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Posted Oct 27 2022 By Me EncantaEl Culo
Both rest stops are closed due to construction. Don't waste your time.

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Posted Aug 25 2021 By Anonymous
As of yesterday both rest stops, northbound and southbound, are closed. A cement barrier was placed at the entrance of the northbound one.

Just park outside and walk to the rest area. Lucky me gave head to a guy. By the time I finished with him I had few others waiting. It was fun. No need to worry. Enjoy.

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Posted Aug 25 2021 By I Luv Rican Dick
Agree. Northbound. Behind the concrete wall. Careful with the needles in the trails. Avoid sandals.

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Posted Aug 23 2021 By Coast Guarding
Due to road construction the southbound is closed, but the northbound rest stop is twice as busy as before. 24 hours. Just be aware of your surroundings and no valuables with you.

Many Ricans especially the big dicked ones will ask for money.

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Posted Jul 31 2019 By Anonymoys
Sunday was extremely busy all day long. But in PR it was a holiday week-end. I was able to get head both at the northbound and the southbound locations.

Noticed most comments are about southbound. Action is better at northbound behind the concrete wall.

I am a barebacker and managed to fuck a cute guy.

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Posted Mar 02 2019 By US Marine
Still very busy. Had a blast last night, well this AM, at the area where the Monument to the Jibaro is. Just follow the crowd.

Literally over forty men in action, heat, or stand-by. 90% big Rican dick. not a single small dick. I was probably the smallest and I am 6-1/2". Hundreds of condoms, toilet paper, syringes, tampons, in the cruising track. Just be careful, most Ricans are infected.

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Posted Aug 14 2016 By Paco
The northbound side is still cruisy. The southbound side is a target for cops.

Got a blow job tonight on the northbound side by a older cocksucker. He ate my ass, too.

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Posted May 23 2015 By carlos
I was visiting PR and had to stop to take a leak going to Ponce. It was 1 am. Cops were arresting guys right and left. The cops were undercover. They came to my car and asked me to wait because the whole fucking place was blocked. That was Saturday May 9.

So I'm not sure I would want to do anything there but according to the cops they are sick and tired of all the fags spreading HIV there (verbatim).

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Posted Feb 05 2015 By Nekocami
A few months ago an undercover cop arrested a friend of mine. Careful.

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Posted Jul 14 2012 #10
There's also a northbound rest area with no facilities located across from the southbond stop. It's between mile markers 49 and 50. Been there twice, after dark, and had some hot men.

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Posted Sep 08 2007 #11
While you are there always keep your headlights on and never go into the woods. The police are always vigilant and have people who call once you go into the bushes.
Posted Apr 19 2007 #12
There's mostly ugly old men in there and the cops are constantly harassing everyone who stops by. Not really worth it.
Posted Jul 14 2003 #13
There are trails into the nearby hills. All types stop for a 'rest', especially between 2 and 6 pm. Very friendly types here.