River Rise Preserve State Park and O'Leno State Park

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Posted Mar 01 2015 #1
Stopped by here today just to check the place out. Great looking location and there are a few guys stopping by to park but there was a creepy guy there dressed in camo standing next to the open cap of his pickup truck just watching everyone. Either a cop or a real creep, so I'd suggest using caution here. Maybe meet then head elsewhere!

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Posted May 16 2008 #2
Hopped on the cycle, rode the forty miles to get there, horny as hell. I got there and no cruising was goin' on. Sat at the parking lot after scoping the place out (great place to grab some dick), a halfway decent local dude came over to me and said, 'dunno whether you're looking around for anything but the highway cops have been arresting people like crazy the past couple of weeks round here...they get on the other side of the river with their binoculars 'n cameras 'n nab um quick...thought you'd like to be aware!' Great guy. With my intuition and other things always up, I left. Whoever you were, I apprieciate the tip! This was on the 14th.
Posted Apr 28 2008 #3
I was just there today but I don't know the best days and times to go.
Posted Oct 18 2007 #4
Good action between the boat ramp and bridge. I got sucked
three of the four times. I've gone on Friday afternoons.
Posted Oct 26 2005 #5
Stopped by here yesterday afternoon on the way home from work. There was a young blonde guy sitting in a car. I walked into the woods. In a few minutes he followed me. I just knelt down and pretended to tie my shoe. As he got near me he groped himself. I just sort of licked my lips. He walked over to me and fed me a nice seven-inch cut dick. Only got to suck him for a minute though before he filled my mouth with two heavy blasts of sweet cum!
Posted Feb 22 2005 #6
I was there today at lunchtime and there was a guy on his lunch break in his work truck who was looking for a quick release. I was glad to help him out. He had an eight inch dick and he blew a huge load all over the place. It was well worth missing my lunch for that cock. Yum yum!
Posted Oct 29 2004 #7
I was here today around lunch time and there was a married guy in his work truck looking for a blowjob. I sucked him off in the nearby wooded area. He had a huge dick and gave me a huge load.
Posted May 18 2004 #8
This place seems to be picking up a little, although it can still be hit or miss. I've sucked off two guys here over the past couple of weeks. Both were just looking to get off and split. That seems to be what most of the guys I've met in this park want.
Posted Jun 08 2003 #9
Parking area does not have lighting, which works well on moonlit nights. Weekends anytime seem to have the most use, though park gets good weekday usage from time to time. I usually just sit along riverbank and see who goes into the woods. Evenings under the bridge can also be fun.