University at Albany

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Posted Oct 04 2007 #1
Got some great head from a hot blonde kid here and from a hot Latin guy the Thursday before that. I just left there ten minutes ago and now I'm back in my dorm. I'm going to return next Thursday evening around the same time since it's otherwise dead at that time and everybody who's there is looking.
Posted Mar 08 2007 #2
The best hours are definitely between 4 and 7 pm. Seriously, I had an near-orgy there once!
Posted Jan 28 2007 #3
I sucked and fucked a gorgeous blonde 'straight' ninteen year old jock this past Thursday around 1:30 pm. This semester seems to be better than ever for picking up some hot college boys!
Posted Jan 12 2007 #4
Best times are weekday afternoons when classes are in session. It seems to get hot about fifteen minutes after certain classes end.
Posted Nov 01 2006 #5
This place is awesome. I've hooked up with countless hot guys!
Posted Aug 03 2005 #6
There's a sign on the door that says the area is under surveillance. I didn't see any evidence of it but who knows. I was there about 5 pm and the only guy was a dude in his late sixties. I guess I should go back when the students return for fall semester.
Posted Mar 31 2005 #7
This is an extremely hot place to hook up, especially between 4 and 8 pm.
Posted Sep 16 2004 #8
This used to be a very hot location for fun. Since I moved back into the area a few months ago, I have been a dozen times and there is no sign of activity. There's no writing in the stalls, and nobody is around.
Posted Sep 15 2004 #9
There is real hot action around 12:30 pm util 1:30 pm then from 5 pm until 8 pm. There are lots of hot guys in there. Just wait a few minutes and someone will come by. Your best bet is to wait in a stall and tap your foot or cough to get attention.