Estero Bay Preserve State Park

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Posted Dec 08 2021 By Banana man
This place isn't cruisy every time, but I've gotten to suck some nice uncut older men a couple times over here. Sometimes it's just dead.

It's the dead end of a road, to a park nobody really goes to. There's new development going up nearby so it may not be as discrete for much longer. Get here while you can.

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Posted Oct 14 2021 By Palm Ryder
First time I went, there was just a lady in her car reading a book. Nothing.

Then I went back a couple days later. Two guys there. I got to suck and be watched sucking. This place is legit.

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Posted May 12 2015 By Dong Jaun
Great place. I get a blowjob almost every time I go there. Just last week, I was followed by an older man deep into the woods and he sucked me good. On the way back to my car, I got blown by a different fellow. Plenty of hikers and teenagers smoking pot. Nobody seems to care either way.

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Posted Apr 29 2008 #4
It can be fun around lunchtime or after 4 pm. There are acres of land and many isolated places to play. I've been done there several times. It's hit-or-miss though, so be patient.
Posted Nov 10 2007 #5
This place is wide open with no cops. Be careful of hikers. I have only seen guys there around lunchtime. Follow the utility lines on the right.
Posted Feb 15 2006 #6
I've been several times and only once got a great cock. But it keeps my hopes up, among other things.
Posted Feb 12 2006 #7
This is a great place!
Very secluded. It's a dick sucker's dream!
Posted Jul 25 2005 #8
If you hike along the power pylons to the right of the actual trails it's much more secluded and since it's not actually a listed trail, the only people I've come across have ended up sucking my dick.
Posted Nov 23 2004 #9
This is a nice place. It's too bad no one's around.
Posted Nov 08 2004 #10
I've been there three times, and never saw any action. It seems dangerous. It's right out in front of a neighborhood. However, the trails run deep.
Posted Oct 21 2004 #11
This place has moderate action at noon and around 5 to 6 pm. There are four different hiking trails and free parking outside. There are not a lot of people hiking. It's mostly action seekers. It can be good sometimes, but you never know until you go there.