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Posted Feb 19 2019 By d
I go here all the time, no action. :( Let's change that. :)

If it helps, there was a 5-star rating here in Nov 2018. ~ Editor

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Posted Jan 07 2012 By BigTop
There was a young guy sitting in the sauna with a full hard-on today.

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Posted Apr 14 2010 By Jimmy
The steamroom seems designed by a gay man so there is lots of warning time for men walking in. There is a sign for reporting inappropriate behavior, but sucking and jerking still happens. I have had several cum flying experiences with men of all ages and sizes. If you are looking for fun, you'll find it here.

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Posted Feb 09 2009 #4
The locker room and steamroom are great places to meet hot guys. Whether you're into slim, muscular, or even chunky guys looking to lose weight, this place has it all.