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Posted Mar 30 2016 #1
There have been a number of arrests and citations of men for sexual and/or drug activity in a three-day sweep March 8 - 10 in three Forest Preserves in suburban Will County.

From, speaking of the arrests of seventeen men, a Forest Preserve District Lieutenant said, "We struggled with whether we should or shouldn't... It's a touchy subject since these are married men with children. It's illegal activity and we're citing them for that. They'll have to go to court."

See 17 Men Cited for Lewd Conduct in Will County Forest Preserves. Some were also charged with "public indecency, misdemeanor battery and possession of drug paraphernalia."

Although their names were not initially released, Patch filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain them, then published their names and town of residence. Even if acquitted, dismissed, or settled without going to court, this information cannot be erased from the Internet nor the knowledge of their neighbors: Names Released of Men Cited for Lewd Conduct in Forest Preserves.

Additional Chicago Tribune coverage from April 1 at Official: Sex and drugs 'common problem' at forest preserves, stating five men arrested and sixteen cited, a total of twenty-one.

The Tribune also cited postings on Yelp and Craigslist regarding men at Possum Hollow Woods, Hammel Woods, and in the Crestwood area.

To enhance enforcement, Will County forest preserve to hike fines for sex, drug violations.

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