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Posted Oct 28 2023 By Rob

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Posted Aug 04 2023 By enigma18944 #2
I was just there today. In the area that had been the two theaters across from each other they are building some type of "lounge." Pool table already there. Fifteen dollar all day pass and unlimited booths. Not really an ideal cruising situation.

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Posted Jul 27 2023 By Bob
Has anyone been lately? Are the theaters back up and running or are they still closed? Would appreciate any info. Thanks.

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Posted Jun 24 2023 By Bob
Was in there today to buy poppers and asked if theaters were going to reopen. The guy said that they were going to do something with the two back theaters, but didn't know what or when.

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Posted Jun 23 2023 By David
I serious doubt they will reopen the theaters. Too bad. I had some hot encounters there. Now I drive past and there is one car in the parking lot.

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Posted May 10 2023 By Bob
Has anyone heard when the theaters will be reopening? Planning on visiting the place, but really enjoyed the theaters.

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Posted May 02 2023 By Jay
They fucked themselves. There was a female prostitute who kept patronizing the place. PA plates, looked sick, skinny, drugged out. Saw her walking the streets on S. Clinton in Trenton many times. Complaints to management went ignored. Openly selling herself in the theaters, her old man pimp bothering customers.

Finally Bordentown popo got involved. The rest is history. Now the place is allegedly being watched like a hawk, post the warnings.

All they had to do was kick that junkie out of there, but they refused to. Oh well! You reap what you sow!

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Posted Apr 02 2023 By Jason
I had a similar experience. I knew the theaters were closed but since there were a few cars in the parking lot, I figured I'd go in and try to have some fun in the booths.

When I asked for dollars I was also warned that there can be only one in a booth. This has never been the case in the past. Especially amusing since I have seen both clerks coming out of a booth in the past – and not alone.

They don't seem to know when the theaters will be fixed, which leads me to believe that something else is going on. Too bad because it used to be a good place, except when the frequent trolls were bothering you or trying to join in where they were not invited.

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Posted Mar 27 2023 By Brian
Indeed the theaters are closed for an indeterminate amount of time. And the nasty man at the counter warns you that there are no two in a booth. I suggest going to Berlin or South Amboy.

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Posted Mar 19 2023 By Jonbob10
Went yesterday and was told the three theaters are closed for likely the next several months due to a wiring issue.

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Posted May 07 2022 By JerseyShoreDad
Stopped by on Saturday, 6:30ish, paid for the theater access. Was a bit light in attendance, maybe six or eight people. Still found a couple of loads to swallow. Will be back.

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Posted Oct 19 2021 By dgoodbarr
I will be checking this place out hopefully on a weekend afternoon.

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Posted Apr 27 2021 By fnbobby #13
Visited in the early evening on a Tuesday and there was not much happening. There were a few guys continuously shuffling among the three theaters but no cocks out and no action. I'll try again some other time. Looking to jerk and cum with others while hot movies play.

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Posted Apr 06 2021 By nastyPAguy #14
I am going to be in the gay theater on Thursday April 8 around lunchtime and I want to swallow as many loads as I can. Cum in and feed me. I'm bald with a goatee, hopefully nude and on my knees.

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Posted Jan 08 2021 By Fasted
Nice place. Three small rooms. Clean and recently remodeled. Anything goes. I like dropping my pants and having people watch. They could add an ottoman in each room. I'll go back again.

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Posted Oct 30 2020 By upmybottem
This is a terrific place to spend time playing or watching. The films seem to change frequently and all three small theaters are well maintained and clean. The first theater shows gay films, the second is bi/trans films, and the third theater is straight movies. Recently the theater price has been changed to fifteen dollars for admission to all three theaters with the ten dollar single theater admission no longer available. Masks are required especially for entrance and exit of the building, browsing inside the store, and as previously mentioned, in the theater, except during naked, playing moments.

I had lots of fun in the second theater over the weekend and more than once when I planned to leave, the nude fun started all over again. There are "No Loitering" signs posted in the parking areas and it's very strongly advised to exit your car without delay after parking.

Visitors have always been well mannered and engaged. Management is welcoming and there's a clean and well maintained bathroom for wash up, etc. I've found that there's usually a fun group in the theaters weekend afternoons and generally pretty well attended at other times, as well.

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Posted Oct 26 2020 By Nameless
This place is great. Went here two days in a row about a week ago when I was traveling through the area. A decent crowd, nice variety of men, and – unlike at other venues – they're here to play, not just stand around looking at their phones.

The guy behind the counter is pretty chill, doesn't say much. I think he just wants to be left alone to play candy crush on his iPad.

Additional notes...

Unlike what the previous poster said, I found no need to get buzzed into the different theaters. The doors' locks are taped over so just wander among them as you wish.

Pretty much all the customers were masked. Well, except when that made it tough for them to carry out their mission!

Also, and probably more important for a first-time customer, do not look for a sign saying Adult Emporium when you're driving there. Instead, look for the big red sign that says Adult Superstore & Boutique in white letters. It's just before the US GAS gas station. Drive too fast and you'll miss it and, since you're in NJ, you'll have to make a bunch of u-turns to get back there.

P.S. Let's try to keep this great site going by posting fresh reviews. Tons of listings here have had no new comments for over ten years. That sucks – and not in the good way. Thanks!

Thanks for the plug! We love new reviews everywhere, new places too! ~ Editor

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Posted Feb 16 2020 By Fluffbaddie
I've gone twice now on Sunday afternoons and seen action and gotten action. Love the new "theaters," just hate that they have to buzz you in anytime you want to leave one and go into another.

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Posted Feb 01 2020 By Jon
Went on a Saturday afternoon and no one there after hanging out for an hour. There are three small theaters, very clean.

Really needed to get fucked but didn't happen. You can go back with your ticket, which I may do after paying the $15 admission fee.

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