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Orlando Metro : Kissimmee : Club 3018 : Review: Jun 21 2018 by Brad
This place is hot. Lots of gloryholes to suck off guys.

Their web site is still down and they aren't on Google or Bing. It's still on my list to consider for possible deletion. It would be good to have more Reviews. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/22/18
Maine : Waterville : Hathaway Mill : Review: Jun 20 2018 by robsucker
Been here a few times but found no action.
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
New Hampshire : Manchester : FITLAB Fitness Club : Review: Jun 20 2018 by hornyguy504
Do you have to be a member at Gold's Gym?

This club has changed to a FITLAB. With no Reviews here in years, it might not be cruisy. I'm going to add it to my list for possible deletion, but encourage someone to go and check it out. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
Honolulu Metro : Kaneohe : Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens : Review: Jun 20 2018 by gis1701
Heads Up! Hit or miss here. Right now, cops are around. Plain clothes, undercover, taking video with cameras. Look out.
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
South Dakota : Sturgis : Fort Meade Recreation Area Park : Review: Jun 20 2018
The primary cruising park is the VFW Park which is immediately adjacent to the interstate. Action moves to the BLM camp site after the VFW closes for the season, usually after Labor Day.

Thanks! I think you're referring to the park around the VFW Memorial Chapel not far from the Fort Meade Park off I-90. I'm not sure which of the many parks here is the BLM park. I can add a new page if other cruisers report action here. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
San Francisco Metro : San Mateo : Gate Vista Point : Review: Jun 20 2018
Across from the northbound vista point is this one, definitely open and cruisy.

I spent a long lunchtime there. Lots of parked cars and guys looking, and I was briefly sucked on by two different guys and sucked on three. But, briefly. Nobody came. Everyone was very nervous and cut things short.

Part of the problem is, there is only one secluded spot where you could do anything, behind some bushes and trees.

Another problem was the general surplus of suckers over suckees, or surplus of trolls over guys who were seriously there to get off.

Anyway, this place is cruisy but it's tough to make the fun happen.
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
Miami Metro : Coral Gables : Gables International Plaza : Review: Jun 20 2018 by Wodezuiai0000
I was here today. The 6th floor is very quiet, the 10th floor has cruisers. Nothing happened today because I was shy, but will definitely go back.
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
New Jersey : South Toms River : Peek-A-View : Review: Jun 20 2018 by Mike
I am a scat pig and this place fulfilled my fetish. I was there Saturday morning after it opened and to my surprise there was a guy who let me eat his ass. I am not into fucking someone and he wanted to get fucked. Another guy came in and wanted to bareback him so he came in and fucked the guy.

A third guy joined us and watched when the first guy pulled his dick out. I begged to suck it. It was covered in shit. I sucked his and the other guys' dicks clean then cleaned the guy's ass.

I spent maybe $30 that day, well worth it. On the way out a guy said I know what you did, you sick fuck. If you like it so much I want to see you shit in your pants. I pulled my pants down and shit in my underwear. I laughed, said thank you Sir, and left.
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
New York City Metro : Manhattan : West Side YMCA : Review: Jun 20 2018 by MatthewJohnson
This place is hot as fuck. When the old scary trolls aren't preying, it's a really hot spot. I try to come here as often as possible. Definitely a lot of action and hot guys too.

There are hookups in the open showers, sauna, and steam room. I hooked up with a hot bottom from France yesterday.
Published or Edited on 06/21/18
Massachusetts : Lowell : Towers News Stand : Review: Jun 20 2018 by Anon9
Still good action here. Lunch time and afternoons are good. Can be mixed ages or older crowd, crowd varies.
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Denver Metro : Wheat Ridge : Johnson Park : Review: Jun 19 2018 by chiguy48
I read about this spot today and live not too far away. I drove past the entrance but did not go in.

Is anybody going here anymore? I would like to meet up sometime for some fun.
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Texas : Wichita Falls : DW's Adult Video : Review: Jun 19 2018 by Chase
I want to hook up with a CD or sissy boy. Any chance there's one looking for some fun? You host.
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Detroit Metro : Warren : Macomb Community College South Campus - G Buildings : Review: Jun 19 2018 by GuestExplorer
Is this place still active?
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Florida : Melbourne : Renninger's Flea and Farmer's Market : Review: Jun 19 2018 by ucmwm
Went here today. There is a gate up a short ways in, just past the first pond on the right.

For what it's worth, there was a 5-star rating in July 2017 but also a 1-star in February this year. Anyone know if cruisers are going in past the gate? ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Atlanta Metro : Duluth : Gwinnett Place Mall : Review: Jun 18 2018
This JC Penney closed in 2015.

Gwinnett Daily Post, Jan 2015: J.C. Penney to close Gwinnett Place Mall store
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Atlanta Metro : Duluth : Gwinnett Place Mall : Review: Jun 18 2018
This Sears location will be closing no later than September 2018, possibly earlier. A developer has bought the space and proposes to build apartments.

Atlanta Journal-Constitition, June 12: Gwinnett Place: Apartment developer buys soon-to-close Sears store
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
California : Santa Rosa : Juilliard Park : Review: Jun 17 2018 by HotBJnTop4U
Just a big thank you for posting this. I'm going to give it a try. Any recent action you (or anyone else) can report about Juillard Park?
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Seattle Metro : Tacoma : Delong Park : Review: Jun 17 2018 by Joe
This place is consistently busy. A good time to go is weekdays during lunch, 11:30 - 1:30.

The north end of the park is where the official parking lot is off of 12th. I park there and walk down the main trail. You'll see some wooded trails going up the hill on the right. I've often had three or four guys at once, mostly an older crowd.

If there is no one on the trail, it's worth it to walk all they way to the south end. Sometimes guys wait in their cars in the Fred Meyer parking lot to see who shows up.
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Seattle Metro : Seattle : Lowes : Review: Jun 17 2018 by Joe
I've never found action here.

Thanks for sending the corrected location. I'll add this to my list for deletion. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/20/18
Seattle Metro : Federal Way : Palace Spa : Review: Jun 17 2018 by Joe
Entry fee is $25 per person. They give you a towel and a set of spa clothes to wear. There really is no private space to do anything. Some guys come out of the steam room with hard-ons, but for me it's too hot to do much in there.

My husband and I got to take turns blowing a younger guy with a nice thick dick in the "cool down" room upstairs — this is in the public mixed-gender space, so we took lots of caution!
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Seattle Metro : Lakewood : Freedom Or Liberty Books : Review: Jun 17 2018 by Joe
With the closure of Elmo's Books just down the street, Liberty has gotten busier. The management is very tolerant of play, just be quiet, discreet, and keep the video in your booth playing. A dollar gives you about four minutes of time.
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Seattle Metro : Tacoma : Elmo's Book Exchange : Review: Jun 17 2018 by Joe
Elmo's in Lakewood has shut its doors as of June, 2018.

Thanks for the info. This location is still on Elmo's web site and also on Google, but I'll add it to my list. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Florida : Gainesville : Santa Fe College : Review: Jun 17 2018 by C.J.
Was here. Completely empty. Hello? Is anyone out there?
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Florida : Gainesville : Kmart : Review: Jun 17 2018 by C.J.
Was here yesterday. Once again, no action.

Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Florida : Gainesville : Kangaroo Express : Review: Jun 17 2018 by C.j.
Been here nothing happening. Am I missing the times?

There's a 3-star rating from earlier this month, also a 5-star and a 4-star from July 2017. Somebody's looking here. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Florida : Gainesville : X-Mart Adult Supercenter : Review: Jun 17 2018 by C.J.
I've been to all of these places in Gainesville, Florida. Nothing happening. What's the deal? Is it truly dead?
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Missouri : Boonville : Megaplex Spa : Review: Jun 17 2018 by Hungry586
Any recent information on this place? Since Missouri started clamping down on Adult entertainment a few years ago video arcades and theaters have been disappearing. Wouldn't want to waste a trip up there just to see a bunch of dildos in a store.
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Palm Beach County Metro : Lake Worth : Palm Beach Book & Video : Review: Jun 16 2018 by J
Was here last Thursday in the booths just jerking off then a big busty tranny came over started sucking my cock. I got up and she fucked my hole for over an hour!

It was amazing!!! I want to try the theater and get fucked and bred all day!!!
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Phoenix Metro : Scottsdale : Zorba's Adult Shop : Review: Jun 16 2018
More miss than hit. Went recently, not much going on. One hot, lean Latino was there. Didn't do much, but he ended up in booth with thin dude. Could see outline of him getting pounded, not a sound. some slurping, more pounding, hard and deep. Odd scene really, but his hole got worked. Not his first I take it. He was hot.
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
Iowa : Clinton : 18 & Beyond Adult Store : Review: Jun 16 2018 by On occasion
Been two years. Very friendly staff, seven dollars for all day and night. No hassles here, easy to get a blow job, or to give one. I've always ended up successful, often able to pick and choose.

Very dark, coming in daytimes means you just feel for a wall or cock and hang on until eyes adjust.

Go into the large room, video always playing, you will be followed. Glance and nod, smile when leaving the room. Go to a booth, large gloryholes, and soon there'll be a willing recipient smiling up at you.

Nobody balked about wearing a rubber. Good idea these days.
Published or Edited on 06/19/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : University of Texas at El Paso, Liberal Arts Building : Review: Jun 16 2018 by Frank P
It's so hard to park on premises so it's difficult for visitors to enjoy Liberal Arts. But I think Alex is referring to a fucking handsome shaven head bear with a tasty thick, big head cut cock guy. Either Rican, Dominican, or Cuban. He fucked a guy bareback as I JO'd watching. The action was at the john in the basement noontime.

UTEP is on slow summer mode but the action continues. Not sure if this fucker is an employee or not but the guy getting fucked most definitely was. He had a UTEP ID badge.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : McKelligon Canyon : Review: Jun 16 2018 by Frank P
Heads Up! Please be very careful. Thursday, the day before yesterday, I was parked having lunch. Park attendants, MP's, and El Paso PD were rounding the canyon.

One of the EPPD car with two cops came to the area where I was parked and when saw me having my lunch moved on. They did stop and asked few questions to a guy was in a van close by. Noticed they asked for his ID or driver's license.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Jun 16 2018 by Frank P
Friday around noontime there was some limited action at the john located in the entrance. A guy gave me a hand job and ask me to give him a facial. Cute guy but very feminine.

Hope as the summer advances so will the nice dicks used to characterize Ascarate.

I'll remove the "closed" and "deletion" notice on this page since at least some cruising is happening again. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
Los Angeles Metro : Van Nuys : Roman Holiday Health Club II : Review: Jun 16 2018 by bottombill
I will be here Sunday evening around 9 or 10. I will be stark naked, shaved cock and balls, available for sucking, fucking, or getting sucked.
Published or Edited on 06/16/18
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : JAX Brewery : Review: Jun 16 2018 by Johnny
This place is busy on weekends and I've found there to be two types of guys, those who like to show off or those that hide in a cubicle.

Sometimes you get lucky and find an exhibitionist. Never done more than look here. Can be quiet during weekdays.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
San Francisco Metro : Walnut Creek : Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek Fitness : Review: Jun 16 2018
This gym is super cruisy. Straight and straight-types who want to show off their cocks. Definitely the hottest gym in the area because many hotel guests go to the spa to meet a guy and take it to the room.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
Arizona : Yuma : Adult XXX Superstore : Review: Jun 16 2018 by MAXthis
Visited on Friday night about 9:30 pm. Several M/F couples up front browsing sex toys. Three dollars for access to arcade. Excellent setup for the arcade booths but completely dead for a Friday evening.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
Kansas : Topeka : Moonlight Adult Boutique 4 : Review: Jun 15 2018 by Lugnut
Read the reviews about this place and decided to check it out. Glad I did! Stopped in during the lunch hour on a weekday this past week. The manager was on duty at the desk and he was competent, friendly, and open for a minute or two of chat.

Found the arcade to be clean with just the right amount of light. Several guys were there. I had a biggish black dick in my mouth in about five minutes. Nice selection of mature, black, white and uncut dick in attendance.

I sucked three, swallowed two loads and got sucked on twice, all in about 45 minutes. I'll be back.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Jun 15 2018
Recent visit I hooked up with what looked like a new crossdresser, cute but not hot, terrible wig fuck-my-mouth lipstick, nice big lips — I instantly got a bulge — short jeans, mini fish nets, harder type set up extremely high heels which made her about 6'2", very long legs exceptional nice ass, clean and smooth all around and which I found out later a beautiful asshole, nice and tight and a very thick cock probably 7". I saw her meandering around by the DVD section and thought nothing of it so I went in my way to the booths. As I walked in we made eye contact but thought nothing of it. Just as I started to shut the door here she came so of course I took additional time to shut it to see where this went.

I sat down, and by the time I popped in some money here she was standing in front of me. I was already running my hands up her thigh. She locked the door, and I lifted her skirt which was already on the rise. I sucked her cock for a bit, then she stood me up....
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Katy Trail (Cedar Springs Area & Reverchon Park Area) : Review: Jun 15 2018 by DeepThroatBtm
This place died when everyone started going to Kalita Humphrey's Theatre. But since they've cut the bushes down, where's everyone going?

The Katy Trail at Reverchon Park is a good spot. I've sucked many dicks and got fucked a few times at night. The area most cruisy is top of the hill at Reverchon which is towards the Katy Trail. There are trails at top of hill where guys cruise and suck cock.

Let's make this place fun again.
Published or Edited on 06/18/18
San Diego Metro : San Diego : Gemini Books : Review: Jun 15 2018 by Jerry
This place is still filthy. Still no upholstery on the seats. Awful.

Several years ago it was pretty busy and some nice guys went there but the parking lot is now empty most of the time. The owner/manager is a real ass. He has managed to run off about everyone. Too bad.
Published or Edited on 06/15/18
West Virginia : Bluefield : East River Mountain Scenic Overlook : Review: Jun 15 2018 by TrailBlazer72
Heads Up! In recent years, they have torn down the abandoned building, renovated the snack stand, and even opened it back up during the summer. They've cleaned up the nearby woods too. Houses and cabins are being built on top of the mountain across the street.

Because of all this, cruise at your own risk! Cops have been patrolling more frequently. One day I was up there, the residents of the house across the street came home, went out on their deck facing the park and coincidentally a patrol car arrived fifteen minutes later! Take it somewhere else.
Published or Edited on 06/15/18
New South Wales : Casino : Jabiru Geneebeinga Wetlands : Review: Jun 14 2018 by ArnoldLane
I'm near Casino, nice juicy 7" cock, contact me for play.

See his email address and links to a couple great cock pics on his CFS Profile pages. Aces, mate! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/15/18
New York : Rensselaer : Adult World : Review: Jun 14 2018 by JodieLynne
I have found it to be a fun place. The staff are friendly and CD/Tgurls are welcome.

From what I have seen and done, it's pretty much "anything goes" in the theatres and booths. Just be cool in the store area.
Published or Edited on 06/15/18
Pennsylvania : Bethlehem : Westgate Mall : Review: Jun 14 2018 by boqb313
Bon-Ton is going out of business and closing all locations.

The Morning Call, Apr 20 2018: Liquidation sales start today at all Bon-Ton stores

Thanks for the info. I have a long list of Sears, Kmarts, and other big stores that closed or are closing. These still need to be updated on CFS. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 06/14/18
Indianapolis Metro : Indianapolis : The Works : Review: Jun 14 2018 by GiveMeTheWorks
Weekdays, lunch, and early afternoons are always good. Fridays and Saturdays either early afternoon, or late at night. Still a mature crowd.

Within the last couple years, they remodeled, turned a room into a video room with sling, turned an office into a cruising lounge, re-painted, and replaced lower rooms with two gloryholes!

Published or Edited on 06/14/18
Indiana : Fort Wayne : Club Utopia : Review: Jun 14 2018 by LookingForDick
Published or Edited on 06/14/18
Washington : Bremerton : Turf News : Review: Jun 14 2018 by Bodean
Turf seems to have changed hands and been remodeled. Have not been inside yet as it looks like it might be a gamer shop. Still says it is an arcade on a sign outside. With the Bremerton Cinema closed I was thinking the action would move here but not so sure now. Maybe Elmo's.

Yelp says it's closed but Google shows it open. That might reflect the changes at Turf. If you find out what's up inside, please let CFS know. Thanks! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 06/14/18
California : Red Bluff : Herbert S. Miles Rest Area : Review: Jun 13 2018
The rest areas off southbound I-5 before you get to Red Bluff are some of the most cruisy I have ever been to. I always make a habit of stopping there when I'm in the area.

Both mens' rooms have peepholes between the stalls so either are good, although the southside one I have found is the best one. I’ve hooked up in the restrooms and down the hill behind the restrooms even a few truckers and a guy with a van invited me to the truck and van.
Published or Edited on 06/14/18
Illinois : Washington Park : Larry Flynt's Hustler Club : Review: Jun 13 2018 by bj4unstl
The arcade has gotten busier since Craigslist pulled their personal ads. There are a lot of horny men who used to rely on CL to to get their cocks sucked, who are now cruising the arcade and theaters to get serviced. They're not shy, most are direct and to the point.

During my recent couple of visits, I've had men walk up to me in the hallways and ask if I sucked dick. When I responded, yes, they invited me to join them in a booth.

The first one was a very hot and extremely hung Black man. We started out in a booth. He praised my oral skills. He wasn't ready to cum, so we took a break. I then worked on him again in the gay theatre, another booth and finally the straight theatre where he flooded my throat in front of large crowd.

On my next visit, a short white man took me to the gay theatre after asking what I was looking for. He was a true dominant and made me work for his load. Called me names and wouldn't let me take a break. I had to get him off. It was a h...
Published or Edited on 06/14/18

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