Mullaly Park

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Posted Apr 13 2007 #1
Construction of the new stadium has changed the activity. A few hustlers and drivers but keep an eye out for the undercover cops who drive by.
Posted Dec 30 2006 #2
A good part of this park was taken over for the construction of the new Yankee Stadium.
Posted Aug 05 2006 #3
This park is not so bad. Once in a while you can find something good but most of the time you get a lot of crackheads. So be careful.
Posted Oct 02 2005 #4
Was there last night around 3 am. It was very active with black and Hispanic guys for hire.
Posted Jul 10 2004 #5
The one bleacher, under which a lot of sex took place, has been torn down. The section under the bridge, which was also active, has been fenced off. Another cruiser told me that police patrols have become more aggressive about hassling people hanging around the area since Yankee stadium is considered a possible terrorist target. At least that's the excuse they're using. This spot has pretty much had it.
Posted Oct 09 2001 #6
There have been police raids in the park after 10 pm recently.
Posted Aug 29 2001 #7
Late afternoon to early evenings is best for thick meat. It is best to stand under the bleachers if on the race track side of the park. If on the other side, there is plenty of room under the bridge overpass. Bring plenty of rubbers and lube! You will definately need it.