Erotika Unlimited

This is a very private location with private booths for your adult enjoyment. Simply rent a video for viewing and watch in the privacy of your own booth. Discretion is assured and if you looking for action, simply leave your door slightly open. I highly recommend this store, it is clean and private. The operator and staff are friendly and accommodating. Two thumbs up!

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Posted Jan 22 2024 By hungindian #1
Went on December 31. Ordered a porn, a guy was into me as soon as he saw me. He took me to a room, sucked and rimmed me so good. I actually felt like doing it with multiple guys. Would go there again. The idea of doing it in a public place is a thrill.

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Posted Nov 03 2023 By saguy69 #2
Went recently and played with four guys, not at the same time. Left my door open as I sat watching a video and stroking my cock.

First guy sucked and licked me all over. Second guy did a lot of touching and rubbing, he wanted to fuck me but I am a top. But yeah if I was into it I would have loved getting fucked by him, Portuguese construction worker with a nice cock.

Third guy sucked me and I fucked him. Fourth guy sucked me as I played with a cock through the gloryhole. Was a good time.

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Posted Sep 21 2023 By hollywood
Is this place guy on guy only or are there women there that I can enjoy? I am a man by the way. I wanted to go here but want to be sure before I go.

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Posted Apr 05 2023 By needafeedernow #4
Was there twice. First time was amazing. I love sucking and swallowing as much as I can get and was not disappointed, many guys of all ages. Second time was really slow and the only guy there was very large, which wouldn't be so bad but he stunk so bad. He tried to push his cock into my face, but I told him to get the hell out..

I really look forward to going to this place, but a little hint, please shower before showing up.

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Posted Feb 26 2022 By V
First time in an adult video store with booths. Visited in the afternoon. Four or five guys standing around/sitting in the viewing rooms.

I rented a movie, took it to my booth, and locked the door not knowing what to expect. Gloryholes between rooms were large, maybe 1' x 2' openings with the option to block with wooden planks.

I watched a guy get bent over and then he blew me with a condom on through the gap. Wondering if that local slutwife still frequents this place.

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Posted Nov 09 2018 By Cuckold Hubby
This place is awesome, lots of selection for very hot porn, toys, and a very friendly atmosphere. I took my Slutwifelina there many times. There are good size glory holes! I watched my Slutwife suck huge cocks, jerk cocks off, and fuck a lot of local guys through the gloryholes. I got to watch her and lick her up all clean when the guys were done cumming deep up inside her pussy, ass, and mouth bareback. I recommend this place!

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Posted Oct 25 2014 By slutwifelover1
Seen that local hot slut wife, she's very hot! Came on her four times!

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Posted Sep 21 2014 By Hotwifelover00
Went to the adult video store, also very nice. I rented a cuckold slut wife video and entered a private booth and it was hot. In the room was posted a hot local slut wife's pics of her spread hot pussy and ass in hot lingerie, stockings, and heels with her info for all guys to enjoy. Cum was dripping all over her pics! Very hot video store. I highly recommend it!

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Posted Sep 03 2014 By Dj
Started going there frequently a few weeks ago. Some days it's very quiet, some other times there are five or six guys there. I usually go, rent a DVD, get in a booth, leave the door open and get undressed. Completely. This usually attracts attention, and I get either fondled or blown rather quickly. Love it!

The rooms/booths have huge open sections between them where you can see and touch the people next door. Or you can slide a piece of wood to hide. It's also not too expensive, about $8 to rent a DVD.

All in all, a good place to go have fun.

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