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Posted Dec 31 2023 By Samdude #1
Visited today. Never been there before, got a booth ticket and picked a booth with a gloryhole. Wasn't long before a cock poked through the hole. Sucked it for a while then put my long hard cock in and got a great wet blowjob. Think it was one of the employees as the parking lot was pretty much empty. Had a good time. Booths were clean and movies options were good too.

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Posted Nov 10 2023 #2
First timer today. Clean, bearded, good looking older gentleman entered the booths as I was getting my ticket. I located him at the last gloryhole. Being a first timer, it didn't take very long for him to finish me off. I will be back.

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Posted Mar 26 2023 By Youngstud99
Amazing place. Went into booths for first time. It was empty so I decided to go to a gloryhole booth cause why not. Within thirty seconds there was a guy there with his mouth against the hole. So hot. Best head I ever had ,I blew my load in his mouth after about a minute. Will be back!

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Posted Aug 14 2022 By Mascdl
A gross fat old guy was sitting in the gloryhole booth. He smelled up that part of the booth area, and I think he was asleep or dead. Nobody else came in. I didn't hang around.

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Posted Aug 03 2022 By Annex
Just went there today for the first time. Was really nervous, got into a booth with a gloryhole, put five bucks in and started stroking my cock. Not even five minutes later someone came to the booth next to me and knelt down and opened his mouth in front of the gloryhole. I was so turned on I blew my load in his mouth within seconds of putting it in! Definitely a fun discreet place, will definitely go back!

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Posted Aug 01 2022 By Longdong23
Not a bad setup, but has potential to be better. Small store with eight booths. On each end you have a private booth. Next from each end, two booths have a buddy window. The two in the center contain a gloryhole between them. The hole is cutout 1-2" higher than at should be.

The real problem is that with only one gloryhole, you tend to have lurkers that guard it. All in all, it's not bad but with improvement, it could be a lot better.

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Posted Apr 09 2021 By David
There’s a professional guy in his 40s who shows up at about 6 pm and who likes to jerk off for you through one of the windows. Occasionally he sucks guys off and gives hand jobs.

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Posted Aug 25 2020 By romchu61 #8
Not too bad of a place. Got some good dick here, mostly truckers. Also there's this married guy there noon to 1 pm weekdays. He gives great head and sometimes bends over for you.

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Posted Feb 26 2018 By SF Sucker
Pretty disappointing though I went at a slow time, Thursday afternoon. No gloryholes at all. About eight to ten booths, with flimsy curtains. A few buddy windows. Not a very comfortable place.

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Posted Sep 16 2015 By Jasiu
I went in and went to a buddy window booth and started watching the next guy jerking off to a porno clip. I went over to his booth and sucked him off, He gave me his load and I eagerly swallowed it. I've never had trouble finding a cock here.

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Posted Sep 09 2015 By Jasiu
Just got back from there. I was staying at the hotel nearest the bookstore. Every time I go there is a cock to suck or a mouth to feed. Mostly older guys, but the cock is still good!

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Posted Aug 28 2015 By James
I went there last night and sucked two cocks. Two trucker types gave their loads to me. I'll be back!

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Posted Aug 10 2015 By Jasiu
Went in a booth with the buddy window. I put my dollar in and started stroking my cock. A guy looks through the window and walks into my booth. He does some poppers, pulls his shorts down, sucks me, and then I blew a load in his ass. Hot place!

I love the buddy windows! Love giving a show to others.

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Posted Aug 02 2015 By Bob
Had a hot time late last night here. I had two guys at once, one hot young guy, one older overweight male. The hot guy was hung like a horse!

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Posted Aug 01 2015 By Jim
Just got out of here and took two loads. Walked in the back to see two guys jerking off. I went in an adjoining booth with the buddy window and started jerking off to the lovely meat next door.

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Posted Nov 08 2013 By Twinky
The clerk, an old man, was weird. Small place with some late middle aged truckers.

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Posted Sep 24 2013 #17
Doesn't seem like much action, but it's across the street from the station where trucks park. I suspect you just need to hit it at the right time. Right off 78 West at exit 16. 24 hrs.

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Posted Nov 06 2012 By Pete Rodriguez
Tiny store, very well lit with a row of booths behind a wall in the back. Only two buddy windows, one at each end. It's too small, too quiet, too well lit and the booths are too close to the counter and clerk for there to be any action. Also, the curtains to each booth are not very good for privacy. But the video selection is good for jacking off and it's a very popular stop for truckers. If that's your type, you might get to watch one jack off.

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Posted Dec 22 2011 By B00tboy
A small store with about ten booths, but no curtains. Hit or miss action, but once I got fucked here 3 times in a 1/2 hour.

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Posted Jun 22 2010 #20
I always stop here when traveling through and this place can be fun for cock.

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Posted May 08 2010 By Cooldude
An older guy with a big dick fucked me until we both came.
Posted Nov 13 2009 #22
Stopped this afternoon and found a few older men looking at the magazines and DVDs for sale. I did not think anyone was in the booths until I heard a video playing. Went in the adjoining booth and closed the curtain. There was a large, clear buddy window in place and I could clearly see my neighbor squeezing his cock through his sweat pants. Eventually he withdrew a hard, cut, near 7 inch cock from his pants and began to stroke. I dropped my pants and turned towards the window and worked on my meat. He motioned for me to join him which I did. After stroking together for a few minutes I asked him if he wanted my load. He hit his knees and opened his mouth. I could not take it and just plunged my cock into his head and unloaded. He did not miss a drop.
Posted Nov 08 2009 #23
A small store with about ten booths covered with curtains, and the clerks seemed nice. I was there in the morning and only one old man was there. Since it is located near a truck stop, it might have night time potential. Maybe next time.