Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum - Pelham Bay Park

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Posted Nov 07 2017 #1
Anything happening here? Web site says the place is open.

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Posted Nov 02 2014 By ramon51822 #2
This place is no more. For a while now, the parking area has been closed off.

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Posted Jan 04 2007 #3
I've been to this place twice and no luck.
Posted Aug 19 2006 #4
Kind of quiet here but if you meet someone it's very safe. Lunchtime on weekdays is best. Park in front of the mansion and walk into woods -- you'll see the path. With any luck someone will be in there or follow you in.
Posted Apr 26 2005 #5
This place is great but it's still a secret. It's not too crowded but there are usually a few married or bi guys hanging around. In the car is good, but the woods are better in case there are visitors to the museum (not very often). I got head from a hot married guy who said he is there every Wednesday lunchtime. We went into the woods and he gave me the best head ever and took the load down his throat. There is a lot of privacy there.