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Chicago Metro : Chicago : Wells Street Adult Bookstore : Review: Jun 02 2000
Popular with the business crowd.

British Columbia : Nelson : Grohman Narrows Park : Review: Jun 01 2000
Cruising in trails off the parking lot. The best times are Saturday and
Sunday afternoons from about 2 pm to 5 pm. I have had great head
there by guys in their forties to fifties.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Dan Ryan Woods : Review: Jun 01 2000
Park is small but busy until closing at sunset. Visitors range from young to old, all shapes, sizes
and colors. Action occurs in the woods adjacent to where you park.

New Hampshire : West Lebanon : Rest area : Review: Jun 01 2000
One can also follow dirt road to trails off to the left. Best late mornings and early afternoons in good weather. Dead in winter. Various ages, shapes and sizes, and the further you go the better. Some Dartmouth college studs.
Rhode Island : Warwick : Warwick Mall : Review: Jun 01 2000
Macy's is the very best, clean, very cruisy.
Honolulu Metro : Honolulu : Thomas Square : Review: Jun 01 2000
Very cruisy at night, sometimes folks park along the street so you can walk up and visit. Occasional police, but they are generally pretty easy to spot. Also some action at night among the banyan trees by the fountain.
Portland Metro : Portland : Fantasy for Adults Only : Review: Jun 01 2000
Busy most of the time. Very mixed crowd. Decent booths, good movies and you are left alone by the staff though the cleaning crew can get on your nerves when you're trying to cruise.
Minneapolis Metro : Saint Paul : Riverside Park : Review: Jun 01 2000
During the day this area is visited by mostly bears and daddies and the younger college crowd roams in the early evening. Choose whichever turns you on and pick a time to visit. This area is hardly ever visited by the cops. They can't just drive down and shine their lights through the woods like the old Bare Ass Beach area. They will, however, hassle you if you sit in your car on the River Road.
Massachusetts : Fitchburg : Coolidge Park : Review: Jun 01 2000
Although Collins Park is not on the campus, it is right in the shadow of the FS campus. Many students run or walk the track at the park in the evenings, and in warmer weather, you'll find students, as well as many locals (lots of Latinos) at the pool. Best cruising time is around 8 pm to 11:30 pm. Best way to cruise is to put on workout gear, and walk the track. Park in the upper lot near the Convention Center and Ice Rink, not the end near the pool and baseball diamond. The upper lot is much safer, and yet has just enough cover from the traffic passing on the John Fitch Highway, that you could discreetly hook up in the car, or near it, if you wish.
Massachusetts : West Boylston : Thomas Basin : Review: Jun 01 2000
On Route 12/110 there is a causeway for the Watchusett Reservoir. There is an old, stone church. Take that road and go by the church. Some action in the woods there. Continue to the end of the road and take a left at the stop sign. As you go over the a small bridge turn right immediately after and continue up the road. Some cars are parked and there are fishermen. Some are waiting to blow or be blown. Cops do not frequent the area.
South Carolina : Laurens : Rest area : Review: Jun 01 2000
There are two separate men's rooms, one on each side. Four stalls in each, two of which are very big handicapped stalls. Those are great for more than one person action. Walls high enough off ground to slide your dick under for good head from adjacent stall. Doors squeak to warn of new arrivals. Weekends are the best times, but some action from 9 pm until 4 am throughout the week.
South Carolina : Orangeburg : City Landing : Review: Jun 01 2000
Park is mostly parking along river and cruising is from cars. There is a good trail area to go to at the bridge on the left (facing river) side of the park. Park is busy at lunch. But use caution as many people use the park to eat their lunch. I have been lucky during the after work hours from 3 pm to 6 pm.
Quebec : Granby : CNIB (naturalist center) : Review: Jun 01 2000
Cruisy action during the day and night. Occasional patrol by public security vehicle. Mainly mature men.
Rome Metro : Rome : K Men's Club : Review: Jun 01 2000
The closest Rome gets to a leather bar. Small bar at the entrance and large backroom with porn videos, booths, darkroom, gloryholes. Lots of action.
San Francisco Metro : San Bruno : Skyline Community College : Review: May 24 2000
Hot private showers and lockers, lots of showing and jackoff, cruisy from 7 pm till 11 pm weekdays and
Saturday all day. No student ID required.
Detroit Metro : Detroit : TNT Health Club : Review: May 23 2000
TNT has maintained a contemptuous and unfriendly attitude towards it's customers which always made me wonder whether the owners and
management were gay men themselves. For how many years since the fire has this management withheld rebuilding, refurbishing or
improving the establishment? Only competition, successful despite it's lack of imagination and innovation in the concept of converting a
factory space into a bathhouse and it's similar lack of skill at dealing with the public, has forced TNT to construct some rooms; the very least
kind of thing to be done to try holding on.

TNT makes it clear how badly gay men have allowed themselves to be treated by patronizing, at no small fee, a club where ...
Saint Louis Metro : Saint Louis : Carondelet Park : Review: May 23 2000
A fairly large drive-thru park with several tearooms and parking areas.
Georgia : Augusta : Parliament House : Review: May 22 2000
A very dated (1960's) motel that has been turned into a private sexclub. As a place to stay it is a very poor imitation of the Parliament House in
Orlando, though that location is now a lost cause. No bar, restaurant or entertainment. Entering and exiting is dependent on someone
physically coming out of the office to open a gate.

Visitors and staff, while certainly pleasant are your boot wannabe leather type. If you are looking for professional or preppy types this is not the
place for you. I will not return.
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Aledo : Adult Super Store : Review: May 21 2000
Fairly clean, lots of booths, most booths have gloryholes, action varies from day to day but there is almost always
something. Staff don't seem interested in what goes on in the peeps.
Virginia : Arlington : Alcova Park : Review: May 11 2000
Action in the tearoom on the corner, but be careful
as authorities do pay attention to what is going on!
Best times are around noon and after 4 pm.
Virginia : Huddleston : Smith Mountain Ridge State Park : Review: May 11 2000
Boaters should be looking for single men
anchored or beached along the coves at the base
of the Smith Mountain Ridge. Also, the woods at
'The Cliffs' sees action from men of all ages year-
round. Just wait a few minutes and make your way
up into the woods for some quick and great
Cincinnati Metro : Cincinnati : Street cruising between 3rd and 4th, Elm and Central : Review: May 10 2000
This two block length of street is busy during the
day, but after dark the business trade heads out of
the city, and the area becomes cruisy. There are
often guys parked in cars yanking at the ole boy.
Ohio : Springfield : Snyder Park : Review: May 10 2000
There is a great deal of cruising throughout the day,
but particularly near and after nightall. A great deal
of the
action centers on
the southern end of the park, but cruising occurs
throughout the park as the road through the
park winds among
various sections and parking lots. Restrooms at
the southern end of the park entrance are
extremely cruisy,
but are locked during the winter months. All ages of
men, but there are a few persistent old trolls.
Most cruising is
done by car. Police do patrol the park by car and
bikes. Best to hook up at Snyder Park and go
elsewhere for sex.
Have had extremely good luck cruising here over
the last several years.
Puerto Rico : Rio Piedras : Universidad de Puerto Rico - Biblioteca José M. Lázaro : Review: May 06 2000
There is action any hour till the second floor is closed. All type of sex from just watching to hard core sex. Most of the people who go there
are young.
South Dakota : Vermillion : University of South Dakota : Review: May 06 2000
Go and wait under the water tower and you'll meet someone to take home.
Connecticut : Hartford : Art Cinema : Review: May 04 2000
This place is getting better all the time. More
couples and young studs looking for action. Yes
there are a number of experienced Italian seniors,
but they add to the spice. No one should have a
problem getting action at any level. Rate it a B and
with a bullet.
Connecticut : Mansfield : Mansfield Hollow Dam : Review: May 04 2000
Lots of nice trails. I suggest you hang in the parking
lot first to spot your 'date' before heading off into the
woods. It's a big place. Best from mid-April to early
Michigan : Chelsea : Park Lyndon County Park : Review: May 04 2000
There are two parks on North Territorial Road that
are very cruisy and busy from noon till 10 pm. There
are a set of
bathrooms in each
park. The south park is the main or primary one
and the north park is kind of the overfill area. Both
parks have a lot of
trails. The common cruising technique is either to
go behind the bathroom in the south park and
when you hear a
door close you peek around to make your presence
known, or to wait in your car until that just right
person pulls in and
goes into the bathroom or behind it. Lunch time
and after the local factories in Chelsea get out are
the best time.
Chicago Metro : Des Plaines : O'Hare Airport : Review: May 02 2000
The public toilets near the CTA train station are active for cruising. Like other airport toilets there are no doors. But these two
toilets don't have much traffic either. I went from one to the other and found a cruiser at the urinals in each. This Latino guy
who wanted to suck my dick told me these are the best locations at the airport for cruising.

Chicago Metro : Chicago : Manhandler Saloon : Review: May 02 2000
The bar has a western theme to it. The door in the back of the bar leads to a fenced-in outdoor courtyard, which has chairs. At
the far end of the courtyard is the 'back-forty,' a barn-like structure (no lights, no bar, just men) where most of the action takes
place. Some activity in the rear portion of the main bar, and they have a fireplace as well, which is a nice touch in the winter.
I've had very good luck at being sucked and/ or sucking the cocks of some good looking, boy-next-door kind of guys.

Chicago Metro : Chicago : Wells Street Adult Bookstore : Review: May 02 2000
Usually clean place. It only has three booths. If you leave the door cracked, you will usually get some action. There are plenty
of first-timers too.

Oregon : Corvallis : Oregon State University : Review: May 02 2000
Still the most active room on campus as far as I can tell. It has a really loud door and a L-shaped entrance which gives people a few
moments, although not a lot, if people come in. There is usually a mix of college types and townies. Action here usually happens most of the
day with the peak usually mid afternoon. Weekends are a bit more quiet but not dead by any means.
Virginia : Charlottesville : University of Virginia : Review: May 02 2000
Bank of about eight stalls with view of urinals. Sometimes locked at night, but most cruisy in mid to late afternoon and early evenings. No
gloryholes, but many peepholes.
Long Island Metro : Garden City : Nassau Community College - Physical Educaton Complex : Review: May 01 2000
The men's locker room in the college Phys Ed center is accessible, no one ever checks ID. The boys change, shower, and go in sauna
between classes. The toilets in the locker room are active. Much writing on the wall and I sucked a football player type off in a stall. I also
jackoff after every swim class at the urinal.
Portland Metro : Portland : Kelley Point Park : Review: May 01 2000
Park in the middle parking lot and follow the trail to the left of the lot. Action appears to be in the bushes surrounding the meadow and down near the beach. If you follow the curve to the right on the main trail, not much action after the first trail on the left because you are getting into public swimming areas.
Massachusetts : Milford : Louisa Lake Park : Review: May 01 2000
While I was there a guy pulled in and parked. He kept looking at me so I lightly rubbed my crotch. Before long we had stepped behind some bushes and he gave me oral. He said he is there every Monday through Friday between 5 am and 5:30 am. If you're out that early stop there and I'm sure he will satisfy you. He likes other bi or straight, married guys who are hung and cut. I told him I was going to post this and he said great. Look for someone who may have his interior car light on. If you want it, just get out and sit against one of the rocks and make a suggestion.
South Carolina : Fort Mill : Welcome Center : Review: May 01 2000
A newly remodeled rest stop. Always someone or some action to be had. Some men have been noted to sit in the stall naked and one noted individual will parade around naked in the bathroom sniffing poppers and going down on dick. He is wild! He often gets fucked in there too. To his credit, he always uses rubbers. Action all week long, but heaviest on the weekend.
Iowa : Dubuque : Adult Warehouse : Review: May 01 2000
A cocksuckers paradise! There are many booths with very large gloryholes. There are also a number of couples and group booths. Management seems to avoid the booth area. I went twice one Friday during the daytime and again late at night. I sucked a total of seven different cocks and had mine sucked once. I will be returning!
Michigan : Allendale : Grand Valley State University : Review: Apr 23 2000
The library is often quite dead on Saturday nights after 9 pm. Unfortunately, the stall walls are thick metal and gloryholes do not appear. I
don't believe that the library is patrolled at all on weekend nights.
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Arlington : Wal-Mart : Review: Apr 21 2000
Three stalls in tearoom at front of store. There are decent peepholes between each of the stalls. Pretty cruisy.
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Midtowne Spa : Review: Apr 21 2000
What a difference a few months and a new manager makes! Having read the previous 'not so nice' reviews here, I went
back today (after not having gone for three months) because I was in the area.

Shock of shocks, the place is getting cleaned up! They have a new (very hot) manager from Houston who actually was
painting today. The steamroom has all new tile and is very clean, as is the hot tub! They have new big shower heads and
lots of pressure and hot water. It was hard to spot specific changes, but the place definitely has been cleaned and
changed and according to the manager more is being done to bring up the standards!

They've also start...
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Midtowne Spa : Review: Apr 21 2000
I have been going to the Midtowne a couple times a year for about eight years now and it just seems to be falling apart at
an exponential rate of speed. You cannot buy any personal lubricants there anymore. I requested a room with a video on
the second floor an the video didn't work and it took over an hour to get me moved to another room. I was there on a
Saturday and it was pretty dead. A few old troll types, no bottoms and the maze is dark as a tomb. I wish they'd put the
light back they used to have in the back.

The facility is disappointing, light fixtures are hanging by one screw in some rooms and the guys seem to just want to
look at each...
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Mockingbird Video : Review: Apr 21 2000
Lot's of large booths, no security cameras visible, and a staff seems ambivalent to all activity. Not very busy yet, but
has the potential to really take off. Booths are nice and clean and the few guys who have started heading there are
all in the 'reasonably hot' category.
Orlando Metro : Orlando : Valencia College : Review: Apr 21 2000
The urinals have no dividers, the building is relatively empty, and there is no security -- maybe
an occasional janitor.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : DePaul University : Review: Apr 20 2000
Busy all afternoon. The door is loud and there is a long hallway before you even reach the main bathroom area.
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Lincoln Center : Review: Apr 20 2000
The men's locker room has its own steamroom with limited action, as approaching traffic is hard to see. There are
two private showers that are across from each other. Have had a few jackoff sessions there with other guys. Action
is rare, but guests from the Doubletree Hotel come over to work out. Members are usually not interested, but
sometimes a hotel guest will play.
Aberdeenshire - Scotland : Stirling : Stirling University : Review: Apr 19 2000
Toilet with four lockups. Weekday lunchtimes are good for students.
Alberta : Calgary : Mount Royal College : Review: Apr 19 2000
You'll find action in the afternoons on weekdays in the toilet just down the hall from this hangout for priests.
Phoenix Metro : Tempe : Arizona State University : Review: Apr 19 2000
It can be very hot in the showers. Have had luck at various times, mornings the best though.
Eye contact and shaved balls signal prospects who can be taken to the isolated toilet stall near the pool entrance for action. Only open to
students, faculty, alumni or their guests ($5 daily for them).
Arkansas : Conway : University of Central Arkansas : Review: Apr 19 2000
Best hours are from 10 am to noon during the week and from 3 pm to 6 pm.

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