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Posted Dec 21 2021 By deltablues95
Only went twice, met a top black male. Second time used my coins and left. Horny. Like to find out in advance who is there. I am looking for tops.

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Posted Oct 23 2018 By rex_libidini #2
Good grief, this place is like stepping into a time machine. It could be so much more than the dumpy old place that it is. There is money to be made with a clean fun modern adult store in the Roanoke area. Who is going to step up to the plate?

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Posted Sep 03 2018 #3
This might be the most depressing place on earth. I stopped by here twice recently to break up long trips on I-81. Both were at times when it should have been busy. Uh, no.

The few customers were very unattractive, elderly men who looked despondent. The place reeks of stale cigarette smoke, and the video equipment is so 1970's. The videos are awful. Several years ago I had some good times here, but things change.

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Posted Aug 20 2017 By ISuckinConcord #4
Stopped by here in July 2017 and was very disappointed. I went in fully crossdressed and was told I was not allowed back in the booth area. When I questioned this, the guy behind the counter didn't offer much of a reason other than "my boss doesn't want crossdressers in the back area."

While the "boss" didn't want me back there apparently a couple of patrons would not have minded as two guys followed me to the parking lot.

I declined both of their advances and told them to take it up with the "boss" inside.

Disappointed because the last time there I was not fully dressed, but wore a mini skirt and thong and had all kinds of attention including one nice man eating my ass out right in the hallway.

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Posted Jun 14 2015 By cheap poppers
This place is a little old and is still using cathode ray monitors but I love the cheap poppers and have had plenty of hot times.

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Posted Nov 18 2013 By bull4cucksnc
I have tried to give this place a chance but the truth is it is filthy, full of crappy video equipment, and overrun with hideous old queens. Avoid at all costs.

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Posted Apr 08 2012 By darmaman #7
This place has been there forever! I lost my oral virginity there back in 1990, and go back at least once a year. I have never left anything but satisfied.

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Posted Feb 24 2011 By swvabttm4use #8
Not a bad spot, I get action everytime I go. When you walk in there are videos for purchase and a few toys. To go into the booths you have to pay $4 for 16 tokens or something to that effect. The booths are right there, you can't miss them. There were a few queens waiting for Mr. Perfect that never came, but of the two times I went I got to suck off a few guys. The first time I sucked and swallowed two loads and then I motioned for one guy to join me in one of the booths and I sucked him and then turned around, pulling my pants down and he fucked me good. It was a good time, but they really need gloryholes.

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Posted Oct 15 2010 #9
I was there tonight and let me tell you it was hot! Met this hot Marine looking guy and we went in a booth and he immediately striped. An incredible body, nice cock and the hottest ass I've seen in a while. After sucking his cock for a bit, I bent him over and ate out his butt. As I went to fuck him, he turned and said, it's yours if you get that black guy standing out there to come in, so he could suck his cock. I did, and it was fucking hot. I fucked his tight ass, while he sucked on a big black cock! INCREDIBLE!

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Posted Oct 01 2010 #10
Just came from there and though the crowd looked like either the ugly bus dropped everyone off or the senior bus did, I found one hot beefy bear type with a very thick cock that I sucked until he made me shoot all over his hairy chest. Also, a young guy who gave incredible head and swallowed every drop I gave him! I think the place has potential, they just need to get a better looking crowd in there.

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Posted Aug 18 2010 By alexander75 #11
Tons of county cubs looking for meat here. Hot!

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Posted Feb 14 2010 By oral gay #12
Great spot for sex. Most anything goes here. I've been there as early as opening to catch the before work crowd and love to hang out there in the mornings when an eclectic crowd filters through. I have even hung out in drag there.

The booths are large enough for comfortable sucking, fucking, and even group scenes. You can find occasional action in the hallways when not much of a crowd is around and that's heaven to an exhibitionist like me.

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Posted Mar 31 2009 #13
This seems to be the only game in town. I was there on an early Saturday evening in February and got totally naked in a large booth. I left the door ajar and sure enough, some horny dude came in, locking the door behind him. I leaned back against the wall and let him have his way with me. He even sucked my cleanly shaven armpits before I came!
Posted Jun 26 2008 #14
Adult bookstore with thirteen video booths. There are no gloryholes but the booths are large and can hold four guys with room to spare.