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Arizona : Fort Mohave : Personal Preference Fort Mojave : Review: Jul 28 2018 by Tommy
This place was great. The staff are extremely friendly and will let you alone as long as you're feeding the booths.

A lot of new faces coming in to the store. Used to be older guys but lately younger ones are showing up. The store is extremely LGBT friendly and I think the manager is gay. The store is clean and smells good.

I checked the theaters out, really nice leather seating. One theater showing straight movies and one showing bi-sex or gay. They really cater to all life styles.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
Texas : Amarillo : Studio One Adult Bookstore and Video : Review: Jul 28 2018 by Baby
Should allow 18+, you gotta love the young ones. Plus you'd make more money common with ID's.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jul 28 2018 by Ryan
Little action last night, but I still managed to get a blowjob from an older guy. Seems like older people cruise around here often.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Arizona Canal Trail - 40th Street/Camelback Road : Review: Jul 28 2018
Damn! Stopped by here late night a couple times this summer, tryin' to connect with the tall Puerto Rican bro with the camouflage pants but no luck.

Seen only one fat guy a couple of times and one lone coyote.

Sucks that Craigslist is dead.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Buena Vista Park : Review: Jul 28 2018
Been here three times while visiting last week.

Thursday night, saw one guy with grey hoodie walking around like he's in a hurry but going nowhere and one skinny short Asian with a hoodlie (kinda reminded me of Kenny from South Park). That was it for an hour.

Friday night, same guy in grey hoodie — still walking around in a hurry, and one big owl flying this way and that way. Finally chilled with a laid back Black guy and got our freak on.

Sunday night the owl was back. One Latin or Asian bottom who was getting fucked by a fat short older Mexican — not as freaky as one would imagine. I connected with a young white guy with a thick uncut cock. Was worth the wait.

That's it. Guess the Glory Days are gone!
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
New York City Metro : Queens : DCD Exclusive Video : Review: Jul 28 2018 by Javier
This place tends to be busiest after work on weekdays when hot working guys come in looking to shoot a load down someone's throat and leave. Weekends it's hit or miss.

There are usually far more bottoms than tops here, more guys looking to suck then to get sucked, by a wide margin.

There are a handful of trolls who always seem to stand around looking at the floor or fiddling with their phone but never have any intent to have sex. What their purpose is in being there is hard to say. Some queens in here seem to be looking for perfection in a hookup while having little to offer themselves and generally create a negative atmosphere.

Despite these detractors I've gotten my dick sucked a number of times here. Place is relatively clean. Management doesn't bother you as long as you put money in the machines. Easy to reach, next to 7 and G trains at Court Square.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Jul 27 2018 by Frank P
Anonymous you are to the second. Exactly at 12 noon I got there. A nice guy who looked like pool cleaner was standing at the urinal. Terrific fat uncut Mexican dick. After him a terrific young skinny young man gave me head and I gave him a nice load of my golden fluid.

Next two chubby Black men both with fat dicks. The came in the same car. One fucked my ass, the other almost choked me with his dick. Five to 1 pm the place became empty, not a single soul until 4 pm when I left. So it looks like action is 12 noon - 1 pm.

I am so horny.
Published or Edited on 07/30/18
Pennsylvania : Stoystown : Adult Country Bookstore : Review: Jul 27 2018 by Witten
Any straight guys going tonight? I'm a married woman wanting to try the gloryholes. My husband will be there but we are both straight! Want straight men also.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Paradise Adult Boutique : Review: Jul 27 2018 by Azriel
I’ve been here a few times over the last year. Most were a lot of fun. Only left disappointed once or twice. Have sucked dick and been sucked off. Range of guys, seems to be mostly older of late.

Theater is where most of the action is. Most guys seem hesitant to do anything until someone breaks the ice and whips their dick out.

Price has gone up to $10 which is a bummer.

Just wish there were some gloryholes or dark nooks and crannies.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Chicago Metro : Gurnee : Centre Club Fitness Center : Review: Jul 27 2018 by Illinoisboy5791
I'm looking to suck if someone is interested.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
New Orleans Metro : Kenner : The Home Depot : Review: Jul 27 2018 by Lookin4fun
I was here a few nights ago. Bathroom by lumber is currently closed. Bathroom behind flooring is open and larger.

I didn't get any action but there seemed to be really good potential. Please post any tips, successes, and failures.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
San Diego Metro : Oceanside : Camp Pendelton Vista Point : Review: Jul 27 2018 by just curious
So I had heard that the rest stops on Interstate 5 in the middle of Camp Pendelton were good spots for spontaneous anonymous hookups.

That might be true, but the night I went there at about 9 pm the northbound rest stop did not have much going on, just a lot of short, fat travelers and maybe one or two senior lurkers. On the northbound side there is a spot at the top of the hill where you could hook up while keeping your vantage point to see any approaching cops, but I did not see anybody remotely interesting to me so I moved on.

Be aware that there are now custodians in yellow vests walking around both rest stops continuously picking up trash and they are obviously the eyes and years of the police so be very careful. The northbound side does have some wooded bushy areas which are much more secluded than the southbound side rest area so if you want to hook up I would recommend the northbound side.

The southbound side does have more people but it also lacks any private areas an...
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
San Diego Metro : Escondido : Romantix : Review: Jul 27 2018 by just curious
So I went back again, see my review from April 4, 2014, but this time I went back on a Friday night at 9 pm. You would think it would be a good busy time but mostly there were just a few very short overweight, fat, or obese older guys. I would say it was 80% Hispanic but then that is just a reflection of the surrounding neighborhoods.

I think that some of the other reviews here are just fantasies that someone wrote down and not anything that actually happened. At least two times I have been here I never found an environment anything like that or guys who were as described by those other reviews.

I did give a blow job to one uncircumcised guy with a not too long but fat cock, but I guess he did not want to come in my mouth because he kept pulling himself out and away but then went right back in for some throat and face fucking. After a while I realized he was trying to avoid coming so I excused myself and moved on.

One other older white dude came over to give me a blow job whic...
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Missouri : Boonville : Megaplex Spa : Review: Jul 26 2018 by Hungry586
Since there wasn't any new info, I decided to go check it out myself. Really a nice setup on the video arcade/theater area. Reasonable entry fee. Dark, comfortable maze of an area. Multiple theatre areas and some large booths, if you can call them that.

Had a good time while I was there but can understand it being hit or miss. Definitely would go back.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Missouri : Joplin : Midnight Video : Review: Jul 26 2018 by Hungry586
Visited again in July. Like I said before they did away with using tokens. Now you pay at the desk and get a paper receipt. PIN number on receipt inputs your minutes. You can hit stop before they run out and reuse the PIN in another booth. I definitely do not like that.

The new system gives you access to a couple hundred channels. You search down though a database type listing, i.e., straight, bi, gay, lesbian. Then you have to go video to video to find what you like. You can waste a couple credits just finding what you like.

Other video arcades have gone to paying one price, $10 or $15 for unlimited time during your visit. I much prefer this to wasting credits searching for what gets you off.

Hope they wake up. I would gladly pay $15 or maybe more for unlimited access.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Ontario : Hamilton : CF Lime Ridge Mall : Review: Jul 26 2018 by Hornycub
Was here today for about half hour. It's too bad no one came by. The cumshots all over the stalls was really hot so I figured I'd add my own. Blew a pretty big load in the second last stall. Will definitely come back.
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Hollywood : Pleasure Emporium : Review: Jul 26 2018 by MiamiCruiser
Heads Up! There was another undercover police bust today, with thirteen men arrested with mug shots, names, and ages published. This is the second one this year following arrests in February.

[i]WPLG, July 26 2018: 13 men arrested for masturbating inside Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, police say. 2 men also seen performing oral sex on each other, according to arrest report

Sun-Sentinel, July 26 2018: Sex was taking place inside adult boutique, cops say

WTVJ, July 26 2018: Detectives Arrest 13 Men For Allegedly Performing Sex Acts Inside Hollywood Adult Store

Miami Herald, July 26 2018:...
Published or Edited on 07/27/18
Georgia : Hazlehurst : Towns Bluff Park : Review: Jul 26 2018 by Will
Hit the trails just before dark and ran into another hot masculine dude. We blew each other and it was hot!
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
North Carolina : Vanceboro : Beaufort County Rest Area : Review: Jul 26 2018
This is closed, no longer exists.

Looks like it was replaced by a new one a few miles up the road. ~ Editor

New Bern Sun-Journal, May 2015: No rest stop for the weary

Washington Times, May 2015: New rest area opens on US Highway 17 in Beaufort County

Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Sydney Metro : Haymarket : Pleasure Chest Adult Bookshop & Club : Review: Jul 26 2018 by Paul1012
Without a doubt the best place to go.
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Jul 25 2018 by bottombill
I stopped by the club this afternoon. Not many cars in the parking lot, so I didn't expect much. I went in and rented a locker, got naked, and started walking around.

First place I went was the dark area in the back, and as I walked in I noticed someone followed me. I stopped and turned around and he came up and began touching me all over and grabbed my dick. He wanted me to suck his dick and dropped his pants. I knelt down and began sucking his cock. He wanted me to play with his nipples while sucking his cock.

He said he wanted to fuck me, but then he started fucking my mouth. I reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands and took his cock completely into my mouth. It didn't take long and he exploded into my mouth. He pulled back and pulled his pants up and walked out.

I was there on my knees, stark naked, and started looking around. There was another guy getting his dick sucked, and a Black guy standing there watching. I got up and walked over to him, touched...
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Connecticut : Hartford : Erotic Zone : Review: Jul 25 2018 by Red
Thinking of stopping by on a Sunday noonish. How is it then?
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Georgia : Adairsville : Rest area off I-75, northbound : Review: Jul 25 2018 by Lonecruiser
Temporarily closed for reconstruction, will probably reopen when finished.
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Michigan : Flint : Deja Vu Showgirls Flint : Review: Jul 25 2018 by Furthermore...
Also, just so you're aware, all of the movies posted for the booths were Black. "You Want Your Black Mambo," "White Gurl Loves Her BBC," Black trannies, Black bi, Black, Black, Black, Black.

Hey, I'm all for diversity but this place just tries too hard to the point of alienating anything non-Black. Have it! Obviously they don't want my "type" in there and won't be getting another $1 from me.
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
San Diego Metro : Jacumba Hot Springs : DeAnza Springs Resort : Review: Jul 25 2018 by DTgiver
Awesome place! Typically busy weekends and quiet weekdays, year round. Public sex is frowned upon by management, but there are many ways to 'escape' for some privacy.

Approximately 500 acres with rental rooms, RV's and camping facilities. Plus, it is surrounded by endless miles of open hiking in Anza-Borrego State Park. Almost every visit here has been an 'oral success' for me. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Pennsylvania : Lancaster : The Den : Review: Jul 25 2018 by MarkD
This could be a really great place but the trolls there just follow you from booth to booth and make it impossible for you hook up with someone desirable. Most booths have gloryholes. A dollar lasts a long time in the video machines.
Published or Edited on 07/26/18
Brazil : Fortaleza : Bad Boys Sauna : Review: Jul 24 2018
Moved and closed.
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
Brazil : Fortaleza : Sauna Fenix : Review: Jul 24 2018
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
Austin Metro : Austin : Austin 6 : Review: Jul 24 2018 by Blkstockingslvr
Went here Friday July 20 around 1 pm. I'm a CD, wore stockings, a short skirt, and a skimpy top.

Went in the theater, it was slow. Went to the booths and was approached by another CD and things got going. She had a Mexican friend who took me in a booth and had his nasty way with me. He had a very nice and rock hard cock and knew very well what to do with it.

He made me suck it till it was hard then spun me around at shoved into my waiting asspussy. He did it slow and deliberate and hard and rough, drove me crazy with heat and desire.

I will go again very soon for more. I've had delicious chocolate and Latino cock here and they seem appreciative of my choice in hosiery and femme garments.
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
Spain : Cordoba : Cine Gongora : Review: Jul 24 2018 by Jonbob
Couldn't find it anywhere.
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Devore Heights : Kenwood trucker pull-off : Review: Jul 24 2018 by Sucker4cock
Great place. In one night I gave four blow jobs and got fucked. The other night I got involved in some great 69. A guy came up behind me and wanted to fuck me in the ass. The guy I was sucking pushed him away. I really wanted that dick up my ass.
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
San Francisco Metro : Oakland : Lakeside Park : Review: Jul 24 2018
This spot has been dead like a graveyard. When i checked out Lakeside Saturday night I saw one old Mexican dude sitting on the bench by the bowling area with his ass just hanging out for anything. Saw an old homeless guy all up on that later LOL. That killed any lovejoy and I got the fuck outta there.

I guess that's why there ain't no action there anymore. *smh*

Published or Edited on 07/25/18
New Jersey : Wharton : Truckers rest area : Review: Jul 23 2018 by Bus434
The two Jiffy Johns on the western end of the group are tight against each other. Some enterprising person has started gloryholes between them. At this writing they are about 1" wide and 3-4" long. Not large enough to do anything, but at least you can see what the guy next door has to offer.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Grand Central Station : Review: Jul 23 2018
Heads Up! A man is suing after being arrested while using the bathroom here.[quote][indent=10]William Campbell is suing New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority after he was humiliated and arrested while trying to use the bathroom in Grand Central Terminal. After being exonerated by a jury, Campbell is telling his story of police brutality and homophobia.

In an all too common experience for gay men in America, Campbell says an MTA police officer tried to induce him to have sex and despite being rejected, the cop arrested him without cause.

Court documents say Campbell was using the restroom when a "man using the urinal next to petitioner leaned over and looked at petitioner's penis." When Campbell "pushed the man away," he says say the undercover cop jumped him, shouting, "What are you doing, you fucking faggot?" and calling him a "dirty homo."

After cuffing Campbell so tightly his wrists bled, the unidentified officer marched him out of the bath...
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
Ohio : Ravenna : West Branch State Park : Review: Jul 23 2018
Heads Up! Two men were arrested here in a sting operation after public complaints.
...Male park visitors "are getting approached in the bathrooms, there's lewd conversation and sexual inferences and we've had several complaints about it," [Sheriff's Maj. Larry Limbert] said.

Limbert said undercover officers watched as "the same group of eight or nine people" went from bathroom to bathroom in Picnic areas A and B, hung out in the bathrooms or sat in their cars for as long as an hour.
The names, ages, and photos of both men were publicized on local TV news.

[i] Record-Courier, July 23 2018: Sting nabs 2 men for indecency at West Branch State Park

WEWS News 5 Cleveland, July 23, 2018: [url=
Published or Edited on 07/25/18
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Blue Door Video : Review: Jul 23 2018 by Gales
I went to the Blue Door this afternoon, a Saturday. It was a good time. I was there about 3. It was kind of quiet, not many people, but there was some action going on when I arrived.

There is a guy there who I have seen a few times previously. Therefore, a "regular." I was hanging out in the big room drinking a coffee I brought in with me. This guy got into a standing dick play thing with a man over by the straight content video booths. He invited me over via gesture a few times. I just finished my coffee.

My girlfriend and I are planning on having a threesome with another friend and I didn't want to get into a lot of exchange of body fluid at the door. That worked out really well. It was as if, although I was being totally exhibitionistic, they seemed to get that this was touch-only day.

The "regular" guy approached me. I was just standing there. He started touching me. He had no shirt on. He is not young, 50s or 60s?, but works out apparently because he i...
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
New Jersey : West Berlin : Red Barn Bookstore : Review: Jul 23 2018 by upmybottem
I usually stop by on Sunday afternoons and yesterday I had fun swallowing six or seven stiff cocks and finishing off a bunch of them.

Two nice looking Trannys walked into the the Tranny Film Room down the hallway and we all took turns sucking each others' dicks while were jerking each other off. I'm usually barefoot and pretty much naked while I'm bending over and swallowing cock and since my naked ass was almost hanging out of the doorway, I got fucked hard by what felt like two different stiff dicks which really stretched out my asshole.

Since I was busy sucking dick and guzzling cum, I couldn't see who was drilling me from behind. But one of guys who was up my ass must have shot a giant load of cum into my bare ass because I was leaking a lot of his cum into my pants and onto my car seat on the ride home.

I can't wait to come back!
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Video : Review: Jul 23 2018 by ILUV2SUCK
This past Friday I met a guy online and we were supposed to meet at 12 noon at Eros. I got there five to noon. Real dark as you get in. Would say a group of six or seven were in a group j/o session. One guy was taking dick up his ass as he was sucking dick.

Once I could see better because of the dark the crowd was mostly elderly guys. The guy taking dick was around mid 60's wearing a bra and panties all the way to his ankles. As observers, there were two or three young guys with nice fat uncut fat dicks. All Mexicans.

Did try to suck, none let me. Not even a taste. Once the j/o guys came almost at the same time and all left. The place had this intense shit odor, man, impossible to stay. After that the place was dead.

Beside me and two other guys one dressed in sexy lingerie — a guy in his 60 or 70's — and a young gay totally naked j/o a small thin dick in the front row nada. No one showed up until I left almost at 4 pm. For me it was a waste ...
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Liberal Arts Building : Review: Jul 23 2018 by ILUV2SUCK
Heads Up! Matthew, you probably haven't being there recently. I had to go to the Office of the President to a meeting and stopped by.

Those guys sitting in the staircase and wandering around with baseball caps actually are undercover agents posing as students. Be very careful. If I were you I would stay off UTEP for a while. Take care.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Blackie Chesher Park : Review: Jul 23 2018 by ILUV2SUCK
It's the john that is at the end of the entrance parking lot. Will take a picture tomorrow. I was there this AM. Was slow, but around 7:15 or so a nice tall thin Mexican gave me his nice verga up my pussy ass.

Just be patient. But tips: Park in front of the john. Nice eye contact if someone parks next to you. Again, move your ass as fast as you can to the john. The first door is locked but behind that one there is another door.

Buen provecho Mario.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
Ontario : Cornwall : Guindon Park : Review: Jul 23 2018 by Bihung
Stopped by late morning. There were two older men waiting in their cars. I went into the trails and they both followed me. Had a good time in a quiet spot.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
Ohio : Akron : Xtc Video : Review: Jul 23 2018 by b.farley3
I like this place. I always get off when I get here, as well as get others off too. Great place for a quick in and out at lunchtime or mid-afternoon. Not perfect, but gets the job done for me.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Ft. Lauderdale : Windamar Beach Resort : Review: Jul 22 2018
Closed, no longer gay resort. :-(
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
Miami Metro : Miami : Matheson Hammock Park : Review: Jul 22 2018
This place is still lots of fun. Some UM students open for outdoor play.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
Denver Metro : Aurora : Havana Sauna : Review: Jul 22 2018 by Jason
The Havana has changed a bit since management posted 'Warnings' not to touch anybody and added a bright light in the Crystal Room — not very romantic! There is little 'activity' now in the Crystal Room. Instead guys seem to be much more open to displaying their hard-ons and rather openly jacking off. I was there on July 11, lunch time and early afternoon. There were some ten to twelve guys. And though this is a straight/gay mixed place, all of them were gay that afternoon.

Establishing initial contact or interest in playing is now simply by showing, more or less openly, your erection, especially in the Lounge Room. Physical contact — despite the warning! — then happens in the saunas or steam room. Age distribution was good, from early twenties to 50+ , all equally horny.

Still a good place to have fun, though physical contact is limited to mutual jack-offs, frequently in groups of three and more people.
Published or Edited on 07/24/18
Nevada : Reno : Libido Adult Store and Theatre : Review: Jul 21 2018 by augusto g
The theater has been remodeled. The entrance fee is $15 for eight hours. You can enter and exit anytime you want. New seats, but they are not comfortable. A lot cleaner now and the bathroom as well. Seems like business is not like the same — unlike before, a lot busier.
Published or Edited on 07/23/18
Los Angeles Metro : Atwater Village, Los Angeles : Romantix San Fernando : Review: Jul 21 2018 by Anonymous
I went there today, a Saturday afternoon. I had not been inside this location in literally fifteen or twenty years. There were a few cruisers browsing the store, but after paying my $6 minimum for an arcade card, I found the arcade deserted.

All of the booths are the stand-alone type with no shared walls, making gloryholes impossible. The booths are very small, the monitors sit rather high, and the resolution of the videos being played varies wildly. I don't know how you'd fit anyone into your booth, much less have any room for maneuvering into sexual positions.

Perhaps it's possible to pick someone up here and have sex elsewhere, but based on all of the factors above, not to mention those posted below, I'll be choosing more sex-friendly video arcades.
Published or Edited on 07/23/18
Michigan : Flint : Deja Vu Showgirls Flint : Review: Jul 21 2018 by Don't Bother
It could be a fun and relaxing place but for $15 this is what you get: a "Large Marge Mother Hen" ratchet female that barges in the back three times in one hour demanding to see everyone's ticket stubs — well, she asks them to recite the last three numbers because she's afraid to actually come in. After doling out your cash, you're treated like a criminal and have to be buzzed into the theater — again — even if you had to leave momentarily to use the restroom or even take a smoke break. She asked to see my ticket stub again, although she didn't ask anyone else. I asked her if I did something wrong and she said "No, it's just shift change" or some other nonsense. It was the same female with the 80s Janet Jackson baseball cap thing going on who asked everyone for the ticket stubs prior.

The typical c-blocker old trolls were making sure they don't miss a thing. Listen, I'm old too but if you can barely walk o...
Published or Edited on 07/23/18
Hawaii : Kailua-Kona : Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area (Old Airport Beach) : Review: Jul 21 2018 by Alex
The area used to be quite good. Unfortunately, it has been spoiled by the homeless, who made it their own. I'm afraid you will have to look elsewhere now. But where?

I'll add this to my list. Hopefully either the homeless will move on or someone will post another place to cruise. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 07/23/18
North Carolina : Fayetteville : Peaches Adult Boutique and Arcade : Review: Jul 21 2018 by User
I stopped in on a Saturday afternoon and there were several people on the arcade side. I went into the first booth I saw with a gloryhole, found some decent porn, pulled my dick out, and started playing around. Not one minute later I had someone watching through the gloryhole, and another minute after that my dick was in their mouth. It didn't take me long to spew my load in their mouth.

I left with a total time out of the car of about twelve minutes. Cost was $15.
Published or Edited on 07/23/18

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