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Posted Nov 01 2023 By Buddy

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Posted Dec 30 2016 By Simon

Subject: info....
Lots of "underwater" play! Staff overlooks almost everything that is not "Blatantly Obvious." Pooper play in steam and sauna. Mutual Asian-style seated wash areas. Use your head!

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Posted Nov 03 2013 By Boner
Spa World is a traditional Korean spa. It is overwhelmingly attended by Korean families and some round eyes who enjoy the relaxation offered here. There is literally NO place to play, all areas are open including the showers which surround the wet area. It's simply NOT a place for sex and they know about it with signs posted that warn against "sex behaviors" which will get you permanently kicked out and reported to police.

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Posted Oct 30 2012 By nudefirefighter71 #4
I went here last week with a friend. First time visiting the place. Impressed with the cleanliness and staff. Only visited the wet (spa) area. Found the spa (water jets) to be very relaxing. Lots of eye candy. Lots of eyes on my candy too.

Too crowded to do anything there. Also no place to do anything, everything is open. Steamroom is very nice but way too hot to do anything. Can only stay in there for a few minutes plus glass front makes it open for all to see. Met a guy who played with us underwater (stroked) and then took us outside to his motorhome for better play. Overall very nice place, just no safe way for action inside.

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Posted Mar 01 2011 By Sketch

Subject: Spa World
If you are looking for sex, don't bother looking here. Some gay men are here, but the Koreans and Russians bring there little kids.

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Posted Aug 06 2009 #6
The new steamroom and sauna is now also attracting both gay men and bi couples. Careful, though, with the many straight couples in the unisex room.
Posted Jun 20 2004 #7
There has been some great action in the steamroom! Late evenings and weekends are the best times.
Posted Dec 05 2003 #8
While the staff has been very accommodating, somebody keeps slicing the curtains. I heard one of the staff saying something about catching the guy who is doing this. Have some common sense or we all become unwelcome.
Posted Apr 11 2003 #9
The two back showers are ideal. The holes in the curtains provide privacy while one side is showing the other hard.
Posted Feb 05 2003 #10
I never see any hookups here. I usually jack and go.