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Cine Premiere

Category: Theatre showing porn, Men for hire, Mixed ages Description: Entry is down a ramp to the right side of the building.

An interesting adult theater with a larger taproom showing straight porn, with minimal action at the back row of seats. A long hallway on the right side of the theater leads to a very large, and very dark backroom. There is another room behind the VIO door that shows gay porn and is divided into cubicles with 4-foot walls that has a fair amount of action. The bathroom has a couple of urinals and a couple of stalls that get used by lots of couples.

Hours: Mon - Thu: 11 am - 8:30 pm; Fri - Sat: 11 am - 10 pm; Sun: Noon - 8:30 pm / $R 10
Directions: Near San Sebastián Square. Entry is down a ramp on the right hind side of the building with the big Livraria sign
Submitted: 01/31/18 (Edited 02/02/18)
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Address: Av. Ramos Ferreira, 1195, Centro
City: Manaus
State: Amazonas
ZIP/Postal Code: 69010-120
Country: Brazil