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Pennsylvania : Wyalusing : Wyalusing Rocks Scenic Overlook : Review: Jun 02 2001
This an awesome place! Have had numerous encounters here. Follow the path up the hill to the top. There are several flat rocks that peer off the side of the hill with spectacular views of the valley below and the Susquehanna River. Have received great head from a tall firefighter in a blue truck there on a few occatons. It's hit or miss at times, however if you are lucky to find a playmate there you'll have a good time. Mostly after dark into the wee hours!
Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : Indiana University-Purdue University : Review: Jun 02 2001
Heads Up! Campus cops are on the watch! I teach at IUPUI and went here to legitimately use the restroom and could feel this cop's eyes burning into my back while I was at the urinal. He wasn't in uniform, but I recognized him since I've got a 15-year relationship with the university. A comment was made about 'faggots' all over the place.
Australian Capital Territory : Canberra : Black Mountain Peninsula : Review: Jun 02 2001
A lot of car parks and two toilets both of which work all day and night. It is very quiet during the day near the toilets but drive around look for single guys in parked cars. Often they will follow you to a quiet area. After dark, toilets and car parks work constantly -- very busy sometimes even until 3 am and even later on weekend. It is better when moon is high. Some young and a lot of old guys. A lot of guys driving around just looking. Can work in fits and spurts.
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Louisville Boat Dock : Review: Jun 02 2001
There is a long strip of road alongside the river at the entrance of the boat dock. This place gets packed with cruising cars with naked guys and guys jacking and sucking. Lots of action all the time in cars and in woods.
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Louisville Athletic Club : Review: Jun 02 2001
Cruisy steamroom with action.
Kentucky : Glasgow : American Legion Park : Review: Jun 02 2001
This city park has car cruising or cruising at the bathroom. Park and make eye contact with other men. Good results with older types during the morning and noon hours. Theer is a younger crowd in the late afternoon and early evenings.
New York City Metro : Manhattan : New York Health & Raquet Club : Review: Jun 02 2001
The sauna is cruisy after 5 pm to 9 pm weekdays. Lot of guys cop a feel or get dick in their ass.
Montreal Metro : Montreal : YMCA Downtown : Review: Jun 02 2001
This is the 'new' place to work out in downtown Montreal. It is spotless and they have an INCREDIBLE gym. On the bottom floor is the guy's locker room which is very well lit. Walking back towards the showers you first pass a row of curtained shower stalls. The straight people go in there. Past the stalls on the right and the dry sauna on the left is the communal shower area. Pretty much everyone in here is cruising. I saw all sorts of guys, but mostly younger, built, uncut boys who loved to show off their cocks. Two of them stroked next to me and shot their loads right on my tummy! The dry sauna is very cruisy, too. I didn't notice any direct contact here, but you can meet here and go elsewhere.
San Diego Metro : San Diego : San Diego Mesa College : Review: Jun 02 2001
Lots of action during weekdays between 1 pm and 4 pm.
Indiana : Hammond : Sibley Courtyard Inn : Review: Jun 02 2001
This is a guest house with bathhouse facilities: spa with whirlpool, steamroom, dry sauna and shower room. There is a private courtyard for nude sunbathing or socializing. There is also off-street parking and much more.
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Fort Video and News : Review: Jun 01 2001
Best times are 6 pm - 8 pm during the week. I visited on a Monday and went upstairs to the theatre. Soon a young guy came in, sat down beside me, started rubbing my dick and soon had it in his mouth. A super blowjob followed. Always great cock for me at this store!
Pennsylvania : Montgomeryville : Adult World : Review: Jun 01 2001
This place has sucked since they cut the bottoms and tops of the doors off. Better go to the buddy booths at the ABS in Colmar.
Kentucky : Morehead : Cave Run State Park : Review: Jun 01 2001
I found more action at Stoney Cove on the OTHER side of the dam, but still on the Bath County side of the lake as the spillway area. At night sex can be taken into the dark woods when there is no moonlight. There is PLENTY of warning as you will see an oncoming car on the dam, but not as much warning from those coming from Bath County as you will see their headlights and you have about 2 minutes to zip up and leave or take it further down the lake if you dont mind walking that far in the dark.

The only bad assumption is that the guys from Morehead State University go there often. Some hot local dudes go there from time to time but it is mostly older gentlemen.
San Francisco Metro : San Mateo : Hillsdale Mall : Review: Jun 01 2001
This place is clean, has a lot of warning and privacy for quick action. As always, discretion is a must.
San Francisco Metro : San Mateo : Hillsdale Mall : Review: Jun 01 2001
As with Sears, this men's room at the basement level is clean, has lots of warning and privacy for quick action. Of course, discretion is a must.
Brisbane Metro : Sunnybank : Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town : Review: May 22 2001
Busy public toilets with four stalls. Lots of guys looking under walls and wanting action. Guys meet usually on the second level and then take it to the less busy bottom level.
Wyoming : Cheyenne : Cupids Adult Bookstore : Review: May 09 2001
This place is just as dirty as any video arcade. The ugly fat guy who works there spys on the patrons from behind the TV monitors. I'll never go back for that reason.
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Raleigh : Pegasus Plus Adult Entertainment : Review: May 08 2001
Played there on a weekday between 2 - 3 pm, and was able to suck off three guys in that short time period. Management didn't seem to care. As always the crowd is mixed -- ages 20 and up, twink to bear, all races. Always a good place to go.
San Francisco Metro : Berkeley : University of California : Review: May 07 2001
Lots of good action on ground level (one floor below entrance level). Nice layout and there is warning if someone comes in the door. Active afternoons and early evenings from what I can tell.
Sydney Metro : Darlinghurst : Bodyline Spa & Sauna : Review: May 07 2001
Sydney's only lawfully established, gay owned and operated bathhouse. Safe, clean and friendly. Australia's best sauna club with four floors of fun, sun lounge and party boys.
Palm Springs Metro : Palm Springs : Inn Exile : Review: May 03 2001
I've been staying at Inn Exile in Palm Springs now for several years, and I've gotta say the place just keeps getting better. What started as a
small resort with only seven or eight rooms has now become a complex boasting approximately forty rooms, three pools, a Jacuzzi, and a
steam room. The resort, which is clothing optional, is located in the midst of the Warm Sands district, home to a dozen or more gay male
resorts. The decor is nice overall, but the nicest rooms are those they've just opened. Existing rooms are being refurbished at the rate of
one or two per month.

I've been to Palm Springs at all times of the year. As a rule, summer months are slow, when the temperatures climb way over ...
Houston Metro : Houston : Baylor College of Medicine : Review: May 02 2001
Action in shower area late Friday nights around 9 pm, early evening time on Saturdays and late night Sunday after 9 pm.
Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Norfolk : Old Dominion University : Review: May 02 2001
No gloryholes, but lots of under stall action. Best at lunch time and evenings. Everything from colleges jocks to military men. I got a great
blowjob from a Marine.
Illinois : Ottawa : Brown Bag Adult Video : Review: Apr 23 2001
Brown Bag Video is a fun place to suck dick. Staff is friendly and unconcerned about the activity in the arcade. Booths are clean and can fit
four or five people. Ages eighteen to fifty. Tops, bottoms, truckers, and leather boys. No gloryholes!
Michigan : Ann Arbor : Bandemer Park : Review: Apr 23 2001
The back of this small municipal park seems to
often be busy, but most especially after work. There
are a few trails, but only one or two side trails
where one can go if you meet someone. Many
joggers and bikers to interrupt your rendezvous, so
be careful.
Alberta : Edmonton : University of Alberta : Review: Apr 19 2001
The shower area is active all day, especially after 7 pm. Gay jocks usually go into the showers stalls; these stalls all face
one another and give an excellent view.
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Sir Francis Drake Hotel : Review: Apr 18 2001
There are four stalls, the one on the far right
apparently getting the most use. These are usually
empty, except for the occasional employee
and the janitor.
Virginia : Harrisonburg : Valley Mall : Review: Apr 11 2001
There are three stalls, all with peep holes and
none with doors. I sat down and within three
minutes I had my choice of two guys, one a hunk. A
nice time was had by all. There are two doors
through which you enter, so you can hear others
Virginia : Madison : McDonald&39;s : Review: Apr 11 2001
Large toilet with one stall, urinal and sink arranged
back to back so you can wash your hands and
make eye contact. Take it elsewhere, though.
Virginia : Richmond : Omni Richmond Hotel : Review: Apr 11 2001
Lots of urinal jackoff sessions take place daily at
the Omni, and the brave sneak into the stalls for
private twosomes. Lunchtimes 11 am to 1 pm are
especially busy. Also, lots of business travelers
staying at the Omni who want a little company in
their rooms.
Virginia : Roanoke : Scenic overlook : Review: Apr 11 2001
This overlook is above the main road with a trail up
the mountain. The activity is sporadic and depends
on the weather. Most days and afternoons in spring
and fall. Sometimes the meetings here move to
adjacent overlooks for privacy.
Virginia : Stafford : Home Depot : Review: Apr 11 2001
Cruisy men's room stalls; view of stalls from door
is blocked by a wall. Handsome closeted types and
Marines from the base next door.
Virginia : Dulles : Marriott Hotel : Review: Apr 11 2001
Two stalls around the corner give adequate
warning. Peepholes in the partition make it easy to
see your partner. Writing on the wall indicates
action taking place. Best times look to be during
the week in the early evenings.
Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News : Norfolk : Norfolk Waterside Marriott : Review: Apr 11 2001
A hot spot for cruising during the lunch and after
dinner hours. The second floor toilets are deluxe
where the stalls have floor to ceiling walls and
Virginia : Abingdon : Rest area : Review: Apr 10 2001
This rest area is for the use of truckers only. No
cars allowed.
San Francisco Metro : San Leandro : Not Too Naughty : Review: Apr 10 2001
Very active arcade, staff is totally cool with
absolutely no hassles. This is a jumpin' place.
San Francisco Metro : San Leandro : Not Too Naughty : Review: Apr 10 2001
Very active arcade, staff is totally cool with
absolutely no hassles. This is a jumpin' place.
Ohio : Warren : Perkins Park : Review: Apr 09 2001
Most action takes place after dark. You can see in
every direction if someone might be coming by.
Cleveland Metro : Cleveland : Cleveland Hopkins Airport : Review: Apr 09 2001
The last two stalls have constant action going on.
Everytime that I've visited, a hot airline employee, or
businessman awaits. The last two urinals also
have action going on.
Michigan : Nunica : Rest area : Review: Apr 06 2001
It seems like the police ignore this rest area in the
early evening/late afternoon. Best times for sex are
6 pm - 11 pm.
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Raleigh : North Carolina State University : Review: Apr 05 2001
Heads Up! The greatest college pickup site in the country has come
to an end. University Public Safety recently hired a permanent patrol officer for Harrelson Hall. The officer
sits outside of the second floor landing, peering up and down the ramp. He also makes constant patrols
through the bathrooms and even enters the exit doors in hopes of catching people. In addition, I witnessed
regular patrol officers entering the building on a regular basis, even looking into stalls to try and catch guys
masturbating. After forty years of hot cruising an...
Los Angeles Metro : Hollywood : Melrose Spa : Review: Apr 03 2001
'What a dump!' I mean what was I expecting? Well, you get what you pay for. After processing my payment, I was let into the inner lobby
which has some lockers and vending machines. I undressed and entered the club which is two rows of very small rooms. The jacuzzi was
disgusting and the showers were just gross. The upstairs play room and orgy room had potential but very few people were up there and,
I'm sorry to say it, there were trolls everywhere. I totally avoided the gloryhole area after going to the entrance where this old guy belched at
me. There were two okay looking guys. Me and this other queen who looked as pissed as I felt for coming into this place. As one Patron
said to me, 'I bet y...
Detroit Metro : Farmington Hills : Heritage Park : Review: Apr 01 2001
Two hundred eighty-nine acres full of obscure
wooded trails and places to hide. Ample parking.
Detroit Metro : Romulus : Lower Huron Metropolitan Park : Review: Apr 01 2001
Cruising in restrooms during lunchtime and rush
Michigan : Tekonsha : Rest area : Review: Apr 01 2001
Two primitive toilets are very cruisy lunch and
Michigan : Traverse City : West End Park : Review: Apr 01 2001
Very cruisy at night.
New York : Greece : Mall at Greece Ridge : Review: Apr 01 2001
Heads Up! Once a hot men's room, the store security is cracking down big time
on activity here. They will cruise you, then either warn or bust you. This has happened to me and to several
buds just recently. Be careful , and don't hang more than ten minutess maximum! They will call the police!
New Jersey : Vineland : J & J Adult Center : Review: Apr 01 2001
I thought it would make an appropriate addition to
include the fact that there are no doors on the
booths here, and they are situated in a way that you
can see one another clearly while watching videos.
An exhibitionist's paradise (the only reason I'd drive
so far!).
Ohio : Elyria : Black River Reservation : Review: Apr 01 2001
Very active all the time. Guys in cars cruising up to
dark. Park rangers do patrol the lot. I suggest
picking them up there and taking them to the park
located across the street from the college.
Alabama : Tuscaloosa : Black Warrior River : Review: Apr 01 2001
Beware of police cars, PARA and the Forestry officers. Usually you can go off down the trail and get a quickie.

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