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Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Hemet : Gibbel Park : Review: Aug 06 2018 by Blowie.
Very dirty public park suck off hole in the middle of town, with more than enough older cock walking in to keep your interest.

A perfect place to suck sock — cheap, smutty, and fast!
Published or Edited on 08/08/18
South Carolina : Charleston : The Battery : Review: Aug 06 2018
This was a hot spot back in the day, but it sees little cruising anymore.

Charleston City Paper, July 25, 2018: Charleston's public gay spaces have slowly disappeared. Do we need them back?
Published or Edited on 08/08/18
New Jersey : Woodbridge : Woodbridge Center : Review: Aug 06 2018
Walked in the other day to a guy getting a blow job right at the urinal. No shame in either guy, they didn't even flinch or pause. I took a good look and ventured into a stall. It was nice but I didn't want to stare, not my style.

Shortly after another guy came in and occupied the other stall. Those two were quite involved so we didn't hesitate. Typically I like for the bathroom to be empty but they would have stopped any incoming person dead in their tracks.

I am 5'8", 195, well-built, 7.5" by 5.5" around. This guy was over 6', about 175 on the skinny side with a dick like a donkey I'd bet just shy of 9", shaved head. Before long we were both in the bigger stall. The other guys finished up and left. We sucked each other, licked nipples, and tickled each other's asshole. At one point he was behind me with his tongue in my ass, then his fingers, then his tongue. He had me really going.

He spun me around sat on the toilet, swallowed my...
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Aug 06 2018
A few weeks ago I went with no intention of doing more than jerking off to some porn. I was in my booth taking my time playing with my meat. I felt the eyes of the person next door so I stuck my dick through, no dice. I thought nothing of it and kept going.

A few minutes later, the same thing, felt the eyes. I couldn't see a face. It was dark and I didn't bend far enough initially to see through. After a few I looked again, I could only make out a taller individual with an average build with short hair and glasses and it appeared he was stroking his dick.

After a few more minutes I heard the door unlatched. There wasn't any other person there so I shimmied over, pants half down, balls swinging in the breeze. I entered and shut the door this individual never turned until I was in and the door shut. It wasn't a man, it was a female, short hair glasses with a big dildo tucked in her sweat pants that she was actually stroking. Sorry for the derogatory term but the eas...
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Aug 06 2018
Hooked up with a older gray-haired guy a few weeks ago. He looked the part of a successful business man.

Unfortunately for him I shot my load all over his nice business suit. Guess that's his fault after mutual sucking and jerking. I let him cum in my mouth. When it was my turn and I got close he jumped away like I was cumming fire.

So shame on him. I hadn't cum in about eight days so he’ll have a hard time going back to work like that.
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Center : Review: Aug 06 2018
Went for a visit a few days ago. Not too crowded, only a few cars in the lot but I was super horny so I went in regardless. There was only one booth occupied on the very end every one else was shopping. As I indicated I was super horny so I was in for whatever I could get.

I wasn't disappointed with a jean skirt with fishnets and quite possibly the worst attempt to cross dress, terrible wig but hung like a horse. Shaved 8" cock, no underwear, and big balls. Immediately he/she got on her knees and swallowed every bit of my rock hard 7" cock, right to my balls. There was no hesitation, trickery, or messing around. She wanted cock down her throat and I was happy to oblige.

She went to town stroking and sucking until I let it all go. She swallowed every bit without missing a beat. One of the best blow jobs I ever had tickled my anus a bit, not sloppy, I wasn't soaked after. All and all a great blow job.

Of course I tried to return the favor but what I hadn’t real...
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
New York City Metro : Queens : Little Neck Video : Review: Aug 06 2018
Decent place to get some head, usually can get a good fuck in as well on some busier nights. Pretty clean and the owners let you do whatever you'd like as long as the booths are going.
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Aug 05 2018 by dwntoearth
Are there any thick uncut cocks that frequent this place? I've never been here but planning to go this week one night seeking to suck if someone can provide.
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
Ohio : Ravenna : West Branch State Park : Review: Aug 05 2018
Heads Up! Undercover sheriff's deputies had been staking out Picnic Area B of the park "for several weeks following numerous complaints that men are using the park bathrooms to solicit sex from other men."

A man accused of exposing and fondling himself, then running away from deputies, was arrested July 27. He was charged with resisting arrest and public indecency. His name, age, photo, hometown, and former prominent occupation were publicized in local media.

Akron Beacon-Journal, July 31, 2018: Former Akron hospital executive accused of public indecency in Portage County park
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Hollywood : Pleasure Emporium : Review: Aug 05 2018
Heads Up! Finally some blowback. From a former prosecutor representing on of the men:[quote][indent=10]...Further, Cuellar said the behavior of the undercover police is questionable.

"They encouraged the individuals to come into one of the private rooms [and] encouraged them to touch themselves and engage in consensual touching with each other," she said. "They proceeded to then watch them until the men completed whatever they were doing, and then allowed them to leave the room and arrested them outside in the hall. They arrested everyone they found in the back area."

Cuellar said that as a former prosecutor, she has never heard of police officers engaged in watching "alleged criminal behavior" to that extent.

"If, in fact, what these men were doing was illegal, then the mere exposure would have been sufficient to arrest them under the police department's theory that this behavior was a crime," Cuellar said. "This is also a classic case of entrap...
Published or Edited on 08/07/18
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Bulldogs : Review: Aug 05 2018
The same person still owns Bulldogs, it's a Jewish straight family. Yes, it was a leather bar twenty-plus years ago. Now it's Black but all are welcome.

It opens at 4. There is no charge until after 8 Monday through Wednesday. It's very, very packed on Thursday and Saturday. Sunday is new to watch Football and get the strongest cheapest drinks in Atlanta.

So please be kind and stop looking at color.
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
Los Angeles Metro : Whittier : Romantix : Review: Aug 05 2018 by dave
Is this place still a good cruising spot? If so what is a good window of time to for gloryhole action?
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
Los Angeles Metro : City of Commerce : X Spot - Commerce : Review: Aug 04 2018 by DL_bottom
Still pretty active in the evenings 7 to 9 pm, some late night action as well after 11 pm on after Thursday into the weekend.

I've been fucked in the booths by all kinds of hot guys, mostly Latino and some white. I've taken it outside to the parking area as well and behind the building on the left along the train tracks.
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
Turkey : Istanbul : Fatih Park : Review: Aug 04 2018 by naturalbuns
Took a chance and went to this park and was delighted to see some guys sitting here and there. There was very discreet cruising here.

I was propositioned to go with this guy to his place but I was too afraid to go. Then another gorgeous older Turk propositioned and took me to a quiet mount behind the park and I gave him head. It was so delicious and he was begging to fuck me but I just wasn't ready for that.

When I came out two Iraqi guys in a jeep asked a lot of questions supposedly propositioning me but my fear got the best of me and I left.

In the road in front adjacent to the Mosaic Hotel men freely propositioned me to take me to a hammam which I fearfully rejected.

There is a lot of cruising here for brave men for the repressed men here.
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
Kansas : Brookville : I-70 Novelty : Review: Aug 04 2018 by NeverenufKS
Heads Up! It might have good activity, but know that there are hidden cameras viewable on a monitor by the clerk in each of the booths. Unless you want your activities viewed by some old perv or others, and/or possibly posted on the web, watch out married guys!

Used to go there regularly and had good times, but not worth the risk now that I saw the closed circuit video playing behind the counter.
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
Kansas : Hays : Tickler's Adult Novelty and Video : Review: Aug 04 2018 by NeverenufKS
Saw this post months ago, decided when I headed to Denver next to check it out. Got there about 1:00. Only one car in the lot.

Went in and asked about arcade. It was $3 for fifteen minutes. Watched a couple of videos about ten minutes and was ready to leave when I heard someone come in.

I left my booth and was met with the cutest blue-eyed Latino. Pulled another $3, paid the old guy and went back to the booth. Straight porn was playing next to me, so my finger in the gloryhole quickly got me that beautiful uncut cock through the hole.

He was hard in no time and unloaded the sweetest, thickest cream down my throat, zipped quickly and left. I stayed waiting, but nobody else. Probably couldn't have topped that one anyway!
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Aug 04 2018 by Joe
Saw this Black guy by the booths. Sat in a booth with the door open and started watching gay porn. He came by and I built up my courage to ask him if he wanted me to suck his dick. He told me to finish watching and then told me to come to one of the bigger booths.

He pulled his dick out and it was huge. I had him a condom and he put it on then grabbed my head to start sucking. He was coaching me to exactly how he wanted that big dick sucked. Then he started playing with my nipples and told me he wanted to see my ass. So I got up turned around and dropped my pants a little. He grabbed my ass, pulled me toward him, stuck his dick in my asshole, and started humping me. It would not go in at first. He told me to spit on my hand and lubricator my asshole. So I did and it slowly started going in.

The initial entry hurt so much I had to stop. I was so horny now I tried again. It finally went in and he started fucking me. He made me arch my back and just kept fucking me. After about ten ...
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
Nevada : Reno : Steve`s Bathhouse and Gym : Review: Aug 03 2018 by GlryHoleGuy
Passed through Reno right after 4th of July and decided to check this place out. I had a Grindr hookup that fell through and I said fuck it and headed to Steve's. It was late on a Thursday night a little after 11 pm.

Once I got in I took a walk around. It's a nice place and clean. There weren't that many guys there so I was a little worried that I wasn't going to find anything. It seemed dead. Decided to stick it out for a while and I started seeing a few other cute guys there.

I walked by and saw a really cute guy in a baseball cap sitting in his room. I showed I was interested and he asked me to come in and we started making out. He told me he was more of a bottom while I was sucking his cock, which got mine super hard. He bent over and had a really nice round smooth ass. I slide my cock inside and he was loving it, super tight and I had to hold back from cumming too fast! He was stroking himself while I was fucking him on his knees which was super hot. He asked...
Published or Edited on 08/06/18
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Secrets Adult Superstore : Review: Aug 03 2018 by GlryHoleGuy
Went here the other day in the afternoon. Wasn't expecting much since it was in between the lunch hour and when people get off work.

There were a couple guys there when I arrived. One was hideous and the other wasn't really my taste. I ended up back there alone and thought maybe I wasted my time.

Until the cute Latin guy that works the desk came back there and started to "clean up." I was sitting in a booth and decided to stick my finger through the hole. He came over and slid his nice thick Latin dick through the hole. I sucked it like a good little boy until he blasted into my mouth. It was so fucking hot! I was stroking the entire time and once he finished he sucked my dick until I exploded in his mouth. Definitely a good time there! :)

He's usually there when I go in as he's been working there for years. I hope to play with him in the future.

[i]Hope this doesn't hurt the guy's job status. If anything, maybe the store will get more cu...
Published or Edited on 08/03/18
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Palm Beach Arcade : Review: Aug 03 2018 by GlryHoleGuy
I used to love to come to this place. It's a pretty good setup and lots of space in the back and booths. Tweakers and drug addicts sometimes hang out there, but are for the most part respectful.

The only issue is the little troll woman who works the day shift. She's a total bitch and will hate on pretty much anything you do. The guys in the evening are cool and don't really bother people. Watch out for the woman though, her purpose in life is to make patrons there miserable.

I have pretty much stopped going to the place before 5:30 pm. Shame, because there's usually a lot of fun to be had there.

Published or Edited on 08/03/18
San Francisco Metro : San Leandro : Not Too Naughty : Review: Aug 03 2018 by GlryHoleGuy
Went by here a few months back. The place is alive and well. Some booths have been taken out but a lot are still there, with holes.

I went to check out the after work crowd and there were more than a few cute guys there. I sucked off two and shot my load with the last dude. Very fun time.

Staff doesn't care what's going on in the back after you pay the entry fee and go into the back. The back door is tinted so you cant see who's in there from the store but you can scope out the traffic coming in. Will return.
Published or Edited on 08/03/18
North Carolina : Balsam : Balsam Gap Scenic Overlook : Review: Aug 03 2018 by twofourth
Yes, hooked up again. Was a dreary rainy day, not much car traffic. Sat at the overlook for a bit and another car pulled in, a single guy.

I walked over and he was sitting there with no shorts on stroking. I got in, chatted briefly. and went down on him. Didn't get to finish him off, got a li'l spooked by another car pulling in. But he was yummy.

Hope to see him again up there.
Published or Edited on 08/03/18
New York : Spring Valley : Route 59 Videos & Books : Review: Aug 03 2018 by Ben
Went here a couple of weeks ago, first time in about ten years. Were a few men walking around, and the staff seemed to be walking around more than I remember. There were two of them I think working. Walked around awhile, wasn't sure if it was still safe or allowed to play.

I went upstairs into a buddy booth and put in five dollars. I was able to blow two nice cocks without anyone bothering me. Still seems safe to play.
Published or Edited on 08/03/18
Los Angeles Metro : North Hollywood : Jason's II Adult Bookstore : Review: Aug 02 2018 by tantop
I'll be trying this place out the next two Mondays around noontime. Looking to be satisfied.
Published or Edited on 08/03/18
California : Red Bluff : Herbert S. Miles Rest Area : Review: Aug 02 2018
If you leave Redding about fifteen minutes south on I-5 is a rest area that's pretty lively at night, and by lively I mean I’ve jerked off, I've fucked, and been fucked here. Had some pretty fun times here.

A lot of truckers stop here and will let you cum into the cab of the truck for some real fun, like man on man skin contact. I usually cum here at night when it's cooler during summer time, earlier in evening the rest of the year.

I saw a gloryhole in the southern mens' room, like big enough for a cock kind of gloryhole. It's good around midnight or 11:30 most nights so let's get together a group and have some good old sweaty fun, boys!
Published or Edited on 08/02/18
Denver Metro : Englewood : John Derry Park : Review: Aug 02 2018 by Ionblack
Work in the area and looking to meet up to JO over lunch. White, clean, great shape.
Published or Edited on 08/02/18
West Virginia : Morgantown : Modern Adult Select Books & Videos : Review: Aug 02 2018 by Anonymous
When is the best time to cum here?
Published or Edited on 08/02/18
Ontario : Hamilton : CF Lime Ridge Mall : Review: Aug 02 2018 by canman
Seems to have slowed down a lot, but there is still a lot of action.

There is a tranny who lets you video her sucking you off and fucking her ass. Some really big dicks too if you are a bottom who likes that.
Published or Edited on 08/02/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Geology Building : Review: Aug 01 2018 by An
Any action going on here?

Be aware of the recent Heads Up at the Liberal Arts Building. UTEP is watching. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/02/18
Orlando Metro : Narcoossee : Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park : Review: Jul 31 2018 by Nomad00
I go here quite regularly and have had some of the best blow jobs ever.
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : KLYT : Review: Jul 31 2018 by Luvcock
I think the most recent review is for the Midtowne Spa instead of KLYT.

KLYT does not have a pool or jacuzzi. While KLYT is located more in the center of Skid Row, Midtowne is on the eastern edge.

Thanks! I'll make sure a copy gets posted to the Midtowne Spa page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jul 31 2018 by Rosa
Heads Up! Careful guys. Yesterday and today a van with a dry cleaner logo been parked for hours. Same van.

Yesterday a Latina ugly as hell t-girl got out the back door. Today a gorgeous blonde also got out the back of the van. I think they're both undercover cops.

Today inside the blonde was videotaping with a cell phone. No action so far. A few guys noticed this blonde was up to something and left.
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
Los Angeles Metro : Gardena : Video Entertainment Center : Review: Jul 31 2018 by Johnny
Sad to say this place has closed. Many fun times were had here. It was a it or miss with the guys, but when there was a hit it was usually really sexy guys. If any one knows where to go now let us know.

Google still shows this place open as of today. I'll add it to my list but check back before actually deleting it. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
Michigan : Escanaba : Sensual Arts Adult Bookstore : Review: Jul 31 2018
Wish I saw more women and transsexuals or crossdressers here! Awesome place though.
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Jul 31 2018 by Inter
First visit to Ascarate yesterday exactly at noon. Plenty of dick to suck at the john as you enter the park to the left. The other john in the back guys cruise and cruise and do shit. Mostly elderly gentlemen.

Real hot watching a guy taking it bareback at the front john.

Same like other dudes. After 1 pm not a single dick.
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
Massachusetts : Springfield : Sears Eastfield Mall : Review: Jul 31 2018 by kenpiano
The store is closed. I hope the mall survives.

Local media shows the Sears closing in September: WWLP, June 1 2018: Eastfield Mall Sears store to close
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jul 31 2018 by Soldier X
Dead last night and the night before. Waste of money.
Published or Edited on 08/01/18
South Carolina : Hilton Head Island : Jarvis Creek Park : Review: Jul 30 2018 by Anonymius
This place may be OK in daylight but the gates close at 9 and you can't get in. Not sure how this place really is.

There's action in the Walmart parking lot next door. Cops do cruise so be careful.
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
South Carolina : Hilton Head Island : Pine Island Beach and Dolphin Head Recreation Area : Review: Jul 30 2018 by Anonymous
I tried to go to Dolphin Head and it is a gated community. I didn't go through the gate. Wasn't sure if I’d get in and really didn't want to answer questions.

You can try it, and if you have success please post so we will all know how it is now.
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Pennsylvania : Liverpool : Liverpool XXX Theater : Review: Jul 30 2018 by frankie4pl4y
Stopped by on my way to State College Friday the 27th. The t-gurl working there was hot, wish I knew her name.

The theater room was full of guys who mostly seemed like zombies. Some old mountain man with greasy hair sucked my cock, but he was filthy so I put my cock away and went to a private booth.

I may visit again some day just to get a better look at the sexy tranny attendant. :-)
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Spain : Barcelona : Playa Mar Bella : Review: Jul 30 2018 by KC
Take the L4 Metro line (yellow) to Poblenou station. The beach is about a ten minute walk straight down from the station. When entering the beach, go toward the left and you will see the nude gay beach area.

This is a great beach. One complaint I have seen on other sites is that it is not totally gay. It's not. There are women there, mostly by themselves or with groups. There are also some straight couples. This definitely restricts a lot of activity that could take place if they weren't there. Why these women want to be on a gay nude beach is beyond me. Sometimes,silly gay queens bring their girlfriends with them, and spoil the fun for others.

Good news: It's still about 90% gay men. There is hot action in the men's restroom. You will have a great time!
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Boston Metro : Canton : Park and Ride : Review: Jul 30 2018 by BiGuyin401
Great place to stop for some hard cock!
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : Dillard's: Atlantic Station : Review: Jul 30 2018 by m.chadeaux
Heads Up! Do not go here! The police are watching! They have become aware, and are setting up stings and arresting people. Avoid Atlantic Station!!!
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Atlanta Metro : Atlanta : LA Fitness: Atlantic Station : Review: Jul 30 2018 by m.chadeaux
Heads Up! The police have become aware of the cruising in and around Atlantic Station and have recently started cracking down both at LA Fitness, the restroom near the theater, and in Dillard's. Do not go here!!! I almost got caught.
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Drake's : Review: Jul 30 2018
The upstairs section is closed due to a fire. It is expected to be open in August.

AT5 Echt Amsterdams Nieuws, April 2018: Tramverkeer gestremd door brandje boven seksshop Damrak (Tram traffic blocked by fire above Damrak sex shop)
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Michigan : Escanaba : Sensual Arts Adult Bookstore : Review: Jul 30 2018
July 29th around 3:30 in the afternoon there was a crossdresser in here with long legs, tiny but tall, wearing a little black dress. She looked amazing. She was waiting for someone for quite awhile. I would love to have played with you!
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Admiral Theatre : Review: Jul 30 2018 by Mike
This place closed the arcade years ago. Used to be nice.
Published or Edited on 07/31/18
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Newberry Springs : Desert Oasis Rest Area : Review: Jul 29 2018
Drove through eastbound on Friday and Saturday night here. Hooked up several times the past month with this masculine ethnic buddy with a deep throat and crazy eager hole, usually in this Raiders cap and camouflage pants.

Cool spot for late night summer outdoor action for sure. Good if you can get a Grindr connection too.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
Turkey : Istanbul : Cihangir Sauna : Review: Jul 29 2018
There are reports it has new owners who shut it down in February for renovations and it's recently reopened.

From Squirt:
May 9 2018: "Went there on 6th May 2018 and its reopened"
June 16 2018: "I visited 2 weeks ago and ir was great"

From Travel Gay:
May 4 2018: "It is open now, not traditional hammam. 40 TL for the locker, 50 TL for the private room. One dry sauna room and some showers.Not perfect place, but good if you can match the nice men you like. I had some actions in the room"

Published or Edited on 07/30/18
Kansas : Brookville : I-70 Novelty : Review: Jul 28 2018 by lorrkans
This place continues to be the the place to go for us out here in the country. I stopped by on a Wednesday mid-afternoon. I was able to suck two cocks in a short period of time.

I saw one of the doors on one of the booths cracked open. Looked inside and saw a guy totally nude getting sucked. I asked if I could come in and help. I found his ass well lubed and ready for my finger as I sucked on his nipple and cupped his balls. I am sure he will remember this blow job for some time.

A good place to go but it can be dead at times.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18

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