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Posted Nov 03 2023 By saguy69
Clean place with friendly staff. Two theaters, private rooms, sitting area.

Been playing there recently and mostly had a lot of fun. Multiple guys playing, some just watching – gets annoying if they keep following you around.

Guys sucking, crossdresser into sucking and getting fucked – me and another guy tag teamed him while others watched while stroking their cocks.

Last time I was there I got sucked by and fucked an Asian guy with a nice cock to play with as I fucked him. He sucked me off, was awesome.

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Posted Apr 16 2019 By Mitchymitch
Great place with lots of action. Was in a private room with three other guys, it was fantastic. Staff is super nice!

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Posted Oct 09 2017 By RICHARD C
I went to Swing Shift and I had my balls played with and my ass smacked and my cock sucked. I'm still waiting to fuck any horny guy there. I also want to be fucked up the ass.

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Posted Jun 01 2016 #4
Went to Swing Shift today for the first time. I spent time in both theatres and eventually got my cock sucked in the gay theatre while four guys watched.

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Posted Apr 24 2013 By WING
I was there last week at 9 pm. I got full naked and playing my cock. Guys were watching me playing with my cock while watching porn, sucking me. Such a good place to enjoy!

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Posted Sep 23 2012 #6
Just went this afternoon and it's no longer there. Tried calling the business, they still have the recorded message as if they are still there. Strange! Hope they're just moved to somewhere else but not closed for good. Also helps if they can let people know where they have moved to if they're still in business.

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Posted Jun 30 2012 By Adam
I've been there three times all on Saturdays and always see old creepy guys. I had one nice blowjob and gave one the first time. Never see anyone younger then 35 there. The staff is nice one time and the other two times very rude. I wouldn't recommend people there. They look too desperate.

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Posted May 25 2012 By richnil
Went this week and it has gone out of business.

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Posted Apr 29 2012 By submissive one
The fact that it was easily the seediest and dirtiest place I have ever been in is not an issue. But where are all the gloryholes? Between the rooms you have to wait in this big room with a very bright light. It was rather off putting really. The theatre was crowded with men that were more interested in jerking than being blown.

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Posted Jan 10 2012 By Joe
A great spot. I like to visit mid-week around lunch time. Usually a couple business types are looking to unload a hot wad. My best session ended up with 12 guys unloading down my throat, one after the other over a 30 minute suck session. Two of the guys pumped massive loads down my cum hungry throat. I was full after that delicious lunch.

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Posted Sep 06 2011 #11
I've been there a number of times and usually have had a good time sucking or being sucked. Often older men (which I love) and rarely someone younger. Two theatres, with the smaller one for gay porn. Men can be found playing with each other in both, although most hot action is on the gay side.

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Posted Mar 29 2011 By pete
I picked up this quite cute older Oriental guy in the first 2 minutes and blew him in front of 6 guys. They all lined up, one after the next. I had 7 wads before the first scene was finished in the movie. Yes, I love this place!

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Posted Sep 21 2010 By robbie
I just had to sit down for 1 minute, maybe 2, before this cute Oriental started wacking off beside me. I got on my knees in front of him and sucked him to completion. As I did this, 4 more guys played with themselves. I kept notice of them and when his throbbing cock finished shooting in my mouth I placed his wad on my tongue and showed and swaggled it to the others to drive them to frenzy. All 4 came in my waiting mouth as 2 watchers got into it and came across my face. There was one lone older man who didn't come over so I went to him showing him the cum on my closely trimmed beard and moustache. I begged him for more and he obliged me with a huge stringy load that I showed them all before savouring it. I got 4 phone numbers for more anytime.

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Posted Sep 13 2010 By robbie
I have sucked off a number of cocks at this place. Very short waits to get a mouthful of wad.

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Posted Sep 23 2009 #15
Very hot theatre. I have had some hot sex at the back of the straight theatre but the best is always the gay side. I have met men of all ages and types.
Posted Feb 14 2009 #16
I've been there several times and always got action. The straight/bi theatre is where most goes on as there is a standing area at the back.
Posted Apr 21 2006 #17
Sucked many fine cocks here and had some great blowjobs in return. It's always a happening place with many guys wanting to suck or get sucked.
Posted Mar 02 2006 #18
Definitely action here most of the time. I have seen it all -- fucking, sucking, the works. There are some hot guys and lots of married men. Also, they have private booths.
Posted Oct 31 2005 #19
I try to make it to Swing Shift whenever I'm in Richmond Hill. There is always hot action going on, and even though there are a lot of trolls there are also a lot of hot straight guys looking for a quick blowjob before heading home to the wife and kiddies. Last time I was there the crowd was pretty ugly, but then this hot Russian-type guy came in wearing a t-shirt, jeans and workboots and we had a good grope session at the back of the straight theatre. Then all hell broke loose and we were soon sucking each other off and rubbing our cocks in each others ass cracks while we were surrounded by the rest of the guys in the theatre trying to get a piece of us. We teased them a bit, but focused on each other and were soon shooting our loads all over the guys on their knees in front of us. It was fucking hot.
Posted Feb 08 2005 #20
Great place with theatres, one gay and one straight. There's action in both. Jerked off a really nice cock yesterday in the straight side.
Posted Feb 21 2003 #21
A great place for jackoff or group action. Tuesdays and Thursdays are half price. During the day most of the guys are older, but around lunchtime and dinnertime younger married guys show up. There are two theatres; one straight, one gay, but don't kid yourself; even the guys in the straight theatre want action.