Astoria Park

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Posted Sep 01 2014 #1
Cruising now, don't see anyone.

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Posted May 27 2012 By Hoyt Astoria dude
I have cruised and seen guys on benches waiting to meet up near the tennis courts. We ended up having to walk a mile away to find a private place. There is a running track, but it is too lighted up and has lots of people running even late at night.

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Posted Jul 05 2009
The area under the bridge is very open and certainly not a place where anything could take place unless you wanted to show it off to everyone a block away.
Posted Mar 13 2009 #4
I'm there all the time but I've never seen anything.
Posted Jun 01 2008 #5
I am always jogging there but never see any action going on.
Posted Apr 26 2008 #6
I was there on a Tuesday. I met two guys. One sucked my cock on the stairs overlooking the pool and the other jacked off and watched.
Posted Apr 29 2007 #7
It's on and off but when it's on it's hot with all types of hot boys and men. I've only been on the weekend so I can't say about the week but it's all about timing. Worth the cruise. I can say I had at least seventeen hot guys. Just be safe.
Posted Aug 18 2006 #8
Hot action under the bridge with some straight guys, or so they say. They are lookin' for head or ass from gay boys.
Posted Sep 18 2004 #9
I really hope the park is undergoing a revival. However, I've also seen undercover cops ticketing people and my friend said he saw people getting arrested recently. Cruise in the park after 9 pm at your own risk.
Posted Aug 15 2004 #10
Many Greek Italian and Spanish dudes have started cruising this park at night again. Its revival days are here.