Sinderella's Adult Center

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Posted Jan 07 2006 #91
Video booths have been completely done over. All new, relatively clean place with a lot of cruising going on. Booths are on the small side, but once the admission is paid there are no further charges to view in the booths. Videos for straight, gay, whatever. Big improvement.
Posted Dec 03 2005 #92
Totally disgusting. The floor is filthy and the booth walls are sticky. The trolls that lurk are also a scene form the freak show, not to mention the drunk/stoned losers asleep on the floor in the dirty bathroom. Don't waste your time.
Posted Nov 25 2005 #93
This place is nasty!
Don't waste your time or money. It's gross.
Posted Jul 04 2004 #94
This place is spotty at times, but worth it when it's hopping with men. I always suck a cock or two at this place. I put a show on for ten men once in the bathroom.
Posted May 24 2004 #95
What a terrible waste of time and money. I was there Saturday night for the first time. One cute boyish type with a hat had major attitude, and the rest were disgusting. The place is dirty, and the management won't allow you to stick your head out of the booth area to catch a breath of fresh air from all the cigarette smoke. I won't ever go back!
Posted Jan 20 2004 #96
It was the biggest waste of ten dollars in my life. The place is disgusting, the toilets have no doors and the booths are antiquated and dirty. Half of the channels don't even play.
Posted Jul 20 2003 #97
I went the other day and got a great blowjob. I am young and the guy who sucked me was also young so it was really hot. There are nice size gloryholes that allow you plenty of room. Worth the money!
Posted Jan 21 2003 #98
They recently closed the lounge area. The video booths are gross and disgusting, and the bathroom is squalid. It seems like only one half of the video machines work. I haven't had much luck here. There are many trolls and very few good-looking, blue-collar types. It may be different later at night.
Posted Oct 05 2002 #99
You have to purchase a minimum of tokens to get in but then you don't have to spend anything. Some stay here for hours. I visited recently and observed a twenty to thirty year old looking marine look-a-like suck down tons of cum. I was disappointed though since it was much busier a year ago.
Posted Jul 25 2002 #100
Sinderella still a good place to be. It might cost just to get in but the men are better than ever. There are a lot of young guys looking for those men with no attitude. I always have an awesome time day or night.
Posted Jun 10 2002 #101
This place has cleaned up! There is a pool table in the lounge with music and the booths are full of gloryholes for your in-between meal snacks. Still costs to get in but it's well worth it.

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