Stewart Knob Overlook

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Posted May 16 2023 By charlesn212 #1
I will be in the Roanoke area in early June and was wondering if the overlook was still a good hookup site. I understand the need for discretion and awareness. Let me know if you have info on the good areas to hike, use email in CFS bio.

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Posted Jan 15 2023 By rex_libidini #2
We love dogging and the Parkway as a whole seemed to be coming back to life after the COVID crap. Caution and common sense as always are recommended.

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Posted May 04 2015 By Jake
The Police are back here and are in woods watching, then arresting people. I was questioned today. Stay away!

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Posted Feb 14 2010 By oral gay #4
I'm still afraid of this place. I'll pickup tricks there but have them drive to another overlook or I've blown them while they drive (not really recommended for obvious reasons). There's a hiking trail that runs from the overlook down along the parkway, visible from the parkway in winter but not in summer. The farther you get from the overlook the safer it seems to be. I have even gone as far as the greenway to suck dick.

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Posted May 27 2009 #5
Mornings are the best and safest times, especially weekends.
Posted Jan 22 2006 #6
You'd have to have a death wish to go to this place any more. The cops constantly patrol. There have been many arrests.
Posted May 11 2005 #7
I was up there today and sucked three young guys in their early twenties.
Posted Apr 14 2005 #8
This is a great place for late night fun. You'll always find action. Daytime can be hit-or-miss though.
Posted Mar 31 2005 #9
I've been here and there is nothing going on.
Posted Jun 08 2004 #10
Park Service and local police are running stings along the entire section of the Parkway from Route 460 to Route 220.
Posted Jun 07 2004 #11
Today's paper said that park rangers are increasing their patrols to stop the activities on the parkway.
Posted Oct 12 2002 #12
There have been busts by undercover police and they plan to do more according the newspaper.
Posted Sep 18 2002 #13
It's not safe here. Cops are all over this place and there have been several busts over the years.
Posted Jun 05 2001 #14
Straights with cell phones now patrol the overlook and report men to the authorities. Some even follow you to get vehicle information. Had this happen to me twice. Just waiting for the shoe to drop.
Posted Apr 11 2001 #15
This overlook is above the main road with a trail up
the mountain. The activity is sporadic and depends
on the weather. Most days and afternoons in spring
and fall. Sometimes the meetings here move to
adjacent overlooks for privacy.