitting in the back, you don't have to tip but I do because he’s cleaning up semen all day long. Couples do come in from time to time.
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
Texas : Sunset : Wise County US-287 Northbound Rest Area : Review: Mar 03 2018 by Clifton
Stopped here several days ago and hooked up with a local. He immediately got on his knees and proceeded to get me good and hard. Then I bent him over and pounded his tiny tight ass hard all while being watched by another local! Very hot!
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
Ohio : Dayton : Wright State University - Fawcett Hall : Review: Mar 03 2018
I will stop in when I can. Wouldn't mind letting some good looking skinny guys suck my dick and maybe return the favor, especially for a BBC.
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
Los Angeles Metro : Burbank : Burbank Community YMCA : Review: Mar 02 2018
This place is not cruisy. Yes, the layout of the locker room looks like it was set up for discreet play.

Please don't cruise here. The locker room is full of high school boys and they don't need to walk in on your action.
Published or Edited on 03/05/18
Iowa : Iowa City : Romantix : Review: Mar 01 2018 by BadAssTurtle
Gloryholes are now open!!! About damn time. This is now a great place to go to suck and fuck.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
California : Bakersfield : Green Frog Market : Review: Mar 01 2018
Closed., Dec 2012 Last Green Frog Market croaks : The Columbus and Oswell store closed Nov 2011.
Published or Edited on 03/06/18
Arizona : Yuma : Adult XXX Superstore : Review: Mar 01 2018 by bubblebuttbound
Been here a couple of times. Nice and clean with many gloryholes. I love to suck and swallow and tease cocks.

Both times I have swallowed several nice loads. Always a thrill to have a man stick his cock through the hole and let me tickle and tease it until it blows. Wish I lived closer.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Orlando Metro : Narcoossee : Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park : Review: Mar 01 2018 by waynealbert
Went here for the first time around 10 am. Outside of a few straight M/F couples out for a walk, there was nothing.

Went back at 2:30 in the afternoon and what a difference. A van with a guy obviously cruising, and just over from him an older gentleman, 60s, with his cock out and jacking.

Waited for about a half hour and a big construction type truck pulled up. Out came a clean-cut business type. He walked into the preserve, I followed.

He whipped it out in the bushes. I sucked him for a bit but he wanted to be fucked. We both pulled up pants and went our separate ways. I will be back!
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Detroit Metro : Highland Park : Worldwide News : Review: Mar 01 2018
Yelp says it's closed, and Google Maps shows the building for sale.
Published or Edited on 03/06/18
Tennessee : Pioneer : Adult World : Review: Mar 01 2018 by GloryHoleFetish
A somewhat belated additional review. I visited on a Tuesday the first week of March 2017 during lunch, 11 to 2. Things were a little slow but I can't complain.

Beside some very light in and out traffic yielding no fun, there was a guy there with a very hot cock and good skills. We ended up taking turns blowing each other off and on in different booths over most of the three hours. He came twice and I let loose a mind-blowing load to wrap things up.

It is true as one reviewer said that the holes are a bit awkward. Most have swiveled plywood covers and they are only about two inches in diameter. In practical terms what this means is that you are going to be sucking, not jacking, and focusing on dick, not balls.

This was no problem for me and the stud. We both had the skills to get each other off with mouth on dick action only.

I'll definitely keep returning to this place.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Feb 28 2018 by bottombill
I will be at the GHC Thursday afternoon around 4. I am easy to spot, I will be stark naked, bare feet. Just walk up and ask me to suck your dick or to fuck me.

I will drop to my knees right there or we can go somewhere in one of the rooms or dark areas. I will drink every drop of your hot cum. You can also fuck me for as long as you like in one of the slings so everyone can watch your dick sliding in and out of my asshole, or in one of the dark areas.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Sinderella's Adult Center : Review: Feb 28 2018 by J.M.
It's been a while since anyone has posted on here. I have to admit, Sinderella hasn't been that great the past few times I've been there. Not enough cocksuckees, but plenty of cocksuckers.

I really hope that the ratio evens up soon, as I've had some great times here in the past! Forever a cocksucker, looking to swallow some cum! I'm hopeful.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Detroit Metro : Detroit : YMCA : Review: Feb 28 2018
Google says "permanently closed."
Published or Edited on 03/06/18
Connecticut : Old Saybrook : Variety Video Adult Boutique : Review: Feb 27 2018 by mrbate4u
Love this place. Hooked up with a guy I chatted with on Grindr. I sucked him three times!!!

During the third, I was naked on all fours and had my butt played with by some old guy who had come in and was watching. Great to only have the curtains separating the rooms.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Feb 27 2018 by bubblebuttbound
Went here back in December 2017. I went early evening and worked the gloryholes. The place is older and a lot of the videos don't work, but I was able to blow and swallow four cocks worth of cum including one BBC. I would and plan to go back and spend more time.
Published or Edited on 03/02/18
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Deja Vu Showgirls Bookstore : Review: Feb 27 2018 by eagle86
I was here a few years ago. I tried to go in the back and the clerk kept telling me, "Enter at your own risk." She said it a few times which for some reason spooked me so I left. I was not sure what was "back there" but she seemed pretty fixed on warning me.

I have been in many book store arcades and always had a good time. Will be in Vegas next week and want to go back and would love to find a couple there. Anyone been recently?
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Kansas : Brookville : I-70 Novelty : Review: Feb 27 2018 by Mike
I haven’t got to go here yet but wanting to take my wife and have some fun in the stalls. Are they big enough for two and having some fun?

I saw the one post about just taking it into the hall because they wanted it. Is that cool here? Any word would be helpful.
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Ohio : Athens : Ohio University - Alden Library : Review: Feb 27 2018 by Dennis
Still a good place for fun. Just make sure to close the outer door when you go in.
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Palm Beach County Metro : Lake Worth : Palm Beach Book & Video : Review: Feb 27 2018 by cumlover8792
I went here on Saturday night around 8, lots of guys sitting in both the straight theater and the gay theater. I finally just got on my knees in the theater and soon had two nice cocks in mouth at the same time, one white and one black. The black guy shot his load first all over my face, then the other guy shot his load down my throat.

I proudly walked around with that cum on my face. Told the female clerk thanks and that I had a great time when I left. She laughed and said, "Looking at your face I can tell you had a good time."

I just smiled and took some off my face with my finger and ate it. She told me she loves the taste too.
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Michigan : Marshall : Partello Toys & Video : Review: Feb 26 2018
Now Partello Toys & Video.

Thanks for the update! Google still shows the place as Fantasies Unlimited although it no longer appears on Fantasies web site. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Michigan : Manistee : Kmart : Review: Feb 26 2018

UpNorthLive: Kmart to close its doors in Manistee
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : A-Action Adult Books & Videos : Review: Feb 26 2018
Gloryholes have been sealed. They were there last week and now they are gone. The arcade has been cleaned up a lot.

I am sure the city was getting on them about being a seedy establishment in the precious Arts District.
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
New York City Metro : Queens : Fair Theatre : Review: Feb 26 2018 by stachehunter
Well I have torn another pair of pants from a broken seat. This is getting expensive. I had gotten out of the habit of checking the seat first with my hand. I try not to wear nice things here but this is still a drag. Beware!
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Pennsylvania : Allentown : Playtime Boutique : Review: Feb 26 2018 by SF Sucker
Half the booths non-functional, taped over with caution tape or simply not displaying video. Broken doors. A fucking dump. Takes tokens, buy from the clerk.
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : Cupid's Treasures : Review: Feb 26 2018 by SF Sucker
Went on a Sunday afternoon/evening. Very slow, but I did get one load. Ten dollar cover charge, and no additional money feeding necessary.

The biggest problem here is that at least three-fourths of the booths are completely non-functional. Literally eight of the twelve or so booths have no video or sound. And half of the ones that do have video, have no sound.

There are two theater-style rooms, one at front and one at back. The one in back has a stage. The only chairs in either room are a couple of busted folding chairs. Terrible video quality in both big rooms.

There are two odd booths with sort of long benches with a slant, so one can lay out. About a dozen conventional booths, no chairs, lots of gloryholes.

Clerk was fine, but had a couple of creepazoid friends there when I left the booth area.

This place has a lot of potential, mainly needs some damn video maintenance.
Published or Edited on 02/28/18
Pennsylvania : Bethel : Adult World : Review: Feb 26 2018 by SF Sucker
Pretty disappointing though I went at a slow time, Thursday afternoon. No gloryholes at all. About eight to ten booths, with flimsy curtains. A few buddy windows. Not a very comfortable place.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
San Diego Metro : San Diego : 24 Hour Fitness - Balboa Super-Sport Gym : Review: Feb 25 2018 by Dean
So far only been to this location once. Decent looking guys here and there but everything is very subtle and discreet.

When I was showering this older guy kept cruising me but I wasn't interested so I just ignored him. There was a hottie with a nice butt showering but unfortunately my shower wasn't facing his so I missed out on seeing more of him.

Will give it another shot soon and see if there's more action.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Kansas : Wichita : Vegas Video : Review: Feb 25 2018 by n2Action
The arcade is now more of a maze with several viewing rooms. It is all part of the eight dollar price — you can wander around both theaters and the maze area. I think I counted four viewing areas with big TVs, two gay and two straight videos. Not a whole lot of privacy in those areas, but most guys looking to play don't mind the audience.

I did manage to get face fucked by a hot guy, just wish we would of had time to finish. It was one of the few times I wasn't really prepared to play, not lubed up or poppered up.

Maybe I'll get luckier next time. Not sure if they are going to fix the rest of the booths or what the plan is for the rest of the area.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Georgia : Macon : KAOS Macon : Review: Feb 25 2018 by cadet1990
I think this place has closed.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Drake's : Review: Feb 25 2018 by divad
Love the place. The cruising area is located upstairs of a luxury boutique in the center of Amsterdam. There are approximately 24 booths all equipped with a built in chair and a screen. They are all covered with mirrors and fully lockable. I think only two booths don't have gloryhole which are the ones not in rows. About eight booths are in a smoking area.

The entry fee is €12.5 and is valid all day so you can leave and come back as much as you want. There are some safes that cost €1 to store your personal belongings but you can take the coin back when you leave. There is also a vending machine, paper towels, and a small bathroom with a sink.

There is also a big open room with a large screen covered in mirrors as well with one gloryhole connected to one of the booths. I find the place clean enough considering the activity that is used for. I'm not sure if all but most of the booths have also a peephole so you can watch the person in the next booth while working on the...
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Blue Door Video : Review: Feb 25 2018
This place is the worst. Don't waste your ten dollars. Old heads and drunk Puerto Ricans hang out in the back and the place is run down. The walls have holes in them and only show old porn videos.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Illinois : Atkinson : Lions Den - Atkinson : Review: Feb 25 2018 by Hookup coach
I have gone a few times looking forward to run into some girls going into the gloryhole booths. Every time I go there are no girls going in there so I leave. I personally encourage women to give it a try, it's not only for men on men.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Miami Metro : Miami : Caliente : Review: Feb 24 2018 by miabiscort
Place has re-opened. Now called Caliente. Just went in for a second. Modern, clean, and a great place for couples to buy lingerie, toys, etc.

If it has anything to do with the Hialeah location, let's hope horny Latin men stop by from time to time and go to the video booths.
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Boston Metro : Somerville : Main Street Video : Review: Feb 24 2018 by 4Play
The place: Well lit, the store structure is kinda like a maze with video booths all around. Booth are spacious to fit a buddy or three people altogether. There are even some booths that have revealing windows like a two-way mirror glass that can only be viewable when both guys press the button to be seen on the other side of the booth.

The crowd: All races, White, Black, Latino, Cape Verde, etc.

My review: Well, this place needs improvement given the admission to get in is fifteen dollars. It really isn't the stores fault however, it's what you make of it. As soon as you enter you must pay the guy at the desk where he will give you tickets that serves as fake cash to put in the video booth machines. The video last three to five minutes. Don't worry if you lose out, there are always extra ones laying around and the front desk really doesn't bother you if you lose out.

They pretty much give you freedom to roam around for unlimited play. But to be honest, it's...
Published or Edited on 02/27/18
Newark/Jersey City Metro : Newark : Newark International Airport : Review: Feb 24 2018 by Jebe
There is no C2 gate at this airport. This is false news. Airport gates at EWR start at the number 10.

You're referring to the 2005 Review. You're correct, per the EWR web site. The Express does stop at Concourse C so I revised this page. If there's no cruisy toilet here, let us know and we'll delete the page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Les Hommes : Review: Feb 23 2018 by VBear
The location has two spaces for movies that you might see in a theater. The front space has couches and the back space wooden benches. There is a hall between the two that has bathrooms on one side and video booths on the other.

Awhile back the booths showed porn, but because of a recently passed law they cannot show or sell pornographic movies so they mostly show wrestling videos.

Though I have seen a few people in their 20's and 30's, the venue attracts an older crowd. For me, it has been hit or miss, but I can say that of most places. But when I have had fun, I have had lots.
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
San Diego Metro : La Jolla : Black's Beach : Review: Feb 23 2018 by Dean
I really enjoy coming here. You’re always bound to run into someone either decent or good-looking to jack off with. Yes, there are some nasties there and I’ve seen people have sex without a condom who are obviously not "clean" but there are also regular, in-shape, non-sketchy people there to have fun with.

Practice discretion as I have seen cops trying to watch out for any lewd activities. You don’t wanna get arrested. Lifeguards drive around too and they might be the ones reporting any sexual activity to the cops, so just be careful.

Other than that it’s pretty fun, always get off, lots of fit guys and nice asses and cocks to look at — especially the foreigners that come during the summer who are super hot and have nice cocks with foreskin, great abs. Very nice to look at.
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
Boston Metro : Everett : Stardust Video : Review: Feb 23 2018
Ten dollar admission, unlimited fun. A good place to secretly let your freak flag fly. Located in a discrete area by loading docks and construction zones, away from the commercial stores.

This is an adult store with a back dark room that has about six private booths to buddy in and a medium size sex room in the back to get your freak on. There are a few chairs to sit on. But it's enough room to get down and dirty. Feel free to get half naked but keep your clothes close to you.

This place could use a new variety of men. Hoping it will change soon where younger crowds go of all races. I mean, for what its worth you can't go wrong being it's ten dollars for unlimited play. I went a few months back and it was cool. The majority of the crowd was Caucasian Italian but it could use more Blacks, Latino, Cape Verde, and Caribbean dudes.

Beware of the hungry old washed up drunk men who can't keep their hands to themselves and stalk and follow you. Other than that,...
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Video City : Review: Feb 23 2018
Small sex theaters, ten dollar admission with unlimited play in back of store. Back room consists of both theater and buddy booths. If you just want the booths you are welcomed to go to the back to only use the five booths in the back. Three of them are gloryhole booths on one side, the other side are private booths. You have to put money in the booth machine or you will be monitored and asked to put money in machine.

The back door in the back is the private sex theater which consists of two rooms playing porn on a big TV. The first room you enter is a small room equipped with two leather sofas to get your action on. Don't worry, they sanitize the sofas and it's clean.

To your right is a smaller room with chairs. You cannot enter unless you pay. If you sneak in they would know and ask you to pay. You get the best for your money paying the fee for up to six to eight hours as long as you let the store clerk know you'll be back.

Go back ad forth between this th...
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : Sunset Video & DVD : Review: Feb 23 2018
Big theater room space in back of store. Get the hookup worth your money. Why pay more money putting dollars in machines every three to five minutes with someone nagging you to pay up money, when you can have fun for one price, ten dollars, that will hold you up to six to eight hours? Just make sure you tell the store clerk you'll be back but you must pay the admission fee first in front of store to enter the back room.

This theater space is an large open room when you first enter the back door with a big TV playing porn with chairs and benches to relax in and lay on. To your left are five private booths in a separate room in case you want privacy.

But it's a great way to find multiple partners or bring someone you want for your own privacy for a reasonable price. If no one is there, go next door to the other adult store for the same price. Going back and forth helps to to find what you're looking for. Late nights are hit and miss, less traffic, small crowds.
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Velvet Video : Review: Feb 22 2018 by mickey
Still fun. Actually, I was there mid-morning a couple of weeks ago and the arcade was busy.
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : Royal Hawaiian : Review: Feb 22 2018 by mickey
The last reviews have been from me, but honestly, I am not the only guy who cruises here.

The cruising is still good, late afternoons during the week are the best. If you find the door to the last stall closed, trust me. There is someone in there looking for action.
Published or Edited on 02/26/18
Honolulu Metro : Mokuleia : Mokuleia Beach : Review: Feb 22 2018 by Mickey
Quite a bit of the undergrowth on the gay end of the beach has been cleared out, with the area behind the beach now being offered for sale. It hasn't affected the numbers of guys going, however. Still enough cover above the beach for a bit of action.
Published or Edited on 02/26/18

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