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Illinois : Rockford : Fuller Forest Preserve : Review: Jun 04 2001
You can find action in the woods with both young and older guys.
Oregon : Klamath Falls : Klamath Wildlife Area : Review: Jun 04 2001
The boat ramp area is best.
Milwaukee Metro : Wauwatosa : Mayfair Mall : Review: Jun 04 2001
Got a great blow job there the other day.
Washington : Marysville : Fred Meyer : Review: Jun 04 2001
Tearoom with glass tiles that reflect. You can see the other toilet plus both of the urinals.
Austin Metro : Austin : Lady Bird Lake : Review: Jun 04 2001
Running trails are very cruisy. Lots of shirtless horny college guys run the trails and then shower at the Y.
Dominican Republic : Santo Domingo : Unicentro Plaza : Review: Jun 04 2001
This bathroom is very active all day long but mostly around 1 pm and 6 pm.
Dominican Republic : Santiago : Pollo Victorina : Review: Jun 04 2001
It has a very active toliet in the back. Many people go buy something to eat and sit near the bathroom. The best time to go is in the late evenings during the week.
Florida : Bradenton : Robinson’s Preserve : Review: Jun 03 2001
I hadn't been there for about a year -- until last week. I found a 50 year-old man stroking his cock, I offered mine and he took 2 loads from me. There were about 6 or 7 guys hanging around.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Merchandise Mart : Review: Jun 03 2001
Lots of jerking at the stalls and urinals especially during lunch and after work hours.
New York : Middletown : Exotic Gifts & Videos : Review: Jun 03 2001
I visited in early June, midday. Lucky booth 13 has a hole to booth 14, where two great cocksuckers gave me blowjobs to remember. No hassle from attendant. Paper towels provided. Well worth a visit.
New York : Pierrepont Manor : Rest area : Review: Jun 03 2001
The New York Department of Transportation has cut down many trees making the entire wooded area visible from the parking lot. You'll have to be creative to see action here.
Ohio : Newark : T.J. Evans Family Park : Review: Jun 03 2001
The north lot is locked at 8 pm, but the south lot is open all night. There are people fishing in the ponds at all hours so be careful who you cruise. Also, beware of the police. They will eject you from the park if they suspect you are cruising.
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Metro : Raleigh : Umstead State Park : Review: Jun 03 2001
Heads Up! An undercover sting operation in May 2001 led to 14 men facing criminal charges for allegedly trying to engage in sexual activity with other men at the park according to the 'Raleigh News and Observer', June 2, 2001. The men's names and photos were also shown on the 10 pm news of a local TV station.
Georgia : Columbus : Flat Rock Park : Review: Jun 03 2001
The trough toilet which was very convenient for getting a look at the guy's cock next to you has been replaced by a single urinal, but it hasn't stopped the action. More often the action is outside. There are woods everywhere! The woods across the dirt road from the bathroom are always a good spot. Now that summer is here, action is all day long. Young and old, everybody's here.
Georgia : High Falls : High Falls State Park : Review: Jun 03 2001
There is some action here but be careful. Great on weekends.
Houston Metro : Houston : Baylor College of Medicine : Review: Jun 03 2001
There is hot action here and in the showers daily from 12 - 2 pm on weekdays.
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Adult World : Review: Jun 03 2001
Extremely quiet.
Seattle Metro : Federal Way : Rest area : Review: Jun 03 2001
There are plenty of hot cocks here -- variety of ages and types.
Virginia : Arlington : Daingerfield Island : Review: Jun 03 2001
Great location. Within 5 minutes I was taking it from a HOT top. Always action.
Pennsylvania : Whitehall : Lehigh Valley Mall : Review: Jun 03 2001
This toilet is cruisy, however many older men are relentless in making advances, and not taking 'no' for an answer.
Pennsylvania : Doylestown : Kmart : Review: Jun 03 2001
No action except a guy taking a dump when I visited May 24 at 3 pm.
Nashville Metro : Murfreesboro : Middle Tennessee State University : Review: Jun 03 2001
The third floor bathroom of the KUC is still cruisy, but the gloryhole is gone.
Alberta : Edmonton : William Lutsky YMCA : Review: Jun 03 2001
In the 'Membership-Plus' section there are a lot of guys just hanging out in the lounge or in the community showers. After enough eye contact, it's common for them to retire to the steamroom or the whirlpool. Membership is $80 per month (towels, toiletries, etc. included) but it's well worth the fee.
Georgia : Macon : Bibb County Rest Area : Review: Jun 03 2001
The rest area is a great place to meet horny guys I was there for less than five minutes and got a blow job.
Georgia : Bolingbroke : Rest area off I-75, southbound : Review: Jun 03 2001
Great place to meet truckers that need relief and others that need service. Just rub your crotch and wait for them to rub it back.
Florida : Sarasota : North Lido Beach Park : Review: Jun 02 2001
I've sucked two dicks there in the past. There always seems to be some type of action. Older guys during the day. I sucked one big cock and licked his balls. You have to watch for cops here.
Ohio : Youngstown : Adult Toys & Gifts : Review: Jun 02 2001
Buddy booths in the arcade usually have action going on. Clerks rarely check especially when the one woman is working.
North Carolina : Salisbury : Webb Road Flea Market : Review: Jun 02 2001
Signs have been put up about cruising and activity in restrooms. There were security guards watching when I was there.
Oklahoma City/Norman Metro : Oklahoma City : Eastern Avenue Video : Review: Jun 02 2001
Management has installed a camera in the arcade hallway and he reviews it to make sure that his staff is not letting anyone cruise, peek, loiter, or go in to a room with someone else. Because of the abusive nature of the staff over the last several years, most everyone locks their door anyway. The parking lot is very cruisy, especially the parking lot of the flea market that is adjacent to the bookstore lot.
Oklahoma : Tulsa : Dreamland : Review: Jun 02 2001
Was there two nights ago. The staff inside did not seem too friendly to anyone cruising and they were checking the parking lot every 3 - 5 minutes. By the way, there was some street cruising in cars on Admiral and the other empty business lots in the area.
Miami Metro : Miami : Trail Adult Book & Video / 1 Stop Pleasure Shop : Review: Jun 02 2001
This place always has someone willing and ready. However, the average age is 55+. Place needs cleaning and fixing. Young guys do come in but it is hit or miss. Clerks constantly making announcements over loud speaker to put in money, kind of annoying and embarrasing.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Arlington : Wal-Mart : Review: Jun 02 2001
It is getting really busy since one peephole was widened to become a gloryhole. All 3 stalls are full most of the time.
California : Arcata : Azalea State Reserve : Review: Jun 02 2001
Heads Up! The Humboldt County Sheriff is doing heavy patrolling of the area.
New York City Metro : Brooklyn : XXX Video : Review: Jun 02 2001
Where are the good looking, young guys who just want a blowjob? The action is sporadic, but better late night, and I had a good time on a Thursday night.
New York : Ithaca : Cornell University : Review: Jun 02 2001
Mostly no action in this library, until after 6 pm when it sometimes gets busy.
Montana : Missoula : Fantasy For Adults Only : Review: Jun 02 2001
This is the best place in town to hook up. Two gloryholes in the back, lots of action weekend afternoons, I have sucked so many cocks at times my jaws ache.
New Hampshire : Chocorua : Rest area : Review: Jun 02 2001
A new town ordinance allows only residential parking. This place is dead.
Virginia : Quantico : Main Exchange : Review: Jun 02 2001
That previously mentioned gloryhole is actually one little peephole. This place could get rowdy IF a gloryhole were there!!
Rhode Island : Providence : Amazing Superstore : Review: Jun 02 2001
There were some older men, and the rest weren't exactly hot either. I have to say there was a pretty jacked-up Puerto Rican guy who seems to dig white guys. Other than that, there wasn't much to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised that the attendants didn't really bother anyone and I'm sure they knew what was going on downstairs in the booths!
Pennsylvania : Wyalusing : Wyalusing Rocks Scenic Overlook : Review: Jun 02 2001
This an awesome place! Have had numerous encounters here. Follow the path up the hill to the top. There are several flat rocks that peer off the side of the hill with spectacular views of the valley below and the Susquehanna River. Have received great head from a tall firefighter in a blue truck there on a few occatons. It's hit or miss at times, however if you are lucky to find a playmate there you'll have a good time. Mostly after dark into the wee hours!
Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : Indiana University-Purdue University : Review: Jun 02 2001
Heads Up! Campus cops are on the watch! I teach at IUPUI and went here to legitimately use the restroom and could feel this cop's eyes burning into my back while I was at the urinal. He wasn't in uniform, but I recognized him since I've got a 15-year relationship with the university. A comment was made about 'faggots' all over the place.
Australian Capital Territory : Canberra : Black Mountain Peninsula : Review: Jun 02 2001
A lot of car parks and two toilets both of which work all day and night. It is very quiet during the day near the toilets but drive around look for single guys in parked cars. Often they will follow you to a quiet area. After dark, toilets and car parks work constantly -- very busy sometimes even until 3 am and even later on weekend. It is better when moon is high. Some young and a lot of old guys. A lot of guys driving around just looking. Can work in fits and spurts.
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Louisville Boat Dock : Review: Jun 02 2001
There is a long strip of road alongside the river at the entrance of the boat dock. This place gets packed with cruising cars with naked guys and guys jacking and sucking. Lots of action all the time in cars and in woods.
Louisville Metro : Louisville : Louisville Athletic Club : Review: Jun 02 2001
Cruisy steamroom with action.
Kentucky : Glasgow : American Legion Park : Review: Jun 02 2001
This city park has car cruising or cruising at the bathroom. Park and make eye contact with other men. Good results with older types during the morning and noon hours. Theer is a younger crowd in the late afternoon and early evenings.
New York City Metro : Manhattan : New York Health & Raquet Club : Review: Jun 02 2001
The sauna is cruisy after 5 pm to 9 pm weekdays. Lot of guys cop a feel or get dick in their ass.
Montreal Metro : Montreal : YMCA Downtown : Review: Jun 02 2001
This is the 'new' place to work out in downtown Montreal. It is spotless and they have an INCREDIBLE gym. On the bottom floor is the guy's locker room which is very well lit. Walking back towards the showers you first pass a row of curtained shower stalls. The straight people go in there. Past the stalls on the right and the dry sauna on the left is the communal shower area. Pretty much everyone in here is cruising. I saw all sorts of guys, but mostly younger, built, uncut boys who loved to show off their cocks. Two of them stroked next to me and shot their loads right on my tummy! The dry sauna is very cruisy, too. I didn't notice any direct contact here, but you can meet here and go elsewhere.
San Diego Metro : San Diego : San Diego Mesa College : Review: Jun 02 2001
Lots of action during weekdays between 1 pm and 4 pm.
Indiana : Hammond : Sibley Courtyard Inn : Review: Jun 02 2001
This is a guest house with bathhouse facilities: spa with whirlpool, steamroom, dry sauna and shower room. There is a private courtyard for nude sunbathing or socializing. There is also off-street parking and much more.
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Fort Video and News : Review: Jun 01 2001
Best times are 6 pm - 8 pm during the week. I visited on a Monday and went upstairs to the theatre. Soon a young guy came in, sat down beside me, started rubbing my dick and soon had it in his mouth. A super blowjob followed. Always great cock for me at this store!

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