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Posted Nov 20 2023 By JackMannix #1
I dropped in this past Sunday in the early afternoon. Usually that's a bad time to visit these kind of places, but they had traffic. I heard two guys enter the arcade and start watching videos.

Shortly after I arrived, a guy entered the booth next to mine. I gave the signal and he slid a semi-soft cock through the gloryhole. It quickly grew to an astonishing size in my mouth. Sadly, he finished himself off and left. No jizz for me this visit, but I'll be back.

The booths are good sized and numerous. The arcade is clean and they have facial tissue in the booths. Also, there's a bathroom. Great place!

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Posted Mar 03 2021 By player2oc #2
I've spent two weekends in Bullhead City, once in August and once in November. This place could be great, however the theaters were empty during the day. Some other guy told me the theaters get busy on Friday and Saturday nights, just not during the day. The set up is great though.

On the second visit, there were two older men in the theater, both with rather large cocks, so I let them play with my dick while I watched the movies.

I want to check out the theater again on a weekend night though. The arcade was fairly busy, with lots of cocks coming through the gloryholes.

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Posted Jan 15 2019 By Theater Slut
I was staying in Laughlin for a few nights in December, so I checked this place out a few times. Every time, there were zero people in the arcade.

The theater is a nice setup. But the crowd, or lack thereof, leaves much to be desired. I only saw three ancient, gross, creepy local trolls dressed up in the worst drag outfits you've ever seen.

Save your time and money and skip this joke of a place. For that matter, skip the joke of a town altogether. They roll up the sidewalks at 8 pm, and everyone I ran into seems to be an illegal migrant, or over 65. Just ugly gross people everywhere.

The store closes at midnight, I think it was, and the unhappy hopeless staff is just counting down the minutes till they can leave. If you're in the theater, you can hear every word they say out in the register area. Even in the empty theater, you can't even jack off to the porn without hearing them bitch and moan on and on about how they hate their job, the owner, and fuck knows what else.

God forbid you happen to be eating out at a sit-down restaurant in this joke town at 7:30 pm where the staff act like you are keeping them from there oh-so-interesting lives in bustling Fort Mojave AZ.

Seriously, avoid this place, don't waste your time, gas, and energy. If you live in this town, it's nobody's fault but your own.

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Posted Jul 28 2018 By Tommy
This place was great. The staff are extremely friendly and will let you alone as long as you're feeding the booths.

A lot of new faces coming in to the store. Used to be older guys but lately younger ones are showing up. The store is extremely LGBT friendly and I think the manager is gay. The store is clean and smells good.

I checked the theaters out, really nice leather seating. One theater showing straight movies and one showing bi-sex or gay. They really cater to all life styles.

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Posted Jul 17 2017 By Mojavebottom #5
This place was completely remodeled late in 2016 and is in great shape. Two huge theaters with comfortable overstuffed chairs and sofas. The store is well stocked with a massive selection of toys, videos and fetish clothing. Help is nice, play is fine if discrete and respectful of others. Safe parking, nice group of people.

I get here about twice a month and leave satisfied.

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Posted May 28 2015 #6
The store was robbed by two people wearing black clothing and clown masks on Sunday April 19 shortly before 1 am. The Mohave County Sheriff's department said that the suspects left with an undisclosed amount of cash but neither the clerk or any customers were harmed during the incident.

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Posted Dec 23 2013 By DrainsBiandMM #7
Been here a few times and twice I was the only guy there in the theatre but did get pumped full at the gloryholes. The one time that there were a few guys in the theatre, a big construction worker in his late 40's like me, came in, started rubbing his crotch, and pulled out the perfect hard dick. I couldn't watch anymore, so I got on my knees and sucked him for about ten minutes until he moaned and fed me a huge load. He told me it was the best blow he ever had.

As he left, five other guys were beating off and I went, one by one, down the line and sucked out their loads. Finally, as I was the last guy there, the store worker guy (older, but real nice) came in and sucked out my huge load. I recommend this place highly. Check the theatre and go into the booths when it's empty.

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Posted Jul 24 2012 By mdixon7 #8
Stopped by on Monday around 8 pm and two guys were there looking to suck dick. Staff didn't bother anyone. Holes between most of the booths.

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Posted Jun 19 2010 By ericthebicockslut #9
Friday night just before midnight, I stopped in and within less than 15 minutes I had a stiff cock up my ass through the hole. And I mean stiff -- it didn't soften the whole time. Weekends definitely rock, but they have to fix the machines with busted bill feeders.

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Posted May 08 2010 By ericthebicockslut #10
Came in on a Wednesday, 7:30 pm, and had a little competition! Some woman was in a booth with a guy. In any event after about 20 minutes, I got a live cock through the hole and up my well lubed ass. He was plenty hard and this one lasted longer than most. Not sure if he came or not but it was a nice long fuck.

I like the benches and the well placed holes here. Not interested in sucking cock, and really only interested in taking it through the hole. You bring the hard cock, I'll bring the lube. I really like the sleaze of this place!

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Posted May 02 2010 By mdixon7 #11
Stopped by on Friday about 2:30 pm and there were a couple of guys there looking to suck dick. I went in a booth and got sucked off pretty fast. Most of the booths have gloryholes. You can park in back of the building and there's a rear entry. Staff doesn't seem to bother you, but I only had to put in $2 while I was there.

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Posted Apr 14 2010 By ericthebicockslut #12
Not my usual time or day to stop by, but I was running an errand and came in last Monday around 4 pm. I tried one booth, but quickly figured the other side had someone else looking for hard cock also. I moved to another booth and much to my surprise, within about 4 minutes I had a guy with an already hard cock come into the neighboring booth. I quickly dropped my pants, lubed my ass and presented myself to the gloryhole in my usual manner. He prodded me to get up so I backed off from the hole and he put through one of those really rare cocks that gets seriously hard. It was average size but like iron wrapped in bacon if you know what I mean. I slathered some extra lube to his cock and backed up onto it. It hurt, but hurt good, and after about a minute and a half I had it securely up my ass and he took over. He then proceeded to fuck fast and furious; the wall was taking as much of a pounding as my asshole. It didn't last more than a few minutes before he blew his load but it was awesome. I cleaned up and was on my way.

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Posted Nov 22 2008 #13
It was not too bad. All of the booths have locking doors and are private. They all have a gloryhole to the next booth as well, so you can choose private or play with others. Nice big buddy booth as well, with a locking door too. I got off and got to suck some cock as well. What's to complain about?
Posted Aug 18 2008 #14
I was there on a Monday night and found the place to be clean and everything working properly. It was mostly older guys looking to suck dick. One of them sucked me off. Didn't see anybody using drugs. The machines require $2 minimum to start, but you can add singles before the time runs out. I would go back.
Posted Apr 20 2008 #15
I had a good time in the theater. I was there on a Saturday afternoon. It's nice and dimly lit. Within two hours about five guys came and left a deposit.
Posted Mar 10 2008 #16
It is cleaner than it was but the tweakers and rock stars are not an asset. I've been there about once a week for a couple months and most times I've found people smoking their goods in the arcade. Other than that, the place is Ok for now but I'm sure the drug action will attract the police before long.
Posted Dec 20 2007 #17
I sucked a straight guy's huge, eleven-inch cock. Mmm. I let him fuck me for a half hour and sucked him off again.
Posted Jul 17 2007 #18
My favorite restaurant! I go almost every Friday night and most times I'm there, I get to enjoy servicing several men who poke through the gloryhole. The staff leaves you alone and the menu tastes great!
Posted Jun 29 2007 #19
Very nice and clean with lots of single booths (all with gloryholes) and a few big booths. The staff leaves you alone. Good traffic.