24 Hour Fitness - Pasadena Downtown Sport Gym

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Posted Jun 06 2022 By Nicolas

Subject: Unexpected Saturday threesome
I'm a member of 24HF and can go to any club. A couple weeks ago, I had to go from an outdoor event in Thousand Oaks to a wedding in Pasadena. I stopped off here to shower and change.

Happened to get in the shower at the exact same time there were two studs in there stroking off. They were so hot I couldn't help myself. One dude gave me such a hot blowjob I blew the biggest load down his throat. Then I turned around and took one from the other dude. Was a Saturday around 2 pm... not a lot of traffic in the gym and it seemed like every dude in there had that look on their face like they were dtf right now.

Going to go exploring again on a Saturday soon.

P.S., I was late for the wedding!!

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Posted Apr 30 2016 By David
Mostly older retirees and senior citizens are here. A lot of them though are out of shape. It has a lot of feminine guys and Asians, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Thinking about going to the other in east Pasadena. One of the few attractive younger guys suggested the Altadena one late night and early mornings. That one did have a lot of hotter guys who're up for it yet definitely identify as straight.

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Posted Jan 01 2009 #3
There are usually a few guys playing with there dicks in the showers. Have to be careful of the straights, but there are plenty of hot sexy guys cruising around. The steamroom is busy, as well.
Posted Dec 30 2009 #4
This place is kind of secluded, and not directly on Colorado. But it's definitely hot. Mornings are sparse, but there's a hot group with Asian guys there every time I go. Good eye candy. Plus, I sucked off two of them in the shower!
Posted May 09 2007 #5
Some of the hottest men I have ever seen and some just waiting for cock. Every race is represented here, so take your pick!
Posted Feb 18 2007 #6
I got sucked off here yesterday in the bathroom. It was great!
Posted Dec 15 2006 #7
Pretty active late at night around 11 pm to 2 am. I have had many successes just cruising around the locker area and give somewhat obvious signs.
Posted Jan 09 2006 #8
This place is great. Hot Latino and Asian men working out. A couple of Black guys, too. Just give the nod because most guys want act without it.