Albany Pine Bush Preserve

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Posted Dec 16 2014 #1
There's a hot young guy I've met several times. Look for his pickup truck. He'll fuck you good.

I deleted the identifying info/description for his truck. We appreciate the review but we cannot publish info that specific about any person cruising. Thanks for understanding and cooperating. ~ Editor

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Posted Nov 02 2009 #2
Police are regularly patrolling these areas. I have both seen this and been warned by gay police.
Posted Jul 16 2008 #3
Don't know much about Pine Bush near Lincoln Avenue, but the part near Willow Street regularly has undercover police.
Posted Aug 03 2007 #4
I stop by every month when I'm in town and never leave disappointed. There are a lot of thirty to forty year olds wandering the trails looking for fun.
Posted Jun 13 2007 #5
I pass by this place at least three of four times a week and there are always cars parked there. Often one can see a man standing near the woodline waiting for some action. I am still a bit too young (forty-five) for the older men that this place attracts. But in a few years I will probably visit a few times a week.
Posted Jan 13 2007 #6
Police have been harassing people here -- even during the winter.
Posted Nov 08 2006 #7
I was there a few times in this Fall and was not disappointed. Park by the side of the road and take a trail into the woods. You won't have to go to far for fun.
Posted Oct 15 2005 #8
This cruisy park is located off of Lincoln Avenue. There are lots of side paths to go off on to find some fun.