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Posted Sep 16 2018 By Treelord59 #1
Not the best of places, but up here it's really all we have. The owner who runs the desk can be a real pain at times. I have had and given some great BJs at this place though.

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Posted Apr 29 2017 By Wolfhill #2
Just an FYI, this venue is now only open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am to 6 pm.

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Posted Nov 17 2015 By joe
I was here two months ago. There were two men at the cash register, one a real big bear, the other an older Latino guy. They were friendly and the bear guy came back and got a hand job from me. I am pretty sure he was straight. After that I got a very great blowjob from some guy about 45.

I drove by again yesterday and two young girls were watching the store. Only two other dudes walked in, both hot looking construction types, but they rushed out as soon as they saw the chicks. I left too.

I just can't imagine feeling relaxed enough to cum with those girls watching over the place. They were on their smartphones giggling and shouting "OMG!" every two minutes. Aaaargh!

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Posted Feb 28 2011 By bimusljock
Hit or miss, but it is a clean, friendly place. I've had some hot times here but also been the only person in the store on occasion. Very friendly, a cozy feel, like someone's basement rec room with lots of porn. After work is usually the best time but some weekends can be hopping too.

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Posted Jul 21 2009 #5
I haven't been there for a while, but though the place is tiny, it's clean, and the staff are, if not overly friendly, at least not rude. It's in the middle of nowhere, so one shouldn't expect to find it hopping 24/7, but I've had a very good time there, several times. It is certainly not a "shit shack."
Posted Nov 28 2008 #6
I took a weekend trip down Highway 17 this weekend. My first stop was Liberty and let me tell you, this place is a dump. There was no one there. It seemed like 'Deliverance' to me. A real shit shack!
Posted Jan 20 2008 #7
I've had some great head in the gloryhole booth. Would love to return the favor soon.
Posted Jul 13 2007 #8
This place is a hidden gem. The booths are clean and the guys who work there are cool. Unfortunately it can be hit-or-miss, but I've had some wicked head, got into a three-way, and finger fucked some straight stud here over the years. Lots of hot married guys but you never know who will be there -- or if anyone will be there.
Posted Nov 10 2006 #9
The place now has gloryholes and a lot of redneck and married guys go there during lunch hours and after work. The staff is cool with what goes on as long as dollars keep getting dropped in machines.
Posted Nov 13 2005 #10
Not too great here. It can be busy at times, but there are no gloryholes and signs discouraging cruising are posted all over by the staff.
Posted Feb 22 2004 #11
I was there on Thursday and there wasn't much action between 5 and 6:30, but the clerk was very active and has a huge hard cock that likes to be worshipped!
Posted Mar 04 2003 #12
Cruisy at lunch time or after 6 pm.
Posted Nov 25 2002 #13
This place was awsome! I got the best blowjob in here from a wicked hot young stud and his dad.
Posted May 17 2002 #14
This place was dead, but the clerk was nice enough to come back and give me a great blowjob.
Posted Nov 25 2001 #15
Sort of a funky, run-down place, but lots of fun. I pulled into the parking lot and saw only two cars, and thought it would be dull. I was wrong. I entered the booth next to the one that was occupied and in two minutes was sucking on a thick boner. Two minutes after he was gone, another guy came into the booth and I had man #2 in my mouth!
Posted Oct 07 2001 #16
If you have a raging hardon that needs satisfaction, this looks like the place to go!
It's a little hard to find. Just look for the outdoor theatre near the college.
Posted Jul 09 2001 #17
Seems mainly blue collar action and very bearish crowd. There are twelve booths, ten of which have gloryholes. Definately worth checking out