Monroe Lake & Dam / Fairfax State Recreation Area

Map is at Fairfax State Recreation Area. The Monroe Lake Dam is from Google.

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Posted Mar 15 2021 By Nudesunbather #1
I used to go to Monroe Lake in the early 90's to the restroom before you get to the inn. It had a gloryhole in which I'd always end up with all my clothes off and the guy on the toilet would ask me to come over there so he could explore my young body more. They all loved my muscular body, big dick, and bubble tight ass.

Sometimes there'd be a threesome where I'd get fucked and sucked at the same time. Sometimes I'd just stand near the restroom and when an older man came down the hill I'd let him see me in my g-string swimsuit and lure him or them into some bushes nearby that were private. I had towels, lubes etc. all laid out and I'd strip out of my g-string and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

One time I had five guys working on me at the same time. There were tongues, mouths, hands, and cocks all over me. They took turns sucking and fucking me. I ended up going into the water and washing off when they were done because of all the cum on and in me.

Sometimes I'd wait in the restroom with only shorts on and wait for a car to pull up. If it was just one man I knew he'd be coming in so I waited and just as soon as he opened the door I'd drop my shorts and pretend I was changing into my swimsuit. He'd act embarrassed but I quickly reassured him it was OK. Sometimes they'd make a half attempt to leave and I'd say you don't have to go, I'm sure you've seen a naked guy before, so they'd stay. I'd stand there naked and they'd usually make a comment about my muscular body and how great it was so I'd ask them if they wanted to see my muscles up close. They'd quickly come over and start examining me. Of course I had a big hard-on by then so their hands always went there.

After a minute of feeling my cock I'd ask if they'd like to see my ass and they'd always say yes. So I'd turn around, spread my legs, and show them my tight bubble ass. I'd usually bend over and say they could look as close as they wanted at anything. That's when I'd usually end up with a finger and tongue in my ass. I'd be moaning yeah daddy fuck my tight hole so they'd put a cock into my tight ass. I'd usually let them come in me then they'd have me turn around so they could lick my biceps, nipples, and abs then they'd tongue down my happy trail to my balls and cock. I'd always end up shooting more than a mouthful.

I had a lot of great sex with older men at that restroom and my secret nude sunbathing spot in the bushes. Sadly they tore the restroom down. I even let men take pictures and videos of me because I was proud of my muscular body and cock. Gets me whizzing just thinking about it. I loved it when old men used my body for their own sexual pleasures and I always pleased everyone. I never had any bad comments. Most men couldn't believe that a guy like me would let an old man just use my body like that but I loved it. I was blonde and very tan and always had baby oil and lube handy in case they wanted to oil me up for my tanning too.

Wish I had some of those pics and video to share with you but I don't. Feel free to email me if you were one of those men who used my body to get off all those years ago!

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Posted Dec 29 2005 #2
Good place in the spring, summer and fall. I have had some luck in the winter, too. There are two different places. The dam toilet, mostly the pit toilets and also at Fairfax/Fourwinds there are three restrooms there. Best during the week.