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Posted Sep 15 2023 By luv2worshipit #1
I love these places and look forward to spending a lot of time here September 25 to September 30 when I visit FLL. I'm staying at GALLERYone up the street so it'll be convenient via Uber. I know there are a ton of oral top feeders in the area and I'm sure looking forward to eating, I mean meeting a lot of them during my stay.

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Posted Jan 01 2021 By Mike
A very hot sex club, the only one like it in Florida. You keep your clothes on, it's not a bathhouse. Lots of gloryholes and lots of gloryhole cocksuckers eager to suck on cocks. I love the bi-level gloryholes / "suck ramps" so that I can stand on the raised platform while an expert sucker works my shaft while standing below. There's also a sling, a round table with ass-up guys bent over waiting for dick, etc. Oh yeah and a bar as well.

The new owners seem keen to expand the club's appeal. Some positives are clean bathrooms and some improvements to the bi-level gloryholes such as adding top-covers to make it a hot anonymous set-up. Having said that here are a few tips:

(1) Busy nights are Friday and Saturday. There are still guys there on Thursday and Sunday but at least twice as many are there on Friday and Saturday which is the best time to go.

(2) Average age is 30s to 60s. You'll definitely find some guys there in their 20s, but the new owners need to focus on how to get more younger guys there.

As long as you go there with realistic expectations – i.e., it's not a club full of supermodels – you'll have fun and you'll get off. You'll find all shapes, sizes and colors of guys there so there's at least a few guys for every type.

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Posted Jul 23 2021 By middleriverguy #3
The new owners pretty much have left things as they were. Still a bottle club, mixers provided. Bar area has a pool table and some seating around the bar but not much.

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Posted Jan 15 2021 By Old client
Do we have anyone that has recently visited The Slammer since the new owners took over? Same shit or any improvements?

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Posted Jan 12 2021 By maron9 #5
321 Slammer reopened last Friday with a new owner.

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Posted Sep 08 2020 By maron9 #6
321 Slammer has closed for good.

South Florida Gay News, June 17 2020: Private Sex Club, Slammers, Is Up For Sale

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Posted Feb 08 2020 By Booth Buddy
The Slammer was fantastic three weeks ago Saturday night. The professionally designed space is sexcellent.

I was apprehensive about spending $27 to enter after reading the negative characterizations in the reviews, but had a great time. There were dozens of guys, ranging from average to hot. It was not a cesspit of worn out unappealing men, nor guys messed up on drugs. It was very busy from 11 pm onward, and quieted down by 4 am.

There is a lot of sex to be had here, with varying levels of anonymity. Plenty of guys in leather gear shared spaces with men in street clothes. The ethnic composition is about 65% white, with Black men filling most of the rest of the 35%. Ages were mainly 30s to 50s. The dudes I had sex with mostly were friendly enough and we had hot times.

I definitely recommend the club and will be back. My only misgiving is that the bathroom sinks did not have warm/hot water. The bar only takes cash, so bring that if you need a drink.

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Posted Jul 15 2017 By Visitor
I visit Ft. Lauderdale several times a year and usually visit the Slammer. I was there in July, and it's definitely declined significantly from its heyday.

On Friday and Saturday, the busiest nights, the problem is too many people. You have trolls sitting in the gloryhole booths all night, making them inaccessible.

The other issue is that the Slammer now attracts fewer hot guys and more trolls than in the past. On Saturday night, the peak night, the placed was packed with guys in their late 40s, 50's, and beyond. This place used to attract a better balance of older and younger guys.

On most weeknights, the place is empty, and the few guys that are there are mostly trolls. If you stay a while and are patient, you may find Plan B (or C or D...) so you can get off. But it's a far cry from the glory days when the problem was choosing which hot guy to get off with.

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Posted Jun 09 2016
This place needs to be fumigated. Crabs everywhere. Use "Rid" after you go there.

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Posted Jun 07 2015 By Rick
Based on all these comments I was wondering if there are alternatives in town or in Miami? Thanks in advance.

We've seen some recent good reviews of Clubhouse II and Club Fort Lauderdale, although as with all places what you get from them depends in large part on what expectations you bring to them. Good luck in your cruising and have fun. ~ Editor

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Posted Apr 19 2015 #11
I always visit the Slammer when I'm in town for vacation. I was there last week and left with mixed feelings. I love gloryholes and cruising so on one level it's a wonderful, "kid in a candy store" experience. But in many ways, the place has declined significantly from its heyday.

The best part of this place used to be the big gloryhole area near the entrance. Then about a year or so ago, management made the awful decision to replace the gloryhole area with a dance floor that no one uses. It's so baffling. Did anyone hear of the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?"

In response to unhappiness with the new setup, six gloryholes were installed in the front. But they're not as good as the old setup. Gloryholes were also setup in the back area, and they're OK, but also not as good as the old setup up front. Another issue is that it's very dark, which makes it hard to check out guys. Finally, there's definitely an element of seediness here, some guys having unsafe sex.

You can still have a good time here. It's packed on Friday, Saturday,, and Sunday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are pretty slow. But I'm definitely nostalgic for the good old days of the old gloryhole setup, brighter lighting, and less seediness.

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Posted Jan 05 2015 By clevelandboy
I have been going to Slammers/321 since it opened and it continues to decline. The place needs a new manager who has a clue how to hire staff and run a fun club. Where is the video room, the watersports area, a shower, sinks that work, dancers/strippers? What happened to the hot gloryhole area in the front? Whoever owns this club could be making 4x the current revenue if some minor improvements were made.

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Posted Dec 21 2014 By ams
Ive gone a few times over the years and the last time was noticeably less busy this past weekend but still had a fair amount of traffic. It's a meat market, dim, and seedy.

Like others have remarked, the dance floor is simply lost space: no one was there. The dark rooms were full and had the usual groping and lots of unsafe sex, seems to be the norm at this place. Guys wise, the average age is 40s and up, I'd guess average around 50.

Pricing seems high to me, it's not a bath house and lacks much amenities. BYOB. Still I had fun there, could be better but is good enough.

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Posted Nov 17 2014 By bocaguy74 #14
The place is run by morons, the manager is a big southern ox who can't even see two inches in front of him. What they did to the gloryhole area was a move in the wrong direction. The guys there are so sketchy and if you don't look like a bear or already in their clique, they don't even look at you. It's high school with open sex. LAME. I wish I had more hands so I can give this place 4 thumbs down! I will take my business and my friends' business elsewhere.

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Posted Nov 09 2014 By visitor
I have been going to this place for years and I'm sad to report that it's definitely not as much fun as used it to be. About a year ago, management made the disastrous decision to remove the gloryholes from near the entrance to the back room. The front gloryholes area was replaced with a dance floor and DJ booth. But no one comes to the Slammer to dance so the dance floor is always empty. In response to criticism of the new setup, management added six gloryholes in the front area near the dance floor but they are not as good as the old layout.

The other issue for me is that it's too dark so it's hard to see guys.

Business seems to be off compared to how it used to be. Partly I think this reflects disappointment with the new setup but there is also a new pricing structure. It's $15 every night unless you come before 8 pm and then it's $8. But very few guys are there before 8 pm so effectively it's $15 a night.

I had fun while visiting Fort Lauderdale recently but I definitely am nostalgic for the good old days of the great gloryhole setup, better lighting, more reasonable pricing, and bigger crowds.

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Posted Feb 13 2014 By zacchaz #16
Here's some suggestions:
. There are far too many unoccupied private rooms wasting valuable space. Use their space to add the following.
. Add the raised runway similar to what it was, but larger: raised open bars with gloryholes opposite them. That was the best fun feature by far, both in FLL and LA.
. Add some padded and round waist-high tables for bottoms to comfortably lean over for tops' easy access, instead of bottoms being on their knees on a lower table. Lower tables should be more for 69-ing.
. Add a small (10 seats) theatre showing M4M porn.
. Combine the two dark orgy rooms into a much larger one with tables to accommodate more guys.

This WAS the best SEX place in South Florida. Want to dance? Go to a disco bar!

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Posted Jan 25 2014 By trick 321
Does anyone know if they made any more changes to the club? They changed it a few months ago and took out those awesome gloryholes and replaced them with a stupid dance floor that nobody uses. I'm reluctant to go back and waste my money on that ridiculous set up. Everyone I talk to says they also hate the new set up. I wish it would go back the way it was a few months ago. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!

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Posted Dec 29 2013 By zacchaz #18
They royally f_'d it up! The only excuse for such stupidity is being in trouble with FLPD. Otherwise, fire the idiot and immediately turn it back to a sex club with a darkened maze where the new gloryholes are now and return the gloryhole runway back to the disco waste of space.

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Posted Nov 30 2013 By Sucks
This place used to be the place to go until they remodeled it and messed the entire space up. If they want a dance club go open a club. This space was not busy because of the music or what DJ they had. Like everywhere else here, we patronize them, get them going and they don't even ask us what we want. They won't be open long.

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Posted Nov 10 2013 By trick 321
The place has recently been remodeled. They took out all the gloryholes and put them in a backroom that is completely congested. The gloryholes are also not proportionate. I'm 6'2" and I have to bend down when giving head. The main room was converted to a dance floor that is completely empty. Who goes there to dance? They need to convert it back ASAP. After being a regular since they opened, I am highly disappointed. I guess I will have to back to the bathhouses.

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Posted Oct 26 2013 By nick
Great place to hook up with all types of guys. Roughnecks, bi, gay, you name it, it's here. No attitude. Great cruise bar. If you're looking for a real man go here.

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Posted Aug 23 2013 By Marky
I went there with a friend who wanted to show me what goes on there The men are older and and a lot of barebacking. It was scary how tops just line up to fuck bottoms just there on a circular couch perched doggie style just to get some. Obviously it's just about the sex. It was scary but everyone there knew exactly what they were doing. As a community, it is sad to see lack of responsibility. I won't be returning. Lastly, they hit the tourists with a hefty $25 dollars while the locals can get a great deal. Nice way to exploit horny tourists.

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Posted Mar 02 2013
Went for first time last night. Got in a sling and men lined up to breed me. I had 15 men blow their loads in my ass. Was so hot. I'll definitely be back.

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Posted Jan 01 2013 By cdcollura
All I got to say is use a condom! Very risky behavior here by all types of folks, mostly bearish type. No attitude though, for what it's worth.

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Posted Dec 07 2012 By looking
Slammer is consistent with the population of FLL retired bears. I imagine they are still living mentally in the heydays of the 1970s, before condoms. I am mid 40s, very fit, good looking. I have been often. Too bad I usually cant find someone I'm attracted to there to play with. Not many other options than jacking off on cam.

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Posted Nov 16 2012 By J
This place is great, a good mix of everything. Visited 10/19/12 from out of town and had too much fun. If you want it and don't want the DRAMA that goes with it this is the place for you. I am younger then 40 and was sandwiched between two tops that left me drained and satisfied.

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Posted Sep 05 2012 By Darkseeker
Went here recently and no one there was even remotely cute. Lots of barebacking and sex with no respect for safety in any way. One dude with a funny hat told me how hot it was that the 'last person' fucked him and the condom broke and the person told him he was HIV positive after coming in his ass. Saying it like it was hot and attractive, and that he did not care after that! He was drunk, and I sure hope he was joking. This was enough. Be careful there. I never was back.

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Posted Feb 22 2012 By Visiting FLL
My wife was out of town so I went to this place from research I did online and it was fucking hot -- guys everywhere sucking cocks and taking it in the ass! I don't suck dick, but I got blown by about 15 different guys, but when the one in a tie walked up and worked my cock over like a maniac, I couldn't hold back any longer and filled his mouth with cum. I saw a drop of cum fall out of the side of his mouth onto his tie. I hope I didn't stain it!

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Posted Dec 10 2011 By your reality check
Slammers is always packed with wall-to-wall trolls. Not one hottie to be found here. It's like visiting a vomitorium.

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Posted Oct 18 2011 By billy
I went last Thursday night. It's a free for all, cock sucking at every turn. I swallowed 4 loads in the first hour. By the end of the night it got serious, with a major gangbang filling every hole. I left full of cum and satisfied. I will go back soon.

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Posted Jun 05 2011 #31
This is THE place if you are looking for action. I was recently there on a weeknight before 10 pm. They were lined up out the door waiting to get in and this didn't change the entire time I was there. There were men of all ages, races, and types and there was something for everyone. If you need some action I highly recommend this place.

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Posted May 29 2011 By rosm
This is my favorite place. I am a 34 year old athletic hot guy and I always find hot guys with big cocks whom I suck. No posers, just authentic fun and sex! The other night I went there and a hot blond gave me his big thick cock through the gloryhole and it was so hot that we went into a private room. I told him how much I enjoy sucking cock, smelling cock, having a stud spit in my mouth and how I love cum n my mouth, and he did all those things to me. Fantastic!

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Posted May 27 2011 By maron9 #33
The best time to go to Slammer is between 9 pm to 12 am when many hot men come and go. After 12 am, you will find tons of drugged out and drunk twinks, and nelly guys from the clubs. Yes, there is lots of bareback action. Just be careful.

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Posted May 13 2011 By edgit #34
I have been to this place twice and I must say it needs a good scrubbing with some bleach. The smell in certain areas will take your breathe. Too much unsafe sex going on, as well. I saw dicks come out of ass and go right to the gloryholes without cleaning.

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Posted May 11 2011 By eddies
I am shocked by the reviews. This is one of my favorite sexclubs in the world! It is hot. Guys from late 20s up to 70. I am (I think) a sexy thicker 50 year old and always leave there after hours of non-stop adventurous fun with all kinds of men. I am HIV neg and play safe and have fun. No attitude, lots of sucking and fucking. My advice: go!

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Posted Dec 04 2010 By uptom
This place has to be the worst. It is not clean and so much unsafe sex is going on.

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Posted Nov 28 2010 By NkdnWiltManors
This place is sooo hot. Went in and within 5 minutes I was standing next to a cute guy while a third sucked both our cocks. I steered the cute guys hand to my ass and 5 minutes later he was behind me fucking my ass. He shot a nice load which meant I was lubed for the evening.

I found my way to a large orgy area with a cushioned platform. I wanted to get fucked but wasn't attracting attention. I then checked my pants and came back. Still nothing. I went for broke, took off my shirt and bent over. Within a minute I had a cock in me. It was never empty again. I must have been fucked by over 15 guys, some hung, some drop dead gorgeous, all horny. Nothing but hot, sweaty, raw sex. I left sore but happy. I'll be a regular there. My ass has found a home.

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Posted Sep 12 2010 By jackerguy #38
This place is fucking fun! I had a great time. There were a ton of guys and it was only 10 pm. The only negative is the surrounding area which is a bit scary.

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Posted Jul 24 2010 By Leathercock #39
By far the best in Fort Lauderdale! I used to go there 2 or 3 times a week and spend hours on end. I am a bottom leather pig and love to get fucked hot and hard! My favorite is the dark room in front by the bar. I would wear my leather jock and chaps and go in and bend over the table and wait for some hot cock to fill me up. A slow night for me would be only 6 or 7 guys fucking my hole and that would usually be on the weekdays. One time I got fucked by 22 guys on the same night! I will never forget this one guy who fucked me every week. While I never saw his face, my ass would recognize that cock. I am taking a break right now, but damn, getting hard just thinking about it.

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Posted Jul 18 2010 By Daddyron12
I was at Slammer last night and it was open for business as usual. Many hot guys, something for everyone!

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Posted Jul 08 2010 By fun4you54
I'm in Fort Lauderdale and horny as all fucking hell. Love nasty, dirty gluttonous sex, and Slammer sounded like a great place to start. Right up until I got to the parking lot with the gate chained and a very official Lauderdale Police CLOSED sign on it. Also very permanent looking.

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Posted Jun 06 2010 #42
Slammers is starting to be good again. It seems like they are finally cleaning it! They need to put some type of padding in the "private" booths. Just having a wood bench is not cool. They also should put some lighting in the dark rooms. I know that may defeat the purpose but it would be better if you could see a little bit in there (maybe use a red light).

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Posted Jan 30 2010
I love this place. There is less attitude than at bathhouses. There are still some guys who stand around looking for a husband, but there are many who are just looking for fun. It reminds me of the old porno theatres in New York City before Giuliani closed them down, but even better. One day I hope to get out to LA and see what that one is like.

Slammer Club in Fort Lauderdale is a safe place to go cruise and if you just want to watch other guys having sex you can do that, too.

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Posted Jan 10 2010
I just went to this place for the first time, looking for a place that has normal looking people. This is not that place, but it is nice that unhealthy looking people have a place to go and it did look like they were having a great time.
Posted Dec 19 2009 #45
I thought it was fuckin' hot. The pit was awesome. The side rooms were awesome. The back patio place with the round bed was incredible. Some attitude but that is everywhere. I had an awesome experience here on several nights.
Posted Dec 10 2009 #46
I have been many times, a great idea, poor execution. There are too few gloryholes. You can spend all night looking for an open spot. Private rooms are not private with their mirrored ceilings. They also need to give young hot guys a discount. I am tired of being the only one, and the free buffet for the elderly! Post a sign, please, that says "naked only if hot." It can be like a zombie flick: dawn of the dead old fat cocksuckers.
Posted Oct 04 2009 #47
Could be a great place, but too many cha cha queens and not enough men. Few get naked and most seem to be there to observe.
Posted Sep 03 2009 #48
Went there last Saturday evening; it was pretty busy, but there are a couple problems with this place. First, everyone (pretty much) walks around (endlessly) in street clothes. There are only a couple small TV screens showing porn, so it is kind of hard to get very excited. Also, the only private areas are primarily just plywood benches/cubby holes, so it is overall not very comfortable or inviting. If you are into that Stand 'n' Fuck thing, I guess it is OK. They do have a bar where you can check your booze or beer and consume it from there, but I rate this place just a 4 on a scale of 10. Did not do it for me.
Posted Aug 06 2009 #49
Slammers in Ft Lauderdale was disappointing although fun. I have been to Slammers in Los Angeles many times and had great hopes for this one. While I had fun, it does not even begin to offer that of it's sister in LA. Add a wet room, turn the music down and add lights at least in some parts of the place!
Posted Mar 22 2009 #50
The music is great! But this place is full of trolls, bears, pigs, and other hairy, stinking undesirable men! If you like pitch darkness and are attracted to fat ugly guys who like to dominate you and you like being watched by peeping toms then this is the place for you.
Posted Feb 14 2009 #51
This is a fun place! There are all types with many hot guys and not many ultra-fussy bitches pacing back and forth looking for that perfect someone to pick their china pattern out with.
Posted Dec 07 2008 #52
Been going to Slammer since it opened. It can be a great place, but has been getting to be like a bookstore lately. You know, a bunch of old sexless trolls walking around like zombies, not to mention mostly everyone seems to be a bottom. To the young twinky, pretty, picky queens: don't bother going just stay home and screw yourself in a mirror and you'll have more fun. And it's not that dark inside. What do expect for a sexclub, Martha Stewarts house of sunshine.
Posted Oct 07 2008 #53
I was there on a Wednesday night and had a blast. Great variety of guys. I got fucked twice and fucked three amazing power bottoms. I definitely recommend this place!
Posted Sep 30 2008 #54
This place is great to meet a lot of nice people. It's a little dark but you can adjust fine. No twinks or queens around just regular guys having fun.
Posted Sep 23 2008 #55
I was there in August. The place is great and cruisy as you please. However, the place must improve on personal property security. At the present, the counter attendant gets $1 and you place your wallet, keys, and jewelry in a little plastic tray and he holds it in a cabinet behind the counter. That is totally unacceptable as there is no guarantee that something will not be stolen from the tray. There should be a locked box under strict supervision that can only be accessed by the member not the staff. Inside the club, they offer you a locker for your clothes for $5. However, you cannot use your own personal lock. The bartender has the master key to all locks and he is the only one that can open your locker. That is not acceptable that someone can have the key to those locks. I personally saw a cruiser walking around the locker room and trying every lock. No one sits there and watches the lockers. If 321 fixes these problems, I think it will be a fantastic place all around.
Posted Sep 22 2008 #56
'Thunderbirds 3-2-1 go!' Well, not the classic TV 'supermarionation' series. We are talking about All-American dick here. I'm from Orlando and black and fifty years old; really tired of the central Florida scene. There's too much drama, too many queens, and way too much attitude. True that it could just be because I'm black and older, but whatever. How refreshing it was to go someplace and not see a gay face all night long. And yes, the lighting is just right: dark, not pitch dark, but dark enough for what it needs to be. Oh sure, there's attitude but chances are this is too hardcore for those persnickety queens anyway. And there's too much going on to care. And the night I went didn't really seem jammed pack. It was fun, of what I remember. Alas, too many beers and too many shots of tequila. But the owners were great. One woke me gently and said it was time to go. I think I closed the place, but otherwise didn't embarrass myself. A few guys allowed me the pleasure of some nice meat and one tasty load. I shall return. Alas, I decided to get some 'rest' at Clubhouse II. It was sad, mostly over-the-hill guys with way too much 'tude. But I really needed to sleep. Go fellas, go to 321. Support this place and leave the attitude at home. If you don't like someone, move on. There's just too much cock and not enough time. Hell, I didn't even really leave the 'dick dock' area. Nothing like standing up sucking dick -- great for the knees! And it's nice when you find a cock that appreciates good head. I was beginning to have my doubts here in Orlando. But as I suspected, it's the place not the person. So although nothing is guaranteed, go for the experience and judge for yourself!
Posted Sep 09 2008 #57
The best time to go 321 or Slammer is before midnight when there are a lot of hot men around to play with. After midnight, too many drunks, drugs, twinks, or men with attitude coming directly from nearby nightclubs. They do nothing but giggle all night long. I prefer go between 9 pm to 12 am.
Posted Sep 01 2008 #58
I went three nights and never left unhappy. Wow. If you love hairy men, and I mean hairy, it's just the place to play. I will make sure I return when I'm back in town. And to all the men who fed me their loads, thanks, it was great. And all the room in the back for laying, and guys every-which way doing everything, was really a turn-on. Keep up the great work Slammers.
Posted Aug 16 2008 #59
Great place, lots of action but (yup, there's always a 'but', eh?) the place is getting the younger twink crowd that pushes away and kills the joy (to some extent). I went there for a year and gradually it got less hot and a bit more stuck-up (maybe the crowd from the club on Broward Blvd?). Anyway, I quit going because I like younger guys and the ones there now have too much attitude. The last straw was from this beautiful young Latino that literally punched my hand away as I touched him while he was fucking some old dude. I was embarrassed, and told him off, and a crowd was looking at me and him like 'what the fuck'. (No, I am not old either). After a year of going I tore up my card. I'll fly out of here and cruise in New York, Toronto, LA, etc. I've had better luck there with twinks.
Posted Aug 01 2008 #60
If you are looking for twinkies under twenty-five years old then do not go here. If want real masculine, butch men who are attitude free and want to fuck, then go here. I have been to plenty of bathhouses that were absolutely nasty, this place is clean. If you want to get with stuck up high box bitches then go to the baths, if want real men who look butch, masculine and straight with little to no attitude, then go here.
Posted Jul 01 2008 #61
Great place! Lots of dark little rooms to slip into and get fucked. Some have doors that lock, others with no doors so other guys can watch you and/or join in. Lots of hot muscle men, but they mostly stick to fucking each other, so the average Joes have to settle for the other average Joes. I got fucked by five different guys and sucked a lot of cock. The only downside: two fatties who kept touching everyone and forcing themselves right in the middle of all the action. Most guys would gently push them away to show they were not interested, but these two guys were very, very persistent. It was really annoying. But overall it's a great place to fuck or get fucked.
Posted Jun 21 2008 #62
I live in Orlando but go to Lauderdale often. Because I am older, sixty-five, and way overweight, I thought I would be shunned and rejected there. But much to my surprise I got to suck a helluva lot of cock there and got many of loads. Yes, there are those who wanted nothing to do with me and I respect that. No one was ever rude to me! The guys that work there are really great; top notch. As many times as I have been there, it was never too dark to see anyone, anywhere. I'll be there again.
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Posted Jun 08 2008
A waste of time. Plenty of freaks who do not take no for an answer. I felt like I was the only person younger then thirty years old in the whole place. If you're not picky this place is great because of the large crowd but there's nothing of quality.
Posted Jun 04 2008 #64
Just got back from an awesome night on a Wednesday at 321! Great place! I got there early, just after it opened. After three hours I was drained. I am on the downside side of fifty now, but still in good shape. The place was full of guys in their late twenties to early thirties, and I got lots of attention. The gloryhole area is very hot -- lots of eye-level cock to feast on, and the Plato's Retreat area is very comfortable. Only three cars in the parking lot when I arrived, the lot was full when I left! If I didn't have an early flight out I would still be there! I can't wait till I get back to this area! Five stars!
Posted May 11 2008 #65
I went there on a Saturday night this month. It wasn't too dark like previous comments mentioned. I hooked up five or six times, all safe and tons of fun. I'd go back for sure.
Posted Mar 09 2008 #66
The bad news is the owner keeps this place as dark as a haunted house and despite complaints won't turn lights on. It's very creepy. You never know who is sucking your dick and vice versa. If you go to one of the booths you constantly have people standing on the benches in neighboring booths to watch you have sex. However, the place does get really packed with a good variety of people. On weekends you can't even get a parking space and I always leave happily, half-dead and exhausted from being sucked and fucked by so many willing men with so little attitude.
Posted Feb 26 2008 #67
I had the time of my life here a week ago on Saturday night. The guys were hot! I'll be back soon!
Posted Feb 20 2008 #68
I don't get it! Why should I want to go to a place that is so dark, where you can only find disgusting people and play in a very unpleasant environment when I can go to a bathhouse for better people and cleaner environment. I will never go back.
Posted Jan 13 2008 #69
The perfect place? Probably. You can watch, have an intimate one-on-one session in a booth with a bed, or join in on a wild orgy. Nothing but dick, dick, dick and cum, cum, cum. I've never seen anything else quite like it. Gloryholes galore!
Posted Dec 31 2008 #70
This place is really hot and has little attitude. But be careful. No, I am not talking about safe sex/barebacking. That's condom sense. But my wallet was stolen by pick-pocketers when visiting here! Lock it up and check it in. People will steal it right out of your pants, and yes, I had it zipped and velcroed and they still took it!
Posted Dec 27 2007 #71
Always a hot time here. There's something for everyone.
Posted Dec 01 2007 #72
This place is really hot and has little attitude. But be careful. No, I am not talking about safe sex/barebacking. That's condom sense. But my wallet was stolen by pick-pocketers when visiting here! Lock it up and check it in. People will steal it right out of your pants, and yes, I had it zipped and velcroed and they still took it!
Posted Nov 12 2007 #73
You can sidle up to the bar stark naked or in any other state of dress you want, smoke and have a drink, and if you wanted, I suppose you could be getting a blowjob from somebody on their knees under the bar. Lots of action takes place in several back rooms -- private and group spaces, which include a little bondage equipment and three slings. I tag-team fucked three different guys -- a muscle god, a leather pig and an older guy who just enjoyed getting plowed. There's definitely an orgy atmosphere going by late on Saturday night and sucking galore. From what I hear it's pretty hoppin' most nights of the week, like the old Fort Lauderdale. It's the same location as Slammer.
Posted Sep 29 2007 #74
I alwasy get sucked off by over a dozen guys and fuck at least two or three (safely). If you do not have a good time here you're one high box bitch.
Posted Sep 25 2007 #75
It's a very cool setup. There's something for everyone. You can play in any way you like -- walk around nude even. My boyfriend and I have lots of fun there. Check it out. Also, they have condoms located in what looks like old cigarette ashtrays on the walls throughout the building!
Posted Sep 17 2007 #76
A recently opened (July 2007) BYOB sexclub that is big, dark, dirty, and has a very mixed crowd of decent guys to old and fat ones. If you're not too picky a lot of fun can easily be had in this facility that used to be a straight sexclub called Plato's Repeat back in its day. Plenty of free, safe parking with a guard on duty in the parking lot. Worth a visit for a quickie. Lockers available for an additional small charge. Bring your own booze, they provide free mixers at the bar where they store your personal liquor by your membership number. This saves a lot because you're drinking your own liquor with free setups. Very, very large indoor facility, with small outdoor patio. Inside there are gloryholes, private booths, dark rooms, and slings galore! Bathroom facilities available but are filthy. Skip the Club and come here if you're feeling raunchy. Packed on weekends with something for almost everyone!